10 Best Pickaroons And Hookaroons (2024)

Felling trees and cutting them up to require a lot of hard work. But once you have your rounds moving them for storage and transport can be quite challenging especially for DIYers.

The general problem is the tendency for people to develop back pains while loading lumber as they bend over and over again to pick rounds. This is bad news, particularly for older folks.

With a pickaroon however, this issue is resolved as it saves you the stress of bending while picking your rounds. A hookaroon is a type of pickaroon, those with a sharply curved head that hooks wood.

While there are not too many quality pickaroons and hookaroons on the market, a have managed to assemble a list from which you can settle for one that suits your needs.

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10 Best Pickaroons and Hookaroons

#1. Fiskars Hookaroon 28 inches Orange/Black (3600701001)

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Fiskars resonates quite well with those involved in wood processing, especially professionals. The tools they manufacture for these lines of activities are highly-rated and their 28 inches hookaroon seems to measure to expectations.

The hookaroon has a nice design in black and orange colors with a handle and hook that is made of solid, fine steel. You know the item means business and appears ready for work from the hook’s beak-like shape. But beyond the looks, this tool performs excellently for moving rounds around.

Perhaps its most interesting feature is the handle which has a flare that will give you a good grip. The grip is also non-slip and that makes it easy for cold weather and those who might be prone to having sweaty palms. It’s also noteworthy that the length of the handle makes the average enough to make a pick with one hand yet extended enough for leverage.

Another great feature is the sharpness of the head’s blade. You do not have to sharpen it as often as some other wood tools may require. The fact that it has a head protector makes it safe for storage among other advantages.

The hookarine is lightweight, perhaps because of the composite materials used in making the handle. Well, lightweight makes for easy handling and use. This is a feature that seems to endear many buyers to it.

  • It is lightweight and easy to hold

  • Has great maneuverability

  • The blade is sharp on arrival

  • The good length that can be adapted for a different purpose

  • It comes with a blade protector.

  • The handle is made from synthetic materials

  • The handle may be too short at times

  • No anti-vibration

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#2. Woodchuck 32 inches Pickaroon

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This picaroon is made of stainless steel and aluminum. And this is done to ensure durability without compromising its economic value. It is tough and poised for rough wood transfer.

The head or pick, if you will, is made of stainless steel, with a pointed nose that goes into the wood and holds it right. As a result of the steel’s efficiency, you really don’t need too much muscle to pick your wood.

The handle is made of solid Aluminum with 32 inches in length. What this means is that you have good leverage without having to stoop too much. It has a nice grip that provides your hand with some degree of protection as well.

Some buyers are particular about where hand tools are produced. This one is made in the United States of America but will that guarantee durability? Probably yes, because of the steel and aluminum from which it was made.

So, three words define this stuff: toughness, lengthy and control! If you choose to get one, maybe “longevity” could be an additional attribute to its description.

  • Lenght provides good enough leverage.

  • It provides a firm grip.

  • It is sturdy and durable

  • It could be too long for a short-armed person.

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#3. The Council Tool 36 inches Hookaroon

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At the heart of The Council Tools’ philosophy as a company that manufactures handy tools is “innovation”. This Hookarine exemplifies this quality that has stayed with the Council Tools for more than a century.

How innovative is this product? First, the handle is curved and looks like a handcrafted piece of beauty. There is great attention to the details of this woodcraft, as the curve at the end of the handle appears to be intended to enhance a good grip.

The handle length is awesome for people with long arms and generally tall folks. Once the hook is plugged in your round, you are going to find moving it easy. You will go many rounds without feeling pains in your body.

The hook is forged steel, weighs about 1.5 pounds and is secured to the wooden handle with an aluminum wedge. A steel bolt also firmly secures it to the handle. The hook is not likely to rust because of the red enamel coating around it.

Given that the handle is wooden and the entire tool weighs only 3 pounds, you are going to find it easy to use. This lightweight feature is desirable because of the hours that may be required for your lumber tasks.

  • Lightweight

  • Great design

  • Not susceptible to rust

  • Back saver because of its length

  • It is quite ergonomic

  • The point of the hook is not sharp enough

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#4. Kings County Tools 15 inches Hookaroon

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If you are tired of picking wood by hand and its resultant pains that plague your lower back, then you may have to consider getting a hookaroon. And you can give some consideration to Kings County Tools 15 inches Hookaroon.

For a short length tool, it provides sufficient extension to aid your hand for lifting off and moving lumber and log. A plus to that the shortness of the length brings is the fact that it is easy to carry around. That is when compared to pickaroons and hookaroon of 20 inches and above.

