Top 15 Best Fertilizer Spreaders (2024)

Fertilizer spreaders are also known as seed spreaders or lawn spreaders. Basically, they are garden tools or devices that help you disperse seeds or fertilizers over a certain area like a yard, garden, lawn or even flowerbed.

If you happen to own one of these, then you definitely need a fertilizer spreader. These handy tools make fertilizing or seeding feel like an absolute breeze, taking all the hard and tedious work off of your plate.

However, choosing the right one can prove to be quite a pain. They come in different makes and they are built for different purposes that suit yards of different sizes.

All these variations can be quite a lot to wrap your head around. You need not worry though; we have dedicated this piece to see to it that your life is so much easier.

We have covered fertilizer spreaders to detail; the different types that there are, how to choose one, maintenance tips.

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15 Best Fertilizer Spreaders

#01. Lesco 101186 Fertilizer Spreader

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Are you a homeowner with a large property or a professional landscaper in dire need of a high capacity lawn spreader? Lesco 101186 Fertilizer Spreader is the answer you seek.

Capacity: 80 Lbs.

This fertilizer spreader has quite a high capacity, allowing you to disperse fertilizer or seeds over a large area at a single time without having to make too many refills.

Large wheels

This amazing garden tool has large tough wheels which enhance its performance. The tires on the wheels can take on rough terrain like a piece of cake. The Lesco 101186 Fertilizer Spreader reaches where regular spreaders wouldn’t dare go.

Stainless steel frame

To enhance durability, the frame is made of stainless steel. This way, even if you left it outside in the rain by mistake, it won’t rust so easily.

  • Large wheels for stability enhancing easy pushing

  • A perfect choice for landscaping professionals

  • Adjustable handle

  • Faster dispersion

  • Plastic reservoir to avoid corrosion from any extreme fertilizers

  • Requires some expertise to operate

  • It is not ideal for small sized gardens

  • It requires some assembly that is sold separately

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#02. Earthway 3100 Broadcast Spreader

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Earthway 3100 makes a perfect choice if you are looking for a versatile gardening tool that does not limit you to where you can use it. Whether you have a small garden, yard or lawn or a huge one, it does not matter.

Exceptional High-tech features

In order to make sure that it operates with utmost smoothness, this spreader features quite some high-tech characteristics including easy-to-reach setting controls, an easy operator shutoff, an exclusive dual port shut off, and a Powder-coated Chassis.


This Earthway Broadcast Spreader is designed to execute an unbeaten dispersion of ice melts, grass seeds, fertilizer and any other kind of important garden debris.

  • High-quality and quite heavy duty, allowing you to handle any spreading tasks

  • Comes with straps making it easy to carry

  • It has a rain cover to protect its internal technologies; this way, you can use it during any weather

  • Its reservoir does not hold that much material so you will be required to constantly refill

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#03. Agri-Fab 45-0543

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Trust Agri-Fab 45-0543 to finally get you that beautiful yard, lawn or garden you have always wanted.

10” Flat-free tires

This feature enhances smooth transport in the project area. They are also more stable, which allows you to use the spreader on multiple terrains with ease.

32” spreading width

The spreading width refers to the extent to which (in form of distance) the spreader disperses the material. A 32” width is quite a good distance to cover, and it makes this spreader quite useful on large projects.

Capacity: 100 Lbs.

The Agri-Fab 45-0543 fertilizer spreader has quite a high capacity. This way, dispersing fertilizer or seeds over a large area at a single time becomes a piece of cake. This eliminates the need to keep refilling the hopper every now and then.

  • Rust-proof hopper for enhanced durability

  • 8 galvanized spike disks for thorough aeration

  • Adjustable handle for better precision

  • Requires extra assembly that is not included

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#04. Earthway 2750 Spreader/Seeder

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This hand=operated seeder or spreader is ideal for terrain that is hilly and wet.

Top-notch quality

Earthway has been manufacturing quality garden tools since 1965, each year getting bigger and better. Its brilliant team of designers, manufacturers, and engineers are dedicated to coming up with better solutions in manufacturing products ideal for both homeowners and landscaping professionals globally.

