Top 11 Best ATV Speakers (2024)

While ATV trail riding in itself is fun, you can make it even more exhilarating by partnering it with your favorite tunes. Music carries the power to relieve stress, quiet the mind, make the heart merry, and many more, and that’s why as music lovers we always want to bring it everywhere we can.

While it has in the past been impossible to find a reliable sound system on your ATV, innovators have eventually broken through in forging speakers that complement these outdoor juggernauts.

Good ATV speakers need to be tough, impact-resistant, waterproof and should have the capability to deliver optimal sound quality in open spaces- even with a loud ATV engine.

That said, not all ATV speakers out there meet this threshold. Now, how do you identify the perfect ATV speaker for you? Well, it’s now easy; just keep reading.

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11 ATV Speaker Reviews

#1 Boss (ATV30BRGB) ATV UTV Sound System

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When it comes to car stereos, Boss Audio Systems is one of the names with a very solid reputation. And yes, when we talk about reliable ATV speakers, this manufacturer neither disappoints.

Among her flagship releases is the ATV30BRGB ATV UTV Sound System. This product comes with everything you are probably looking for in an ATV speaker for the best music experience on the trails.

The premium system has a built-in amplifier to give the music an extra audio punch without having to add an external amplifier. The plug-and-play design means that the speakers come ready to deliver right off the bat.

The 3.5-mm auxiliary input gives it a wide range of compatibility. Hence, it will work with audio outputs of several devices such as smartphones, iPods, MP3 players, and other compatible devices where you might have your favorite tracks saved.

But in case you don’t want a physical connection, these speakers are Bluetooth-enabled. Thus, you can wirelessly link it with a Bluetooth device to play your favorite tunes without the hassle of wires.

The 6.5-inch poly injection cone speakers make use of weatherproof materials. That said, we are safe to say that this unit is designed for years of outstanding performance in the harshest outside conditions.

The multi-color illumination looks good when night riding. Also, since you can change the color using the high-quality remote control, it’s now easy to match the mood to your taste.

  • The speakers are well built.
  • The sound is clear at full volume.
  • It connects easily to Bluetooth.
  • It isn’t the most straightforward option to wire up.

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#2 Boss Audio Systems (MCBK470B)

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Our second option on the list also comes from Boss Audio Systems. It consists of a high-quality amplifier and four 3-inch full-range speakers to deliver optimal sound quality when out riding.

MCBK470B gives you 2 ways of playing your favorite music. I mean, you can connect it to your device through the 3.5-mm auxiliary input or wirelessly through the Bluetooth technology.

The 4 speakers are of the best-in-class quality materials for excellent performance in terms of sound and durability. The weather-resistant construction paired with the modern weatherproofing techniques stands up to any outdoor condition.

The amplifier also makes use of the best materials in its construction for improved weatherproofing. Also, the class D amplifier is compact to make it easy to find a pot on your quad bike.

The wired remote control installs easily at your most convenient spot. That said, you will find it easy and more convenient than it can ever get to control the volume of the audio system.

For those that have never installed ATV speakers before, this model is easy to mount. The speakers come with mounting brackets that will adjust to fit handlebars that are 0.75 inches to 1.25 inches.

  • It is loud even when riding full throttle.
  • The mounting brackets are adjustable.
  • It’s very easy to install.
  • The volume control knob could be bigger.

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#3 Boss Audio Systems (MCBK420B)

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The MCBK420B shares the majority of features with the just preceding model. The only difference is that it is a 2-speaker system, unlike the MCBK470B which packs 4 speakers.

Therefore, in case you like everything about the previous model except that it brings more speakers than you need, or that it costs higher than you are willing to pay, this option won’t disappoint.

The speakers come with a compact class D amplifier for amazing sound output. The mounting brackets are compatible with handlebars that are anywhere between 0.75 inches to 1.25 inches thick.

You can play and control music by either hooking up your smartphone (or any other compatible gadget) to the unit’s auxiliary input or wirelessly through Bluetooth technology.

Like its predecessor, MCBK420B has a remote control linked to the 600-watt amplifier. This device installs on the spot of your choice in a breeze to allow you to control music effortlessly when riding.

