Top 11 Best Watering Cans (2024)

Without water, plants can’t survive indoor and outdoor environments. It’s a natural condition for water to sustain life. When you are in a hurry to leave home for work, it might be tempting to water the houseplants with drinking glasses. Many people make this mistake because they often don’t have dedicated tools for watering plants.

The risk of spilling water on the floor is high when you use drinking glasses and bowls. Apart from a slippery and messy floor, the spillage could cause potential hazards for anyone. Kids and elderly homeowners have the highest rates of home accidents from slippery floor tiles.

While it’s convenient to use any vessel, the best watering cans don’t create a messy environment. If you have indoor plants, it’s necessary to have watering cans with long stems that can control the flow of water.

Generally, high-quality watering cans are designed to conserve and optimize the water for garden plants. Plastic materials can be molded to form bent noses and long spouts that apply water accurately.

Other cute designs include curved handles and materials with UV-protections. Usually, watering cans with graduated measurement levels help to avoid water-logged flower boxes, pots, and garden planters.

It’s easy to monitor the level of water in these types of cans when you refill them. You can track water levels in cans with all-glass materials. However, glass watering cans are fragile because their impact-resistance is very low.

Wooden, leather, and stainless steel watering cans are stronger than glass versions. Regardless of the material, watering can be ergonomically designed with different colors and shapes. However, functional watering cans often make indoor gardening easier because of their unique features.

Before you consider the decorations on your favorite watering can, you should consider the crafting quality. A high-quality watering can that’s durable can save you from early replacement costs. These useful tips can help you to spot the right watering can for houseplants.

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Top 11 Best Watering Cans

#01. Mkono 2 Pack Watering Bottle

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You can add a transparent watering bottle to your collection of indoor gardening tools and help your succulents plants to thrive. Without spilling water, this Mkono 2-Pack Watering Bottle for houseplants can sustain your plants.

These 2 bottles can hold 250 ml and 500 ml of water respectively. Also, their catheters have small openings that ensure a slow and steady supply of water to the soil.

With different sizes of containers, you can apply the right measurements of water to orchids, succulents, Echeverias, Cacti, and Aloes. These watering bottles are refillable, but you have to unscrew the caps that are attached to their bent noses.

It’s easy to control the flow of water from Mkono Watering Cans because these plastics are soft-textured. You can squeeze the bottle and track the volume of water that flows.

  • They are suitable for watering Terrariums, African violets, and other tiny pots.

  • Apart from water, you can apply plant nutrients in the right proportions.

  • The transparent design makes it easy to track fluid levels

  • The constant squeezing of this soft-textured water bottle could degrade the plastic material.

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#02. Novelty Indoor Watering Can, 1/2 Gallon

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The long spout of this Novelty 0.5-Gallon Can is designed for feeding and watering houseplants on shelves and hard-to-reach places. You can water the base of the plant’s stem without wetting its leaves because this watering bottle has a long-stem spout.

This hardened plastic watering vessel has an embossed flower pattern, and attractive color options like white, green and red. Also, the impact-resistant plastic material has a smooth sheen finish and the offset hole is easy to refill.

If you like creatively-designed gardening tools, the Novelty Indoor Watering Container has a distinct loop handle with sufficient space for 2 small hands to grab. It’s an easy-to-use component that kids will enjoy when they water houseplants. This watering can’s plastic material is recyclable too.

  • A high-grade plastic construction

  • Custom Handle

  • Durable plastic material

  • It lacks an indicator for users to know the half-gallon position.

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#03. Cado Union 63182 Elephant Watering Can

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With a cute design of this animal-shaped plastic material, you can store 2 gallons of water for your plants. Cado Elephant Watering Can is a weather-resistant gardening tool. You can keep this plastic indoors or in the chilly outdoor weather.

This classic design doesn’t require much space for storage. It measures 17 x 7.25 x 13 inches (L x W x H) and can fit into regular garden toolboxes. The trunk of this elephant watering can is curved at the end for directional flows of water.

With this long spout, you can control the volume of nutrients and water that tender plants need to survive. Also, the supply port on top of the elephant’s heat is easy to refill.

  • The refill port’s width is 1.5 inches

  • This watering can is ideal for small indoor pots

  • Weather-proof plastic

  • The top hole might spill water if you tip the can overly.

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#04. E.Palace 15oz Mini Stainless Steel Water

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Are you looking for a perfect gift idea for avid gardeners? E.Palace Stainless Steel watering vessel has a very cute construction. This rust-proof container holds enough water and drains it precisely.

It’s available in 15oz, 30oz, and 35oz small watering cans with copper and brass finishes. Also, this scratch-proof mini-watering can is ideal for office and house plants. This stylish design is a unique interior design element because it can enhance any space.

