Top 11 Best Heated Jackets (2024)

Weather conditions come with many surprises, but you can prepare for it with the right clothing. It’s not a good feeling when you are forced to stay indoors because of frosty winter conditions. Instead, you can enjoy regular routines like jogging, hiking, and cycling with heated jackets.

Heated jackets are insulated with special linings to retain the heat that’s generated from the source. Generally, these seasonal outfits have specific designs for rain and snow. Also, their exterior fabric is wind and water-resistant. Since they are made from breathable fabrics, designers often add extra features to boost comfort levels.

Before you buy a favorite heated jacket, check if it has different settings (high, medium and low) for temperature adjustments. Apart from other features, you should design quality and heating effectiveness.

Some products require underlay of bulky clothes, but well-made jackets have efficient electric battery packs to keep you warm. Usually, heated jackets with different designs share common features. Their capacity to keep you warm during rain and snow depends on a range of factors.

A common source of heat for warm jackets is the electric wire. It forms a connection of tiny heating elements underneath the back and chest areas of your jacket.

During winter months, everyone needs some warm outwears to feel comfortable. However, it’s better to search for the best-heated jackets before prices hit the roof.

Usually, lightweight polyester materials have built-in heating zones. This design helps to conserve body heat, and the highest temperature setting can get to 80℃ (176°F). You should buy brands of heated jackets that align with the level of frigid temperatures in your location.

We don’t want you to be swayed by aesthetic designs like the fleece of a heated jacket. So, we have compiled some heated jackets that guarantee your unrestricted outdoor activities.

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11 Best Heated Jackets

#1. Milwaukee M12 Heated Jacket Kit

Milwaukee M12

Milwaukee M12 Heated Jackets are available in different sizes of small, medium, large, X-large, 2X-large, and 3X-large options. This product is powered by innovative battery technology. So, you should expect even distribution of heat to vital areas of the body.

During the rainy and frosty cold season, you can walk outdoors with hands in pockets. However, this M12 heated jacket will extend some warmth to heat zones around the chest, back, and front regions.

Unlike softshell jackets, this product comes with a special material that’s called ToughShell stretch polyester. It’s durable and resistant to many environmental effects.

  • M12 REDLITHIUM battery technology

  • Carbon fiber heating elements

  • Durable polyester material

  • Its accessories include a charging unit

  • When you wear a safety harness, the position of this jacket’s built-in battery might affect your range of mobility.

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#2. Smarkey Cordless Heated Jacket


With a fine design of fiber carbon heating element between the water-proof and lining fabric, this Smarkey jacket controls your core body temperature effectively. Its cordless source of heat is a 5200mah 7.4-Volt battery and electrical components that have been insulated.

There are 3 heat settings for medium ( 42℃), high (45℃), and low (38℃) temperatures. Within 5 minutes of preheating this jacket, you can adjust the temperature setting and be comfortable. Also, Samrkey heated jackets are designed for outdoor enthusiasts like mountain climbers and hikers.

  • The maximum duration of the battery life is 9 hours

  • Anti-high-temperature with 3 heat zones

  • Long battery life

  • This Smarkey heated jacket is designed to fit male users.

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#3. DEWALT Black Hooded Heated Jacket Kit

DEWALT Black Hooded

Do you need your heated jackets that can keep your elderly parents warm during this winter season? This DEWALT Black Hooded Heated Jacket is ideal for cold-weather outdoor activities.

The kit comes with heavy-duty batteries and USB cables to charge your mobile phones. Unlike other battery products for heated jackets, you can enjoy more run time with this DEWALT 20V/12V MAX battery.

While you are on-the-go, this water-resistant jacket distributes heat from your chest to the waistline. It uses 3 heating zones (mid-back, left and right chest regions), and temperature settings respectively. Also, the Hooded Heated Jacket is designed with a twill outer shell.

  • LED Controller

  • Pre-heat function

  • A hooded design with adjustable drawstrings

  • This jacket is not designed for heat to reach your head when it’s covered with the hood.

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#4. Bosch Men’s Heated Jacket Kit


While working at the airport’s tarmac during the winter, you need to stay comfortable and warm. This Bosch Jacket Men’s Heated Jacket is made from polyester materials. As wind and rain-resistant protective wear, it uses 3 quick-warming buttons to adjust heat settings.

Unlike other work wears, this jacket is a job site solution for frizzling cold weather. Also, the tailoring design includes a holster for the 12-Volt Max Lithium-Ion battery. It has pockets for handheld devices like cell phones and power banks. Bosch 12-Volt Max batteries are extraordinary sources of power.

They are dependable and can store electrical charges for many hours. Other brands of heated jackets have their battery positions against the wearer’s kidneys, but this Bosch product has its an upfront hostler.

  • Maximum runtime of the battery is 6 hours

  • Five large pockets for the battery holster, hands, mobile phones, pen, and documents.

  • It comes with sensitive push-buttons for controlling heat modes

  • This jacket conserves heat better when you wear between 2 to 3 light layers of clothes underneath it.

