11 Best Garage Heaters (2024)

You already have the home heating systems in place. You are set to face with confidence whatever the chilly season brings. Well done! But wait, you probably forgot one more area- the garage!

Yes, it’s one of the areas that can get extremely cold in winter. If you are an average homeowner, chances are that your garage serves as your workshop or a tool shed. But even if it doesn’t, you have used it a couple of times to fix your car.

Now, working in the garage during the chilly period of the year can turn very uncomfortable than you have probably imagined. That’s why as a homeowner, you need to invest in a decent garage heater.

A garage heater is a machine specially designed to heat up your garage in no time. It’s one of the best ways of keeping your garage space warm and comfortable in the winter.

Of course, for a machine of its caliber, you need to invest in one that will serve you well in the long term without giving you any troubles. Our coverage on the 11 best garage heaters suggests some of these models!

Comfort Zone 7,500W, 240V Hard-Wired Fan-Forced...
  • ☀️OPTIMAL SPACE UTILIZATION: Maximize your available floor space with the space-saving design of this fan-forced heater. Specifically designed for ceiling mounting & hard-wired installation, it offers a convenient solution to free up valuable floor space in crowded environments such as warehouses, garages, & storage areas. By securely mounting the heater to the ceiling, you can effectively heat a large area while keeping the floor clear for other activities. With a heating coverage of up to 1250 sq. ft., this heater ensures widespread warmth.

Top 11 Garage Heater Reviews

#1 Dr. Infrared Garage Heater (DR966)

Dr. Infrared Garage Heater

Keep your garage warm when temperatures fall using this high-quality commercial heater. It is one of the most impressive garage heaters the market holds, simply because it lives up to its claims.

The unit allows the user to select between 3000 watts and 6000 watts of heating power depending on the severity of the condition. And for this reason, you will need a 240-V outlet to provide enough power. The high heating power means that this commercial-grade heater emits enough heat to warm your garage quickly.

The massive amount of heat also gives it amazing versatility. I mean, this device will work well as the primary or auxiliary heat source in the hard-to-heat spaces such as basements, stores, warehouses, and other areas that are open to cold. The 8-inch fan delivers proper distribution of heat while the 5 louvers allow you to direct the heat to where you want it most.

The unit measures 14.5 inches high, 13 inches wide, and 14.5 inches deep (front to back). Therefore, it is sized for portability. It mounts on the wall for optimal heat distribution and comes with a mounting bracket to make installation quick and easy.

  • It has an adjustable thermostat for high and low heat settings.
  • It mounts easily.
  • The package includes a mounting bracket.
  • It is UL-listed.
  • It’s a little loud.

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#2 Dr. Infrared (DR-988A) Garage Shop Heater

Dr. Infrared (DR-988A) Garage Shop Heater

Our second suggestion on the list also comes from the same manufacturer; Dr. Infrared Heater. For those that the name sounds like a vocabulary, Dr. Infrared Heater is a US-based manufacturer. She is a committed member of the industry when it comes to offering safe and premium heaters at factory pricing. Therefore, before we even get deep to examine what this heater offers, we already know that it will deliver the best value for money.

Like the earlier model, this unit offers two thermostat settings. I mean, with this unit, you can select the high setting (95 degrees Fahrenheit) when your garage turns extremely cold or the low heat setting (45 degrees Fahrenheit) when you want it a little warmer than it actually is.

The customizable thermostat makes it a versatile heater since you can adjust it to meet the heating requirements of different areas. In other words, whether you want to use it for your garage, workshop, basement, or any other area around your home, this heater should serve you well. The built-in carry handle combines with the lightweight design for enhanced portability.

The durably constructed fan ensures proper heat distribution to give you a cozy working space in no time without leaving some pockets of cold air. The unit comes with built-in cord storage for proper cable management.

  • It looks nice.
  • It is easy to move.
  • The built-in cord management is nice.
  • It packs several efficiency features.
  • Few users reported low rattling sound.

