Top 10 Best Reverse Osmosis Systems (2023)

Water is the key to life, without it then life as we know it won’t exist.

However, it is important that we have access to clean and safe water to prevent all the health complications associated with unsafe water.

What better way to safe drinking water than using reverse osmosis filters?

You could be thinking, what about tap water, surely they should safe given that it has undergone treatment to make it safe for drinking.

However, that is not the case anymore in the present day, the flint water crises can testify to that.

So it is quite important to be sure your drinking water is totally safe by taking extra precautions such as using reverse osmosis filters.

To be safe is better than sorry they say.

Reverse osmosis is an efficient method to make your drinking water clean and safe by removing hazardous contaminants commonly found in water like Iron, Chlorine, Arsenic, Chlorine, Microorganisms, Nitrates, etc.

However, picking the right type of filter can burdensome if you are not armed with adequate knowledge about them.

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10 Best Reverse Osmosis Systems

#01. iSpring Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System (RCC7AK)


Talking of a water filter system that can easily rival the water quality of the so-called bottled water sold at high prices.

iSpring Reverse Osmosis filter powerful filtration system can sieve out about 99% of known contaminants, and even the notorious lead.

It designed to perfectly fit under the sink in a way that you can easily fit in yourself. The filter system comes with a well-defined instruction manual and the installation videos are also available.

Additional Sixth Filtration Stage

A typical reverse osmosis filter features a five-stage filter but the iSpring is designed with an extra stage making it six in total. The usual five-stage filter will give you a water of a pH value 7.0 or a bit below.

The iSpring sixth stage includes an Alkaline Remineralization feature to return beneficial minerals into the water to give you balanced alkaline water giving you better-tasting water.

Extra Layer of Protection

The uniqueness of the iSpring reverse osmosis filters is the addition of CTO and GAC filters to offer additional protection in the 2nd and 3rd filter stages, instead of using the CTO filters alone.

The GAC filter helps traps large contaminant and eliminate the microorganisms so the CTO filter can focus on the smaller contaminant.

  • It has a multi-layered filter system.

  • It offers an extra stage to provide Alkaline Remineralization.

  • It filters the water down to 0.0001 microns.

  • It has 3 pre-filters.

  • Leaks could occur over time depending on usage.

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#02. Express Water Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System (RO5DX)

Express Water

This five-stage reverse osmosis water filter offers the ideal solution to the issue of safe drinking water.

The system is capable of removing about 99% of impurities and contaminants like Nitrates, arsenic, Chlorine, etc. in your water.

The five filters are designed to complement each other to provide high-quality drinking water for you and your family.

It designed to fit perfectly under your sink as the 4-gallon water tank can be placed on its side or upright to ensure it sits properly under your kitchen sink.

Additional replacement filters

The beauty of the Express water reverse osmosis filter system is that the company includes additional filters for your first replacement so you don’t have to worry about buying replacement filters until your second replacement.

Five-stage Filtration

The water undergoes five filtration process; the first stage take care of sediment with the second and third focused on pollutants such as compounds giving the water odor, chlorine, and unstable organic compounds.

The fourth stage uses reverse osmosis to flush out tougher contaminants such as radium, lead, fluoride, etc. The final stage does the last check on your water to ensure it is free of potential odor or taste.

  • It has doubled sealed filters.

  • It has a leak detection system with a leak stop valve.

  • It is easy to connect with a labeled color-matched design.

  • It is NSF Certified.

  • It is customizable and upgradeable.

  • You may have to hook it up to a pressure gauge or booster pump.

  • The tubing is made of plastic.

  • The installation manual is not adequate.

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#03. APEC Water Reverse Osmosis Filter System (RO-HI)


This 100 percent US manufactured filter is designed with durability in mind to give you high-quality water with great taste. Subjected to strict quality control measures to ensure the components are of the highest quality.

