11 Best Food Safe Wood Finish (2024)

We need to be extra careful when handling food because whatever we consume can directly affect our health.

As such, you need to ensure that your wooden kitchenware and countertops are coated in a food safe wood finish that won’t cause you any harm.

In addition to being non-toxic, food safe wood finishes will also prolong the durability of wooden spoons, serving trays, butcher block, etc.

This is because the formulations prevent water and other liquids from damaging the wood. With that said, you won’t have to buy new items from time to time.

Additionally, the food safe wood finishes that we have listed below will improve the overall appearance of your kitchenware.

11 Best Food Safe Wood Finish

1. John Boos MYSB Mystery Butcher Block Oil

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The all-natural formulation by John Boos can be applied to virtually all wood surfaces in the kitchen.

This product is formulated with your safety in mind, so you can use it without worrying about anything. It protects and restores wood to its original quality, thus making it an ideal option for all users.

You can apply this product to wooden utensils, countertops, butcher blocks, cutting boards, just to mention but a few.

Once applied, the product penetrates deep into the wood grain, thereby protecting both the interior and exterior parts of the wood.

This way, the surface in question won’t crack, and neither will it split. Also, this product revitalizes surfaces, giving the wood an aesthetic appearance.

After applying the oil, you can spread it using a clean cloth or disposable paper towel.

Besides, it comes in a well-designed bottle that will allow you to apply the required amount of oil without wasting the product.

The application instructions on the back panel will guide you on how best you can apply this formulation to get maximum results.

Since the oil is absorbed deep into the surface, the wood fibers will stay in top-class condition, meaning that they won’t dry out.

The good thing about this product is that you can apply it to both new and old surfaces. To get maximum results, ensure that you apply the oil regularly.

Plus, there is an optional sealing cream that will provide your surfaces with an extra layer of protection.

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy to apply
  • Delivers good results
  • Takes time to penetrate wood surfaces

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2. Caron & Doucet Cutting Board & Butcher Block Finishing Oil

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This plant-based finishing oil is free of toxic substances, so it can be applied to surfaces that come into direct contact with food.

As such, it is ideal for salad bowls, cutting boards, and any other surface that may require you to use a food-safe wood finish.

The ingredients used in this formula won’t discolor or damage the surfaces that you are treating. Instead, it will give the wood a natural finish that is equally beautiful.

Aside from wood, you can also apply this product to bamboo surfaces. The coconut oil in this formula has restorative properties and will dramatically improve the appearance of various surfaces in your kitchen.

But, that is not all; it also conditions and prevents cracking that may come about due to overdrying.

The natural oils used in making this product are well refined, so the finishing that you will get will never go rancid over time.

In addition to this, the essential oils will form a protective barrier that will prevent liquids from penetrating through the surfaces.

This formulation is very easy to apply and does not leave sticky residues that may contaminate your food.

It will also make your work easier when cleaning because it prevents food from sticking onto wood surfaces.

If you are after quality, this is one of the food safe finishes that you can consider buying. This product is not only safe for users but also provides you with a long-lasting finish.

  • Quick-drying formula
  • Water-resistant
  • High quality
  • You have to apply it regularly

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3. John Taylor Butcher Block Conditioner Food Grade Mineral Oil

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Formulated using natural beeswax and mineral oil, this wood finishing oil may just be what your kitchenware needs. However, you can also apply it to countertops, wood toys, or any other wood surface.

You will be happy to know that the manufacturer has only used food-grade ingredients in formulating this product, thus making it safe for users.

Additionally, it is virtually odorless and tasteless, making it even more suitable for kitchen use. This means that it won’t affect your food in any way.

Furthermore, this product is ideal for both untreated and treated wood. More to this, you can apply it to all types of wood, so it won’t matter whether the surface in question is made of soft or hardwood.

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When applied correctly, this product will make your old countertop look like its news. It blends well with wood surfaces and also conditions the inner fibers, hence maximizing the treatment effect.

The fact that it has antibacterial properties makes it a reliable product that all users can count on when it comes to maintaining good hygiene in the kitchen area.

Moreover, the ingredients will ensure that the surface is completely sealed, thus preventing water damage to your utensils.

With this product, you will be able to revitalize all wood surfaces around your home, hence providing you with an attractive lustrous finish.

Plus, it prevents wood from drying out after repeated washing. As such, it will help you keep your chopping board in good condition for an extended period.

The oil goes on well and will allow you to coat a large surface while using a small amount of the product.

  • Well formulated
  • Doesn’t leave a greasy finish
  • Deeply penetrates wood
  • It has to be applied repeatedly to get the desired finish

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4. HOPE’S 100% Pure Tung Oil Wood Finish

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Hope’s pure Tung oil wood finish is a multi-purpose product that you can apply on just about any wooden surface. It cures to a non-oily finish that will protect your surfaces from destructive elements.

This formulation will not only seal the exterior surface of the wood but also penetrates the interior regions.

