Top 11 Best Breathalyzers (2024)

The long-awaited weekend getaway with friends is finally over! It has been one of the memorable days of your life. There were plenty of drinks that you drank more than you were expecting. Everything seems to be fine with you and you are even planning to get behind the wheel to return home!

Now, even though all may seem well, driving in such a state poses grave danger to you and other road users and is more likely to land you in police cells for driving under influence. To avoid all these, having your breathalyzer will be good. This special device will let you keep your blood alcohol level in check. It is a great way to know whether alcohol has overtaken your system before you drive.

Of course, a slight error in readings at times is all it takes to land you in trouble, especially when fall in the hands of an unforgiving cop. That’s why reliability comes in here as the key factor. So, what are some of the reliable options out there? Well, with us are some of the best breathalyzers in the market.

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Top 11 Best Breathalyzers

#1 BACtrack S80 Breathalyzer

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The BACtrack S80 Breathalyzer opens our list of top-notch alcohol testers. It is one of the models that are constructed with reliability as the utmost priority. It uses police-grade technology for accuracy. As if not enough, it is tried alongside law enforcement equipment used at the police stations to ensure that what it displays is what the police will get when they use their own equipment.

Being accurate to the third digit, we won’t be wrong to term it as one of the most accurate checkers in the market. The high-quality unit features a compact design. Hence, it is convenient to bring anywhere you go.

The plastic casing is very durable and protects the internal components from damage. Also, this checker allows the user to change the units of measurement with ease for increased user convenience.

The simple design brings the best out of it in your first-time use. Just insert the 2 AA batteries (included) and press the power button to turn it on. Click the start button and immediately a 10-second countdown begins in preparation of the system for a test. After it reaches zero, puff into the unit for at least 5 seconds before you view the results on the large readable display. That’s it!

  • It has solid construction.

  • The police-grade technology delivers great accuracy.

  • It is very simple to use.

  • The results are large and readable.

  • The batteries may not live up to 1500 readings claimed.

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#2 AlcoMate AL9000 AccuCell Professional Digital Breathalyzer

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Alcomate AL9000 is another unit you can count on to feed you with reliable information before you get behind the wheel. It checks the alcohol concentration in the blower’s breath and gives results that are +/- 0.005 accurate at 0.10 g/dL. Hence, in case you want an alcohol detector that won’t land you in the hands of the police, AlcoMate AL9000 Digital Breathalyzer gets you covered.

Of course, with the accuracy of its technology, we don’t expect it to be that cheap. But with the level of precision it delivers, it will save you from heavy fines and spending the weekend behind the bars.

The premium-grade tester takes only 15 seconds to process results after you blow through the mouthpiece. The amazing processing speed means that you won’t get late waiting for the results.

Also, unlike other conventional models that need calibration every time, this option adopts an advanced PRISM technology. With this amazing innovation, this device needs recalibration after 1000 readings and not after every test as with other models. This technology makes it even simpler to use and cuts down the time it takes to test.

  • The size is good.

  • PRISM technology is a plus.

  • It is very accurate and convenient.

  • It comes with a user manual.

  • It needs annual recalibration by the manufacturer.

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#3 JASTEK Breathalyzer, Professional Breath Alcohol Tester

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This alcohol detector uses a high-quality rechargeable lithium-ion battery for power supply. The battery has a capacity of 1000 mAh, big enough to keep it going for about 3 months. It also comes with a 1-meter USB cable. With this cord, it easy to charge from the USB port of your car charger so that it will never run out of power even when away from home.

The package includes 10 mouthpieces. With this number, you have enough for your friends and the entire family. During production, JASTEK tests this breathalyzer under different alcohol levels to ensure that it gives an accurate reading in different alcohol influence levels. To get more reliable results, use the device 20 minutes after taking your last sip.

The checker comes with a default factory setting of 0.05% BAC / 0.5 ‰ BAC. Nevertheless, you can set your preferred values depending on your needs. When the alcohol content exceeds the set value, the monitor’s red light will flash and produce an audible signal to let you know that you could land in trouble at any time.