New robotic technology

This approach, combined with manufacturing methods that are time-tested ensured that the end result is a product that is of a relatively low price and quite high-quality

  • Features an oscillating shut-off plate that prevents clumping

  • Quite affordable

  • High RPM gearbox that provides some smooth feathered=edge dispersions

  • The hopper is not so easy to fill

  • Assembly requires some expertise or the use of some help from someone else

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#05. Agri-Fab 45-0463

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Do you have an acreage lawn that needs to be taken care of and you need just the right heavy-duty equipment to be your reliable and most trusted partner? Try Agri-Fab 45-0463!

High hopper capacity: 130 pounds

This feature makes the Agri-Fab 45-0463 quite ideal for projects that entail large acreage yards, gardens and loads. It also enhances convenience as you do not have to stop every now and then to refill the hopper bag


It can be used at all seasons and you can easily use it in different landscapes. It is designed to easily attach to your tractor, gardening vehicle or even lawn mower, allowing you to conveniently fertilize or seed on the go.

Large Pneumatic tires

To ensure that no area is missed out while seeding or fertilizing, it comes with large pneumatic tires that are so easy to maneuver. They also enhance stability for the device’s ease of use.

  • Enclosed gearbox for durability

  • Professionally designed for agricultural purposes

  • Easy to control

  • Not suitable for operations that are hand-held

  • The hopper grate, material deflector and hopper cover are not included

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#06. Chapin 8620B Spreader

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Chapin 8620B Spreader makes the perfect choice for heavy duty tasks on large acreage yards of gardens. You can trust it for fantastic end results.

Unique dual impeller design

The days of reaching out for controls and levers to prevent the materials from spilling off the impeller each time you stop are long gone. Chapin 8620B comes with a dual impeller design that allows for seeds or fertilizers to spread out when vehicle and spreader are in motion simultaneously. This way, there are no wasted products or burnt lawns.

Capacity: 50 Lbs.

This spreader has a 50 Lbs. capacity, allowing you to disperse fertilizer or seeds over a relatively small area or a flowerbed.

  • Enclosed gear box with grease fitting

  • Solid steel linkage

  • Metal alloy axle

  • Quite high-quality

  • Easy to operate and control

  • Relatively low capacity that requires you to fill the hopper constantly.

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#07. TIPU Spreader and Shaker

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Spreading seeds or fertilizer on your garden or lawn no longer has to be hectic. Allow the TIPU Spreader and Shaker to take care of your ‘distribution’ needs so easily and conveniently.

Super-efficient use

This amazing garden tool allows you to spread seeds, ice melt, salt, fertilizer with little to no effort during any season.


It comes with 3 openings, all of which are adjustable allowing you to easily spread any material that you need.

Ergonomic handle

This enhances comfort and a strong grip

Easy to use

Just open the lid, fill in the material to spread, screw the lid back on and get right into spreading

  • No need to charge or even replace any batteries

  • Durable and multi-functional

  • Quite portable

  • It has a low capacity, requiring you to fill in the material frequently

  • Limited to small sized lawns

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#08. Earthway 2150

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Say goodbye to hectic fertilizer spreading sessions and hook yourself up with the Earthway 2150 designed to make your gardening life as easy as a Sunday morning

Super-high capacity

It comes with high capacity, making it the best choice for golf course owners, professional landscapers and any huge agricultural projects.

Patented EVN-Spred Technology

This design sees to it that there is even distribution of fertilizer particles

Mechanical driver’s shaft

The shaft is attached to the gearbox, and it allows you to adjust the dispersion rate to suit your needs as you go.

  • Heavy-duty air-filled tires

  • Adjustable handle

  • Reliable model that works in any conditions

  • Quite precise

  • Not suitable for small gardens, yards or lawns

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#09. Goplus Broadcast Spreader

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The Goplus Broadcast Spreader is an ideal gardening tool that helps you to conveniently spread everything that you do need for a healthy and attractive lawn.

Walk-behind design

This makes broadcasting salt or seed so much easier as you push forward, perfect for garden seeding or fertilizing.

Easy to operate

It makes a perfect choice for beginners as operating it is quite straightforward and the menu is easy to understand.

Heavy-duty iron

This feature sees to it that the frame is strong and durable to hold a large capacity of seeds or fertilizer.

