15 Best Firewood Racks (2023)

Placing the firewood directly on the floor or on the ground somewhere in your home is certainly not a good thing to do. Not only do you expose the firewood to harsh external weather elements but also make it easier for termites to chew them. You badly need a firewood rack to care for them.

This is basically a piece of equipment that holds the wood fuel firmly in place and at a position that is above the floor. It also dispenses the wood fuel conveniently if and when you need it.

Finding the right rack is the most important step you may take towards enjoying the advantages that they happen to bring along. We have prepared this review with that very purpose in mind.

15 Best Firewood Rack Reviews

#1: AMAGABELI GARDEN & HOME Fireplace Log Rack


Tired of those racks that break easily with use? Choose this one that is manufactured by the use of the wrought iron. On account of this structural makeup, the rack is super strong and resilient to common agents of damages.

Black Powder-coated Finish

Its exterior is adorned with the black powder coating. The purpose of this is to shield the interior components from the possibility of sustaining rust and other agents of corrosion. In this way, it lengthens the lifespan of the item altogether.

Stylish and Functional

The rack is both stylish and functional. You may use it to adorn your interiors over and above merely playing the core role of holding your firewood. Thus, it gives you added value for money while in use.


Due to its small and simple stature, the rack saves greatly on your space requirements. You will not have to cramp up your spaces unnecessarily to be able to have your way. This makes it great for use in smaller homes.

  • Decorates your indoor environments also

  • Usable both indoors and outdoors

  • Spacious enough for handling many pieces of firewood

  • Comes about in an ergonomic design

  • Its sturdy frame provides the support you need

  • May injure you if you handle it recklessly

  • Too bulky to carry around easily

  • May not handle some shapes of firewood

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#2: GO 3 Feet Indoor/Outdoor Heavy Duty Firewood Log Rack

GO 3 Feet

Looking for a rack to use both indoors and outdoors seamlessly? Look to no other rack this one. It is multipurpose and highly versatile at the same time. This makes it suited for all-round applications not to mention sparing you from time loss.

Thicker Steel Tube

At its core is a thicker steel tube. This one exists primarily to provide the strength and the support that is required to hold the various pieces of firewood in place. Being strong, it is truly reliable indeed.

Spacious Storage Capacity

The rack itself provides a spacious carrying capacity. It can, as a matter of fact, hold a whopping 1/8 cord of wood fuel. With this awesome capacity, expect to enjoy some added peace of mind while heating your gears.

Excellent Storage

Its storage mechanism is also truly excellent. The rack is able to shield your wood from dampness and other issues that are more likely able to compromise the quality of the wood in the store.

  • Comes along with a complete toolset for expedited use

  • Good enough for indoor and outdoor use

  • Allows for convenient access and retrieval of the wood

  • Keeps your wood fuel appropriately organized

  • Has its own holding mechanisms

  • Costs a lot to come by

  • Requires extensive care and maintenance

  • Unsuitable for use in remote locations

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#3: KINGSO 4ft Firewood Rack

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Searching for a rack to use in locations that are far detached? You have no better bet than this one. It is light enough to be able to carry and deploy to a location that is remote and inaccessible.

Heavy-duty Tubular Steel Frame

A heavy-duty tubular steel frame stands tall among the list of features that the rack has to offer. The frame is strong enough to offer unparalleled support to the remaining components of the rack altogether.

Rust and Weather Resistant

Overall, the item is resistant to weather and rust. It is subsequently quite reliable to make good use of especially in areas that are damp and humid. You also stand to spend less to maintain it in the best shape.

Easy to Assemble

Though the item requires some assembly prior to the use, its assembly is simpler to undertake. That is because its parts are similarly simpler to comprehend and subsequently manipulate as the need may want.

  • Endures the various agents of damages

  • Boasts of a comparatively higher storage capacity

  • Works well in all weather conditions

  • Fits all place and environments well

  • Study and durable enough for long term use

  • Demands some assembly right before use

  • Its parts detach and are hence more likely to get lost

  • Quite laborious to handle and engage

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#4: Landmann USA Landmann 82433 8-Foot Firewood Log Rack

Landmann USA Landmann 82433

Wish to ferry or hold some logs nicely in place? Waste not your time and effort with any other rack than this one. It has the strength and the dimensions you need to enjoy the task of holding your rack in place.

High-capacity Storage

Its storage capacity is truly high. The rack is indeed capable of holding well over 2/3 face cords of wood. This one allows you to do a comparatively better job of holding all the wood fuel that you desire to.

Sturdy Steel Construction

Its construction features sturdy steel material. Steel, being strong, is able to endure the harshest impacts that may be leveled against it. This makes for easy reliable long-term use and applications.

