11 Best Bike Helmet Mirrors (2024)

Your safety remains the number one priority when on the road. Whether you are driving, cycling, or trekking, you need to take special precautions every time you hit the trails. Now, for the bikers, one surefire way to enhance safety is by using bike helmet mirrors.

As the name suggests, a bike helmet mirror connects to the cyclist’s helmet. It allows the rider to have a clear view of everything that’s happening at their back. In other words, this mirror serves as a third eye— allowing the cyclist to be more aware of their surroundings.

While a handlebar mirror works just fine, helmet bike mirrors are more convenient as they don’t need one to turn their head to the sides. Therefore, these mirrors display everything happening at the back without stealing the rider’s attention.

Now, we know you prioritize safety. In fact, that could be the reason you are here in the first place. Don’t know what bike helmet mirror to buy? Well, if that’s it, worry not. In this article, we will be suggesting the top 11 bike helmet mirrors.

11 Best Bike Helmet Mirrors

1. EVT Safe Zone Bicycle Helmet Mirror

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The first accessory on the list originates from the United States. It uses materials of the highest quality. Therefore, no matter how things get tough out there, expect this bicycle helmet mirror to provide long-lasting performance.

Here, you are getting a 2.25-inch accessory. The size gives you a wide field of view to let you see everything behind you. Also, it isn’t overly large that it will block you from seeing the road ahead. Therefore, it’s one unit you can count on to boost your confidence when on the road.

The extremely sturdy construction means you are getting a helmet mirror that will serve you well for everyday rides in the most rugged terrains. Additionally, mounting this unit is a breeze and doesn’t use any weak adhesives.

About compatibility, this piece is compatible with just about every helmet. Therefore, no matter the design of your helmet, chances are that this mirror will connect to it without any compatibility issues.

After you mounting, the manufacturer recommends you perform all major adjustments when not riding. However, once you get that perfect position that gives you the best view of your rear, you can do the micro-adjustments when riding.

  • Large field of view.
  • It installs in a cinch.
  • High compatibility.
  • A little costly.

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2. Cycleaware Reflex Bicycle Helmet Mirror

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This mirror from Cycleaware does just what the name suggests—boosting your awareness when cycling. The accessory’s construction is of materials of the highest quality for the most reliable performance when on the road.

The rear-view mirror is about 2 inches long and 1.5 inches wide. Therefore, it’s a convenient size for rear-view without blocking your main view. The oval shape and the vertical aspect maximize the mirror’s field of view, allowing you to capture more of what’s happening behind you.

This mirror also comes with a universal design. In other words, you can use it with any helmet.  Therefore, no matter the helmet you are using, chances are that you will find it smooth to connect this mirror to it.

The base of this mirror will connect permanently to your helmet. Hence, you don’t need to reconnect it whenever you want to go out riding. After you set it up, you can adjust where the mirror captures, so expect to see where exactly you want to on the road behind.

Additionally, you will appreciate the lightweight design of this helmet mirror. Weighing about 20 grams, you may not notice any difference in weight. With that said, if you spend long hours cycling, this unit comes with you in mind.

  • It retains adjustments.
  • Detachable mirror.
  • The vertical aspect ensures that you see more.
  • The socket joint to which the mirror mounts may loosen with time.

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3. Third Eye Pro Helmet Bicycle Mirror

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Although handlebar mirrors generally have a wide field of view, they don’t retain their adjustments. That’s because shock and vibrations directly go to the handlebar, causing the attached mirror to shake out of your set position. As a result, most cyclists are turning to helmet bicycle mirrors.

Now, as you think about introducing helmet mirrors to your rides, you should consider a reliable option. And yes, this unit boasts a high level of engineering to give you the best experience when on the road.

The high-quality piece connects to almost any helmet. Therefore, it’s one of the options that come with wide compatibility in mind. Hence, no matter how unique your helmet looks, odds are that you can connect this mirror to it without any trouble.

After you mount the mirror to your helmet, this piece allows for adjustments. Therefore, with it, expect to see the exact area you want it to cover at your rear. And with that said, it’s one piece that will give you the awareness you need when on the road.

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When it comes to price, no paying through the nose here. In fact, the price tag of this unit is lower than any of the preceding models. Thus, if you are looking for reliability and affordability, you may not get a unit that beats this option.

  • Strong construction.
  • Affordable.
  • It provides clear images of the rear.
  • A bit small.

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4. NKLC Bicycle 360 Degree Adjustable Rear View Bicycle Helmet Mirror

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Navigate those busy streets safely on your bike by getting a helmet mirror. Now, this option by NLKC is one of the models that will reliably show you everything you need to see at your rear. Therefore, as you use your two natural eyes to see where you are going, this mirror will be “seeing” everything going on at your back.

One thing you will like about this mirror is the level of adjustability it permits. With the ability to rotate 360-degrees, you will find it easy to set to your ideal position—whether on the right or the left. Hence, if you are looking for a version that comes with convenience in mind, you won’t go wrong here.

