10 Best Cant Hooks (2024)

Logging has for thousands of years been a necessity for human existence. Since time immemorial people had exploited the woods and found immense benefits in it. But all the activities surrounding wood cutting and logging have consequences on the body.

The worst-hit area of the body is the lower back. No matter how hard you try, doing simple activities such as cutting branches from trees and moving them to tell on the body.

This explains why tools are your best help to alleviate body pains. For every wood logging and processing task, there is a tool to help you out. One of these tools is a cant hook and has been used by loggers for centuries.

The tool comprises a long handle and a movable hook that is sometimes referred to as a dog. Traditionally, the handle is made of wood and is attached tightly to the hook. But these days, aluminum handles have become trendy.

Sometimes a cant hook is referred to as peavey but there is a slight difference between the two. While a cant hook has a toe at the end of the handle, you will find a sharp spike at the end of that of a peavey. So, one can say that a peavey is a kind of a cant hook, explaining why both are used interchangeably by lumberjacks.

Both tools have the same functions: moving, pivoting and lifting logs in and around a sawmill or wherever woodwork is being done. However, a peavey would significantly help to separate logs with more ease, even though it would not provide grip like a cant hook would.

Although many prefer a cant hook with an aluminum handle because it will not bend or break, it is still fashionable for some to stick to those traditional wooden handles. Many makers now ensure that they use hardwood to manufacture the handles to prevent breakage.

That being said, it is instructive for buyers to take proper care of the cant hooks whether they have wooden or aluminum handles. We have researched and reviewed some of the best cant hooks on the market for your review. Perhaps you could find one that suits your specific needs here.

10 Best Cant Hook

#1. Woodchuck WCT04 Dual Can’t Hook

Woodchuck WCT04 Dual Can't Hook

The Woodchuck WCT04 Dual Peavey and Cant Hook is a great design that promises efficiency. One can call this tool one of the most ambitious wood handling tools in the stores.

This is underscored basically by its versatility. You need to get the exact functions of a peavey as distinct from a cant hook and vice versa? You get that with this one.   

The tool is composed of an aluminum handle that is not susceptible to bending and a sturdy steel hook.  With this kind of handle, there is not even a slim chance that the tool will slip off as it comes with a rubber grip for protection.

The cant hook/peavey has a length of 47 inches and can lift logs up to 20 inches. It can also roll logs up to 30 inches.

So, if you need to free frozen or stuck logs, this tool will give you that. Likewise, if you are looking to reposition the log ends, it will do justice to that.

  • Good length
  • Durable
  • Functions of Cant hook and peavey combined in one
  • Handle has a rubber grip
  • Hook has an anti-corrosion painting
  • Wastes time as the hook is made in two sizes

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#2. LogRite Aluminum Handle Cant Hook

LogRite Aluminum Handle Cant Hook

LogRite is a household name in manufacturing wood processing tools. In fact, they are the originator of aluminum handle logging tools. This is because of the company’s understanding of the need to provide durability that wooden handles do not often provide.

Does this meet expectations? Yes, to a large degree, one can say it does. The tool, which is 42 inches in length, can assist in lifting logs of various weights without breaking as a result of its strength of the aluminum handle.

Another thing that distinguishes this cant hook from others is the blue coating around the handle. This makes it easy for users to locate it from among other tools at the sawmill.

Also, around the handle is a rubber grip which is a necessity for the kind of activities that the tool would be used for. It inspires confidence in the users by just sighting it.

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The hook is not only sharp; it is equally heat-treated and zinc-plated. It also has a toe hook that facilitates a good grip on the log along with the hook. In short, the hook and handle are durable and provide good efficiency.

  • Handle is made from aluminum
  • Has a toe hook for tow biting edges on logs
  • It is lightweight
  • Ergonomic
  • The shoes can be a bit sharper

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#3. Wood Mizar 48 inches Cant Hook

Wood Mizar 48 inches Cant Hook

Wood Mizar 48 inches Cant Hook is made in the USA. The expectation of potential buyers is durability. The workload of a sawmill, for instance, demands a great quality of all the tools that are used in it.

You are going to love the design of the cant hook. Both the hook and handle are made of steel construction, with the former having sharp teeth. What you get in this is a sturdy and reliable help for your lumber tasks.

This doesn’t only look great. It is well-made and can stand the test of time. But that comes with a caveat. You need to ensure that you take good care of it when in use and when not. 

With a length of 48 inches, the cant hook will give you no need to stop while trying to remove or pin down the log. That’s irrespective of your height and other physical attributes.

It has a rubber grip and the base of the handle. This is meant to provide comfort for your hand while using it. That’s in addition to the fact that it will save your back from pains.