JASTEK Breathalyzer also allows the user to select the units of measurement from the 6 available modes. This feature guarantees better user convenience while the small design provides increased user convenience.

  • Multiple mouthpieces are good for different users.

  • The rechargeable battery is long-lasting.

  • It displays results in up to 6 modes.

  • You can set your threshold value.

  • The manufacturer’s default setting on the alarm is a little loud but you can adjust this volume.

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#4 BACtrack Scout Breathalyzer | Professional Grade Accuracy

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This unit makes use of professional-grade technology used in hospitals, clinics, and law enforcement agencies. For this reason, you can count on it to give comparable results to those of alcohol detectors used by a traffic police officer.

The unit’s one-button operation makes it more straightforward to use than the majority of the options. To check your breath alcohol content, insert the 2 AAA batteries and power it on and that’s it- you are ready to blow! However, ensure that you wait up to 45 minutes as indicated in the instructions before doing a test for you to get accurate results.

The AAA batteries also offer a very impressive battery life. I mean, with the pair providing enough power to conduct up to 1000 checks, you won’t have to replace these batteries any time soon.

The Scout’s slim design feels great in the palm and is convenient to take anywhere. I mean, with the compact design that this alcohol detector adopts, you will like how neatly it will nest in your pocket or purse. The internal breath pump is designed to ensure optimal breath capture, giving the user precise results in every test.

  • It has an LED to illuminate the blow tube.

  • The single-button design makes it simple to use.

  • The instructions are easy to follow.

  • The slim design is nice.

  • The batteries are not rechargeable.

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#5 Dräger Alcotest 3820 Breathalyzer

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With over 6 decades of experience in the industry, Dräger has become one of the most trusted brands by law enforcement around the globe. That explains why it has a very high annual usage of over 30 million times by law enforcement agencies.

The unit meets and even surpasses the stringent requirements for EBTs set by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The exact measurement technology guarantees accurate results, with a maximum deviation of only 0.017. Also, this unit gives consistent results, unlike some cheap models that display varying values when you blow several times.

The unit makes use of an award-winning design. Hence, you can buy it knowing that you are getting nothing less than the best. After turning it on, Alcotest 3820 will be ready in 4 seconds, faster than any other model out there so that you won’t keep waiting for long. Also, after blowing into it, it takes only 10 seconds to give you the results.

The ergonomic mouthpieces have a protection cap as an implication that it meets the strict hygiene standards. The single-button design makes it straightforward for anyone to use. Nevertheless, it also arrives with understandable instructions available in English, French, and Spanish.

The unit memory keeps a record of the last 10 tests so that you can keep your blood alcohol level in constant monitoring. Furthermore, it displays the results in one of the 12 modes so that you get the readings in the exact manner that you want them.

  • The design is nice.

  • It is made in Germany and calibrated in the US.

  • The battery powers up to 1500 tests.

  • It takes minimal time to prepare and to test.

  • Be prepared to pay a little more than for it.

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#6 BACtrack C6 Keychain Breathalyzer

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If you frequently find yourself drinking too much in parties than you were expecting, this unit will more often come in handy. It is engineered with precision as the ultimate goal and that is why it boasts a high level of accuracy.

The high-quality unit uses the pro-grade technology used by law enforcement agencies. For this reason, it gives similar results to those of the police. The unit’s patented Zeroline technology will tell you when you should expect your BAC to be back to 0.00%. By giving you this information, BACtrack C6 lets you know when it is the right time to drive.

The most exciting feature about this breathalyzer is its ability to link with your phone wirelessly through the free BACtrack App. This feature allows you to access results on a larger screen of your phone when also unleashing additional benefits.

BACtrack C6 also adopts an elegant design that everyone would want to bring to their car. The compact design means that it will only claim a tiny spot in your pocket while the lightweight structure is easy to take anywhere you go.

