Best LiPo Charger Reviews: Top 11 Picks! (2023)

Whether you’re passionate about RC race cars or drones, there are chances for you to require LiPo chargers for keeping things going.

There happens to be a real landslide of the latest technology available, and amidst all the gimmicks, promises, plus other things, it can be difficult to get to the right decision appropriately.

Why are Lipo chargers so popular in today’s time? Apart from offering a user-friendly and intuitive interface, these chargers come with a high power capacity that enables the batteries to work for a longer time.

In this article, we will review 11 best LiPo chargers in detail, which will assist you in making a good decision before executing a purchase.

Top 11 LiPo Chargers

#01 Tenergy TB6-B Balance Charger Discharger

Tenergy TB6-B Balance Charger Discharger

The Tenergy TB-6 makes one of the preferred variants for those searching for a good quality LiPo charger. It is a charger as well as a discharger that helps in providing power supply to all the battery cells.

This versatile charger works effectively for an extensive array of batteries, which include NiMH, LiPo, NiCd, LiFePO4, and SLA.

It features an octopus multi-charging harness, which makes it suitable for a multi-range of charging connectors like Tamiya, mini Tamiya, Hitech, and JST. The packs also contain the dean connector, which plays the role of connecting the charger conveniently, and a power supply for making it more apt.

Tenergy TB-6 is outstanding when it comes to its voltage compatibility as well. The users can conveniently charge a plethora of popular picks, and their hassle of going through individual chargers for different batteries will be eliminated.

The charger further has interesting features of data storage, Li-Ion and LiPo balancing, fast charging, and cyclic charging plus discharging. All of these optimize the functional appeal of this battery charger.

Its LCD screen is convenient to read, which allows you to view all the settings and charging statuses while navigating through its selections and modes clearly.

  • Convenient to use, features sufficient power supply

  • Affordable pricing, a reasonable choice for a lot of users

  • Flexible, potentially support 11-18 volts DC input

  • Intuitive interface offering overall convenience to users

  • Comes with all related adapters and accessories

  • The charger can heat up

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#02 Venom Dual LiPo Charger

Venom Dual LiPo Charger

In today’s world of technology variants, Venom has been manufacturing quality LiPo chargers for a long time, and this LiPo charger is nothing short of providing the same performance and efficiency level as you will anticipate from any other leading charger brand.

It features a compact design with a 40W unit that can set up your battery with JSH –XH 2.5 port connectors quite easily. It has the potential to make use of 2-4 cell batteries that can be LiPo or LiFe batteries. Thanks to different ports available on this charger, it can provide energy to 2 batteries simultaneously, which can be a 2s LiFE or 2s LiPo batteries.

When it comes to the display, Venom Dual LiPo Charger has a 2.5 inches display, featuring blue backlighting, which enables the user for viewing the readings of the screen in any conditions of the light.

Also, its compact shape makes this device portable and convenient for handling. When the maximum capacity of the charge on the battery is reached, the device automatically turns off charging. It also has temperature protection that prevents damage to the batteries.

  • Charging current can be easily adjusted

  • Nor further need of connectors leads because of a good charging method of balance lead

  • Has good safety features

  • Current adjustment on separate cells is poor

  • Doesn’t offer a discharging mode

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#03 Keenstone LiPo Battery Charger/Discharger

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Keenstone LiPo Battery Charger/Discharger is worth your attention and money in terms of practicality and functionality. It comes with a variety of accessories like many other choices in this limit of price. However, what makes it set apart from others is its incredible features.

The charging/ discharging cycle of this battery is pretty easy and usually allows almost five cycles to balance it along with refreshing consistently. You can, relying on your requirement, set a time interval for charge/discharge as well.

Furthermore, it possesses phenomenal features of memory and storage. This charger is capable of easy memorizing and saves you the trouble to format it each time irrespective of the number of cells, battery type, or the discharge current.

Its storage mode makes sure that you don’t lose charge while the LiPo battery is being stored for a longer duration unattended. This helps to minimize the chances of recharging whenever using a large gap.