After watering your indoor garden herbs and flowers, you can keep the brushed-steel watering can on your windowsill or dining table. With an ergonomic handle and a bold finish, this E.Palace watering can make your gardening experience amazing.

  • A hand-polished stainless steel material

  • A high level of corrosion resistance

  • It has a lightweight design

  • You need firm grips on the oversized loop handle to avoid spilling water on the table and leaves of plants.

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#05. OFFIDIX Transparent Glass Watering Spray Bottle

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OFFIDIX Glass Watering Can for indoor plants measures 6.3 inches. It’s a vintage-styled fragile bottle for spraying plants with water, pesticides, and nutrients. This plant mister has a 200-ml water capacity, and its long spout can aim the base of plants without any spill effects.

Apart from watering succulents and herbs, you can use the water in OFFIDIX Glass Spray Bottle for cleaning tasks. The nozzle of this water-spraying bottle responds with easy to the top pump. Every component of this glass material is reusable and free from lead.

  • This spritzer bottle is made from plastic with bronze finish and glass materials

  • The diameter is 3 inches

  • It holds a large volume of water

  • It has a ring-finger holder, and this watering can is versatile

  • This watering can is fragile and might not be a durable product.

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#06. Harden Copper Colored Watering Can

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The routine watering of indoor plants might be pleasurable with lightweight watering cans. Apart from the attractive design, Homarden Copper-plated Watering Cans have long spouts that can reach wall-mounted planters.

It has a lightweight design, but this stainless steel watering pot comes with options of vintage gold and copper coats. These retro designs of brushed finishes and thin spouts allow owners to identify their premium watering pots easily. Also, it’s water-holding capacity is 1.3 liters.

This volume is enough to water small indoor plants. However, Homarden plant-watering can is ideal for both outdoor and indoor applications. Since it doesn’t have a measuring indicator, avoid filling the container to its brim.

  • Efficient watering applications

  • A lightweight stainless steel material

  • It’s an ideal watering can for kids

  • It might be too small to hold the volume of water that large plants need daily.

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#07. IKEA Vattenkrasse Watering Can

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IKEA offers houseplant enthusiasts and hobbyists the chance to own watering can with a convenient-to-refill design. This Vattenkrasse Watering Can is a decorative piece of indoor gardening tool that you’ll love to see on the table every day.

It’s a unique watering can because it’s available in options of ivory, and gold finishes. Some parts of this watering tool are galvanized, stainless steel and coats of polyester powder. Apart from its aesthetic design, this watering is functional and affordable.

The thin spout has the same diameter as the handle, and both components are stylishly designed like an extension of the other.

  • It’s a functional watering can with decorative accents

  • The steel material is resistant to rust

  • It’s made with different eye-catching materials

  • It measures 10.2 x 6 x 4.6 inches and doesn’t have a space-saving design for easy storage.

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#08. Cesun Metal Watering Can

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Cesun stainless steel watering can hold 900 ml (30 fl oz) of water. It’s a perfect gift idea for avid gardeners. Apart from using it as a plant-watering tool, it makes a proper embellishment to your windowsill and balcony.

You should expect to water plants easily because the long-stem spout has a tiny construction that targets the right spot. Also, the risk of spilling water on the wrong place is low because of its 0.4-inch spout’s diameter.

This stainless steel water can is durable, and it has a sturdy handle. It’s ideal for watering herbs and flowers in wall-mounted planters. With this 5.75-inch Cesun Stainless Steel Watering Pot, you can store enough water that will be sufficient for small indoor plants every day.

  • It comes with an ergonomic handle that’s convenient to handle

  • It has a unique design of finely-welded stainless steel

  • The long spout allows water to flow gently

  • It comes with a drain pipe that’s smaller than the internal diameter of the long spout. This design ensures that water flows very slowly, and you’ll need extra patience to satisfy your plants.

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#09. Bosmere V127GR Haws Indoor (700 ml) and V115 Haws Plastic Set of Watering Can

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Wouldn’t you like to experience this small set of injection-molded plastic watering cans for seedlings and African Violets? Bosmere V127GR and V115 Haws Watering Cans have holding capacities of 700 ml and 5 liters (1.3 gallons) respectively.

They have cool green sheen finishes and vintage designs. It’s easy to know a durable gardening tool, but this set of watering pots is made from high-grade plastics. Their materials are recyclable and very rigid.

You don’t have to worry about early replacement costs after purchasing this set of classic watering cans. Also, Bosmere offers you a set of watering cans that can serve for outdoor and indoor routines respectively. Apart from their round brass-faced and long spouts, these tools are well-balanced.