  • The ability to link with the phone wirelessly is great.

  • Zeroline Technology is a plus.

  • The design is elegant.

  • It is compact and lightweight.

  • You may have to blow quite harder for accurate results.

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#7 Rofeer Digital Blue LED Screen Portable Breath Alcohol Tester

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This alcohol detector displays results in one of the six selectable settings. These units include; %BAC, ‰BAC, mg/L, g/L, mg/100ml, and ‰PROM. Thus, whether you are in the US, Russia, Japan, Europe, Poland, China, or any other part of the world, you can always switch to the measurement unit that works in your country. It also keeps the record of the last 32 tests. This feature makes it easy to compare the results of different check times so that you can monitor your alcohol influence level as it falls or rises.

For those that are interacting with this device for their first time, it is pretty simple to use- just long-press the power button for about 2 seconds to start the device. Leave it for about 15 seconds before blowing continuously for about 4 seconds. Then give it about 15 seconds to process the results- it’s that easy!

After puffing into this checker, it will take a few seconds to process the results and then the screen will turn to green, yellow or red depending on the readings. When the values are below the warning level, the display turns green and makes a short beep to tell you that you are good to go. When your alcohol influence level is between the warning values and the danger zone, it turns yellow and makes 2 short beeps. However, when the reading is at the dangerous zone, it will display red and give beep continuously for about 15 seconds to warn the user.

The unit uses 3 AAA batteries and is highly energy efficient to keep the detector going for a very long time. The auto-shut feature after 15 seconds of remaining idle extends the battery life. The package offers up to 5 mouthpieces so you won’t need to worry when you lose one. Also, these mouthpieces are cleanable and recyclable for proper hygiene.

  • It has a battery level indicator.

  • The auto-shut feature is a plus.

  • It comes with 5 mouthpieces.

  • The sound and color distinction means that you can tell whether you are over or under the limit even before checking the actual values.

  • It may arrive with very minor scratches that you won’t even note unless you take a closer look.

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#8 VEIPAO Professional Alcohol Tester

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The screen of this breathalyzer will display either in green, yellow or red depending on your alcohol content in relation to the preset warning and danger values. The readings on the LCD screen are easy for one to read and will appear in your selected unit of measurement.

The portable unit has a rechargeable battery and comes with a high-quality USB cable for convenient charging. However, with the impressive battery capacity and the ultra-efficient design it adopts, you won’t need to charge it very often like most of the rechargeable models we have out there. Like the previous model, it turns off after 15 seconds of idleness to save on battery.

The high-quality sensor processes result in just 10 seconds and give a precise outcome that you can count on to match that of the cop or at least be closer to the actual result than most competing models would be.

The checker arrives with 10 pieces of blow tubes. With all these, you should have enough for your entire family or friends should they want to check their alcohol content. The warm-up time of 15 seconds indicates that you won’t keep waiting for a very long time.

  • It comes with a carrying bag.

  • It has a charging indicator.

  • It offers 6 measurement units that suit most countries.

  • It adopts an ultra-efficient design.

  • The screen is a little hard to read, especially for people with eye problems.

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#9 WEIO Professional Alcohol Tester

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This professional-grade tester also arrives with 10 recyclable mouthpieces so that you will never have to share the same blow tube with your colleagues. It features a single button for simple operation. Hence, in case you are looking for an accurate model that isn’t complex to use, this tester from WEIO should be a good option for you. It takes only 15 seconds to warm up and displays results in red numbers seconds after blowing into it.

The red digits mean that you can read the results accurately even when in sunlight. The checker is also designed to produce an audible alert when your alcohol content exceeds the set value.

The tester runs on two 1.5-V AA batteries and is highly efficient so that you won’t have to replace them more often. However, some customers feel that it would be better if the batteries came with the unit to rid them of the hassle of ordering them separately.

After testing, WEIO Profesional Alcohol Tester will turn off automatically after 5 seconds to save on power. However, some customers see this as too soon and feel that it could be better if it delayed a few more seconds.