Additionally, it has the further advantage of balance charging, which helps cut down the risks of overcharging. The battery life also enhances consequently.

  • Guaranteed quick and hassle-free charging of the battery

  • Easily adapts according to the charging requirement of the user

  • Less risk of overheating or explosion

  • The fan isn’t too noisy

  • Instructions aren’t very clear

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#04 Traxxas 2970 EZ-Peak LiPo Fast Charger

Traxxas 2970 EZ-Peak LiPo Fast Charger

Another on the list of most functional and practical LiPo chargers is Traxxas 2970 LiPo charger. It comes supported with huge power potential and can charge both 2s and 3s LiPo batteries and 5-8 cell NiMH batteries with no hassle. All thanks to the Traxxas iD system, with only a single distinct button, the charger instantly identifies the different id batteries type.

Also, the Traxxas iD automatically controls and optimizes all the battery charger’s settings. Furthermore, this charger comes equipped with a built-in fan cooling fan to prevent heating up.

The Traxxas 2970 is attractively built and includes integrated balanced ports for traditional LiPo batteries. The balanced port helps in preventing the battery from any skid. Moreover, for ensuring an effortless usage, it offers a convenient to operate interface, which includes an LED charge progress indicator for keeping you informed regarding your battery’s charge status.

This charger delivers an ideal charge through the utilization of advanced high-resolution peak detection and charges fairly quickly as compared to some others available on the market

It is a good option for those who are not into digital equipment, as Traxxas 2970 operates manually and efficiently.

  • Durable and fast

  • Doesn’t destroy plastic-wrapped batteries

  • Instructions are simple

  • Easy to set up

  • Reasonable

  • The fan can be noisy at times

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#05 IMAX B6AC LiPo Charger and Discharger

IMAX B6AC LiPo Charger and Discharger

IMAX B6AC makes an ace variant to look out for when it comes to exploring a brilliant LiPo charger. Apart from its other incredible features, which makes it a preferred choice amongst many users, its high rate of charge is its selling point.

The balance charge and discharge ensures its versatility, making it somewhat multi-functional as well. Regardless of the kind of battery you use, this device can be used for recharging easily. Its storage mode keeps the charge unimpaired for a long time. This further increases the battery’s longevity to a greater extent.

In addition to this, IMAX B6AC features a time limit cutoff, capacity cutoff, and temperature cutoff features. All these relatively restrict the risks for battery explosion and overheating.

The overall battery storage memory settings are rounded off at 10, however that is also quite comprehensive, considering the diversity of options needed. It is capable of balancing batteries ranging from 2s to 6s and has five charging plugs on it.

All in all, from the functionality point of view, this battery charger is a good choice but is expensive. However, keeping in mind its amazing features, this product is worth your money.

  • Effective and efficient battery charger

  • Unique safety features

  • Durable and flexible battery charger

  • Instructions are poorly written

  • Slightly higher on the price range

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#06 Tenergy 1-4 Cells LiPo/LiFe Balance Charger

Tenergy 1-4 Cells LiPo/LiFe Balance Charger

Tenergy 1-4 Cells LiPo/LiFe Balance Charger is a great option for those who are beginners and finding something inexpensive for charging their batteries. It is can effectively charge 2s-4s LiPo/LiFe batteries. All it requires is plugging the battery to the charger device, and you are all set to go.

This compact designed battery charger efficiently charges those batteries which do not ever appear to be completely charged. It features a user-friendly interface, and for instantly alerting you regarding the status of the battery, it has a simple LED indicator.

Moreover, it is lightweight and covered with a good looking aluminum case, making it portable to be used anywhere you prefer. As far as safety is concerned, Tenergy 1-4 Cells LiPo/LiFe Balance charger comes with built-in unique safety protections that prevent short circuit, reverse polarity, over-current, and over-charge, ensuring maximal safety during usage.