Made from hickory hardwood, the handle is sturdy durable and handy. This may deceive some to be assuming of its efficiency because of the short length of the handle

But there an assurance of efficiency with this one as the head is made of durable forged steel

On the flip side, you need long arms to enjoy working with this tool because of the shortness. That is especially if you are a professional that will be needing it every now and then.

For DIYers, this is a good one to purchase as a tool for occasional use. You will find it easy to use for small logs and rounds. And of course, you will also move it around more easily compared to other, longer types on the market.

  • Made in Europe

  • Easy to hold and carry

  • The handle is made from hickory

  • Not for heavy-duty

  • Only made for occasional use

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#5. Ochsenkopf Ox 36 inches Aluminum Hookaroon

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Tired of manually bending over to get a cut log from one point to another and as a consequence, having pains at your lower back? This tool is there to give you support even as you end up completing your tasks. It has advantages that will force you to like it.

One, the main component used for the handle is aluminum and as such gives the entire tool light weight. It is also easy to hold, as the base of the handle has a rubber grip designed for comfy holding.

Two, the head has jagged edges at the point. These are meant to ensure that while the point goes in the wood you are about to lift, the head hooks tightly to it. No matter the distance of where you are moving the wood, be assured that it will not fall off.

Thirdly, the length will be of great benefit to short-armed persons as well. It is actually 36 inches, meaning you are really going to look hard to get a longer hookaroon or pickaroon. This feature, coupled with the grip of the handle, makes this tool ergonomic.

If you are looking for a good quality hookaroon and you do not mind the price, then this one is for you. You will probably not get a lengthy one better than this.

  • Great design and good appearance

  • Lightweight

  • Good length

  • Hook’s point holds wood tightly enough

  • Ergonomic

  • Quick-release from wood is hard

  • Not for heavy-duty

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#6. Peavey 36 inches Pickaroon

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Do not be deceived by the simple design of this particular pickaroon. It has steelhead and handles for picking rounds as expected of all pickroons and hookaroons. But this simplicity gives pure efficiency.

The handle is wooden and unpolished, giving it a blend in the environment of work. This 36 inches handle provides enough leverage for users with a short arm. You are probably never going to have to bend to pick Woods again.

Another great advantage that comes with this pickaroon is the pointed nose of the pick. With one strike, the tool picks up small-sized rounds without the need for too much effort. The sharpness is also something you are going to love about this thing.

However, the length may be too much for long-armed persons. But then, what is needed primarily is efficiency. And that is a guarantee with Peavey 36 inches Pickaroon.

It is also kind of heavy and this may be a turn off if you have a problem with large tools. That being said, the most important expectation of the pickaroon to help relieve you of back pains that come with moving logs.

  • Great length

  • Head has sharp blades and sticks well

  • Lightweight

  • Back save because of its length

  • Would be a lot better if the handle has grip protection

  • The handle needs linseed oil

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#7. Logrite 30 inches Pickaroon

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LogRite company has been making wood handling tools since 2006. Perhaps not as old as some of their competitors in the business. But, be rest assured that whatever product you decide to purchase from them will do the job albeit one or two minutes.

This particular tool, a 30 inches pickaroon was designed with durability in mind. If you have been using pickaroons with weak handles that break after a little while, you need to consider getting this one.

Although made from synthetic materials, the handle is sturdy enough to withstand heavy usage. It is very unlikely that it will break. Besides, the handles coupled with the skinny stature of the chiseled head provides lightweight for the product.

It must be noted as well that the part for holding the handle has a rubber grip that makes it easy for you to hold. Well, if it is ergonomic, then it is well worth going for.

The head is made of forged steel and has a rather different shape compared to most of the other pickaroons and hookaroons out there. It has a slender body and a pointed nose that sticks perfectly in wood. So, there is little or no chance of picked wood falling off.

  • It is lightweight

  • Durable

  • Point of its head sticks well enough

  • Well-balanced

  • Hook has a barb that hinders the quick release

  • The handle is not ergonomic

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#8. Felled 28 inches Hookaroon

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The Felled 28’’ Hookaroon is not too long and not too short. So, it was designed to be a “yes” for those both short-armed and long-armed people. You can use it to either drag or lift a log without any stress to your body.

Although the handle is made of synthetic materials, there is a bit of metal added to make it somewhat sturdy. Owing to the fact that the head, as expected is metal, the weight of this tool may be too heavy for some. As a result, those that do not have strong arms may not find it easy to use.

The design is quite attractive, particularly as regards the handle which has a curved shape. There is a uniqueness to the hook too. Rather than sharp edges running all the way down to the point, their head is jagged at the nose and base.