  • Heavy-duty
  • Great design and length
  • Has a rubber grip for comfort
  • Durable
  • Heavy Duty
  • Rubber handle works but may not last

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#4. Ironton Wooden Handle 48 inches Cant Hook

Ironton Wooden Handle 48 inches Cant Hook

When it comes to logging and other wood processing activities, you cannot afford to do a one-man show. You are not Superman no matter how physically strong you are. You need the help of different tools, one of which is a cant hook or peavey.

Ironton Wooden Handle 48 inches Cant Hook is one of the few recommend brands that will not only give your body some relief but also do the job well enough for you. It has the capacity to take large logs, as the parts are well assembled. There is no chance of one part falling off from the others.

The handle is made of solid wood while the hook, as one would expect is made of metal. In other to prevent rust and corrosion, the head is painted.

Given that the handle is neither too short or too long, you are going to find it an ergonomic tool. It is also quite affordable compared to many of its like.

On the flip side, however, you have a handle that is without a rubber grip for hand security. This is a big disadvantage owing to the fact that it is quite bulky. But then, for light usage, it is easy to deploy. 

  • Great strength from the wooden handle
  • Large hook, making it versatile
  • Parts are well-assembled
  • No grip on the handle for protection
  • Non-slip isn’t assured

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#5. LogOx Log Hauler and Cant Hook

LogOx Log Hauler and Cant Hook

They don’t call this thing a log hauler for show. Although it is 21 inches in overall length, this product by LogOx has a mechanical attribute that will assist you in loading your logs apart from lifting and moving them.

The size is also of advantage for those with strong arms. It weighs 6.2lbs and can carry your rounds easily after you must have fixed the hook around it. But then, the way to go about this is that you place it by your side while moving it with the log.

The makers designed the hook to be sharp such that it can have a secure grip on the wood. What this assures is that while you lift and move the log, it will not fall off.

For a wooden handle, the stuff looks sturdy enough to do justice to its primary function. Maybe not as durable as an aluminum handle but get the job done all the same.

Nevertheless, you may not want to give this tool a trial if your aim is heavy-duty.

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#6. Peavey Wooden Handle Cant Hook

Peavey Wooden Handle Cant Hook

Peavey Manufacturing Company has over 160 years of history and is known for making peaveys, cant hooks, tongs, pulp hooks, timberjacks, and other lumber processing tools.

They have various lengths of Cant hooks ranging from 30 to 66 inches, though with carbon copy of the design. For the average people with height, the 30 inches comes recommended.

As expected, the head of the cant hook is solid metal. Don’t get it twisted, metal or not, some hooks will come off as disappointing by breaking off the handle after a few weeks or months of use. There is hardly a slim chance that this one will break.

The handle is made of solid wood that will not break even with consistent usage. This, however, has a downside. And that is the fact that it may be too heavy to hold for some people.

This thing has a fairly good length of about 30 inches. This is quite ideal for handling logs of about 36 inches. You will get ultimate strength from the hardwood handle of the tool. 

  • Easy to use
  • Strong wooden handle
  • Fair enough length
  • No rubber grip protection
  • Quite heavy

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#7. Timber Tuff TMB -75ATK Timberjack

Timber Tuff TMB -75ATK Timberjack

Timber Tuff TMB -75ATK Timberjack performs more than the primary function of a timberjack. You it is also a cant hook and logs lifter as well. There are many such products as this but few come close to the results that this one will give you.

The multipurpose tool is made from a combination of sturdy steel and fiberglass. Measuring up to 48 inches, it can handle large logs with its double hook design. The handle has a rubber grip for comfortable holding while in use.

The tool also comes with a wheel upon which the lifter can stand, making it easier to move the log. It has a T-design upon which the log lifter is bolted. To function as a cant hook or peavey, the tool can be detached from its wheels.

You really should not mind the complex look of this tool’s design. It is actually quite easy to use. The hook can easily be adjusted in five different directions using an attached quick pin.

So, if you are working on logs with a maximum length of 20 inches, this tool will do justice to lifting and moving them. It is very versatile and you are likely going to love it.

  • Can function as a lumberjack, peavey, cant hook and log lifter
  • Time saver
  • Can handle large logs
  • Has a double hook
  • Durable
  • Has two wheels for movement
  • Looks complicated
  • Can’t be assembled in a rush

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#8. Roughneck Steel Core Cant Hook

Roughneck Steel Core Cant Hook

Roughneck logging, a product line by Northern Tools + Equipment, aims to provide high-quality wood handling tools for consistent results. The Roughneck Steel Core Cant Hook somewhat exemplifies this ideal. 

The total length is 4 feet, which is 48 inches. Really long, you would say. There are a few models that are actually longer but this length is good for the average height of people.

The main features of the tool are in two folds just like as expected of a cant hook. These include double hook steel and with a fairly long handle. The hook has a high concentration of carbon which makes it sturdy.

