Top 10 Best Air Conditioner Covers (2024)

As a homeowner, you will agree with us that during summer, indoor temperature can be crazy and can make you uncomfortable.

Therefore, an air conditioning unit is an important device to install in your homes to make your life meaningful.

Air conditioner, whether centrally-installed or window unit, is prone to wear and tear when exposed to harsh temperatures and weather conditions.

Window units can permit cold air into the house, thereby leading to higher utility bills.

During winter, if your air conditioning units are not protected, chances are that dirt, water or snow could gain access to the unit and thus cause major damage that would require expensive repairs.

Are you contemplating on removing your AC units and store them in the attic? Of course, that would be a difficult thing to do. So how do you prevent water, dirt or snow from coming in contact with your AC?

Thankfully, an air conditioner cover can get the job done for you. AC covers are made with durable materials and would perfectly fit your air conditioning units.

Before you hit the market to make a buying decision, you must have prior knowledge of what to look out for in AC covers.

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10 Air Conditioner Covers

#01. Sturdy Covers AC Defender

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The Sturdy Covers AC Defender is among the most reliable AC covers you will find when you hit the market to make a buying decision.

This AC cover is durable and can withstand harsh environmental conditions like a storm and severe sunshine. It is designed for an outdoor AC unit only.

It is both water and wind-resistant and is designed with two drawstring hems which will allow you to adjust the straps to fit your AC during the windiest days. The Sturdy Covers AC Defender is lightweight, measuring 1.19 pounds.

Additionally, it has structured air vents to help protect your AC from snow, rain, sun damage, hail storms, debris, and dirt such as bugs, yard trimmings, sticks, and leaves, especially in the offseason.

If you want to prolong the service life of your AC, you won’t go wrong purchasing this brand.

  • It is easy to install with about 4 hooks to keep it locked

  • It is both water and wind-resistant

  • The production materials can block UV rays.

  • It has an elastic hem

  • It has a unique mesh design

  • It is universally compatible

  • It has only a few sizes in circulation.

  • It doesn’t a cover at the bottom

  • Shorter cords

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#02. COSFLY Air Conditioner Cover

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Cosfly is a reputable brand across the United States, the UK, and several other European countries.

COSFLY Air conditioner cover is made of polyester oxford water-resistant top fabric with waterproof undercoating to protect your outdoor air conditioner from natural damage.

This cover is durable and won’t crack in the cold winter. It is resistant to wear and tear due to the double-thick layer.

It features an inner material that’s waterproof to prevent the drop of water from getting to your AC.

It also protects air conditioners from rust, dust, intense sunlight, and debris, while allowing air to flow freely via the vents. It is easy to maintain, fit and has a slit just at the bottom to enable you to pass the AC cord.

It has a strap with a buckle to enable you to tie the cover against strong winds. The design is simply cozy, stylish, and the colors would blend well with your environment.

  • It is made of double-layered polyester

  • It is fade-proof

  • It is both water and wind-resistant

  • It is also dust and UV resistant.

  • It doesn’t hold up in severe cold winters.

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#03. Patio Watcher Square Air Conditioner Cover

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Is your air conditioning unit having issues due to exposure to dust and water? The Patio Watcher Square Air Conditioner Cover is reliable to address this issue.

It is a heavy-duty cover designed for the outdoor AC unit. They are made of durable 100% woven polyester material and are water and dust resistant, this means, it can withstand severe storm and sunshine.

It is designed with stitches along its hemming and edges; thus, improving its outdoor durability.

It is also designed with air vents which permit the free flow of air to eliminate condensation. Whether you own an LG or Hisense branded AC, the Patio Watcher Square Air Conditioner Cover has got you covered.

One good thing about this cover is that its style and color will perfectly blend with your patio and décor. It is easy to use and comes with a padded handle for easy removal.

  • This particular brand is adaptable to most ACs on the market

  • It comes with water-repellent undercoat

  • It has a secure closure

  • It is made of 100% woven polyester material

  • It comes in different sizes and colors.

  • It requires regular wiping

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#04. Foozet Window Air Conditioner Cover

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Do you have an AC measuring 21x16x15-inch and you want it to work optimally? Then, the Footzet Window Air Conditioner cover has got your back.

