11 Best Axes For Splitting Wood (2024)

When the edge of an axe is dull, it might take forever to split logs. It doesn’t only require strength to split logs of wood or chop their edges. A splitting axe that has sharp edges will save you the hassles of using much energy for these tasks.

Even in developing countries, it’s still a common practice to chop seasonal wood with axes. The age of computers and technology has not changed the way we use axes to split wood. Instead, there have been some improvements in the design of axes.

The best axes for splitting wood has shock-absorbing materials. Usually, these types of wood-splitting tools come with a blade geometry that allows you to cut big logs of wood easily. The handle and head of an axe are important components. Both parts of the axe need to be solid and inseparable.

Lightweight splitting axes are easy to swing. During wood-cutting tasks, a well-built axe takes at least three swings to drive its head into the wood convincingly. However, wood-splitting tasks can be frustrating when axes have poor build quality.

Axes for splitting wood should have the right weight balance. When the heads of axes have more weight than their handles, you might suffer from shoulder fatigue and spend the whole day on a simple task.

Apart from splitting wood, you can drive wedges with low-friction blades of axes. Usually, high-end axes have strong composite handles. These handles might appear like polished wood but they are made from a blend of materials.

With an unbreakable construction, you don’t have to worry about the impact force on logs. It’s more convenient to chop woods when the head of an axe has a strong bond with its handle.

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11 Best Axe For Splitting Wood Reviews

#01. Fiskars X27 Super 36-Inch Splitting Axe

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Do you need axes with textured handles that reduce hand strain when splitting small logs? Fiskars Splitting Axe has an impressive weight balance, and blade coating that comes with its non-stick head. With this tool, you can split wet and dry wood easily.

Normally, FiberComp handles are tougher than steel handles of regular axes. This handle seems quite unbreakable and it has a lightweight design. While the handle fuses with an insert-molded head, it’s almost impossible to separate both of them.

The unique design gives you an idea of why this Fiskars X27 is impossible to break. Axes for splitting wood like this type our have been designed to outlast other axes. Also, this 5.85 lbs X27 Super has a length of 36 inches.

It comes with a blade geometry (advanced bevel convex) that has extras power and detaches from the wood logs easily.

  • Inseparable attachment between the blade and its handle

  • It’s efficient for delivering one-strike splits.

  • An anti-slip grip that improves the control of splitting wood from different positions

  • The construction is balanced with an impressive power-to-weight ratio

  • It’s not a great splitting tool for large-sized logs.

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#02. CRKT Woods Chogan RMJ T-Hawk Tomahawk Axe

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Lightweight axe with a detachable hammerhead is easy to transport. Columbia River Knife & Tool (CRKT) offers you tomahawk axes that come with high-swing speed handles. This CRKT Tomahawk Axe is a perfect camping tool for holidaymakers.

When you are far away in the wilds and need some warmth from campfires, this utilitarian axe can help to gather firewood. Its carbon-steel blade takes sizeable bites on wood logs with precision. Also, the hammerhead has a hot-forged and curvy blade that balances well with the weight of the handle.

Apart from the deep bites on woods, you’ll enjoy steady swings with this lightweight tool. One of the amazing features of this RMJ T-Hawk is the leather sheath. You don’t have to be exposed to hazard when the axe head is idle. So, this CRKT leather sheath offers a snug fit for the edge and the hammerhead.

  • Hickory Wooden Handle from Tennessee

  • Built for chopping small logs during camping and other outdoor activities.

  • Its smooth handle is easy to grip and work for a long period without risks of fatigue

  • A high-grade (1055) and forged carbon steelhead

  • The protective leather sheath is sold separately.

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#03. Estwing Camper’s Axe

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A superior balance of non-slippery handles and hand-sharpened blades can deliver precise cuts. Estwing Camper’s Axe measures 26 inches, and this wood-splitting tool comes with a durable design.

Its weather-proof rubber handle is ergonomically enhanced with a blue and soft-textured cover. Apart from comfortable grips, this shock-absorbing handle is rugged. Since this handle has a strong bond with the head, there’s a very low chance of separation when the Estwing Camper’s Axe strikes wood logs.

According to Estwing, this shock-reducing grip reduces vibration from strikes (impact) by 70%. It comes with a nylon sheath that prevents accidental cuts. With this fine engineering, you will enjoy a reliable axe for any hard wood-splitting work.

  • A ballistic nylon sheath

  • It’s available in sizes of 16 and 26 inches.

  • It has shock-reduction handles

  • Polished blades

  • The manufacturers don’t provide any information on the axe head’s level of rust resistance.

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#04. Cold Steel Trail Hawk

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Well-built axes with carbon steel construction are often built to last. Cold Steel Trail Hawk Axe comes with a smooth American hickory handle. This material has a good weight-to-balance ratio with the forged (1055) carbon axe head.

While it measures 22 inches, the axe provides maximum strength for splitting logs and branches of small trees. It’s a perfect tool for making firewood and kindling from trees.