Further, this helmet mirror features a lightweight design. Therefore, you will find it comfortable to wear for prolonged periods. In fact, since it doesn’t cause any significant change to your helmet’s weight, chances are that you will forget that it’s connected to your helmet.

The material of the mirror is high-quality and scratch-resistant. The aluminum rod gives you the sturdiness you need in an accessory of its kind. Also, this piece has a short arm so that you can see everything happening from close range.

Finally, this top-notch mirror provides the rider a wide and clear vision. Hence, with it mounted on your helmet, it’s now possible to see all approaching cyclists and motor vehicles with a quick glance.

  • The material is scratch-resistant.
  • The aluminum rod is sturdy.
  • The length is well thought out.
  • It may get cloudy with hours of cycling.

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5. Blackburn Bike Mountain Helmet Mirrors

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One advantage of helmet mirrors over handlebars is that you don’t need to buy many of them if you have several bikes. That’s because they don’t attach to the bike itself but your helmet. And yes, as you think about reaching your pocket for one, consider this option.

This bike helmet mirror comes with lots of features you will find impressive. For instance, it is rounded so that it looks good when you connect it to your helmet. And since it doesn’t have any sharp corners, you don’t have to worry that it will crack at the corners when shaken.

Another impressive feature about this mirror is that it is durably-constructed. With that said, we see it as one of the options that will withstand many years of regular use even in the most difficult terrains.

 For something you are going to attach to your helmet, the weight really matters a lot. Lightweight design is necessary, but at the same time not compromising on the sturdiness. Although durably-constructed, this unit is ultra-light. Hence, it will keep you comfortable in your helmet throughout the ride.

For those that are switching to helmet mirrors for the first time, getting this unit into place is no rocket science. With a little common sense, you can in no time do the installation all by yourself.

  • Reliable instructions.
  • Ultra-light but sturdy.
  • Sticks firmly.
  • May catch a few scratches with years.

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6. Turboom 360°Rotated Adjustable Bike Helmet Rear View Mirror

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See everything happening behind you without the need to turn your head to the back or the sides. This helmet mirror comes to give you the most in your rides without demanding the most from your pocket.

You will notice that some parts of this mirror are of premium plastic while others are solid stainless steel. This combination ensures that you get long-lasting performance when keeping the weight as low as possible.

The 360-degree adjustability means you will find it convenient to set the mirror to that sweet spot when riding. Also, you will appreciate the convenient length of the arm. The distance of the mirror from you allows for accurate quick glances and ensures that it remains put during bumpy rides.

Curved and convex mirrors have their own advantages. Nevertheless, we must acknowledge that they have a few downsides. For example, they don’t provide accurate reflections of the actual distance.

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With that in mind, the manufacturer prefers to offer this mirror in a flat design. Therefore, you don’t need to get used to it to accurately judge the distance of objects at your rear—they are as far just as it looks in the mirror.

  • Flat design shows distance accurately.
  • The length of the arm is good.
  • Decent value.
  • The mounting system could be a little better.

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7. Third Eye 113904 Foam Helmet Mount Bicycle Mirror

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The Third Eye 113904 option is another mirror that will go a long way to improve your safety when cycling. With this piece, you will find your rides more enjoyable as you can see everything you want to when still maintaining your preferred posture.

Everything about this piece is just perfect, starting with the base, to the arm, and the rounded mirror. All the parts use materials of the best-in-class quality, so you are getting a unit you aren’t going to regret.

Additionally, as we all expect from helmet mirrors, this piece allows you to adjust the position. Hence, no matter where you want it to hang in front of you, you shouldn’t have any trouble setting it to your most favorite position.

In terms of compatibility, we must acknowledge that it falls a little shy here. I mean, before you buy this helmet mirror, it’s of help to know that it only works with foam and micro-shell helmets. That means it’s more suited for bicycles than motorcycles.

  • Won’t vibrate when riding.
  • Doesn’t take much space in front of the rider.
  • Velcro is intensely strong.
  • Works better with bicycle helmets.

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8. Zefal (zefa-ru) Y-4910 Z Eye Helmet Mirror Black

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At times popularity of a product doesn’t reflect its actual value. While the eighth helmet mirror isn’t one of the most popular models out there, it’s still a decent pick for every cyclist who wants to take their road safety a notch higher.

The mirror comes with the most dedicated cyclist in mind, and that’s why it boasts a durable construction. The top-grade materials keep the mirror from scratching, breaking, and getting shaky when using it for rough terrains.

Most riders like how far the mirror hangs from the helmet. In other words, it’s neither too close nor too far—it’s just at the distance that works perfectly for most riders. No more straining your eyes when trying to see what’s approaching behind you.

When it comes to size, this mirror isn’t very small or very large. The convenient size provides a wider field of view without distracting your front view. That makes it the ideal pick for all riders that want utmost awareness when on the road.

  • It captures a larger area.
  • Won’t loosen with time.
  • High-quality construction.
  • Not the most affordable.

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9. Tiger Eye 307-181 Mirror Helmet Mount Carbon Fiber

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There is a famous saying, “if you see a tiger for one second, he has been watching you for one hour.” Well, this adage is drawn from the fact that tigers have an incredibly sharp vision. And yes, bearing “Tiger Eye” in the name, we expect this unit to keep you much aware of everything happening behind you.