Precise control spread system

It features accurate plant technology that helps in even and uniform distribution

  • Sturdy plastic wheels with good tread

  • User friendly

  • High-performance for your gardening needs

  • Slightly pricy

  • Low hopper capacity; 24 Lbs.

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#10. Scotts 76565 Turf Builder

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The Scotts 76565 makes a perfect choice if you are in search of a mini-gardening tool that effectively meets your day to day spreading needs.

Heavy-duty frame

It features a heavy-duty iron frame that sees to it that it is strong and durable to hold a large capacity of seeds or fertilizer.

22” spread pattern

To deliver on accuracy and maximum coverage, this device has a 22-inch spread pattern

  • Fully assembled

  • An effective drop spreader

  • Pre-calibrated and ready to use

  • Not ideal for large acreage yards, gardens or lawns

  • Requires some expertise to assemble and conveniently operate

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#11. Spot Spreader

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Hook yourself up with this highly effective and quite convenient hand held seed and fertilizer for super attractive and healthy flowerbeds and small lawns.


Multiple and adjustable openings allowing you to use it with any material of your liking


The spot fertilizer spreader is quite lightweight, which enhances portability

Highly effective and accurate

It allows you to easily seed or salt your driveways and pathways without experiencing any unwanted spillages.

  • Compact

  • Clever design

  • Adjustable holes for better control

  • Easy to operate as it is hand-held

  • This tool would not be ideal for larger lawns

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#12. Scotts Wizz Spreader

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This beautifully crafted hand-held spreader enables you to spread lawn fertilizer, grass seed, and weed control products ever so easily, leaving you with satisfying results.

23 settings

This feature gives it unbeatable control and accuracy

4AA batteries

The Scotts Wizz Spreader is powered by 4AA batteries which see to it that it is adequately powered for maximum performance

  • Easy to use

  • Highly effective

  • Designed for year-round use

  • versatility

  • Relatively low broadcast spread; 5”

  • Not suited for heavy-duty operations

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#13. Scotts Turf Builder

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The Scotts Turf Builder gives you a smooth journey in all your garden, lawn or yard fertilizer spreading needs.


It is designed to suit a wide range of spaces and perform a variety of tasks that entail dispersing seeds, fertilizer, salt, ice melts or even salt.

22” spread pattern

With this feature, the tool delivers maximum accuracy and precise coverage of your flowerbeds, lawns, walkways, driveways or yards.

  • Durable heavy-duty spreader

  • High capacity to enhance effectiveness and reduce time wastage through frequent refills

  • Pre-calibrated and readily assembled

  • Limited to small and medium spaces

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#14. Fasmov Spreader

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Embark on a smooth and peaceful garden fertilizing and seeding journey with the Fasmov Spreader as your reliable go-to partner. To make matters even better, it comes in a pack of two!

Grade-level measurement marks

It features measurement marks on the side of the containers allowing you to accurately measure the amount of material you are using.

Adjustable hole size

This enhances accuracy and precision. It also gives you the option of calibrating the output which makes it ideal for an array of tasks all year round.

Simple design

This feature not only makes the Fasmov easy to use but also easy to fill.

  • Incredibly effective

  • Versatile tool for a myriad of uses

  • This hand-held tool is not ideal for large spaces; works best on small and medium spaces

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#15. Solo 421

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Take your fertilizer and seed-dispersing to a whole new level with the highest premium Solo 421 fertilizer spreader.


This must-have gardening tool is quite lightweight which makes it easy to control and maneuver.


This feature ensures that it is quite stable. It also ensures that the Solo 421 is able to withstand even the most complex terrains, seeing to it that no flower or plant is left untouched.

High-tech design

It comes with a screw-on cap that helps prevent waste and spillages. Its design keeps all the chemicals within the device, protecting the operator from debris and dust.

  • Best choice for decorative flower beds and small sized lawns

  • Quite versatile

  • Top performance

  • Does not make a good choice for large spaces

  • Limited carry volume

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Types of Fertilizer Spreaders

Generally, fertilizer spreaders come in four different types, but the two major categories are broadcast spreaders and drop spreaders.

Broadcast/ Rotary Spreaders

These right here are the most common lawn or yard spreaders. They use quite a simple concept; there is a hopper that feeds the fertilizer or seeds to a horizontal and spinning disc below. The fins on the disk disperse the materials efficiently as they fall from the hopper above.