Unlike regular wood-splitting axes, this tool has a durable cutting edge that fits versatile applications. As a 1.34 lbs axe with a hammer poll, you can drive nails, wedges, and handles of hammers easily. So, every part of this Cold Steel Trail Hawk is functional.

Apart from chopping logs, this tool is a must-have for homeowners, first responders, survivalists, hobbyists.

  • American hickory handle

  • It has a (2-in-1 design) hammer poll and sharp edge for driving nails and splitting wood logs

  • A super-lightweight design of 1.34 lbs.

  • You might need a protective sheath for the axe head, but the Cur-Ex Sheath is sold differently.

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#05. Gerber 23.5-Inch Axe

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This Gerber axe has an admirable build quality. Its composite handle is compact enough for your teenagers to use during their camping expedition. While they enjoy decent swings, it’s easy to chop deep and control the handle.

With this shock-absorbing handle, there’s a slim chance of hand fatigues. Also, this axe is built to handle the rigors during extended periods of wood-splitting jobs. The bi-colored axe has a PTFE-coated blade.

This easy-to-maintain axe head chops clean and deep into the hardwood. Normally, expert wood-splitting workers enjoy super-sharp blades that reduce friction. You’ll have the same experience and enjoy the efficiency of this Gerber 23.5-inch axe. Additionally, this versatile tool’s forged-steel head is durable.

  • The steelhead delivers superior chopping strength on hardwood logs

  • It comes with a PTFE-coated blade and a composite handle

  • Its ergonomic design is unique

  • The plastic sheath might be solid, but it does not stay intact with the edges of this axe head.

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#06. Fiskars 28-Inch Chopping Axe

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Do you need an efficient chopping tool to make campfires during a dreadfully cold winter night? Fiskars Chopping Axe measures 28 inches and it’s perfect for felling trees. It’s an axe with an even weight balance that saves the time and effort of chopping enough firewood for the entire winter season.

Apart from the lightweight design that allows you to swing faster, its low-friction blade makes three times deeper chops than regular axes.

Unlike traditional axes, Fiskars axe head has improved edge-retention properties. This quality is the effect of the blade’s special coats that prevents the head from sticking into wood logs any time you take a strike. However, Fiskars 28-inch chopping axe allows for deeper bites and easy removal when you chop wood logs.

  • A forged-steel blade that offers precision chops

  • The hardened steelhead was produced through a blade-grinding technique that guarantees cleaner cuts

  • Its power-to-weight ratio is great

  • Unlike 32-inch axes, the handle of this axe might inconvenience very tall users.

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#07. Vipukirves Leveraxe Classic MX – 36-inch Splitting Axe

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Keep your family warm during this season by using axe heads with sharp blades to chop enough wood. Vipukirves Leveraxe Classic MX axe has a black hickory handle and forged -steelhead.

The bi-color finish is a unique design that distinguishes this wood-splitting tool from traditional axes. Also, this innovation allows a levering action that sinks deep into dry wood logs. This 5.5-lbs axe’s head weighs 4.18 lbs, it has a hook on the back that allows you to control the speed of swings.

With this safety component, you can work with more confidence efficiently. Another impressive feature is the splitting force of this LEVERAXE. It splits branches of trees and edges of firewood within seconds. Additionally, you don’t need to apply much striking force with this LEVERAXE.

  • A 35.5-inch axe that’s suitable for tall and short users

  • Ergonomic design and an improved levering action

  • The axe head’s hook is a brake that prevents accidental cuts on the user’s leg.

  • The performance of this axe on wet wood logs is not impressive.

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#08. 1844 Helko Werk Germany Helko Werk Vario 2000 Splitting Axe

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Do you need axes that can remove flakes from wood logs? Helko Werk Vario 2000 Splitting Axe is for heavy-duty tasks. It’s C50 carbon-steel head’s hardness rating is 53-56 HRC.

With a high-quality steelhead (6.7 lbs) and notched ring head, you should be prepared to take deep bites on wood logs. Also, this axe’s lightweight design allows women and men to use it conveniently. The 36-inch hickory handle has a light lacquer finish that’s smooth and easy to grip.

These features can ease the task of controlling and swing the dropped forged steel blade. Apart from using make the Vario 2000 splitting axe, you’ll receive a (full grain) protective leather sheath and a 1-oz bottle of biodegradable metal treatment oil.

However, you might need to grind the axe head before using it for the first time.

  • The 150-grit (sanded) hickory handle has a linseed oil finish

  • It comes with an axe guard and 1 oz of protective oil

  • An 8.5-lbs splitting axe that prevents backaches and hand fatigue

  • The axe head does not bite in very deep, and it gets stuck every time.

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#09. Husqvarna 30-inch Wooden Splitting Axe

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Usually, log splitters that sink deep into the wood are very efficient. This 30-inch Husqvarna Splitting Axe is an enjoyable tool for splitting firewood because it doesn’t require you to apply much force. Also, it’s a low-maintenance tool with forged Swedish axe steelhead.

With a two-hand grip on the long handle, you can deliver extra power that splits dry and wt wood into pieces. However, this wooden handle will shrink when you store Husqvarna axe in a very warm environment.