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#3 Mr. Heater Portable Propane Radiant Heater (F232000 MH9BX)

Mr. Heater Portable Propane Radiant Heater

For those that are only willing to invest in the best-selling garage heaters, here comes one of their excellent options. This unit comes from Mr. Heater, one of the most famous names in North America and the world at large.

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The propane heater delivers between 4000-9000 BTUs of heat per hour. With such energy output, this unit works well for spaces that are up to 200 square feet. That said, Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX should work well for small to medium-sized garages.

However, you can still use it as the secondary heater in your garage in case the one you have is quite slow or doesn’t provide enough heat for your garage.

Also, the heater is safe for use in indoor and outdoor environments. Hence, you can always count on it to keep your space comfortable no matter where you bring it. The fold-down handle means that it is not only designed for portability but also with your limited garage space in mind.

The auto-shutoff feature activates in case the unit is tipped over or when there is no adequate supply of air. This is a nice feature for a heater since it curbs the common electrical and fire hazards.

  • The maximum output of 9000 BTUs is nice for its size.
  • It uses readily available propane.
  • The efficiency is great.
  • The auto-shut feature is nice.
  • It won’t work at 7000 feet above sea level.

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#4 NewAir G73 Hardwired Electric Garage Heater

NewAir G73 Hardwired Electric Garage Heater

NewAir G73 is one of the heaters that are designed for use in large areas. It boasts a high heating power of 5000 watts. With this capability, this unit has enough output to warm areas as large as 500 square feet in no time.

Therefore, in case you have a big garage that turns extremely cold during the winter, this heater comes to your rescue. The built-in thermostat permits adjustability, ensuring that you get your space heated to the exact level you want.

We also like that it is safe to operate since it meets the stringent electrical safety standards. The auto-shut feature turns it off when it starts to overheat. By doing so, this furnace guarantees your safety and prolongs its service life. Thus, we can consider it as one of the heaters that will offer a long-term solution to your garage heating needs.

You can mount it on a wall or ceiling to free your garage space and optimize heat distribution. Also, you can control the direction of the heat with the adjustable louvers and the tilting head. But in case you want to warm the entire space, you can keep the louvers cracked open to let the heat travel in all directions.

  • The powder-coated finish prevents rust.
  • It features sturdy steel construction.
  • It is effective for up to 500 square feet areas.
  • It comes with a swivel bracket.
  • It doesn’t have an external on/off switch.

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#5 Dimplex DGWH4031G Garage (Large 4000 Watt)

Dimplex DGWH4031G Garage

This heater is made of very solid stainless steel. Therefore, it will last for a very long time in your garage. The 4000-watt unit is one of the reliable heaters for use in areas that turn extremely cold during the winter such as garage, basements, workshops, construction sites, tool store and more.

The durably-constructed hard-working motor pairs with the propeller-style fan to produce and distribute heat evenly throughout your space quickly. The unit has a maximum heat output of 13640 BTUs and an automated heat control feature.

The automatic feature ensures that your space maintains the temperature of between 45-77 degrees Fahrenheit. The overall dimensions of the heater are; 11 inches by 7-2/7 inches by 9 inches. This size is manageable when moving the unit within and out of your home.

The auto-shut feature in case of overheating is an indication that it is engineered with safety as a priority. The heater is designed for wall mounting use and comes with a mounting bracket so that you won’t have to buy it separately.

  • The auto-temperature control feature is impressive.
  • It swivels for customized heating.
  • It falls in the lightweight category.
  • The thermostat knob is poorly placed but still accessible after mounting.

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#6 Cadet RCP502S Portable Garage Heater (5,000-Watt)

Cadet RCP502S Portable Garage Heater

This garage heater is also another amazing unit you can trust to keep your garage warm even during the coldest days of the winter. It is a 5000-watt heater. Thus, one of the most powerful options you can count on to keep you comfortable when operating in cold-notorious areas of your home.