  • V127GR has a bigger vessel that can store 5 liters of water and plant nutrients

  • V127GR has a removable rose/spout

  • This watering can’s(V127GR) spout is designed for indoor plants

  • V115 Haws has a downspout design that’s inclined at a right-angle for accurate water supplies

  • This watering can’s(V115) spout is designed for outdoor plants

  • Its(V115) long-neck design prevents water from spilling when the can is overly tipped

  • The detachable shower heads of their spouts are a softer, and flexible plastic material. Since the watering can’s molded plastic is stronger, don’t expect this detachable unit to be very durable.

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#10. Bloem Aqua Rite Watering Can

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With a smoothly-shaped plastic watering can and its dual-compartment handle for balance, it will be a pleasurable moment of watering your houseplants. Watering your indoor herbs and flowers flourish after using this Bloem Aqua Rite Watering Can is a guarantee of satisfaction.

This vessel can hold 56 oz (0.5 gallon) of water and plant nutrient. Also, it has a cool color that helps you to identify your watering can easily. While it comes as a set of 2, you can pick the single package of Bloem Aqua Rite can.

They have unique designs of easy-to-use handles. Their polypropylene plastic construction has a long-stem spout, and it reduces the chances of water leaks.

  • The handle is convenient to use with both hands

  • UV-stabilized polypropylene material

  • It comes in an eye-catching color

  • The dimension is 12 x 4.25 x 7.5 inches (Width x Depth x Height)

  • This flexible plastic material is not as tough and durable as injection-molded plastics.

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#11. IMEEA Watering Can

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While using stainless steel watering pots, you don’t have to be scared about BPA and lead contents. IMEEA Brushed Stainless Steel Watering Pot ensures long-lasting service for gardeners, horticulturists, and avid houseplant growers.

This watering can have a maximum capacity of 45oz (1.3L), but the manufacturer recommends 40 oz to prevent water overflows. One of the most amazing features of this watering can is the quality of the steel material.

Apart from its bright appearance, this hand-polished steel material is corrosion and scratch-resistant. Also, this watering pot comes with a narrow and long-reach spout for small plants in wall-mounted planters.

  • A high-quality and hand-polished stainless steel structure

  • Its diameter is 4 inches, the height is 7.4inch

  • A lightweight (455g) water can that’s easy to lift.

  • This stainless steel material is not dense. It might be scratch-proof steel, but it’s prone to dents from impacts.

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What To Look For When Buying A Watering Can

Weather Resistance

Weather-resistant watering cans can be used in outdoor environments. Some of these materials include high-quality steel and molded plastics. It’s important to consider the watering can material’s quality because a rust-proof product ensures longevity.

Since these gardening tools are designed to hold water, they contain elements that can trigger corrosive effects. However, a watering pot that’s made from weatherproof materials will resist these effects. Also, UV-stabilized plastics can withstand the intensity of sunlight.

Spout’s Design

Many indoor herbs and flowers don’t grow as tall as outdoor plants. So, you need watering pots with long and tiny spouts that can poke between foliage and reach the base of plants’ stems. Also, long and curved spouts are designed to water small houseplants effectively.

Usually, manufacturers attach showerheads at the ends of these spouts. It allows users to control the flow of water into vases and planters.

Weight Of Watering Pots

Many seniors are avid gardeners and their feeble arms are not designed to hold heavy watering cans. Even adults and young people that understand how to water plants need lightweight gardening tools that are easy to use.

You need watering bottles and cans that weight at least 5lbs for the office and home-grown plants. A big watering can that’s 11-inch deep can contain over 50 oz of water.

This type of watering can serve both your outdoor and indoor plants. Also, it’s easier to lift and target the exact spot for watering your plants when you use lightweight watering cans.


When you need watering cans to apply water and nutrients, it might not be necessary to buy expensive models. The cost of a favorite watering can depend on its functionality and designs.

Some ornamental watering cans can enhance your interior designs and hold water for plants. Depending on your budget, choose the right watering can that brings superior satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I ensure a more precise watering of indoor plants?

Some watering can like the Bosmere V115 Haws model come with a spout that is specifically designed. When you to avoid or reduce the chances of spilling water in wrong places, use watering cans with high-neck designs.

More so, cans with downspout attachments can help you to water small plants that are on wall-mounted cabinets and vases.

Is it important to water indoor plants regularly?

Since plants need water to survive, you shouldn’t deny houseplants and garden plants their daily nourishments.

However, the humidity level of your indoor space might be unsuitable for your houseplants, succulents, and flowers. By watering them every day, you can to keep these plants healthy and maintain the right soil pH value.

Final Verdict

Watering cans with detachable components often have stylish designs, but the risk of experiencing water leaks from those parts might be high.

While you use simple gardening tools, it’s important to consider their levels of performance. Also, a durable watering can with long spouts serve for at least 5 years. To boost this life expectancy, you need to maintain and use your cans properly.

None of these 11 watering cans will suffer damages from extreme weather conditions. Except you fail to maintain them as recommended, they will serve your small house plants for a long period.

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