Husqvarna Splitting Axes is built for splitting thicker wood logs, and it has a steel wedge that fastens the heads with its hickory shaft. So, you shouldn’t worry about any risk of separation from powerful impact forces during wood-splitting tasks.

  • This package comes with a protective leather sheath for the blade

  • It has a long (30-inch) polished handle

  • It requires minimal effort to split thicker wood

  • The long handle is not very sturdy.

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#10. Hults Bruk Kalix Felling Axe

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Hults Bruk manufactures a range of wooden handle axes with solid steel blades. This Hults Bruk Kalix Felling Axe’s forged-steel head has superior performance. You can make consistent chops of small branches and thick wood logs with minimal efforts.

When you strike the branches of trees, the precision steel blade will bite deeply into the wood. Also, this high-quality axe has durable components.

It’s the ease of pulling out this sturdy piece of steel axe head that allows you to swing the handle with extra strength.

While the 2.25-lbs axe head is attached with a steel wedge, the long (28 inches) hickory handle allows you to maintain a safe distance during wood-splitting tasks. There’s a hole at the base of the handle that allows you to store this axe conveniently.

  • It has a hand-polished handle with a linseed oil finish

  • This axe is built for chopping small and medium-sized trees

  • The hardened steel of this axe was produced from a lacquered ironwork

  • The grind around the blade’s edges is rough.

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#11. Husqvarna S2800 27″ Composite Splitting Axe

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Husqvarna is a reputable manufacturer of versatile axes, and this 27-inch S2800 model has a beautiful design. It’s a splitting axe with a composite fiberglass handle, secure fastening, and a sharp axe head. The weight to balance ratio of this axe supports easier splits of small branches and medium logs.

The weight of the axe head and shaft is evenly distributed in this lightweight construction. Unlike traditional wood-splitting axes with more concentrations of weight on the axe head, this tool allows you to take multiple swings quickly.

Apart from the unique weight distribution, the aesthetic design of this composite splitting axe improves its quality. With this Husqvarna S2800 axe’s blade geometry, you can chop more wood without straining your shoulders, and hands.

  • An excellent blend of ergonomics and performance

  • These axes have fiber-reinforced shafts

  • The axe doesn’t have steel wedges, but it has a secure fastening between its head and handle

  • The head geometry fits versatile applications

  • It has a hammer function

  • The composite handle is not an unbreakable material.

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What You Should Know Before Buying Wood-Splitting Axes

Smart buyers like you deserve great value for the money spent on splitting tools. If you are unhappy because of the low quality of your old axe, this opportunity can help you to get a functional axe. Here’s what you should know before buying the right wood-splitting axe.

Sturdy Handles

Composite fiberglass, metal, and hickory wood are common types of handle materials. A shock-absorbing handle must have sturdy construction because powerful impacts could affect the durability of axes. Normally, every wood-splitting axe is designed to work by striking the axe head against the wood.

While many axe products have heavy handles, they might not be sturdy enough to absorb the vibration from impacts. However, the handle of an axe might be lightweight and durable. You need to consider handles that are resistant to impact and easy to make fast swings.

The Axe Head

Forged-steel axe heads that deliver extra power on dry firewood often bite deeply. However, you must consider axe heads with special coatings on their steel surfaces. These types allow you to detach the blade from stubborn pieces of wood logs easily.

Otherwise, the stress of struggling with axe heads can leave you with shoulder strains. It’s not practicable to enjoy a rust-proof axe head without regular maintenance. So, you should consider splitting axe models like the Helko Werk Vario 2000 because it comes with metal treatment oil.

Some splitting axes have hammers behind their axe heads, and you can use these parts to drive wedges and nails into wooden structures effortlessly.


Durable components of axes are often not easy to identify until you have used them. Regardless of the splitting power of the axe head and the lightweight, an axe that doesn’t have quality components will not last long.

You don’t want to spend huge sums of money on early replacements. So, you can check for the hardness level of steel heads, and the properties of axes’ handle before adding them in your shopping cart. However, misuse and poor maintenance culture can reduce the durability of any splitting axe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long can a splitting axe last?

While many splitting axes serve for about a decade, others can last you for a few hours after using them for the first time. However, you can get affordable and premium axes for splitting wood logs. It’s important to consider the build quality, use it as recommended, and ensure regular maintenance.

Should I buy splitting axes with composite fiber handles or wooden handles?

It depends on your wood-splitting tasks. While composite fiber handles might not be strong enough for very thick logs, they often have good power-to-weight ratio with their axe heads and the shafts. A denser wooden handle with a well-built steelhead is suitable for heavy-duty splitting tasks.

Final Verdict

It doesn’t matter whether your new splitting axe came with a dull blade. What’s important is how long its blade stays sharp. We have considered a range of features that come with function splitting axes, and these 11 models have them. As you prepare to have the right selection, it’s important to consider what type of wood you’ll split.

Normally, the strength of materials like axe head and handles determine their efficiency. For small to medium logs, you might need axes with composite handles that can resist the effects of weather conditions. These types are durable because they are easy to maintain. However, the risk of corrosion on an axe blade is high when you don’t maintain them.

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