The sturdy 20-gauge steel construction implies that the high-quality unit will withstand cold weather, debris build-up, and other elements that may come its way in the course of its service life.

Covering the rugged construction is a beautiful finish. This finish offers protection from rust and other elements. The unit is made in the United States and is ETL-listed to let you buy with peace of mind that you are getting something safe to use.

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The unit offers several control knobs for increased user convenience. The dials are also strategically positioned for quick access by the user. You can stand it or mount it on the wall if that is what seems to work best for your space. The power cord of this unit is 1.8 meters and works with a 240 volt grounded receptacle.

  • The fan is very powerful.
  • The controls are well placed.
  • The rugged steel construction ensures long-lasting performance.
  • It offers multiple placement options.
  • You may have to install special outlets.

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#7 Comfort Zone Fan-Forced Ceiling Mount Heater (CZ220)

Comfort Zone Fan-Forced Ceiling Mount Heater

For those that have a packed garage, this heater is will work perfectly for them. It is engineered to mount on the wall so there is no point to worry that it will claim a spot on the garage floor.

The body utilizes heavy-gauge steel. Therefore, it is durable and can withstand extremely low and high temperatures. The variable mounting angle and the adjustable louvers mean that you can customize the direction of the heat to where you want to be heated.

The fan-forced design kicks out cold and warms up your entire space quicker than it would take most of the competing models. The unit has a dual knob thermostat. With this dial, you can set the output to the exact level that works excellently for your space.

The commercial-grade heater also boasts a variety of smart features. For instance, it has a built-in sensor. This feature detects overheating and turns the unit off automatically for own safety and that of the user. The power indicator light shows when the device is in utilization so that you will never leave the garage without turning it off.

  • It mounts to free up floor space.
  • It does not require special tools for installation.
  • The size is nice for most garages.
  • The power indicator LED is a plus.
  • The power indicator light may fail after a few years of use.

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#8 Dyna-Glo Air Heater (RMC-FA60DGD)

Dyna-Glo Air Heater

With the ability to heat up to 1350 square feet, this propane heater should be a great purchase for big garages. It has a maximum output of 60000 BTUs. Hence, it produces enough output to suit use in other places such as basements, construction sites, warehouses, and other areas that need a powerful heater.

The device features a heat-control knob. With this feature, you can regulate the amount of heat to match your preferred level. The base utilizes high-quality steel construction and is adjustable for increased user convenience.

The high-quality motor guarantees optimal performance. The combustion and the motor are also easy to access for quick maintenance. The control dial directs the heat to the direction of your choice for customized heating.

The heater comes with an easy-lift handle that makes it easy and convenient to move. It also packs safety features such as an automatic shut-off in case of overheating. The package includes a 6-foot hose and a regulator.

  • It is very well made.
  • It’s quieter than most models.
  • The shipping is very fast.
  • It is easy to maintain.
  • It isn’t the most efficient propane gas.

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#9 Fahrenheit Heater (1874-5000W)

Fahrenheit Heater

This industrial-grade radiator is designed to keep your garage, workshop, and basement comfortable even during the coldest moments of the year. It is durably constructed for years of service, making it the ideal option for anyone seeking a long-term solution to a drafty garage or basement.

Its impressive energy output raises the temperature of your space to comfortable levels in a fraction of the time it would take most members of the competition. The incredible power also makes it an excellent unit for warming the exposed outdoor spaces.

The variable wattage means that the user can control the power of the machine depending on the needs at hand. However, it’s important to note that it comes set at 5000 watts. Also, this furnace has a built-in thermostat and adjustable louvers to allow the user to achieve the exact needed temperature where exactly needed. 

The unit mounts on the wall, one of the properties that make it a nice option for garages that are already running short of space. The built-in bracket lets the user install it horizontally or vertically depending on the layout of the garage and the owner’s preference.

