Top 10 Best Pool Cover Pumps (2023)

Throughout our lives, we begin to become more demanding about our belongings or those things we crave.

It is every person’s dream to have a beautiful house, with a large garden and a swimming pool that generates envy for anyone who can observe.

All these things take time, money, and effort and once we get them, we want to keep them in the best possible way to prevent them from deteriorating or being damaged completely.

This happens to any accessory in our home, but there are some things that are more difficult to preserve than others and therefore require more demanding care.

One of the things that require an extra dose of work is a house pool. Having a pool is a necessary luxury for many people when building their homes. But, at the same time, it should be maintained in the best possible way.

Many people choose to hire someone to take special care of the pool. But there are others who enjoy doing these kinds of tasks and for that, they need a considerable amount of accessories.

Remember that the pool must always be kept clean, that it must always have just the right amount of chlorine to prevent the water from getting dirty and that the ideal would be to have a cover for the pool so that it does not constantly fill with leaves.

The pool cover is an indispensable accessory to keep the pool in the best conditions. At the same time, the pool cover needs to be kept clean at all times and this can be achieved with a pool cover pump.

Pool cover pumps are essential nowadays as they remove all objects that fall on the cover and keep it always in the best conditions.

Throughout this article, we are going to show you the ten most sophisticated models on the market and on which you can definitely rely when it comes to cleaning the pool cover.

  • {WINTER PROTECTION}: Don't let winter ruin your pool cover. Our pump expertly removes accumulated water, preventing potential freezing damage and ensuring your cover's longevity throughout the cold months.

10 Best Pool Cover Pumps

#1. Intex Krystal Clear – Sand Filter Pump


We come to the top of our list and leave you what we believe may become the most effective acquisition for deep cleaning of pool enclosures. This pump not only drains the water but also keeps it clean and at the right temperature. The most striking feature of this pump is that if the filter is composed of sand. The sand, being completely natural, allows the filtration of the water to take place in a perfect way. It has six completely different functions: Filter, backwash and rinse, recycle, drain, and, once the process is finished, close the system. In addition, it has a timer that can last 24 hours, and that allows the drainage cycles to be fulfilled automatically and without having to be aware of them. Some of the most outstanding features are:

  • The pump can drain up to a maximum of 3000 liters of water per hour.
  • No maintenance is necessary.
  • The sand that makes up the filter should only be replaced every 5 years. This gives it extraordinary durability.
  • It possesses the last technology of Hydroelectric Aeration.

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#2. Superior Pump 92395 2100 GPH

Superior Pump 92395

The second on our list is the Superior Pump pool cover pump. It is a large capacity pump with an automatic water detection system. Like most pumps, once you have drained all the water around you, it will turn off automatically. Your hose is long enough to drain all the water out as far as possible. Your motor is completely protected by stainless steel to prevent it from rusting. Its base also works as a cover to prevent the pump from being filled with leaves or debris that could affect its proper functioning. Some of its many features can be:

  • It has a grille at the bottom of the pump that can be easily removed to allow the pump to be cleaned.
  • It has a sturdy drive system to ensure that the pump always operates in the best possible conditions.
  • Its design is simple and it is a lightweight pump that can be used both indoors and outdoors.

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#3. Wayne 57729-WYNP WAPC250

Wayne 57729

We are in the best three pool cover pumps in our humble opinion. We are already talking about much more complex pumps that are used for more difficult jobs. However, this pump has a very comfortable base for each part of the pump to fit properly. Of course, the system of this pump is automatic. The drainage of the water comes from around the entire base that makes up the pump. It has a high drainage speed. The most outstanding features of this pump are:

  • It has a very innovative technology called ISwitch that allows much faster drainage of water, compared to other pumps.
  • It switches on automatically when it detects that there is enough water around it to drain and, once the process is finished, it switches off automatically.
  • It has an adapter that allows the pump to be used with any available hose in the home.

The base can be removed to use the pump more simply and quickly.