This cover is made of high-quality fabric and can help prolong the service life of your AC. Whether you have an indoor or outdoor AC, this cover is perfect if you want to prevent dust and dirt from damaging your AC unit.

It is water and harsh weather resistant. One major advantage of using this cover is that it would help you reduce your heating costs.

It does this by blocking cold that would have penetrated your house and the AC unit. Plus, it prevents insects, sharp objects, and debris from coming in contact with your ACs.

In terms of design, it features buckle straps that help secure the cover to your AC. The straps are adjustable and flexible to fit most ACs on the market.

The inside dimensions measure 21″width x 16″deep x 15″high. Additionally, the Foozet Window Air Conditioner Cover is resistant to UV, meaning, it won’t have any effect when exposed to sunlight.

Plus, it is easy to clean and maintain and would match your style due to its elegant design.

  • It is made of UV-resistant material

  • It is easy and simple to maintain

  • It blocks cold

  • It has non-slip edges

  • Fits snugly to AC unit

  • It may be too bulky

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5.  Bestalent Air Conditioner Cover for Outside Units

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This AC cover protects your air conditioning unit from the damage of harsh winter conditions, including heavy snow and sharp ice.

It is made of durable tarpaulin material, which makes it resistant to rips and tears and helps prevent the buildup of debris on your AC unit.

Unlike other models on the market, it features 4 bungee hooks that attach securely to your AC unit. Plus, it is leak-proof and prevents water from penetrating your unit.

It measures 36 by 36 inches, hence, it can fit most sizes of ACs on the market. It is available in different sizes and easy to fit or remove.

What about maintenance? It is almost maintenance-free; all that is required of you is to wipe it periodically. It is lightweight and can be easily stored after winter.

  • It is made of heavy-duty tarpaulin fabric

  • It can withstand severe winter conditions

  • It can help you prevent water from penetrating your AC unit

  • It comes in different size and would fit many ACs on the market

  • It is designed with secure bungee hooks for stability

  • It doesn’t cover the unit’s bottom

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#06. Ravenna Square Air Conditioner Cover

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The Ravenna Square Air Conditioner Cover is another AC cover you need to give serious consideration when next you hit the market to make a buying decision.

This cover has all the trappings to protect your ACs from the damage caused by water, dirt, rodents, snow, and harsh weather conditions.

It is manufactured with a durable and high-quality woven fabric to protect your outdoor ACs. The entire is laminated with a water-resistant coating to prevent water from penetrating your AC unit.

Plus, it is UV-resistant; thus, it can protect your AC from the dangerous effect of solar energy. It is very easy to fit, remove, and maintain.

The handles are padded to air removal and fitting. You can easily tighten the hen using the provided cord at the bottom.

  • It can perfectly fit square ACs

  • It is water-proof

  • The handles are padded to aid removal and fitting

  • It is almost maintenance-free

  • Perfect UV ray protection

  • It is made of long-lasting polyester fabric

  • This cover comes in limited sizes

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#07. Jeacent Indoor Air Conditioner Cover

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Jeacent indoor AC cover is all you need to help prolong the service life of your air conditioners.

This cover is amazing in two ways; firstly, it blocks rain or water drop from penetrating the AC’s compressor and other electrical parts.

Secondly, it prevents insects and dirt from accumulating in your AC. You will agree with us that these elements can cause serious havoc to your AC unit if left unattended to.

It is designed with a polyester lining to the outside and a cotton lining on the inside (the inside measures 26-28″long x 18-20″high x 3.5″deep).

This provides robust protection against cold draft from getting to your AC unit. It has an elastic hem on its base which makes it fit virtually all sizes of indoor ACs.

During high wind, you have nothing to worry about because the edges have a tight grip on ACs.

Plus, the unique style will blend perfectly with your indoor décor. Finally, it is both machined and hands washes.

  • It is both machine and hand wash

  • It is made of durable polyester shell

  • It can fit most indoor ACs

  • It is also perfect for window unit ACs

  • It offers robust protection against the effect of rain, snow, severe sunshine, and rodents.

  • No drawbacks recorded

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#08.  KylinLucky Air Conditioner Cover For Outdoor Unit

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Do you have an AC you struggle to protect when not in use? You might want to consider an AC cover to save you the stress of always uninstalling your AC unit during winter or severe rainfall.