This reverse osmosis filter will eliminate nearly all the known contaminants that can be found in your water. The faucet is totally lead-free and made of metal and tubing that is FDA certified.

Fast Flow Design

It is designed to provide a fast flow of water output through the faucet thereby reducing the time you need to wait to get your full pitcher or glass of water.

Large capacity and Durability

The filters are designed to last about 12 months reducing the need for frequent maintenance of the filter system and less frequent replacement of filer as well. Add this to the large capacity of the filter system.

  • Water outflow is great.

  • It uses the John Guest fittings for leak-proof performance.

  • Filters last for longer.

  • The instructions are well written and it is easy to install.

  • It produces a lot of wastewater.

  • The filter doesn’t differentiate between good and bad compounds, it removes all compounds.

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#04. Home Master Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System (TMAFC-ERP)

Home Master

An innovative reverse osmosis filtration system designed by Home Master to provide safe and clean drinking water. The excellent water quality will leave desiring for more as you quench your thirst.

It is equipped with a non-electric permeate water pump to help reduce wastewater and drive up the production of drinking water.

The filter system is devoid of common issues such as slow flow rate, service issues, and canister housing leaks. It is known to remove nearly every pollutant and contaminant that can be found in your water.

Durable Filters and the Addition of useful minerals

The filter system backed by a patented full contact technology is able to improve your water quality with extra minerals like magnesium and calcium two times as purification occurs.

Besides, the filters are highly durable lasting 2000 gallons or a whole year before the need to change them. When you do need to change them, they are very easy to change.

Integrated filter design

A common problem faced by reverse osmosis filter systems is the way the canister filter housing is designed, in which just the filters are replaced but the housing itself.

That allows the build-up of biofilm, sediment, etc. The Home Master filter system is designed in a way that the filter is integrated into the housing and thus the whole filter plus the housing can be changed.

This helps eliminates the issue of the build-up of microorganisms, sediment, and biofilm.

  • It has seven filter stages for a quality water purification process.

  • It uses modular design for its filter housing.

  • It reduces wastewater by 80% and drives up water production by 50%.

  • It has a fast water flow rate.

  • The filters are easy to change.

  • The pump is noisy.

  • It can be a bit difficult to install for a novice with poor instructional materials.

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#05. Brondell’s Circle Reverse Osmosis System


Talking of modern reverse osmosis filtration system then Brondell will be accounted for with its Circle reverse osmosis water filter.

The system is built to utilize space efficiently with its compact design.

Its patented water-saving technique drives up the system efficiency and its distinctive water tank and smart valve technology help drive down the level of water wasted substantially.

Four-Stage Filter

The filter system passes the water through four different filters to drastically eliminate harmful pollutants and contaminants. Additionally, the way the filters are designed, making it easy to change them when they need to be replaced.

Reducing Waste Water through Smart Technology

Equipped with a smart valve technology, the issue of backpressure is removed to make the system ten times more effective than your typical reverse osmosis system. Thereby reducing water wastage and driving up water production.

  • The filter system automatically flushes the reverse osmosis membrane.

  • It has a patented smart valve technology.

  • It has a flexible water tank that contracts and expands to maintain a steady flow of water.

  • Compact water tank to save space.

  • It prevents backpressure.

  • The system’s water pressure is low.

  • It will not work with an inline water heater.

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#06. Waterdrop Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System


This unique filter system from Waterdrop offers something quite different from the rest of the reverse osmosis filter system.

It features a tankless filter system, and a compact design to ensures that it optimize available space. The filter system level of accuracy is 0.0001 microns, making sure that almost all the contaminants in your water are removed.

That is not, the filter system also comes with different types of sensors to help you know about the TDS value, filter lifespan, and quality of the water.

Reduction of Waste Water

Waterdrop reverse osmosis filter is designed to reduce wastewater by 300 percent, which helps you save money on monthly water bills.

Adaptable Application and Smart Technology

Apart from placing the filter under your kitchen cabinet, you can connect it to your refrigerator as well.