Easy Assembly

Though this rack requires some assembly before use, it does not require too much expertise on your part. Instead, even a person with the least possible skill level will find it a bit easy to handle and manipulate.

  • Strong enough to endure repeated impacts and use

  • Boasts of a weatherproof finish that guards against moisture damage

  • Stacks your firewood neatly off the ground

  • Safeguards your firewood from dampness

  • Maintains unparalleled stability all the while of use

  • Its parts are bound to fall off

  • Calls for too much attention on your part

  • A bit tedious to handle and operationalize

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#5: Ucared Firewood Rack Log Rack (24 Inch)


Looking for a rack to use both indoors and outdoors? Your options are somewhat limited. This indeed is the one you have been desperately searching for. It contains all the parts and features needful for all-round use.

Simple and Practical

Overall, the rack is simple yet fully practical. It is largely made of the durable steel material. This not only makes it strong and sturdy but also tough enough to hold a whopping 1/8 cord of wood.

Elevated Base

Its base is elevated off the ground. Thanks to this elevation, the base spares your firewood from the possibilities of getting soaked or dampened with the various moisture elements like water and dew.

Excellent Dimensions

In its entirety, the rack comes about in some excellent dimensions. It does measure 24 inches long by 11.8 inches wide by 24 inches high. All these allow for maximum storage with minimal hassles.

  • Cures and seasons wood

  • Allows for the easy access and retrieval of the wood fuel

  • Applicable both indoors and outdoors

  • Easier to set up for eventual use

  • Comes in many shapes and sizes for your consideration

  • Too large to fit the squeezed spaces easily

  • May require huge muscle power to handle

  • Unable to stand tall to fidgeting

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#6: Pinty Firewood Log Rack

Pinty Firewood Log Rack

Searching for a rack to help cure and season your wood fuel? You have no worthier companion than this one. Its wrought iron makeup is indeed a good one to use as it does stand tall to the flames and high temperatures.

Solid Construction and Durability

On the whole, the structure comes about in solid construction that makes it last longer. These two benefits are brought about by the solid steel makeup. They negate the need to constantly repair and maintain the gadget.

Effective Organizer

Other than merely containing your wood fuel, the rack also goes beyond to organize the same. This being the case, you will not struggle to retrieve your wood fuel or make off the rack altogether.

Easy Transportation

Due to its compact size and stability, you will similarly find the gadget a lot easier to transport to the remote location of use. You will not have to expend too much of your effort as is the norm with other apparatus.

  • Contains some side hooks to allow with installations

  • Faster and more convenient to assemble

  • Boasts of an elegant black finish that is breathtaking to behold

  • Fits well with any décor in your room

  • Stores, dries, and displays wood

  • Quite heavy to handle and haul

  • Highly prone to corrosion and other agents of damages

  • Costs a lot to keep in the best shape and form

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#7: Mofeez Outdoor Firewood Log Storage Rack Bracket Kit

Mofeez Outdoor Firewood Log Storage

Could it be that you are a person who changes locations every now and then? You want a rack that you can adjust and alter its length. This is the one we would suggest that you place your bet on.

Heavy-duty Bracket

It is heavy duty in the sense that it is strong, sturdy and highly enduring of the impacts and other agents of damages. Thanks to this trait, you will find it a good one to place your bet on in the long run.

Electrostatic Powder Coating

Throughout its exterior is the electrostatic powder coating. The coating shields the interior portions of the frames from direct exposure to and contact with external agents of damages like corrosion and damages.


As we have already stated, it is possible to alter the dimensions, more so the length, of the rack. This subsequently allows you to accommodate wood fuels of varying sizes and shapes comfortably.

  • Conforms to the various sizes and shapes of the wood fuel

  • Fits diverse storage spaces and locations

  • Elevated to shield your fuelwood from all forms of possible damages

  • Keeps your yard fully organized

  • Resists many weather elements and issues

  • Highly vulnerable to frictional damages

  • Tends to wear out a bit too fast

  • Overheats and chips away with extensive use

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#8: PHI VILLA All-in-One Heavy Duty Hearth Indoor/Outdoor Firewood Rack

PHI VILLA All-in-One

If you have the whole family needs in mind, your options are somewhat limited. You have to settle for a multipurpose rack of this kind. With this rack, it is possible for you to enjoy unpatrolled storage in just about any other place.

Comprehensive Packaging

The rack comes about as a comprehensive packaging. Simply put, it contains and is accompanied by every tool or accessory that you may need to make use of to fix it in place and derive the benefits you do need.

Sturdy Frame

Its frame is pretty sturdy. By reason of this, it spares you from the risks of fall-offs and the associated damages that come along ordinarily. This is not to mention that it holds your other accessories with ease.


The rack allows you to stack your firewood one atop the other. This not only saves you space but also maintains your gears neatly for the sake of easy access when the need to do so comes about.

