11 Best Himalayan Salt Lamps (2024)

Creating a relaxing and blissful atmosphere is the dream of every homeowner.

And yes, even with the bazillion ways of getting it done, nothing seems to get closer to the impression that comes along with the Himalayan salt lamps.

Himalayan salt lamps are naturally occurring rocks with pink and orange color characteristics.

The sight-captivating lamps create a soothing glow that keeps you calm after a busy day out.

The Himalayan salt crystals work as natural purifiers by emitting ions that reduce harmful substances in your space.

With these and other lots of health benefits associated with these lamps, there has been a massive increase in their popularity.

But wait, does this mean that every Himalayan salt lamp out there is perfect for you? Well, not at all! Here are some of the best Himalayan salt lamps we have for you!

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11 Best Himalayan Salt Lamps

#1 Himalayan Glow Natural Pink Salt Lamp

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Whether you want it for creating a warm and soothing atmosphere for your home or as a gift for your loved one on their special day, this salt lamp will come in ideally.

The unique salt lamp is extracted from the Himalayan Mountains before being hand-crafted like other salt lamps by Himalayan Glow. The pink salt lamp comes with a 15-watt bulb which lights up to give your space a primordial glow.

With this glow, this salt lamp promises to create a sight-captivating light source to all those that look at it. In fact, in case you need to create a different glow, you can change the bulb to suit the mood.

For this reason, you can use this salt lamp in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, yoga studio, and nearly any other place around the home where you have always wanted to experience a nice amber glow.

The base of this salt lamp is of neem which is not only sturdy and durable but also shrink-resistant and anti-bacterial.

The 6.6 ft cord offers great user convenience while the dimmer switch allows the user to adjust the brightness level to better suit the user’s needs.

  • It has different light settings.

  • It is budget-friendly.

  • It creates a very beautiful glow.

  • The wooden base is very strong.

  • It does not have a timer as some customers want it.

  • The dimmer may fail after sometimes.

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#2 WhiteSwade Large Pink Crystal Himalayan Salt Lamp (UL CERTIFIED Dimmer Switch)

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Whether lit or unlit, this hand-crafted Himalayan Salt Lamp is appealing to the eye. When off the lamp is pink but lights up to a warm and soft amber glow that creates a soothing environment.

With the amazing glow, this lamp should be a great option for use as a reading lamp, in the office, living room or for that romantic evening with your loved one.

The hand-picked Himalayan Salt crystals used on this lamp reacts with the heat that comes from the bulb to create ions that cleanse the air of your space of any lingering odors.

Therefore, apart from beautifying your space, this salt lamp creates a healthy environment for you and your family through its natural purifying capability.

For this reason, the salt lamps will be a nice purchase for allergy sufferers and asthmatics since it traps allergens and other elements that cause difficulty in breathing.

Additionally, since this lamp does not have any side effects, you can add it to your children’s room or use it for the elderly with the peace of mind that it does not pose any risk to their well-being.

  • It is dimmable.

  • The dimmer switch is UL listed.

  • The cord offers a good length.

  • The weight is good.

  • Not the prettiest lamp out there.

  • It takes longer to heat up which means that it has to be on for hours for you to see the results.

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#3 Whiteswade Himalayan Salt Lamp Signature ‘Rumeisa Firebowl’

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This Himalayan Salt Lamp also comes from WhiteSwade. It adopts a stylish design that guarantees to add a unique touch of style in whatever space you put it.

Like the sibling, the unit is entirely made using the best hand-picked Himalayan salt crystals to not only ensure beauty but also for greater ionization effect in no time.

The unit creates a soothing atmosphere when lit to help relax your mind letting you calm from stress you’ve had at your place of work.

The advanced soothing and calming effect also renders it a great addition to your bedroom since they help address insomnia, allergies, asthma, and other issues that may prevent you from getting good sleep.