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The two 3-inch speakers are weatherproof. Thus, you can count on these ATV speakers to maintain their ‘day one’ performance for years to come even with regular exposure to rain, snow, fog, and other tough conditions.

  • The Bluetooth picks up almost instantly.
  • The customer service is fantastic.
  • The entire kit has nice weather protection.
  • Attaching a handlebar mount to the volume knob would be helpful.

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#4 Sound Storm Labs (BTB8)

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This off-road speaker also utilizes the plug-and-play design for quick and effortless play. The unit uses high-quality components that combine with excellent engineering to make the product weatherproof.

The sound system consists of 8-inch speakers, 1-inch tweeters, and a built-in amplifier. The system works with a 12-Volt power source for maximum compatibility and has a frequency response of – 45Hz – 25 kHz.

The 3.5-mm auxiliary input means that this sound system will connect easily to your MP3 player, smartphone, iPhone, and other devices with compatible audio output to crank out your favorite music louder.

However, since it’s Bluetooth-enabled, you can still stream and control music wirelessly through apps like Pandora and Spotify through the Bluetooth remote control.

The built-in 700-watt amp eliminates the need for an external amplifier without sacrificing audio quality. And since it’s a class D amp, this device is smaller, more efficient but more powerful than the class A/B amps.

The package includes the speaker system, 12V quick-connect power adapter, and mounting hardware. The kit also includes an understandable user manual and a warranty card for confidence.

  • The Bluetooth works flawlessly.
  • It comes with sufficient mounting straps.
  • It is a great unit for the money.
  • It seems a little weak for a 700-watt unit.

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#5 Planet Audio (PATV65) ATV UTV Sound System

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Although it has an internal 450-watt Class A/B amplifier, this sound system produces high-quality sound and is very loud to ensure that you enjoy your favorite tracks even when riding at full speed with a helmet.

The combination of a high-quality amp, 6.5-inch speakers, and 1.5-inch tweeters means that this system will play every track with the best sound ever. The system works with a 12-volt power source so it should be compatible with any ATV.

We find the manufacturer’s idea of adding an LED light bar to the unit as nice. The light bar utilizes 24 ultra-bright LEDs to dispel darkness when night riding. Therefore, your rides are more fun and safer.

You can hook up MP3 Player or Smartphone to the Auxiliary Input. And in case the devices run out of power, this accessory has a USB port to keep all your gadgets powered and yourself entertained throughout the ride.

Like any of the before models on the list, PATV65 has supports Bluetooth connectivity. Therefore, you can stream your music wirelessly or listen to streaming services such as Pandora and Spotify through its loud speakers.

The wired remote control installs easily in your most strategic position. Unlike other control knobs that let you adjust the volume alone, this controller brings more settings to your access. I mean, you can control volume, track, and more when still keeping your eyes on the road.

  • The LED light bar is pretty cool.
  • The system is very sturdy.
  • The Bluetooth wired remote affords more controls.
  • It’s quite hefty.

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#6 Boss (BRT26A) ATV UTV Sound Bar System

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This 26-inch sound system houses 4-inch full-range speakers, a pair of horn-loaded tweeters, Bluetooth, and an internal amplifier. In other words, it packs everything to bring studio-grade music experience to the road.

The built-in amplifier is a nice feature since it means you won’t need a separate amplifier. Also, this feature makes it louder to not only let you hear when wearing a full-face mask but also to scare away dangerous wildlife.

It connects to your music source device through a standard 3.5-mm auxiliary input. But with the Bluetooth functionality also coming on board, you can now control what it plays and how it plays wirelessly.

The versatile wireless remote control allows you to play, pause, adjust volume and perform many more operations as you please. And with the BRT26A also embracing the Plug-N-play design, this system guarantees to bring entertainment faster.

The premium sound system is IPX5-rated. Thus, you don’t have to worry the next time rain gets you riding. The built-in 1A charger provides a convenient way to keep all your devices powered throughout the ride.

The unit uses advanced weatherproofing materials in its construction to prevent corrosion and other effects that may result from coming into contact with outdoor elements.