There is a smart leakage protector that monitors the water supply in real-time and will cut off supply if leakage is detected.

It also comes equipped with a pressure pump that can change the water pressure depending on conditions.

  • The water flow rate is eight times faster.

  • It has 1:1 drain rate.

  • It is equipped with a smart water pressure pump and leakage detector.

  • It is easy to install.

  • The tankless design eliminates the chances of secondary pollution of the water.

  • It doesn’t have a water tank.

  • It functions using electricity.

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#07. SimPure Reverse Osmosis Water System


Talking of the company simply acting on its name, then one will definitely consider SimPure. Its reverse osmosis filtration system makes pure and safe drinking water for the whole household.

The filter system features a five-stage filter system that purifies your water, removing 99% of contaminants and pollutants. The filter system is factory assembled to make installation easier.

Lead-free faucet

A sleek brass body faucet is designed in compliance with lead-free regulation (lead content is lower than 0.25%) to make your water safe and healthy.

Refined five-Stage Filtration

The filter system comes with improved design and the pumps do not require electricity to function. Additionally, the filter can easily be changed with a new one.

  • It has 24/7 customer support.

  • The company provides online installation videos to make installation easier.

  • It requires simple maintenance.

  • The filters are pre-assembled.

  • The instruction manual is poor.

  • There is no color match labeling for differentiation.

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#08. Global Water Reverse Osmosis Filter (RO-505)

Global Water

One of the top buys you will get in the market for the RO filter system is the RO-505 from Global Water.

A high performance and efficient system that gives you great-tasting drinking water as well as clean and safe water.

It is capable of removing 99 percent of the contaminants and pollutants in your drinking water. The tank and the lead-free faucet is of ANSI/NSF standard.

Self-secure Technology

The RO filter system is equipped with a quick-connect fitting that is self-secured, which means there is no need to use a clip to secure the connections.

Five-stage filtration

The filter system five stages of filtration ensure what you have left is the water of the highest quality at the end of the filtration process.

The first stage ensures sediments are removed before contaminants like VOCs chemicals, chlorine, organics, smell, taste, etc. removed in the second and third stages.

The fourth stage allows heavy metals, arsenic, and dissolved chemicals to be removed with the fifth stage providing the polishing your water needs.

  • It does not require electricity to work as it works on water pressure.

  • It has a perma-locking mechanism.

  • The company provides a lifetime of 24-hour support.

  • The components come pre-assembled.

  • It is not easy to install for a novice.

  • The instruction manual is not easy to follow.

  • The water adapter is plastic.

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#09. Whirlpool Reverse Osmosis (RO) Filtration System (WHER25)


The Whirlpool WHER25 RO filter brings you close to the level of bottled water perfection with a filter system that is primed to deliver clean and safe drinking water.

Designed to fit for household use, this filter is very space conscious. There is no need to worry about when your filter will run out as this smart guy has a light indicator to remind you when you need to replace your filter.

Patented UltraEase Technology

The beauty of using this filter system is that to change the filter doesn’t require much hassle as the UltraEase technology makes it easy to replace the filter for new ones.

Also, the filter has a lifespan of six months and the RO membrane can last for two years before needing replacement.

  • The filter small footprint help optimizes space.

  • The UltraEase filter makes it easy to replace.

  • The filter system is easy to install.

  • It has a plastic faucet.

  • It is noisy.

  • It is a three-stage filter.

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#10. FS-TFC Reverse Osmosis Filter (FS-RO-100G-A)


Water quality you get from this filter system is limitless fresh and clean water. The components used in the FS-RO-100G RO filter is food-grade rated.

The beauty of this system is that it can be mounted on the wall and can also fit in perfectly under your kitchen cabinet with its mini-size designed to conserve space.

It is capable of removing chemicals like chlorine, fluoride, arsenic, etc. The system efficiency allows it to filter 4.76 gals/hour and up to 100 gals/day.