It does this by releasing negative ions into the atmosphere which neutralizes the positive ions, the major culprit behind these irritations.

The bottom of the lamp is of durable wood. The wooden base keeps the lamp stable and is very stylish to step up further the aesthetic properties of the lamp.

The dimmer switch at the base allows you to customize the brightness of the lamp depending on the time and the occasion. I mean, this lamp will light brightly when necessary but grow dim when it’s time to sleep.

  • It is of high quality.

  • The size of the lamp is great.

  • The dimmer switch is of great quality.

  • The beauty of the lamp is outstanding.

  • The bowl is quite small to accommodate the rocks.

  • It may cost you a few more dollars than other options on our list.

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#4 Levoit Kana Himalayan/Hymilain Sea – Pink Crystal Salt Rock Lamp

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With the quality of the salt crystals used in this lamp and the amazing packaging, you may not get a better gift for the birthday, Christmas, valentine, or any other special day for your loved one.

The Himalayan Salt Lamp brings an exciting look in the office, bedroom, kitchen, living room, gym parlor, and any other place you choose to bring it.

All it takes to turn the light on is a touch of the dimmer switch. Adjusting the brightness level is also a breeze since you only need to hold the dimmer switch until you achieve your intended level.

Every single crystal used in making this lamp is purposefully added to deliver beauty and enhanced calming properties to relax you even after having your worst day!

The lamp comes with a 6.6-ft power cord that connects to the nearby power source easily. The base employs the unique Kana’s stylish design and will sit steadily on your nightstand or desktop.

Also, the base of this rock lamp is entirely natural, termite-resistant, and durable enough to support the Himalayan salt lamp for several years to come.

In fact, since the rubberized base will outlast most wooden bottoms out there, we can safely argue that this option should be the perfect light for anyone who needs a salt lamp that will last for a lifetime.

A package contains a Himalayan salt lamp and two additional 15-watt bulbs just in case of need for replacement in the future.

  • It is available in different sizes.

  • The rubberized base is long-lasting.

  • The construction of the lamp is heavy-duty.

  • It comes with professional instructions.

  • The responsiveness of the dimmer switch needs slight improvement.

  • The packaging could be better for the sake of the bulbs.

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#5 FANHAO USB Himalayan Salt Lamp

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If you are suffering from allergy, asthmatic, or any other respiratory condition, this unit is specially designed to attract allergens, odors, and pollutants in your indoor space to create a healthy environment.

The lamps are handcrafted from the Himalayan Mountains, explaining why each crystal may differ in shape, color, size, and weight.

The lamp creates a warm relaxing environment in the classroom, bedroom, yoga studios, massage rooms, and any other place of your choice to always leave you feeling calmer and more relaxed.

Unlike some Himalayan lamps that come with a single-color LED, this lamp features a multi-color bulb. The color of the LED changes slowly between orange, blue, pink, red, green, and purple.

For this reason, expect this light to serve greatly in your upcoming birthday party, get-together or any other special occasion.

Also, the multi-color LED indicates that your loved one(s) will appreciate the lamp as a gift on their special days. Each lamp is ETL, FCC, RoHS, and CE certified.

Therefore, you can buy it knowing that you are getting a safe product that will deliver value for your money.

  • The calming effect is fantastic.

  • It is very fancy.

  • The size is perfect and will stand nearly anywhere.

  • The multi-color LED light is a plus.

  • It would be better if it also worked with a wall outlet.

  • There is no way to set a single color.

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#6 V.C.Formark USB Himalayan Salt

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This salt lamp will look great beside your television or desktop, bedroom or your children’s room. Unlike other lamps that normally come with an irregular shape, this Himalayan salt lamp looks like a pyramid.

When lit, this pyramid structure lights up to give a natural amber glow that improves your mood.

The lamp has a height of 4 inches and a width of 3.14 inches. Nonetheless, this may differ slightly from one lamp to another. The unit arrives with a pre-installed LED.