There is a stub or toe upon which the head can rest who you are pinning down your lumber. This nice little bonus to the head will also provide some ease of moving the log.

In addition to the other features, Roughneck Steel Core Cant Hook comes with a textured rubber grip that is meant to provide users with a secured grip while they deploy it.

  • Ergonomic
  • Has Sharp hook and toe
  • Handle provides rubber grip
  • Handle is non-slip
  • Made in China

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#9. Timber Tuff 4 inches Peavey

Timber Tuff 4 inches Peavey

Here is another good one from Timber Tuff. It is a peavey that does just about what cant hooks can. For lightweight logging tasks, this is a go-to tool.

It has a very basic design. But the design is quite simple and unique, as many other cant hooks aim to impress with the design. One look at this thing and you know it was made for business.

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There is a hook affixed to a wooden handle, making the overall length about 4 inches. For something this small, it is expected to be lightweight and easy to use. You need a lightweight? This one is perhaps the best in that regard.

Another advantage of this thing’s smallness is that those who are new to peaveys and cant hooks can start off with this before going for something either more sturdy or longer. And really, you are not going to spend too much money to procure it.

There are disadvantages too, though. One, it is a design for small logs and firewood. You cannot use it for heavy-duty. Two, if used too frequently, and hard tasks, the handle can break.

  • It is lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Paint-coated hook to prevent rust
  • Not for heavy-duty
  • Handle can break

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#10. LogRite Aluminum Handle 48 Inches Peavey

LogRite Aluminum Handle 48 Inches Peavey

LogRite Aluminum Handle 48 Inches Peavey is an in-between log handling tool. In other words, it is long but not too long, as some of them could be as lengthy as 60 inches. Invariably, you will find it easy to deploy if you go ahead to buy it.

Like every other product from the stable of LogRite, this tool has an aluminum handle that promises durability. Few wooden handles won’t break but it is always safer to put your money on a cant hook or peavey with an aluminum handle.

In addition to the unbreakable feature of the tool’s handle is the textured, rubber grip at the base. This is meant to provide comfort to the hands while using it. Also, to some degree, you will get non-slip from the rubber grip. 

What about the hook? Well, LogRite also ensures that the quality of the material used for the hook remains high. It is very sharp, sturdy and efficient to take up 8 to 36 inches logs.

You can use this for separating logs as well. Here is where the sharpness of the peavey point really counts. Overall, you will like this thing if you decide to go for it.

  • Can function as both peavey and cant hook
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Handle is unbreakable and unbendable
  • Too big for smaller logs
  • Too large for larger

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is it made?

Only a few cant hooks out on the market are made in China. There is a good chance that nearly all the good ones are from the United State of American. It is also noteworthy that those made in the USA proudly states this as a selling point. A word of caution: some USA made cant hooks have cheap imitation but can be easily recognized.

Will the wooden handle break?

Normally, when you hear of wood, you would imagine vulnerability to breaking. So, many people prefer not to purchase tools that have wooden components. Tools are designed for applications and continuous usage wears them out. As such, being suspect of wooden handles is understandable. However, hardwood wooden handles do farewell. Just ensure that you do not subject them to heavy use.

Does it come with a holster?

This kind of tool is sold mostly without a holster or carrying case. For some of them, you can easily unbolt the parts so as to be able to store or transport it. However, holsters or carrying bags can be procured separately for a token amount.

What is the diameter of wood this can handle?

The diameters of wood that cant hooks handle depend largely on the specifications of the tools themselves. For instance, the general diameters of logs this tool can work on range from 8 to 40 inches. Anything less than 8 inches could be picked or parked with hands while those larger than 40 are too big for cant hooks.

Does the product come with a stand?

Only a few of this type of wood handling tool have stands. In fact, nearly all on this list do not come with one. Log stands are sold separately, with LogRite have one of the best.   What is more important is the efficiency of the cant hook but if you are really keen on a stand, you can get one separately.

Which is better, a wooden handle or aluminum handle?

Aluminum handles for peaveys and cant hooks is a 20th-century development. Prior to that, wooden handles were used for wood handling tools. It would appear that wooden handles after months of heavy use could break. Yes, this seems quite likely but some brands have ensured that they use quality hardwood to make the handles. So, aluminum is a better option for the handle but the vital thing to know is that wooden handles work and can last longer if well cared for.

Can this tool function as a peavey?

Cant hooks perform all functions of peaveys except easy separation of logs. In a disorganized environment, a peavey is preferable.

Final verdict

This review featured cant hooks that are not just quality but also efficient. Your choice will, however, depend on what needs to be done.

Also, if you are doing light duty, a couple of the brands is recommended. You really would not buy what you don’t need, would you?

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