The durable design makes it an ideal pick for every cyclist who isn’t planning to buy another accessory of the kind any soon. Also, we like that this helmet mirror comes with a simple design, so it’s straightforward to install and use.

This piece connects to the left of the front quarter of a helmet, exactly where most riders want it. Further, it will clasp onto the inside foam and hard shell of the helmet, so it will stay in place throughout your ride.

Just in case the country of origin matters a lot to you, this mirror helmet comes from the United States. Therefore, it’s one product you can buy knowing that it’s designed to meet the highest quality standards.

Of course, since it’s a high-quality piece, we don’t expect it to come with the lowest price tag. But comparing the amount it demands with the quality and level of convenience it offers, we still see a decent price-quality ratio.

  • From the United States.
  • Impressive price-quality ratio.
  • High adaptability where it connects to the mirror.
  • Not the ideal option for low-budget cyclists.

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10. Blackburn Bike Helmet Mirror

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Compatibility, size, adjustability, and weight are among the factors you need to consider when shopping for a helmet mirror. This helmet mirror from Blackburn is meticulously engineered to conform to what customers want in all these areas.

This helmet mirror is conceived with compatibility in mind. Therefore, unlike members of the competition that will only work with a specific type of helmet, this accessory will mount on just about any helmet there is in the market.

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The mounting plate makes installation work a breeze. In fact, even for the first-timers, they should get the unit in place with minimal or no guidance at all—no need to spend hours reading the boring manuals on how to get the work done.

The rounded shape of this mirror looks cuter than the rectangular and other versions. Also, we like that the circular mirror has a durably-constructed frame. With this frame, this helmet mirror won’t fall off when cycling. Further, the frame of this unit is thin, so it won’t hide a large part of the mirror.

The pole to which the mirror connects is also long-lasting and lightweight. What’s more, it will retain its pristine condition even with regular use in the severest weather conditions.

  • Thin frame.
  • Withstands severe conditions.
  • Nice circular shape.
  • Adjustments aren’t easy to perform.

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11. Life On Bicycle 360 Degree Adjustable Rearview Bicycle Helmet Mirror

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The last product on the list is not in any way inferior in functionality. Actually, it is a top-performing unit with lots of fans around the globe. The popular option has all the qualities most riders want in a bike helmet mirror, so it should meet your requirements.

The unit comes has an ultra-strong Velcro pad. With this piece, you will find it simple and quick to attach the mirror to your helmet. In fact, taking only 60 seconds to mount in place, expect to have more time for what you enjoy the most.

What’s more, you can choose to mount it on the right or left of your helmet depending on what works ideally for you. And with that said, we can safely argue that it’s one of the models that come with user convenience in mind.

Surprisingly, even with the quick mounting, this mirror remains super sturdy. And since it won’t come off its position when riding, forget about the hassle of readjusting the mirror all the time when riding.

Finally, this mirror is of strong polymer & aluminum construction. Therefore, it’s only strong but also featherweight. In fact, weighing about 12 grams, you may even forget that it’s actually attached to the helmet you are wearing.

  • Top-rated product.
  • The arm bends to meet the helmet’s contour.
  • Mounts in about 60 seconds.
  • It looks a little large.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are bike helmet mirrors worth it?

Yes. Bike helmet mirrors offer a convenient way of looking at what’s happening behind you when cycling. They allow you to see approaching traffic, allowing you to take necessary measures for safety.

How do you attach a mirror to a bike helmet?

How you mount a mirror to your helmet will differ depending on the design of the mirror and that of the helmet. To know the procedure to follow, ensure that you follow the instructional manual that usually comes with the piece. Alternatively, you can search for related videos on YouTube.

Is it a legal requirement to have mirrors on a motorcycle?

We don’t have any law that requires you to have any mirrors on your motorcycle. Therefore, whether you have one, two, none, or a cracked mirror, you aren’t breaking any law. However, it’s always a good idea to have a means of seeing what’s approaching from your back.

Where should I mount my bike mirror?

The position will depend on the type of mirror. For instance, handlebar mirrors are only made to mount on the handlebars. Helmet variety will go on helmets while Eyeglass mounted mirrors connect to the temple or bow of your eyeglasses.

Is expensive always the best?

When talking about a product touching on your safety, you definitely want to go for the best. But does high price translate to better quality? Well, not always. The most important thing when buying is to consider whether the unit you want to acquire has everything you need.

Final Verdict

Although it isn’t a legal requirement, a bike helmet mirror is a must-have accessory for every cyclist who wants utmost safety in their rides. Usually, these mirrors don’t cost much, so there really isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t have one. However, before you settle for one, ensure that you factor in adjustability level, construction type, weight, size, design, and others.

Of course, evaluating all these available options based on all these aspects isn’t the easiest of jobs—and that’s where we come in. We’ve put together what we believe to be industry’s the finest options. No matter what you choose, expect reliability, convenience, durability, and of course, your safety!

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