And although this bulb is irremovable, it boasts a great lifespan so this should not worry you. The LED will slowly rotate between orange, blue, pink, red, green, and purple automatically.

This characteristic is like literally having six single-color Himalayan Salt Lamps but at the price of one.

Nevertheless, even with this feature, some customers still believe that there is room for improvement since it does not come with remote control for setting a single color.

The unit connects to the nearby USB port via the 55-inch USB cable. You won’t have to worry about batteries! The extra-wide base pairs with the pyramid design to improve the stability of the lamp.

Finally, since the bottom is of neem, it is anti-bacterial so that you always have a healthy and pollutant-free space.

  • The changing colors make it visually pleasing.

  • It is most suitable for small rooms.

  • Delivery is normally super-fast.

  • The pyramid shape is great.

  • It does not come with remote control.

  • Some customers claim the size to be quite smaller than their expectations.

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#7 Shineled Salt Lamps – Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp,

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This natural air purifier is of keenly selected salt crystals that pack up to 84 essential minerals. These minerals give it an attractive pink appearance that steps up the decor of your space even when unlit.

The crystals release negative ions into the environment once they are heated to eliminate electromagnetic radiation, dust, pollen, allergens, and other freely-occurring pollutants in the air.

Although the lamp does not feature a multi-color LED, it comes with a dimmable switch. This button allows you to adjust the light level so that you will always get the ideal light for every occasion.

The lamp obtains its power from the nearby power source, eliminating the cost and hassle that comes along with batteries.

Additionally, since the plug meets the stringent UL standards, you can buy knowing that you are getting a high-quality unit that is safe for your home.

The rocks are contained in a premium basket. The cage is of rugged metal to protect it from breaking. Also, this protector offers superior resistance to corrosion to ensure greater longevity.

  • The bulb is already installed to eliminate the hassle.

  • It comes with an additional bulb just in case.

  • The light adjusts to your lighting needs.

  • The construction of the cage is great.

  • Changing the bulb seems quite a hassle.

  • Sometimes the extra bulb is missing.

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#8 Himalayan Glow HS-1301B light bulbs (8-10 LBS, Basket Lamp)

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If you are looking for the best deal in the market, this amazing option from Himalayan Glow should be among your top priorities.

Since each salt crystal is hand-mined, they differ slightly. However, no matter the lamp you receive, expect it to create a welcoming atmosphere in your living room and a romantic one when used in the bedroom.

The soft amber glow relieves the user of stress to get them feeling calmer. Some have also attested that falling asleep to the soothing glow improves sleep greatly and helps tackle insomnia.

The salt rocks are put in a rounded lantern style basket with a bulb at the bottom of the crystals.

This basket keeps the salt crystal safe and contained when also improving the interior design experience, making the lamp look like burning coals.

The dimmable rotary switch allows you to increase or dim the light level depending on how you want it.

The 6-ft power cord gets power from the nearby wall outlet so that you will never get bothered by batteries running out too fast.

The box contains all you need to get started, that is, a Himalayan Salt Lamp, a user manual, and a dimmable switch.

  • The price is a great bargain for the size and quality.

  • The user manual is easy to understand.

  • The glow is easy to adjust.

  • It is very easy to set it up.

  • The 15-watt bulb may take time to heat all the crystals.

  • The instructions only cover the 15-watt bulb and not the lamp.

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#9 HemingWeigh Natural Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp (19-25 lbs)

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Being one of the top-rated rock salts in the market, expect it to create the cozier environment you have always wanted for you and your guests.

The stylish design of the lamp makes it versatile by guaranteeing to interact with any existing decor of your home.

I mean, regardless of where you want to use this salt lamp, it adds accents of beauty that enhance the decor of your house.

The naturally-occurring salt crystals are heated by the included bulb to release negative ions that create an atmosphere that brings tranquility.