Drop Spreaders

True to their name, drop spreaders come with a bigger hopper that drops the fertilizer directly below. This makes them quite precise in application. They allow you to push directly above a specific area, thus you do not have to worry about spilling the material all over the place.

Hand-Held Spreaders

As the name suggests, they are hand-held. They are not only easy to use but also lightweight and quite convenient for smaller lawns. To disperse seeds or fertilizers, just fill the hopper then turn the crank. In as much as they are portable and easy to use, they lack precision and capacity. They do not hold too much material; thus, you will be required to fill them constantly.

Push-Behind/ Tow-behind Spreaders

Push-behind spreaders are the heavy-duty versions of broadcast spreaders, which makes them ideal for use on large lawns; you can even attach them to tractors. They use wheels to power the gears required to turn the spreader disk. Their spread distance is much further and they have a much higher hopper capacity. They can be quite pricy, but they are really worth the price.

Some Useful Tips

Almost all fertilizer spreaders come with user manuals that have useful information including usage, calibration instructions, and spreader settings. However, not everything is contained in the manuals. Below are some additional tips:

  • To fill your hopper, choose an easy-to-clean place, for instance, your walkway or driveway
  • Exercise caution when you are filling your hopper. In case of any spills, clean them up or scoop them and put them back in the hopper
  • To ensure even spread, move at a constant pace
  • When you are done, clean the spreader with water and oil up any metallic parts to prevent corrosion


Do I really need a fertilizer spreader?

Yes, you do. If you plan on getting an even coat of fertilizer on your yard or lawn, then using your hand to accomplish this task is nearly next to impossible. Using a fertilizer spreader is not only convenient, effective and efficient, but it also protects you from health conditions as you do avoid handling the fertilizers with your bare hands.

What are some of the factors that I should consider in my choice of fertilizer spreader?

Well, there are a couple of important factors other than the type that you need to take account of. These include but are not limited to:

Your lawn’s or yard’s size and shape

These two are important in determining the type of fertilizer spreader that you should go for. If it is moderately large and relatively uniform, then a drop spreader makes a perfect choice. Its precision, combined with ease of use allows for you to execute seeding or fertilizing conveniently, almost like you are mowing. A hand-held spreader is a better option if your lawn is smaller. Very large gardens or yards require a large a large-sized broadcast spreader or a huge pull-behind broadcast spreader.

The device’s Lifespan/ durability

Your spreaders make and the kind of fertilizers you will be using determine how durable it will be. For a plastic spreader to remain durable for years, ensure that you store it away from the sun to prevent brittleness and premature breakdown. If you are using corrosive fertilizers, a spreader with a stainless-steel hopper is ideal as it holds up better to the abuse.

Your budget

You do not have to worry about the price; there are quite a lot of spreaders that are affordable. However, pricier ones tend to perform better as they are made of better and high-quality materials and they also have additional features such as spread adjustment.

The garden tool’s build quality

Build quality has everything to do with the spreader’s hopper material. Steel hoppers tend to be a bit more high-end. They are precise in the way they feed the dispersion dropper or disk. Plastic ones are relatively cheaper. However, plastic has an advantage over steel; durability. Being immune to corrosion from extreme fertilizers, it makes the perfect choice if you will be using the fertilizer spreader frequently.

How do I maintain my fertilizer spreader?

Maintenance is key if you want your device to remain durable for longer. Investing some 15 minutes or so in maintenance will increase its longevity. Place the spreader on its side, and using a garden hose, spray a powerful splash to clean the hopper, impeller plate and wheels thoroughly. Operate the flow lever in a back and forth motion to clean the shut-off plate on the inside of the hopper. Once it is completely dry, make use of a lubricant spray or some oil to all the moving parts, the wheels, gear box, and axle bushings. Be careful about your choice of lubricant; ones that contain silicone or Teflon seal in certain chemicals and speed up corrosion.

Concluding Thoughts

We have already established that fertilizer spreaders are agreeably must-have garden tools. When used correctly, they can be quite an efficient and effective way of distributing produce like seeds, weed killers and fertilizer on your yard.

The list above is arrived at having carried out intense research on matters quality, performance, capability, ease of use, special features, price and so much more.

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