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#10 Heatstar By Enerco Garage Heater (F125444)

Heatstar By Enerco Garage Heater

For the homeowners who are looking for the most efficient garage heater, giving this unit a shot should pay. The gas-powered unit transforms most of the fuel it burns into heat and releases it to your space. In fact, with the fuel-heat conversion level of 99.9%, it’s one of the most efficient options; not just on our list but also in the industry at large.

This radiator will heat spaces that are up to 600 square-feet large. And since it doesn’t require a lot of connections like the electrical models, setting up the unit for use is simple and pretty straightforward.

Most homeowners like that the unit doesn’t have any moving parts since it means that it doesn’t cause troubles. Hence, in case you don’t want to face the headache of servicing, this heater needs to be at the top of your priority list.

The solid metal construction holds the promise of long-lasting performance. To sound even better, the materials used in the construction are non-corrosive. Thus, you can count on it to maintain its ‘day one’ beauty for the best part of its service life.

  • The unit is 99.9% fuel-efficient.
  • The construction is corrosion-resistant.
  • It is easy to maintain.
  • Installation is a breeze.
  • A longer thermostat wire would be nice.

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#11 Modine Garage Heater (HD45AS0111)

Modine Garage Heater

Although it takes the final spot on the list, it is by no means inferior to any of the previous models. In fact, it boasts a high output of 45000 BTUs. Hence, we can consider it to be at least thrice as powerful as most garage heaters. In other words, for the garage owners who are in search of the most powerful unit for their space, here comes one of the perfect deals for them.

Of course, with such a high heat output, we expect it to work better for larger spaces that have good ventilation. Also, the high heat output makes it a perfect radiator for home, commercial, and industrial uses. This feature makes it one of the most versatile models you will come across out there.

Although powerful, this furnace is quieter than most heaters. The quiet design ensures that it doesn’t interrupt you or your workforce when using it in the workshop. Therefore, it’s one of the heaters that will keep your colleagues more comfortable without affecting their level of productivity.

It isn’t as efficient as our previous model though, but with the efficiency of 80%, it’s still within the category of the most efficient heaters we have in the market. Its construction is durable and has a premium coating for rust-resistance.

  • Heat output of 45000 BTUs is unparalleled.
  • It conforms to safety requirements.
  • It is too silent for its power.
  • It has an 80% efficiency level.
  • It isn’t the best option for smaller garages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will insulating my garage keep it cooler?

Insulating your garage will prevent heat from escaping from the garage during the winter and warm air from finding its way into space in the summer. Therefore, insulation will keep the garage warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

What is the most energy-efficient garage heater?

The efficiency of a heater is defined by its fuel-energy conversion rate. All our suggestions are very efficient. However, their efficiency levels differ slightly. The most efficient option is rated at 99.9% while others are not far from this figure. However, before you opt for the most efficient one, check to see if it meets your other requirements.

Is insulating the garage worth it?

Insulating your garage helps to maintain the existing temperature level of your garage. However, it may not give you the temperature level you need, especially during the extremely cold days simply because it doesn’t warm up space. Hence, having a garage heater is an absolute necessity. Using the combination of the 2 is even better and will reduce heating costs significantly.

How many watts of heat do I need?

The rule of the thumb is that a square-foot area needs 10 watts of heating power. Therefore, to know the right heating power, find the area of your garage in square-feet and multiple by 10 to find the ideal heating power for your space.

How do I calculate the BTUs I need for my garage?

To get the BTUs you need for your space, you need to get the area of your garage in square feet. Multiply the area to get the BTUs per hour you need for an hour. For instance, a 20 x 20 garage will need 8000 BTUs since its area is 400 square feet. However, it’s important to note that this value may differ depending on how your garage is insulated.

Final Verdict

Garage heaters create a toasty and more productive environment during those chilly days of the winter.

Our content recommends some of the hottest deals in the market. Read carefully through each product to check the one that works best for your space.

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