This seems to come with a possible disadvantage. The blade may not hook if not properly stuck deep in the log with some force. The hook is also not a sharp one.

Again, on the plus side, the handle of this tool has a non-slip grip. Nevermind that it is produced from plastic. At least it could help to provide a good grip, especially if the workload is much.

  • Lenght is average and good for short and tall persons

  • Attractive design

  • The handle has a non-slip grip

  • The anti-slip grip may not function well

  • Not for a heavy-duty

  • Efficient only as a once-in-while tool

  • The hook is not sharp enough

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#9. GEDORE OX 173-H 0580 Hand Hookarine

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GEDORE started manufacturing hand tools since the beginning of the third decade in the 20th century with a focus on innovation and precision. They claim to be about creating solutions through their tools. Well, GEDORE OX 173-H 0580 Hand Hookaroon is a 100% reflection of this ideal.

The tool will prevent your back from aching while you move your log without having to bend over. The stress on your hand and forearm will also be reduced. It makes moving the log easy compared to having to bend over every time.

It has a good looking design if you care about attractiveness. The head and base of the handle are yellow. In-between these two is a long stretch of unfinished wood that is strong for the weight of the average-sized log.

The head of the tool weighs 500g while the total length is 800mm, which as approximately 32 inches. Unlike GEDORE OX 172 Hookaroon which is mainly composed of synthetic materials and susceptible to breaking, this one looks like something that will last a while.

A word of caution, though. It would appear that this tool does not need too much stress and can be said of wooden tools. If you are thinking of daily usage, maybe a pickaroon or hookaroon with a metal or aluminum handle is a better option.

  • Attractive design

  • Lengthy enough for good leverage

  • Lightweight

  • It does not stack well in the wet log.

  • The handle may be too wide for some people.

  • Not for heavy use

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#10. Fiskars 12 inches Hookaroon

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Fiskars make great tools and this is reflected in the 28 inches hookarine. It will be hard to believe that a smaller version has just as much efficiency. Here is a 12-inch hookarine that looks like a smaller sibling of the 28-inch one.

This little thing is very much handy as expected. It comes with a cool handle flare that makes grip comfortable. This also provides insulation against both cold and heat, meaning that you can work with it in any weather.

The head of this thing has a curved nose with a sharp point that easily sticks in wood for lifting. Part of the body of the hook is toothed or jagged just so that the blade can go on to hook the wood more securely.

Storage of this tool is made easy because of the rubber protector for the head. With this feature there it is unlikely any part of the metal head does not rust or corrode. While not in use, this protector also ensures that the sharpness is retained for as long as possible.

Perhaps the only disadvantage to this hookarine is its length. For short-armed persons, the problem of bending every now and then or once in a while may not be eliminated.

  • Haa s sharp blade and pointed nose

  • Has a head protector

  • Lightweight

  • Easy to hold and use

  • Too short

  • Too lightweight

  • Can do only occasional wood jobs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will this really work or is it necessary?

This kind of tool sometimes looks unnecessary on the surface of things, especially when there is mechanized lumber moving equipment. But that is for big commercial jobs. For those that are professionals or DIYers on the woodworks or related tasks but on a small and medium scale, a pickaroon or hookaroon is a big deal. With it, they can pick and move scores of rounds without feeling back pains.

How long is this Hookaroon?

The lengths of hookaroons and pickroons vary. You can get as short as 12-inches and as long as 36 inches. There are various lengths in between these two ends. So, one’s length of the user’s arms ideally determines the inches to go for. While this is necessary to get, the efficiency of the item equally counts.

Can this pick or drag longs and what sizes can it work with?

Unless it is of short length, it should be able to drag log from one point to another. Any pickaroon or hookaroon that is less than 28 inches is best used for just picking. If you need the comfort of dragging a log, you can go for 32-36 inches.

Will it work well if used with one hand?

Yea, most brands do work well when used with one hand. It may require practice, but once you get the hang of it, you can focus on your favorite hand. However, those that are really long and heavy should be used with two hands. Unless of course if you are a really strong person.

Where is it made?

Many of these tools are made in the USA and Europe. As a result, you are to expect nothing short of average quality from any of the pickaroons and hookaroons on this list.

Final Verdict

Now that you are considering adding a piece of pickaroon to your home tool store, you need to get two things clear.

First, the short ones that are less than 20 inches are not ideal. An pickaroon should do more than just pick rounds. Only long ones can perform as the functions, ensuring you get good value for your money.

Second, you must care for this tool. This will ensure that you have no need to replace it no sooner than you bought it.

With those tips in mind, you can go ahead with your selection. The pick is yours!

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