In addition to this, the Tenergy balance charger can potentially support both large and small capacity battery packages. It can be used on various batteries effectively such as LiPo, LiFePO4, and Li-ion batteries.

  • Comes with extraordinary protection features

  • Pocket-friendly

  • Small in size comparatively making it easier to carry around within your house or even car

  • Automatically turns off once the charging completes

  • Lower batteries take more time for charging

  • Doesn’t feature many options like the discharging ability

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#07 GoolRC B6 Mini Multi-functional Balance Charger

GoolRC B6 Mini Multi-functional Balance Charger

GoolRC B6 mini charger is a great choice for all the RC admirers on a budget. The device is powered through an 11-18 volts DC power supply and can charge around 3 distinct LiPo batteries.

For alerting you when the battery has reached its greatest limit, it comes with LED lights, which are pre-installed on this charger. Additionally, when you buy GoolRC B6 mini balance charger, it provides you B3 company’s charger along with a plugin order. It also includes clips that permit the charger to be connected with the battery of a car, making it further used even as a field charging machine.

This charger is instant for LiPo (2s-6s), Ni-Cd, Li-ion, Pb, and Ni-MH batteries. It utilizes a completely discrete voltage detector for having a balanced charge mode.

All in all, this battery charger has an ideal battery command for the various kinds of lithium batteries along with lead and nickel-based batteries. Additionally, it also supports diverse connectors for fueling them.

When it comes to safety, this device protects against overcharging and consists of a temperature detector port, which permits temperature cutoff.

Lastly, it can be used for discharging, and users can conveniently configure their settings for fueling their batteries.

  • Controlled through microprocessor

  • Delta-peak sensitivity

  • Follows the voltage in separate cells

  • Ineffective balancing as some cells may appear to charge swifter than others

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#08 Venom Pro Quad LiPo Battery Charger

Venom Pro Quad LiPo Battery Charger

The Venom Pro Quad LiPo Battery charger is a multi-functional unit, which enables the user to charge various kinds of batteries including Lithium, Metal Hydride, Nickel, Nickel Cadmium, and Lead Acid batteries. Also, permitting the charging of 4 packs at the same time as well.

This battery charger apart from being cost-effective saves space as well. It features a vertical position, which permits you to set it even in cramped up spaces with ease. The 4 charging circuits make sure that the user can charge several battery points at once. Like any of the single output charger, Venom Pro Quad LiPo Battery Charger features a 100W power supply.

The charge/discharge balancing of the unit further enhances its efficiency. A 100W power is supplied to each of the independent channels. It also includes dual USB ports that perform the function of charging. This means the same charger can be used for charging USB devices also.

The battery’s interface is also fairly effortless to operate. This user-friendly interface enables users of tweaking the settings according to their needs.

  • Compact and simple design, guaranteeing durable service

  • Practical and sensible ports placement enhances the unit’s functionality

  • Multi-functional

  • No percentage indicator for showing the status of the battery

  • Absence of power switch

  • 1 display for all 4 ports is a concerning point

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#09 Venom Pro Duo LiPo Battery Charger

No products found.

When it is about the convenience of usage, The Venom Pro Duo LiPo Charger is one of those battery chargers that improve the standard. It features a rather distinctive vertical design, which saves space while making it easy for use. Those who are in search of a good LiPo charger for their battery, then this can be the one.

The manufacturer fairly provides the power as per the requirement of avid racers. The device has dual charging circuits, and both have a separate integrated power supply of 80W.

This charger is further compatible with Lithium, Lead Acid, Metal Hydride, and Nickel Cadmium based batteries. Included in the package are the commonly utilized connectors like XT60, Tamiya, and Deans.

This LiPo charger features an ample transformer power for charging 2 batteries each at 7amps simultaneously. It has charging modes of various types, including balance, storage, and fast modes. When in fast mode, the batteries are charged instantly. The storage mode permits charging or discharging of batteries until they attain a 50 percent capacity. This mode carries importance during extended downtimes.