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#5. Camo Heated Jacket by DEWALT With 20V/12V MAX

Camo Heated Jacket by DEWALT

Define your style with this camouflage-printed jacket by DEWALT. You can enjoy outdoor life every rainy day with the jacket’s soft-textured and water-resistant fabric material. It comes with easy-to-use pre-heat function, and it’s one of Dewalt’s heated jacket that distributes warmth to your shoulders.

This jacket kit comes with an impressive design of 7 pockets for the rechargeable battery, small personal items, and large documents. With a camo outer shell, you can hunt game animals during the winter and mimic the frosty leaves in the forest.

It gets very warm with this jacket’s highest temperature setting, but you need all the warmth during cold weather. While waiting for game animals on a tree stand, you can stay warm with the jacket’s hood, neck and face guard covering your head.

  • 4 heating zones

  • LED Controller for temperature adjustments

  • USB charging ports for cell phones

  • The 20V MAX battery offers 7.5 hours of runtime

  • The seven pockets are too many and you could forget the exact storage that has your item.

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#6. ARRIS Adjustable Unisex Heated Vest With 7.4V Battery

ARRIS Adjustable Unisex

Who says the best period for camping with friends in the woods can’t be during winter months? Regardless of the weather condition, this ARRIS adjustable heated vest fits men and women.

Even your children can use this vest for outdoor activities like cycling, and fishing. As a lightweight fleece jacket, you feel more warmth because it’s designed with 6 heating panels.

This heated vest is a perfect gift idea for your friends and families during the winter and fall seasons. It’s easy to adjust for a nice fit and can be worn under big jackets. With its 5 temperature settings, you can toggle heat levels between 40℃ to 80℃.

You can enjoy long hours of warmth around your back and chest regions with its powerful 7200mah (7.4V) rechargeable battery.

  • Adjustable design with zippers

  • You can dry-wash the jacket, use hands and machines too.

  • it comes with a built-in thermostat

  • Since it’s a heated vest, wearing it under a regular jacket might generate excessive levels of heat.

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#7. ORORO Men’s Lightweight Heated Vest with Battery Pack


You deserve proper blood circulation and relief from muscular pains that are caused by cold weather conditions. With ORORO Men’s Lightweight Heated Vest, you can walk your dog in during spring, and winter months. Also, it allows unrestricted movement when you need to enjoy some warmth. This vest also gives you the chance of picking a high-quality product break without breaking the bank.

There are 3 temperature levels that can be set with easy-to-use power buttons, and 4 heat zones for core body areas. Don’t worry about extended battery life because the 7.4V battery lasts for about 10 hours.

It has an impressive design of 4 heating elements (carbon fiber), heat distribution to your neck, and mid-back is guaranteed. When this ORORO jacket is dirty, you can apply at least 50 machine-wash cycles to clean it.

  • A quick-heat technology

  • It’s tailored with lightweight fabric and insulated linings

  • Water and wind-resistant exterior layer

  • It comes with only 2 pockets.

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#8. AKASO Nomad Battery Heated Vest

No products found.

AKASO Nomad heated vest is available in X-Large and slim-fit sizes. However, it’s 3 heating panels work with a thermostat that acts as overheat protection.

With this automatic heat sensor, you can optimize the battery’s life and avoid uncomfortable temperature levels of about 150°F. Also, the insulating Sugenro fiber fabric is a recyclable material.

The jacket’s water-resistant outer shell keeps you dry during unfriendly outdoor weather conditions. Unlike other protective jackets with heating elements, this product comes with a 10000mAh power bank and accessories like a laundry bag and a removable hood.

Finally, you can use a jacket that conserves heat for extended periods, and materials that prevent carbon footprints.

  • Independent control buttons at the front and back parts of the vest

  • It uses 4 carbon fiber heating panels

  • It guarantees at least 15 hours of warmth

  • Apart from activating the lowest heat settings, the battery life doesn’t last more than 3 hours when you need more warmth.

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#9. PROSmart Men’s Waterproof Heated Jacket


Many heated jackets can’t be washed by both hands and machines. However, favorite heated jackets and vests are made from washable waterproof materials. PROSmart Men’s Waterproof Heated Jacket matches these descriptions.

It’s an ideal jacket for all training sessions of outdoor games. Like other jackets in this buying guide, this product takes some seconds to pre-heat, and its battery life lasts at least 16 hours.

The thought of keeping your body warm all day is realistic because of its PROSmart temperature-adjusting technology. Even with the highest temperature setting, heat technology guarantees 6 hours of warmth. Additionally, this product is a must-have for a comfortable skiing activity.

  • A soft fabric that’s resistant to water, and winds

  • It’s convenient to wash with a wash in laundry bag

  • It comes with a zippered pocket at the front that stores mobile phones securely.

  • The heated jacket is designed with a hood that is not detachable.

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#10. COLCHAM Unisex Heated Hoodie Soft Fleece With Drawstring Cords


Are you thinking of an adventurous outdoor activity during spring, fall, and winter months? You must consider buying heated apparel that aligns with your mission. This COLCHAM Unisex heated hoodie comes with extra-large convenient pockets and soft fleece.