Therefore, expect this salt lamp to relieve you of stress when in the living room and improve your work performance when you sit it on the office table.

The base is constructed for durability. Its small footprint takes little space in your desk, coffee table or bedside table. The product weighs between 19-25 lbs although it may not always be in this range.

The bulb rests in the hollow middle of the salt lamp and works effectively in both lighting up your space and heating the crystals for purification.

  • Changing the bulb is painless.

  • The price is great.

  • The dark-brown stand looks nice.

  • The power cord features a simple on/off.

  • It does not have a dimmer.

  • It comes a little dirty.

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#10 INVITING HOMES Himalayan Glass Salt Lamp

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This salt lamp has a 15-watt bulb. The hand-mined salt crystals encase the bulb, making them appear like burning coals when the bulb is lit.

Unlike other lamps that have a metal basket, this Himalayan salt light arrives with an elegant glass holder. The glass adds a unique touch of modernity to your space when keeping all the salt crystals contained.

The clear protective cylinder offers a sight that captivates where you bring it. This feature renders it a multi-purpose light since it can serve as nighttime light as well as a decorative light for your room.

The dimmable dial lets you adjust the level of glow to match your mood.

The product has an extra-long 6-foot cord that meets the strictest UL standards. The stainless steel base ensures long-lasting performance.

Finally, the legs of the lamp are sturdy and will provide much-needed support to the lamp for several years to come.

  • The sleek modern design is great.

  • The light is quite bright when at the full settings.

  • It is a perfect gift.

  • It is super clean.

  • The cylinder is fragile since it is of glass.

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#11 Majestic Pure Himalayan Salt Lamp

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Taking the final spot on our list is this fantastic Himalayan Light from Majestic Pure.

The light is specially designed to make your space feel cozier by emitting a soft glow that improves your mood and makes you relax when also releasing negative ions in the air to create a healthy environment for you and those around you.

Most customers like that the salt crystal of this lamp is larger than those of the competitors. Therefore, they provide better light transmittance, making them ideal for use as nighttime lamps and decoration lights.

The package even comes with a dimmer switch that lets you customize the light depending on the occasion.

The instruction booklet provides a clear guideline on how to get the best out of the light, making it easy even for a first-timer to use.

The package also contains extra bulbs just in case the unexpected occurs. The bottom of the lamp features durable wood construction that guarantees to offer dependable lifetime support to the Himalayan Salt Lamp.

  • It comes with extra bulbs.

  • The salt crystals are larger.

  • The base is very strong.

  • It works amazingly as a night light.

  • The screws may rust with time.

  • Some customers realized a slight smell that ended after the first few uses.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Do you keep Himalayan salt lamps on all the time?

Keeping this lamp lit when not at home does not make sense. Since they are electric, it is wiser for you to only use them when at home for safety purposes, just as it is the case with other electronics around your home.

How long can Himalayan Salt Lamps last?

When you manage to get a good Himalayan salt lamp, you may not need to replace it in your lifetime. However, if you land for a fake model, it may last for a short time. The same applies to one of good quality when exposed to water and other substances.

Where should you place a salt lamp?

You can place your salt lamp on your coffee table, bedside table, office desk, and any other place where you normally find yourself spending most of the time.

Do salt lamps purify the air?

Yes, they do. The salt crystals of these lamps are hygroscopic. These properties make them attract pollen, dust, odor, and other particles around your home, leaving your space cleaner and healthier.

Do salt lamps smell?

Normally, these lamps do not produce any odor. For this reason, they are highly recommendable for asthmatics, allergic persons, children, and the elderly.


With the countless benefits that come along with a Himalayan Salt Lamp, we are safe to say that it is a must-have for every home.

Now, as you think to bring one to your home, chances are that you want nothing less than the greatest option.

With this in mind, we have compiled some top-notch suggestions for you.

No matter the model you choose, expect it to create that kind of atmosphere you are intending to achieve.

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