High Flow rate and Quick-connect fittings.

The filter system features a high flow rate that allows you to fill a 200ml cup of water in just 5 seconds from a 360o rotating faucet. It also has a quick-connect fitting that is self-secure and doesn’t require the use of clip to hold the connections in place.

1:1 Wastewater to Pure Water Ratio

At a water pressure of 60 psi and above, the drain rate is 1:1 with the help of a 300CC flow restrictor. Additionally, the system requires about 30 minutes of flushing for effective usage.

  • It can be mounted on the wall.

  • It has a fast flow rate.

  • It has a 1:1 drain rate.

  • The company provides life-long technical support.

  • It features quick-fitting connections settings.

  • The user manual is poor.

  • The system piping is not color-coded for easy differentiation.

  • It is not easy to install.

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Benefits of Using a Reverse Osmosis Filter System

There are many benefits to using an RO filter system, some of which are highlighted below:

It Removes Sodium; the use of water softener introduces sodium into your water and sodium is known to cause health issues, however, with an RO filter this can be eliminated.

It Eliminates Lead; lead is another dangerous substance removed by the RO filter, lead consumption can lead to known health complications like infertility.

It reduces your energy costs; generally, RO filter utilizes lower compared to other kinds of water filters, mainly they work on water pressure.

Space Optimization; RO filter system is generally smaller and compact, which helps save space in your kitchen set-up.

Easy maintenance and great-tasting water; the maintenance required for RO filters is quite minimal with a focus on periodic filter replacement. Also, the water produced is usually of high quality and great taste.

How To Use Reverse Osmosis Filter System

After installing your RO filter system according to each manufacturer’s instruction then the next thing is to flush the system.

Most manufacturers usually recommend flushing for about 30 minutes to get the system prep for work.

Your water will pass all the stages of filtration from the pre RO membrane filter that removes materials that could damage the RO membrane such as sediments, etc.

The water then passes through the RO membrane that filters anything bigger than 0.001 microns before been pass through a final filter that eliminates residual taste or odor.

Some RO filters could come with a Remineralization filter that replaces all the minerals lost with beneficial minerals like magnesium and calcium.

In other RO systems, they could come with a permeate pump to jack up water pressure.

Maintaining Tips and Tricks For Reverse Osmosis Filter System

Maintaining your reverse osmosis filter is not quite hard when you follow the basic steps to keep them in good shape.

Change the filters (carbon and sediment) a minimum of one time in a year then make sure the filter housing is cleaned and the system is sanitized.

You will have to make sure your water tank pressure is good, which should stand at seven to 10 psi without water.

Change the RO membrane once every two years and you can check the TDS reading or have an expert do that for you.

One key maintenance tip is making sure there is no leak anywhere in the system.


What makes reverse osmosis important?

RO is a very good method of water purification as it uses a semi-permeable membrane combined with a pressurized device to eliminate pollutants and contaminants making for clean and safe water only.

Which is the better option between RO and UV?

The assumption is that the reverse osmosis system is a better water purification system than Ultraviolent water filters. RO on its own purifies water very well including water with a high level of ions to give you great quality, however, the UV filter is usually used alongside other types of filters because UV filter is capable of eliminating viruses and bacteria.

Is Water softener necessary if you install reverse osmosis?

Houses with water softener often install RO because RO is capable of removing up to 99% of impurities in water and that includes the sodium in your water left behind by the water softener.

Which TDS reading is safe for drinking water?

Typically, the TDS reading you get from your tap water should be ten times more than what you will get after using the RO system.

Final Verdict

RO filter is one of the best methods of providing and clean and safe drinking water for you and your family.

The system keeps getting better with the latest development in technology, we now have an RO filter system that can rival bottled water in terms of quality.

They have proven to be durable, efficient and effective. This has seen people explore the option of having one in their homes.

So if you are looking for the top reverse osmosis filtration system, you can benefit by exploring any of the options above.

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