That way, the fibers making up the wood grain will be revitalized, thereby maximizing durability. Consequently, your wood surfaces won’t split or crack prematurely.

This product is safe for food-contact surfaces, so you can apply it to wooden bowls, butcher blocks, wooden spoons, countertops, and many more.

Ensure that you give the product enough time to cure after application to avoid damaging the finish.

Also, this formulation is resistant to alcohol and moisture, meaning that the top film won’t peel even if you spill liquids onto the surface.

This oil will provide you with exceptional results when working with new unfinished wood but you can as well apply it to old wood.

Nonetheless, ensure that you remove the old finish to increase the surface area for maximum contact. This formulation does not streak and will provide you with an aesthetic hand-rubbed finish.

  • Non-toxic
  • Naturally drying
  • Quick and easy application
  • Takes time to cure

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5. Bayes High-Performance Food Grade Mineral Oil

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You can coat your kitchenware using this high-quality wood finish from Bayes. It is free of harsh chemicals and can be applied on bamboo and solid wood surfaces.

To add to this, it protects and nourishes surfaces, thus improving the overall appearance of your items.

The bottle has a conveniently designed spout that will allow you to apply the product with ease.

Additionally, the cap features a pop-up design, so you won’t have to remove it when applying the mineral oil.

More to this, the ingredients from which this formula is made are eco-friendly and biodegradable.

The manufacturer recommends that you apply this product onto surfaces on a monthly basis to prolong durability.

This high-performance wood finish only takes a few minutes to treat surfaces, so you won’t have to wait for long hours for it to be absorbed.

Ensure that you wash the surfaces thoroughly before applying this product. This way, you will have a clean finish that is also blemish-free.

And since the formulation is colorless, you won’t have to worry about it discoloring your surfaces.

If you apply this product to wood regularly, you will have yourself a clean-looking surface that is equally durable.

  • Effective
  • Cruelty-free
  • The formula is plant-based
  • The cap may come loose

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6. CLARK’S Cutting Board Wood Finishing

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This formulation comes in a kit containing all the accessories that you may need during application. As such, you won’t have to use paper towels or pieces of cloth when applying this oil to wood surfaces.

Like the products that we have covered and those that we are yet to look at, this formulation can be applied to kitchenware and other surfaces that come in contact with food during preparation.

The formula is made up of a rich assortment of ingredients that will provide you with quality results when coating wooden spatulas, spoons, serving trays, bowls, etc.

Plus, the applicator is ergonomically curved to give users maximum grip when coating surfaces.

There is also a buffing pad that you can use after you are done with the applicator. Both applicators are non-abrasive, so they won’t scratch the surfaces of the items that you are working with.

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The oil rejuvenates wood by penetrating deep into the fibers, while the finishing wax forms a protective film and also conditions the exterior parts of the wood.

This product is scented using essential oils that are naturally sourced, and the good news is that it won’t contaminate your food in any way.

Thanks to its restorative properties, this formulation will help you transform old wood into something amazing.

  • Prevents wood from warping
  • All-natural
  • Water-repellent
  • Wears out over time

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7. Earthborn Elements Food & USP Grade Wood Finish

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Earthborn Elements is proud to present you with a food safe wood finish that you can apply to a wide range of wooden items.

Besides, the formulation is safe for all types of wood, thus making it even more convenient.

This product is odorless and is, therefore, ideal for kitchen applications. You can even apply it to countertops without relying on other finishing products.

It not only rejuvenates wood but also preserves it, hence increasing durability. Additionally, this product does not contain any toxic chemicals, making it safe for you and your family.

The oil spreads well, allowing for fast and easy application. In addition to protecting wood surfaces, this product also inhibits the growth of bacteria.

For user convenience, the bottle is fitted with a pop-up cap that is leak-proof. As such, the oil will only flow out of the bottle when you want it to. Still, ensure that you place the bottle in a vertical position during storage.

To make it even better, the formulation moisturizes and hydrates wood surfaces, thus preventing unnecessary splitting or cracking.

  • Colorless and tasteless
  • Cures fast
  • Goes on well
  • Requires regular application

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8. Snow River USA Wood Oil

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This wood finish is specifically formulated for kitchenware and other food contact surfaces.

Coming from a manufacturer that has been designing wooden utensils for over a decade, you can rest assured that this formulation will effectively protect your surfaces.

The product is odorless, so your kitchen won’t be filled with pungent fumes during or after application.

Apart from cutting boards, this product can as well be applied to wooden kitchen handles.

This formulation also works as a conditioner, since it revitalizes surfaces and prevents the wood from cracking.

With the help of this mineral oil, your cutting boards won’t dry out, and neither will they split. Plus, it is easy to apply since you only have to use a soft cloth to get the job done.

After the oil has settled into the wood, you should consider wiping off the excess and you will be good to go.

You can repeat this process several times to get the preferred finish. Furthermore, the oil can penetrate through wood fibers with ease, so all the areas will be restored.