Its 7.4V heavy-duty batteries can keep you warm for about 10 hours, and they are reliable. When you need the fast-heating carbon elements to spread heat across the 3 zones (left, right abdomen, and mid-back), they are easy to activate with sensitive push-buttons.

Save yourself the inconvenience of wearing bulky layers of clothes underneath a heated jacket. COLCHAM Unisex jacket comes with cuffs traps and a ribbed waistband that conserve heat across your core body parts.

  • High-quality YKK zipper

  • This jacket is available in a range of color options like black, gray, and red

  • 4 V battery

  • Unisex design

  • Unlike other fast-charging batteries, it takes at least 5 hours to charge this battery fully.

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#11. PTAHDUS Men’s Soft Shell Heated Jacket With A Pair Of Hand Warmer


Exposing your body to extreme cold weather can trigger joints and muscular paints, but you can prevent these conditions. PTAHDUS Men’s Heated Jacket has an impressive technology. It’s designed to enhance your comfort.

The heat performance of this soft-shell jacket is impressive. While this piece of clothing offers core-body warmth, it comes with a pair of a hand warmer.

As a soft-shell heated jacket, it offers wide heat distribution with a 5-heated zone design. Unlike other fabric materials, you can wear this TSA-free jacket on the airplane. Also, the material is a high-quality fabric that is resistant to fire from high temperatures of heating elements.

Without its heat-insulating cotton lining, there will be no guarantee of warming your body with this Ptahdus jacket quickly.

  • Machine washable fabric

  • It comes with a 7.4V battery pack

  • 3 temperature levels

  • This product is designed for men, and it might not be a convenient fit for women because of their body structures.

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How To Know Which Heated Jacket Has Impressive Battery Life

Ensuring long battery life starts by picking heated jacket models with impressive battery specifications. Normally, CE and UL battery specifications show a high-level of wiring safety certifications.

With the lowest setting, a 7500 mAh (approximately 7.4V) can generate at least 8 hours of running time. With a heat-conserving material like cotton, you wouldn’t need many layers of bulk clothing to enjoy sustainable warmth.

Usually, heated jackets use rechargeable battery packs that depend on external power sources. Also, you should consider how long it takes a run-down battery.

While premium 7.4V rechargeable batteries need (at least) three hours to charge, many 3.7V batteries don’t need more than 1.5 hrs. However, the specification and qualities of batteries determine their durability.

How To Pick The Right Heated Jacket

Consider The Quality Of Fabric

To generate and distribute heat across core-body parts, jacket manufacturers use heating elements like carbon fiber and built-in power cords. Also, they recommend multiple layers of garments to minimize heat loss.

To stay comfy in any cold outdoor environment, you need special warm wears that protect your back, chest, neck, and hands. When temperature increases, breathable fabrics allow internal ventilation and makes you feel comfortable.

While heated jackets’ insulating fabrics regulates your body’s temperature, their tough shell helps to resist moisture and strong wind.

Consider On-The-Go Power For Handheld Electronic Devices

Heated jackets are more than protective wears because they offer on-the-go power for your handheld devices. While some of these jackets have single breast-pockets, others have multiple and large pockets.

You can store 7-inch Android and Apple tablets in these pockets during any outdoor activity. Apart from storing, heated jacket models with extra-large pockets and 12V USB ports (outlets) allow you to charge these devices.

Since heated jackets use rechargeable battery packs, you can enjoy sufficient charging time and never worry about a dull outdoor experience.

Consider the Position of Jacket Pockets

Safety is important in every life’s activity, and you shouldn’t ignore some designs that come with favorite heated jackets. Usually, their pockets are spread around your body to fit.

Battery holsters and pockets for mobile phones shouldn’t be close to your body organs. Usually, devices that use electromagnetic signals emit radioactive particles. these dangerous and unseen rays can affect organs like kidneys, liver, and the heart.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s the best method of cleaning my heated jacket?

Normally, heated jackets use electric cords and panels that are embedded in their materials. It’s better to check the manufacturer’s recommendations before you apply any cleaning method.

While some brands of heated jackets are machine-washable, others need to be washed with hands. However, you should disconnect the rechargeable battery before washing these protective wears. When you was, don’t squeeze and twist layers of the jackets fiber carbon elements.

What is the main benefit of buying heated jackets when i can buy cheap and regular jackets?

When you exposure your body to cold weather for a long period, there will be natural and unpleasant consequences. One of the problems with a prolonged exposure to cold temperatures is hypothermia.

Apart from teenagers, seniors and children are more vulnerable to hypothermia. During winter months, you can enjoy favorite outdoor activities for many hours. However, it’s wise to prepare for extended periods of low temperature exposures by using high-quality heated jackets.

Final Verdict

Our experience can prevent you from buying wrong clothing apparel during spring, winter, and fall seasons. this buying guide offers you have a range of 11 heated jackets for cold weather conditions. However, you should ensure to pick a product that meets every outdoor activity.

There’s no better alternative for keeping your body warm during these seasons. Also, you can charge handheld devices that enhance comfort during your outdoor events. We are confident that any of these 11 affordable products will generate and distribute heat evenly.

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