  • Fits your backyards and porches easily

  • Lasts a longer duration of time due to the coated exterior

  • Comparatively more compact than the other racks

  • Resists rust and other forms of damages

  • Highly unlikely to sustain unnecessary damages

  • Too clumsy to move about with ease

  • Cannot be adjusted or customized as need be

  • Does break apart easily when hit against a wall

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#9: Panacea 15206 Adjustable Length Log Rack

Panacea 15206

This multipurpose rack is able to handle all of your firewood issues. You may use it to store, display, and dry firewood to name but a few! Thus, it is a good one to place your bet on to solve all of your firewood needs.

Sturdy Steel Brackets

Some steel brackets exist as the prime parts and features of the rack. These form the skeleton and subsequently the core of the rack. They are firm enough to ward off all forms of fidgeting that may arise with use.

Powder-coated Finish

Throughout the exterior of the steel brackets, is some powder-coated finishing. These line the exterior to shield the same from the harsh external weather elements that mainly bedevil it.

Adjustable Lengths

It is also possible for you to adjust the lengths of the racks to conform to your own desirable dimensions and needs of users. This is definitely a piece of welcome news as it guarantees the convenience you need to work well.

  • Keeps your firewood neatly while in-store

  • Reliable enough for prolonged and repeated use

  • Allows for smooth and easy installations

  • Holds a huge supply of your gears

  • Fits many storage space and sizes

  • Requires some expertise to handle

  • Likely to confuse a simple user

  • Demands strenuous repairs and maintenance

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#10: Sunnydaze Décor 4-Foot Firewood Log Rack

Sunnydaze Décor 4-Foot

If yours is an area that experiences heavy precipitation, you cannot rely on an ordinary rack. The one you place your bet on has to be accompanied by a cover. This one will also provide a shield from moisture damage courtesy of the cover.

Spacious Size

Its carrying capacity is truly spacious. The chamber that holds the firewood itself measures 49 inches long by 13.5 inches wide by 48 inches tall. Thus, it accommodates all of your wood fuel with ease.

Durable Construction

In its entirety, the rack is strong and durable indeed. A combination of the powder-coated exterior and the thick tubular steel metal construction work hand in hand to make this feat achievable.

Excellent Carrying Capacity

It also boasts of excellent carrying capacity. With this rack, it is possible for you to hold ½ face cord of the firewood. These make for fine use in multiple applications.

  • Contains a cover that shields against all forms of precipitations

  • Allows for easy access to the firewood

  • Stores up to 1/2 face-cord of wood at a time

  • Provides added protection against all external weather elements

  • Its rack opens and closes easily

  • Too heavy to lift and engage

  • Maybe too tedious to keep clean

  • Rots too easily too soon when exposed to excess water

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#11: Patio Watcher Firewood Rack Log Rack

Patio Watcher

Is your search for the right rack dictated by the need for the patio use? Well, fewer, if any racks can match this one. It is wholly intended for the use of that area and is hence a good one to settle on.

2-inch Elevation

It is raised at a level of around 2 inches above the ground. For this reason, it keeps and maintains your firewood in a perpetual state of dryness. It also offers unparalleled protection against the harsh weather elements.

1.2 mm Thick Tube Wall

The tube measures 1.2 mm in thickness. With this makeup, you may be certain to enjoy the very best of support and performances. Owing to this thickness, the rack is less predisposed to damages, dents, and a shorter lifespan.

Integrated Hooks

Lastly, it comprises some integrated hooks that provide you places to hang the tools. Examples of these include the shovels, brooms, pokers, and tongs. They simplify your own operations and use them.

  • Maintains your wood fuel neatly organized

  • Fits the patios better than any other rack

  • Lasts a comparatively longer lifespan

  • Imbues some style and décor

  • Provides unparalleled stability and safety

  • Limited to patios and patios alone

  • Brings about limited returns on investments

  • Cannot accept any attachments, extras, and upgrades

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#12: Best Choice Products 5-Piece Wrought Iron Firewood Log Storage Rack Holder Tools

Best Choice Products

Are you a serious workman? Get hold of this rack and say no to all forms of confusion and inconveniences that ordinarily come along. Indeed, the rack is able to hold your tongs, shovels, brooms, and hooks.

Durable Vintage Design

In all, the gadget is available in the durable vintage design. On account of this design, the rack imbues some sense of reliable services. It also comes along with a toolset that allows for smoother use.

Fireplace Essentials

Other than holding your firewood in place, this rack also holds your necessary essentials firmly in place. Among these are the dusters, shovels, hooks, and the poker, to name but a few!

Heat-resistant Iron

When all factors are taken into consideration, the item is made of heat-resistant iron. The iron is generally strong and heavily enduring of the many agents of damages that may be leveled against it.