Regarding the interface, it features a backlit LCD screen display, which is fairly bright and reveals clear readings. It is further equipped with five buttons that are used for navigating through various options. It further can save 5 distinct battery profiles that save time.

  • Charges quite rapidly

  • Offers 2 distinct channels for the user to charge easily

  • Provides you different options for charging

  • Renders less power

  • Offers only 1 kit of connectors that can restrict some users

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#10 SKYRC B6 LiPo Battery Charger Discharger

SKYRC B6 LiPo Battery Charger Discharger

The SKYRC B6 is equipped with a standard software chargemaster that offers you an unparalleled ability to use the charger through your computer. This unit enables you to follow the cell voltage, package voltage, and various other information during charging.

It further allows the charger data to be viewed on time graphs along with allowing you to control plus even begin the charging process. Now the charger can have its applications. Apart from utilizing computers for operating it, smartphones can also be used.

The smartphone requires an operation via a WiFi module. The device is equipped with a lithium battery balancer for enhancing its efficiency. Usually, this LiPo charger is mainly preferred by FPV enthusiasts, requiring additional accessories concerning their gadgets.

This charger is lightweight with peculiar qualities, recommending a rapid charge feature. Furthermore, it fits with nearly every type of battery with the greatest charge power of 50W.

SKYRC B6 LiPo Battery Charger Discharger comes with competent detectors for identifying temperature threshold along with a substitute socket for probing the thermometer, which will stop the process when the temperature limit is reached.

The included WiFi Module is its striking feature that provides you the remote access for information concerning your battery.

  • Fast charger

  • Comes with a charging current of 6amp

  • Adjustable terminal voltage for PC connection

  • You can set the limit of processing time and charge current

  • The manual does not include instructions in detail

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#11 Hitech RCD RDX1 Battery Charger/Discharger

Hitech RCD RDX1 Battery Charger/Discharger

When it comes to charging your batteries, this shouldn’t be a painstaking task. This is why we suggest you the Hitech RCD RDX1 Battery Charger. Besides charging, this versatile unite easily discharges as well.

It features the manufacturer’s advanced charge master software, which permits it to be used via computer. Moreover, it is designed distinctively in a sleek pillar shape for allowing you to plug-in and front load conveniently.

When it comes to its 3.2” LCD, this device surpasses many others on the market as it offers fairly clear visibility of readings. For efficient operation, this charger has a lithium battery balancer inside it. It also features multiple charging modes to enhance its functionality and practicality further.

Regarding its storage, this device holds a memory of 10 batteries, which is quite sufficient for this sized unit. All in all, considering its price and features, this model is worth your money.

  • Doesn’t occupy much space

  • Charges various battery types

  • Charges batteries faster

  • The instructions are pretty shallow

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant by Balance Charging?

Most of the LiPo chargers have the feature of balance charging. It is a way of improving the longevity of the cell, and it allows the charger to supply the same level of voltage to each cell of the battery pack. If any cell’s voltage exceeds or remains below the needed voltage, the battery can potentially get damaged.

Is a LiPo charger the best kind of charger to own?

LiPo chargers enhance the longevity of your battery and can be utilized for an extended time. Some include diverse ports, which permit to charge 4 batteries at the same time. Most of them feature the charge and discharge quality that eliminates all the risks of battery overheating. All these attributes make a LiPo charger a profitable investment.

Can I use a LiPo battery while a LiPo charger is charging it?

Although you can use it, it isn’t preferred. This is because it can risk the longevity and safety of the battery. The LiPo charger is capable of measuring its own current, however, it is not aware of the ongoing load. This can lower the voltage of your battery below the limit.

Final Words

Chargers and so their batteries have improved exponentially in terms of design, functionality, and efficiency over the last decades.

When it comes to charging batteries of your RC vehicles, the most effortless way is through a good quality and economical LiPo charger. Remember, a decent LiPo charger keeps the battery’s integrity and increases their survival life.

We expect that the reviews have provided you all the essential details and have helped you in finding the right LiPo charger, which fits your needs.

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