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#4. Little Giant 5-APCP

Little Giant 5-APCP

We stay within the mark to observe in detail another pool cover pump. This pump has a very firm base and also the ability to adapt your main hose to the different hoses that we can find in our home. It is composed of a series of minerals that do not allow the pump to wear out or be permanently damaged. It has the manual mode of operation and the automatic mode of operation and both can drain large amounts of water. Its main features are:

  • It has the ability to drain both water and snow.
  • It can drain up to 1200 liters per hour.
  • Suitable for use in any pool regardless of its size or whether it is buried or elevated.

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#5. Little Giant APCP-1700

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We are in the middle of the list and we find a Little bomb that is a very sophisticated brand and for which many people choose. Despite its small size, this pump can drain up to 1700 liters per hour. This pump turns on automatically once it is correctly positioned to work. The best thing is that the pump is very light so anyone can move it from one side to the other. Its main features are:

  • Its screen and integrated parts are easy to remove which allows cleaning themselves to be done in a more practical way.
  • It can be connected to any hose in the home.
  • It has an independent motor in case of electricity is not available.
  • Its entire casing is made of stainless steel and also allows the correct cooling of the liquid flow.

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#6. Wayne WWB WaterBug

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We are starting to get closer to the most outstanding pool cover pumps on the market today. Wayne pumps are well known today for their high drainage capacity. They are not the most practical in terms of size, but they are useful for any type of situation. The ideal is to use it to drain the water from your deck, but it can be used in windows or small spaces. Unlike the others, it is a hand pump. It has a drainage capacity of 1257 liters per hour. Some features can be:

  • It can be used for any surface such as roofs, pool cover, boats, windows, among others.
  • It has a lateral discharge system that allows the drainage to be easier to carry out.
  • Completely submersible in water.
  • It is composed of a gel that does not allow corrosion on the pump.

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#7. Pumps Away Giant Superior 800 GPH

Pumps Away

We return with larger sized pool cover pumps. This is a large capacity pump that can drain up to 800 liters of water per hour. It’s a huge amount and you can do it at an extraordinary speed. Like the previous ones, it is submersible and very easy to clean as it can be disassembled easily. Its on/off type is also automatic which makes it very easy to use. The main features we can find are:

  • Its base is wide and this gives it greater stability when working.
  • The connection of the pump can be made to any hose that is in your home.
  • All its filters are completely replaceable and reusable.

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#8. Swimline Syphon Cover Pump


The next pump is even easier to maneuver than the ones detailed above. This is because it can be assembled and then disassembled for easier storage. It has a very special peculiarity that is that it does not need batteries nor to be connected to the electrical current of the home. Simply place it on the cover and shake it to start working. Once you have drained all the water, it will automatically stop working. Its features are:

  • It has an extremely long hose that makes it easier to use the pump.
  • It is composed of plastic cables that allow greater flexibility.
  • It has a great power of drainage in spite of being a pump of small size.
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#9. The Cover Pump 350 GPH

The Cover Pump 350 GPH

We move on to the next item on our list. We find a pump a little smaller but no less powerful than the one previously evaluated. This sophisticated pump also has an automatic on/off switch. The best thing about this pump are its sensors that detect a lot of accumulated water and turn it on automatically. Once it detects that the accumulated water is within normal levels, it switches off automatically. Its best features are:

  • It has such an amazing speed that it can drain up to 350 liters of water per hour.
  • It is an ideal pump for any type of swimming pool we have.
  • In order to avoid unnecessary expense, this pump uses only half the electricity of the rest.
  • Like the previous one, this pump is also absolutely submersible.

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#10. Genius Pro 800 Cover Pump

Genius Pro 800

Our final one is an interesting swimming pool cover pump. It has a good market value. The most outstanding qualities of this pump are that it can be switched on and off automatically. This makes the task of cleaning the pool cover very simple. It has the ability to remove large amounts of accumulated water and is also submersible so we do not have to worry that it may break down in the rain. Some of its technical characteristics are:

  • It is a pump that adapts and can be connected to the household water facilities.
  • It is very simple to maneuver and use.
  • Cleaning the pump is extremely simple and its accessories can be replaced as quickly as possible.

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Why Do You Need a Pool Cover Pump?

We believe that having a pool cover pump is a must for anyone who owns a pool, large or small. Having a pool in our home requires a lot of work on our part to keep it in top condition. The cover for the swimming pool in times of low temperatures is some necessary and with it, it ends up being necessary to count on the pump for swimming pool cover.