The bottle is designed with your needs in mind and will provide you with a stress-free user experience.

  • Multi-purpose
  • Ideal for soft and hardwood
  • Non-toxic
  • Doesn’t come with an applicator compared to most brands

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9. Daddy Van’s All Natural Hemp Oil Food Safe Wood Finish

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When buying any product, the first thing that you need to consider is safety, and that is exactly why this product is formulated from natural ingredients that won’t harm your health.

It can revive old wood, thus giving you an attractive finish. As the name suggests, this oil has been extracted from natural hemp seeds, and it does not contain any solvents.

Also, the product comes nicely packaged in a large bottle that will serve you for a favorable period of time. This may, however, vary depending on the frequency of use.

The other thing that is worth mentioning is that you can apply this product on unfinished wood, over chalk paint, or milk paint.

It will provide you with quality finishes in all scenarios, thus making it dependable. Unlike most wood finishes that only settle on the surface of wood, this oil penetrates deep into the surface, thereby treating the wood from the inside out.

As a result, the surface won’t crack even when the items are put to heavy-duty use. This formulation can particularly come in handy when working with kitchen countertops.

Nevertheless, you can also apply it to other surfaces, making this one of the versatile formulas that you can consider adding to your renovation kit.

Once the oil has cured, it will form a water-resistant finish that will prevent water and other liquids from damaging the wood.

Since the product is all-natural, it can be applied to wooden spoons, dining tables, wooden bowls, etc.

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Besides, the oil is obtained using a complex procedure, so all its natural constituents are still intact.

As such, it will keep your items in good condition for an extended duration, meaning that you won’t have to apply the oil every now and then.

  • Zero VOC
  • Restores surfaces
  • Chemical-free
  • The finishing will weaken with time

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10. LinSheen Raw Linseed Oil

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If you have been looking for an all-natural food safe wood finish, then this oil may just end your search.

This product is formulated from pure linseed oil, so it will greatly boost the appearance of your surfaces.

Moreover, it goes on well and can be applied to kitchenware and furniture. In addition to this, you can apply several coats to maximize durability.

However, ensure that you give each coat 12-24 hours to cure before applying the next layer. You can easily apply this oil using a brush or a piece of cloth.

When applied, the oil will be absorbed into the wood grain, thus preventing the wood fibers from splitting.

Additionally, it prevents surfaces from drying out, so your countertop will always look glossy. This product is suitable for cutting boards, butcher blocks, and can as well be applied to wooden utensils.

Since the oil comes in different sizes of bottles, you will be able to choose the one that suits your needs.

This formulation can also be used when sealing exterior surfaces. It prevents premature weathering and also keeps the wood looking good. You can also use this oil to revitalize reclaimed wood.

  • Eco-friendly
  • Safe for users
  • Water-resistant
  • Could use an applicator

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11. General Finishes Wood Bowl Finish

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This oil-based wood finish is also another formulation that you can consider going for. Like all the products on our list, it is made up of ingredients that are safe for users.

As such, you can apply this formulation to food contact surfaces without worrying about your safety.

Furthermore, this formula forms a durable film that will protect the wood underneath from destructive elements.

More to this, the formulation won’t discolor wood surfaces, so your items won’t lose their natural look.

In fact, this product will highlight the natural appearance of the wood grain, hence boosting its outward look.

The drying time for this formulation may vary depending on humidity and other conditions.

Plus, the manufacturer has used the highest quality ingredients to give you a product that you can rely on.

You can easily apply this formulation using a foam brush, towel, or natural bristles. All the applicators will provide you with a finish that is not only clean but also durable.

This is because the formula is not too viscous or watery. It has the perfect blend and will allow you to coat surfaces within the shortest time possible.

  • Revitalizes wood
  • Easy to use
  • Food grade
  • Takes time to dry

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a good food safe wood finish?

As the name suggests, the first thing that you should consider is your safety, so you need to check if the product is free of toxic substances that may harm your health.

The best way to go about this is by going through the list of ingredients. However, if there is no list of ingredients and you are not quite sure about the product, it would be wise to avoid it.

Also, a good food safe wood finish should have water-repelling properties and easy to apply.

Can I apply food safe wood finishes on my countertop?

Yes. Food safe wood finishes are very versatile and can be applied to just about any surface in the kitchen.

To add to this, you can as well apply these formulations to wooden utensils and dining tables.

How often should I apply a food safe wood finish?

This will depend on the type of surface that you are dealing with. Chopping boards and butcher blocks may require you to apply the wood finish more often compared to other surfaces.

The quality of the formula that you are using will also determine how long the finish lasts.

Final Verdict

The food safe wood finishes that we have reviewed above can revitalize and protect wooden surfaces, thus increasing the durability of your items.

Furthermore, the formulations are very easy to apply since most of them spread smoothly. As such, all that is left is for you to choose the wood finish that matches your needs.

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