  • The detector is very sensitive.

  • The readings are very visible.

  • It has an auto-shut feature to save on batteries.

  • The instructions are reliable.

  • It does not include the batteries.

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#10 AlcoMate Premium AL7000 | Professional Breathalyzer

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There is a lot to admire in this model. First, it comes with a very sleek design that will feel nice in your palm. You will also like that the construction quality since it is designed to withstand your rough handling when drunk.

Moreover, it does not have multiple buttons but instead uses a single button. This feature makes it an excellent option for anyone who is looking for a professional-grade breathalyzer that is easy to use.

Like the earlier sibling, Alcomate Premium AL7000 makes use of PRISM technology. This innovation eliminates the need for re-calibration whenever doing a test. By doing this, it avoids sensor degradation among other flaws caused by manual re-calibration. But even when there is a need for re-calibration, this unit lets you replace the old sensor module in quick and easy steps. A few seconds is all it takes to restore the “day one” accuracy!

The LCD screen displays the readings in large digits. And since it displays outcome using four digits, this unit ensures that you get the exact reading to the thousandth value.

  • The sensor module replaces in seconds.

  • The build quality is good.

  • It is aesthetically appealing.

  • It does not need the tedious manual re-calibration.

  • You have to go back to the instructions for you to insert the new sensor module correctly.

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#11 BERT Professional Breathalyzer

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For those looking for a low-budget yet reliable option, BERT Professional Breathalyzer is the ideal go-to alcohol tester. Its precision in what it is made to do is the major reason behind its high rating from the customers.

The patented alcohol detection technology of this breathalyzer improves its accuracy when also reducing the unit’s processing time. Therefore, with the BERT Professional Breathalyzer, you get precise results and in less time. The LCD screen is easy to read even when in direct sunlight since it has blue backlight.

The single-button means that it is made with serious drinkers in mind. The vent hole prevents moisture and alcohol-smell build-up in the unit for more accurate results and longer service life. The highly conspicuous orange color means that you will no longer have to search it for long the next time you misplace it in your car.

The unit runs on 3 LR03 AAA batteries. And since they are included in the package, you won’t have to buy them separately. The 6 mouthpieces cater for testing needs for several colleagues and can be cleaned and recycled. The multiple measurement units indicate that it is designed for use in different corners of the world.

  • It is aesthetically appealing.

  • It is a budget-friendly alcohol tester.

  • The package includes batteries.

  • It offers multiple measurement modes.

  • The orange color may be too shouting for some people.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Are personal breathalyzers accurate?

With a good quality alcohol tester, you should get reliable results when you use it correctly. However, don’t expect any model out there to provide the exact results that you will get when using law enforcement equipment. However, some deliver readings that are very close to the actual values.

What the most accurate breathalyzer?

Although we have many fake breathalyzers out there, we still have a few models that give values that are much closer to the actual blood alcohol content. Examples of these testers are those on this list.

Why breathalyzers are not accurate?

As aforementioned, breathalyzers are not very accurate. Well, the major reason is that they are not made to measure the actual BAC. Instead, these alcohol testers are made to rely on an estimate.

How many hours does it take to get sober?

The amount it takes your BAC to hit 0.00% will depend on how much you drink and the alcohol content of the drink. The more you drink, the more hours it will take for you to become sober. Also, when the alcohol content is very high in the drink, it will take more time to become ‘normal’.

Are blood tests more accurate than breathalyzers?

Yes. Because they check on alcohol content in blood and not in the breath. This makes them more accurate than the breathalyzers since they don’t rely on estimation but actual measurement.


With a good breathalyzer, it’s easy to tell whether you will fail or pass the police alcohol checkers. Unfortunately, with tons of options already in the market, getting a reliable model remains a major puzzle to many.

That’s why we have put together the market’s most accurate options on this list. Just go through the review to identify the one that seems to impress you the most.

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