The KylinLucky Air Conditioner Cover For Outdoor Unit comes to mind as an accessory to protect ACs during winter. This cover can also protect your unit from grass, leaves, as well as debris during summer.

It is designed with a mesh that has holes to block debris but allows the circulation of air to your ACs. It is resistant to tearing, UV exposure during summer months, water, and oil.

It is very easy to fit and remove and also easy to remove trapped objects. Even during a severe storm, this cover will maintain a comfortable fit on your unit.

  • It is manufactured with a durable mesh fabric

  • Easy installation and removal

  • It comfortably fits all 36 x 36 inches units

  • It comes with sturdy bungee cords for effective protection

  • It covers trapped heat during summer

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#09. STURDY COVERS EST. 2015 Indoor AC Cover

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Some of the AC covers on the market encourage cold drafts. This is a phenomenon whereby the cover increases an AC’s inefficiency, which in the long run will make the owner spend more on energy.

Fortunately, the Sturdy Covers indoor AC Cover was designed to tackle this problem. It is made of PU polyester; the choice of this material is to help block cold drafts from penetrating homes.

It comes with elastic edges to firmly secure the cover to the unit. It measures 14 by 21 by 4 inches; thus, it can fit ACs in the range of 3,000 – 7,000 BTU.

It is available in two attractive colors – black and white, which can help to enhance your home décor. This product is very easy to clean – hand or machine washed.

So, when you hit the market to make a buying decision, you won’t go wrong with this model.

  • It has secure edges

  • It protects ACs and homes from a cold draft

  • It is made of durable PU polyester.

  • The weight might be a turn-off

  • It needs constant wiping

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#10. AC Covers Custom Air Conditioner Cover

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This review would not be complete without mention this amazing AC cover. Water, nesting birds, and dust are among elements that could cause serious damage to your AC unit.

The AC Covers Custom Air Conditioner Cover has a heavy-duty vinyl shell to take care of this problem. It is manufactured with a waterproof and UV resistant material.

It can also withstand harsh environmental conditions. Plus, it is a perfect cover to keep off nesting birds and prevent your unit from dirt and rust.

It is designed with sturdy stitches that enable it to withstand frequent handling or stretching. It can be adjusted to fit your AC size so that during severe wind, it would remain secure to your outdoor unit.

Still, it allows adequate air circulation and prevents the build-up of condensation with your AC. It comes in amazing colors which would perfectly blend with your exterior décor.

  • It protects your ACs from nesting birds

  • It is easy to fit and remove

  • It comes in aesthetically appealing colors

  • It can also protect your AC from rodents and dirt.

  • It is heavy

  • It doesn’t cover the bottom

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Benefits of Using AC Covers

So, you are done using your AC during the summer and you are thinking of turning it off during the winter, an AC cover will help to keep your AC in good shape.

Air conditioner covers are typically inexpensive and are a good accessory to own.

Covering your AC with a good cover will also help to prolong the service life of your air conditioner.

Another benefit of covering your AC is that it would help you to prevent expensive and inconvenient repairs.

How To Use AC Covers

An air conditioner cover will protect your Air conditioning unit from dirt, snow, and water year after year. Consequently, this will prolong your AC’s life. Choose a reliable AC cover that would provide a tight and secure fit.

How to use

  • Simply slip the cover over the AC
  • Secure the cover with the elastic strap and surrounding unit.
  • Note that these covers are adapted to ACs up to 12,000 BTUs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a good idea to cover my AC in the winter?

Yes. Covering your AC during winter will prevent dirt from gaining access into your AC unit.

How durable is an AC cover?

Most AC covers you see on the market are very durable. They can serve you for as long as you live on earth

What should I look at for when I hit the market to buy an AC cover?

Basically, you should look out for the size and the material used in making the AC cover. Always go for an AC cover that’s made of fiber material.

Which particular brand should I opt for?

Any of these 10 AC covers that we have reviewed will serve you well.

How should I use the AC cover?

Using an AC cover is pretty simple. Once you remove the cover from its package, slip the cover over the AC, and secure it with the elastic strap and surrounding unit.

Final Verdict

 Do you have AC units you struggle to protect during winter?

Then, AC covers can do a perfect job for you.

They are made with amazing materials.

During rain or winter, you are sure water or dirt won’t gain access to your unit.

So, if you value your cooling unit, purchasing any of these air conditioner covers would be the right thing to do.

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