Having such a tool is the only way to ensure that we can always keep our pool cover clean. Having the pump for pool covers allows us to considerably reduce the time we would have to drain the water and clean the garbage that ends up accumulating on the cover. It is not necessary to buy the newest pool cover pump or the one with the highest market value. Everyone knows what they need and how much work their pump needs to do. That’s why by choosing one of the pumps we’ve analyzed, you will be able to keep your cover clean at all times and regardless of the gravity of the situation.

Manual or Automatic?

As the years went by, technology evolved in such a way that, to this day, there is less and less physical and mental effort that we need to do to operate certain accessories correctly. The same thing has happened with pumps for swimming pool covers. Initially, these accessories were manual, but, as time went by, they were updated and almost all the ones that are commercialized nowadays, are automatic.

We understand that each person may have different preferences. Those who have a hand-operated pump will have no problem using it. The fact that it does not have an automatic on/off system does not make it worse than the others. Its drainage capacity will remain the same and its effectiveness will not change. The problem with manual pumps is that they require more physical force when it comes to using it. One must turn it on to start the drainage process and, once finished, turn it off manually. The positive thing about manual pumps is that, in the event of an unexpected power failure, we will be able to continue operating the pump normally.

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The automatic ones, on the other hand, are much easier to use and understand. This is due to the fact that we will be able to program their on and off and because most of them have a sensor that automatically detects if the amount of water around them should be drained or not. Most automatic pumps need to be connected to the electrical current of the home and, in the event of an unexpected power cut, there are many that have a spare battery that turns on automatically to continue working normally. Their insurance market value will be higher than hand pumps. But if you don’t like heavy and excessive work, you should consider getting an automatic pump. It will be a great help and considerably reduce the cleaning time of your pool cover.

What to Look for When Buying a Pool Cover Pump?

Generally, the details of the pump we want to purchase are quite personal to each person. Not everyone buys the pump for the same reason, nor does everyone need to have a pump with a large drainage capacity. However, we can detail some important points that should be taken into account when buying your pump:

  • You need to know how many liters of water you can drain per hour.
  • Know the speed at which you can perform that drainage.
  • To know if the pump base is optimal so that the pump does not lose stability during the process.
  • Check that the pump comes with an adapter for the different hoses that we could have in our home.
  • It must be easily dismantled so that we can carry out a deep cleaning and maintain it in the best possible conditions.
  • Lightweight and easy to transport.
  • If you opt for an automatic pump, ideally it should have a timer.
  • It will allow us to establish a fixed on/off schedule.
  • Check that the motor is coated with stainless steel. This will prevent the pool cover pump from deteriorating over time.

These are some of the things that would be good to keep in mind when buying a pump to be able to buy the one that really suits our needs. You will also be able to get advice at the time of purchase if you cannot find the right pump for your needs.


Can I use it anywhere? 

That depends on the pump you buy. There are pumps that are only for exteriors and others are for exteriors and interiors.

What drainage capacity do I need? 

It will depend a lot on how much water you need to drain. You can get economical pumps that can drain 600 liters per hour.

Are they easy to connect and use? 

All pumps are easy to use. Each one comes with its own guide to help you make the right connection to our water hoses and also program it properly for what functions.

Is it easy to dismantle and clean? 

All the pumps we have analyzed, are simple to disassemble in order to perform a deep cleaning of their accessories.

Does the pump come with spare parts? 

The vast majority of pumps contain a spare part for each part in order to replace it in case of breakage of the original.

Final Verdict

The purpose of this review is to detail each pump that we consider optimal within the market. As we said, each has different types of needs and that is why we put a pump for each of them. We believe that the pool cover pump is a very important accessory if we really want to keep our pool clean. The maintenance of our pool and its cover is a very important task and for which you must have the best accessories to perform this work in the best possible way.

It is up to you to decide whether to opt for a manually operated pump or a slightly more sophisticated and automatically operated pump. The values do not differ much at present and all are of excellent quality and durability. We hope this article has cleared up all your doubts about pool cover pumps and allowed you to define the right pump for each of you.

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