The enhanced UV coatings on the plastic surfaces prevent them from fading as a result of prolonged exposure to the sun. Therefore, whether you like ATV-ing in the summer, winter or all-year-round, this unit stands up to that.

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#7 BOSS Audio Systems (MRWT40)

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This sound system is of marine-grade materials. Therefore, it’s one of ATV speakers with amazing waterproofing properties to deliver excellent output even in what seems to be the most unfavorable conditions.

The cone uses premium polyurethane material for long-lasting durability and amazing resilience. Therefore, if you want an ATV speaker system that will blast out your select tracks year after year without any signs of damage, MRWT40 is worth giving a shot.

The voice coils are of durable and top-grade materials. Hence, they can deliver optimal performance at high temperatures- you can now enjoy your music for as long as you want.

The surround of each speaker is of premium rubber. Thus, they can withstand constant abuse without showing any signs of damage. The frequency range of 130 Hz-20 kHz is also another commendable area.

The impedance of 4 Ohms means that there is plenty of fine-tuning done on the speakers to give you the kind of music experience you have always wanted to enjoy on the road.

Each of the 200-watt speakers packs a dome-shaped tweeter. This design produces sound with a wider dispersion pattern than other tweeters utilizing a semi-dome design.

  • Everything is crisp.
  • The size is great.
  • All the components feature materials of the best quality.
  • It would be great if the manufacturer provided a way to mount to smaller diameter tubes.

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#8 NOAM NUTV5 ATV Speakers System

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Whether you want them for your ATV, golf cart, or UTV, these speakers are conceived with all-terrain applications in mind. Hence, they are very tough to stand up to what nature sets in their path.

Rain, snow, fog, and scorching sun are a few elements that ATV speakers encounter in their service life. Now, all the parts of these speakers utilize the newest materials never seen before to ensure that they take all these beatings when holding fast to their integrity.

That said, NOAM NUTV5 guarantees premium-quality sound in all moments with zero after-effects- you will never ride in that boring silence again no matter what Mother Nature poses.

The AUX input lets you establish a direct connection with your smartphone, iPod, or MP3 player. However, in case you don’t want a physical connection, the advanced Bluetooth 4.0 chip delivers a flawless wireless performance.

The unique 3-inch passive radiator gives the rider a fuller sound experience. Having that said, the NOAM NUTV5 ATV speakers hold the promise of upgrading your entire riding experience.

The 4-channel amplifier is compact at just 7.5 inches long and 3 inches wide. Also, it makes use of the cutting-edge IR stereo chips which deliver a powerful performance without running your ATV batteries dry.

Although the speakers are very loud and powerful, they are only 5.25 inches. The smaller size ensures that they don’t look bulky on your ATV like some of the larger models.

  • Mounting doesn’t need tools.
  • The speakers provide tons of mounting options.
  • It comes packaged beautifully.
  • The amplifier may get a little hot.

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#9 Rockville RWB80B Off-Road Tower Speakers

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Rockville is a US-based company that is known for manufacturing top-notch gear for professional performance. She uses materials of the highest quality without skimping on any expense in the manufacturing process to ensure that she delivers the very finest in the playground.

And yes, coming from Rockville, this option is one of the off-road speakers you can count on if you want to give your ATV riding experience an upgrade. It comes as a pair of 8-inch speakers.

The speakers are fully marinized and therefore will stand up to exposure to salt and freshwater conditions. The Polypropylene Mica Injected cones are resilient and durable but flexible for great performance on all types of music.

Each speaker packs a large 1.25-inch Kapton voice coil. The coils can operate even at high temperatures, ensuring that you get consistent performance with long hours of listening.

The nylon mounting bracket is adaptable to accommodate a wide variety of installation needs. The embedded steel reinforcement for long-lasting performance and ensure that the speakers don’t snap off when riding on the most difficult terrains.

The high-quality speakers come with stainless steel mounting hardware. In other words, the installation accessories won’t corrode or give in to rust even with long-term exposure to corrosive environments.

  • The mounting bracket is adjustable.
  • The installation hardware is of stainless steel.
  • It is from the United States.
  • The 8-inch size may look a little bulky on an ATV.