  • Stylish and practical in equal measure

  • Useful both indoors and outdoors

  • Accentuates your fireplaces as well

  • Organizes and manages your workplace just fine

  • Classy and compact enough to use every day

  • Only for the expert users and workmen

  • Quite complicated to comprehend and appreciate

  • Requires too long time to understand and master

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#13: Goplus Firewood Log Hoop Tubular Steel Wood Storage Rack


If you happen to stay in a cramped up space, there is absolutely no need to pick an oversize rack for your use. Instead, you want to settle for that one which is simple and easy enough to make use of.

Thicker Tubing

Its tubing is thicker than that of the average rack. It is subsequently more stable than any other rack you pick at random. This is mainly brought about the solid stainless steel construction that adorns it.

Power-coated Design

The exterior of the rack, on the other hand, is in the form of the powder coating. On the strength of this coating, you may be sure to leverage extended length of operations with as little damage as possible.

Ruggedized Base

As a last note, the base of the rack is ruggedized. Some two thick tubes exist to provide the reinforcement that the base requires to stand tall and weather the various storms that are leveled against it.

  • Handles all of your firewood storage needs

  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications

  • Yields ultimate durability

  • Also stylish in stature and appearances

  • Able to stack many logs

  • Has limited space carrying capacity

  • Incapable of managing long-term use

  • Becomes too obsolete too soon

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#14: INNO STAGE Fireplace Log Holder 2 Layer Iron Fire Wood Rack


For your own peace of mind, you want a rack that does not waste too much time to dispense the wood fuel to the fireplace. You have no worthier companion than this one. It is able to meet this need too well!

Unique Patented Pluggable Construction

It does come about in a unique and patented pluggable construction. With this arrangement in place, you do not have to screw any parts to assemble them together. This definitely implies smoother operations all the while.

Eye-catching Elk Design

Other than the bare minimum ability to hold your firewood firmly in place, this rack also boasts of the added benefit of being able to spruce the décor and beauty of your inner rooms. This is made possible by the eye-catching elk design.

Bottom Ventilation Design

Its bottom lastly comes about in ventilation design. Thus, it allows for the smooth inflow and outflow of air. This prevents your wood from rotting even when the environment outside is too damp and humid.

  • Requires no screws to install in place

  • Assembles easily without any hassles on your part

  • Takes as little as 2 seconds to operationalize

  • Maintains your floors decluttered and well organized

  • Shields your floors from scratches and other ghastly marks

  • Useful only indoors

  • Does have a somewhat limited capacity

  • Cannot take on harsher impacts

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#15: DOEWORKS Heavy Duty Firewood Racks


Just in case you have a commercial element, we suggest that you place your bet on this specific firewood rack. Not only is it very strong but also does it have a higher capacity to hold your firewood well.

Tough Corrosion Resistance

In all, this item is highly resistant to corrosion and the various side effects that come along. Expect it hence to stand tall the various agents of damages that may from time to time arise in the course of use.

Arc-welded End Sections

Its end sections are arc-welded for added strength and your overall safety. Thus, the structure is generally safer and less capable of inflicting any harms on you even when in direct contact.

Heavy-duty Tubular Steel

Its entire framework is available in a heavy-duty tubular design. Being tough and resilient, the design guarantees smooth long-term applications. It also cuts down your operational expenses considerably.

  • Adjusts to conform to the varying sizes of firewood

  • Its dimensions are comfortable and snug indeed

  • Fits many spaces and locations of use

  • Maintains your firewood dry, clean, and neat

  • Cures your wood over and above safeguarding it

  • Unfavorable for everyday home use

  • Costly to come by ordinarily

  • Demands excess muscle power on your part

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Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

How wide should a firewood rack be?

There is really no standard width of the firewood rack. The exact width depends on factors like space available, the amount of firewood you desire to keep, and the size of the rack itself. Many applications nonetheless require that the rack measures 40 1/2 inches wide, give or take.

What is the best way to store firewood?

The best way to store your firewood is to keep it away from all moisture, off the ground or floor, and away from small children. These places and circumstances have the tendency to impede the movements and the freedom of those who reside in the rooms.

How much wood does a 4-foot rack hold?

128 cubic feet of wood it is! This rack is the standard unit of measuring the wood carrying capacity of the racks of these kinds. All other measurements and carrying capacities are derived from this standard unit.

Does firewood need to be covered?

YES, it does! This should especially be the case if the firewood is kept in areas that do experience higher levels of humidity or precipitation. Such issues have the tendency to compromise the stature of the firewood altogether.

How do you stack firewood off the ground?

Nothing outstanding! All you need to do is to gently place a batch of firewood atop another slowly and progressively until you obtain the desired outcomes. Take great care that you do not prickle your sensitive hands.

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