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#10 Herdio (4 Inches) Heavy Duty Speakers

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Our next option comes as a pair. The black color guarantees a great look on any ATV. Nevertheless, in case you prefer a different color, the speakers are also available in a beautiful chrome finish.

The pair is IP66-rated. I mean, it has advanced waterproofing properties for optimal performance. I mean, if you live in areas experiencing inclement weather, you won’t go wrong with this pair.

The ability to put up with the severest options makes it a multi-functional unit. Hence, the pair will also work well with boats, marine, golf cart, truck, motorbike powersport, UTV, and other applications where it’s likely to come into contact with water.

Each speaker is 4.4 inches wide, 4.4 inches high, and 4 inches deep. Thus, it won’t look bulky on your ATV. I mean, this pair should install neatly just about anywhere including in areas where space is limited.

Although each speaker is just 4 inches, this pair packs enough power to deliver loud and crisp audio to ensure that you capture every word even when riding at a breakneck speed.

The speakers have a frequency response range of 80 Hz. to 20 kHz. And with the impedance of 4 Ohms, this pair is fine-tuned for a music experience that every music enthusiasts want from a music system.

  • The waterproof design is great.
  • The 4-inch speakers mount almost anywhere.
  • The pair is available in black and chrome colors.
  • A little more low-end frequency would be a plus.

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#11 BOSS Audio Systems (MC750B)

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Bring your favorite tunes with you in the next ATV adventure using this speaker system. The unit works with a 12V power source. Therefore, it is compatible with quad bikes, motorcycles, and scooters.

The Aux-in provides a way of connecting the system to any device with a compatible audio output carrying your favorite songs to let you listen through louder and more powerful speakers.

And like most other options on the list, the MC750B packs Bluetooth functionality. Therefore, you can wirelessly stream and control your favorite playlist from the convenience of your phone.

The couple comes with a 1000-watt class D amplifier so you won’t need to buy an exterior amp separately. It adopts a compact design to fit almost anywhere without sacrificing power and quality of output.

The weatherproofing materials and techniques embraced in designing the speakers and the amplifier mean that this speaker system takes on any tough weather without any damage or repercussions.

A volume control comes attached to the 2-channel Bluetooth amplifier. This wired remote control installs easily in your most accessible position for quick and convenient voice adjustments.

  • The Bluetooth has a wide coverage.
  • The mounting brackets are heavy-duty.
  • The controller works great.
  • Adding more functions to the controller would increase convenience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most powerful ATV speakers?

As brought out clearly in our coverage, we have so many nice ATV speakers that the market offers. Cases in point are those covered in our review. Therefore, identify one from the list to enjoy the best riding experience.

Are Boss ATV Speakers worth it?

Yes. As aforesaid, Boss Audio Systems is a top manufacturer of sound systems. Therefore, their ATV speakers are very reliable and deliver great sound quality even at full volume.

What are the best ATV Speakers brands?

When buying a product like an ATV speaker, sometimes it’s wise to consider getting it from manufacturers who have already made a name for themselves through producing systems with high audio quality. A few of these brands include Boss, Planet Audio, Sound Storm, Rockville, Noam, Herdio, and more.

What is impedance in speakers?

Impedance is simply how resistant speakers are to incoming voltage. The impedance is rated in Ohms. The lower the impedance, the lower the resistance. That said, good ATV speakers should have an impedance rating of 4 Ohms.

Is Bluetooth or AUX better?

Each has its pros and cons. For instance, Bluetooth is more convenient and has a larger coverage than AUX that goes as far as the cable extends. Also, it is cheaper since you don’t need a cable. However, AUX gives better sound quality (although it’s hard to note the difference).

Also, when using the auxiliary input, you don’t need to pair- it’s just plug-and-play. That said, getting an ATV speaker that can support both will let you reap benefits from both sides.

Final Verdict

There is much to carry in mind when choosing an ATV speaker for your four-wheeler. Construction, impedance, connectivity, compatibility, and frequency range are a few of the many things you have to consider.

Now, examining all these factors a model after another can be a strenuous and confusing affair. That’s why we have simplified things through our top-notch review on ATV speakers.

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