11 Best Magnetic Screwdrivers (2024)

Whether you are an electrician, mechanic, carpenter, or just a passionate American fix-it man, a magnetic screwdriver is one of the tools that will more often come in handy in your projects.

This simple tool makes it easy to tighten and unravel screws. And with the magnetic feature onboard, you will find it easier and more convenient to insert and lift screws from tight spots. 

But does this mean that every magnetic screwdriver is good for you? Well, not at all! The model you choose will determine how fast, effective, and comfortable you handle your repair projects.

That’s why we have taken the initiative to dig deep into the market to find the very finest options. Get your next purchase from one of the 11 best magnetic screwdrivers.

Top 11 Magnetic Screwdriver Reviews

#1 TACKLIFE Professional Magnetic Screwdriver Set (26 PCS)

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Our first option is from Tacklife. It comes as a set made of 6150 chromium-vanadium steel. Therefore, the screwdrivers are more rugged and durable than some competing models that make use of carbon steel construction.

Each piece has chromium plating for corrosion resistance. For this reason, expect them to maintain their ‘day one’ beauty throughout their entire lifespan. The set contains 26 pieces of screwdrivers. Therefore, you will always be equipped to take on any project that comes your way.

I mean, whether you want to use the set for PC, watch, iPhone, camera, television, or any other electrical appliance, you will always find the perfect piece for the job. The handles are of PP+TPR, a durable material that provides a non-slip grip.

The tip has a super-strong magnet that holds your fasteners tightly without any chance of dropping them. This feature increases user convenience and allows for one-handed operation.

The set comes in a sturdy storage case that offers multiple slots for every piece. This ensures that you remain more organized. And since each piece has its slot, it’s easy to know when there is a missing bit. The case also makes it easy to transport the set to the intended point of use.

  • It’s a heavy-duty set.
  • The price is reasonable.
  • The handles are comfortable.
  • The storage case is rugged.
  • The grips feel a little cheap.
  • They may not stay put in their slots.

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#2 ORIA Precision Screwdriver Set

ORIA Precision Screwdriver Set

This magnetic screwdriver set is the best-selling option and for a reason. The kit comes with 60 pieces, more than you will find in most sets out there. With all these pieces in a single case, you will always be ready to do any repair, whether of a laptop, camera, TV, phone, or any other electrical gadget. 

The specialty bits make use of chrome vanadium steel. For this reason, in case you are looking for a magnetic screwdriver set that will serve you for years, you may not find a better option! 

The non-slip grip is an implication that this is one of the sets that is designed with user ergonomics in mind. Like the previous kit, this set also comes with a storage case that keeps all the bits organized. This makes it easy to identify and pick the right bit for the job.

Amazingly, even with the number of pieces it packs, this kit comes at an affordable price that most professionals and home DIYers can easily accommodate in their budgets. And since the set is portable, bringing it to the intended site of use is a breeze.

  • 60 pieces is a good number.
  • It keeps the bits organized for easy access.
  • It is ergonomically designed.
  • The extension piece is nice.
  • Some users wish that the extension was a little stiffer.
  • The plastic interior tray is quite thin.

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#3 CREMAX Magnetic Screwdriver Set (10 PCS)

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This is yet another set that is highly preferred by professionals and hobbyists. Although it doesn’t offer as many pieces as the previously-reviewed options, it comes with 10 carefully-selected sizes that meet most of your needs.

Thus, whether you want one for automotive, carpentry, home repair, or any other application, chances are that you will always have the precise piece for every job. Like all the earlier-reviewed options, this screwdriver set is made of chromium-vanadium steel. For this reason, the kit is highly durable and incredibly durable. 

The tip has a very strong magnet to hold and lift your screw after unraveling. The tip also features a durable black finish that effectively protects it from rust. The grip is made of PP and TPR materials that provide a non-slip grip for comfortable use. The size of each screwdriver is printed on the ergonomic grip for easy identification.

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The high-quality screwdriver set comes with a convenient storage bag. This case not only keeps them organized but also enhances portability- it won’t even demand a spot in your toolbox!

  • The size selection is good.
  • They hold screws very well.
  • The grips are pretty nice.
  • The quality of the kit is impressive.
  • The round handle means that they roll when placed on a flat surface.
  • The magnets still not the strongest.

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#4 SDC Tools Magnetic Screwdriver Set

SDC Tools Magnetic Screwdriver Set

This kit consists of common sizes of different screwdrivers. I mean, it offers 3 Philips, 4 Torx, 2 square, 2 hex, and 3 slotted screwdrivers of varying sizes. Having all these kinds in the same package means that the user can handle different screw designs.

The set is constructed from CR-V steel that is heat-treated and hardened to not only guarantee long-lasting performance but also to ensure that it does not bend or wear with time. The magnetic tips provide an excellent grip on fasteners and are treated with black oxide to ensure resistance from corrosion.

A premium-grade plastic covering the metallic shaft is extremely tough. The plastic acts as an insulation, making this kit a safe option for use in electrical and mechanical applications.

The shafts are interchangeable to minimize the number of pieces to a manageable number when still allowing you to enjoy the full functionality of a set. The size of every screwdriver is indicated near the tip for easy identification. 

The dual-material handle interacts well with your fingers and gives up to 40% more torque than the conventional models. Hence, with this set, you will find it easier to drive and unravel screws than when using any other model.

  • The interchangeable tip design is nice.
  • It does not claim much room in the toolbox.
  • The different tip designs ensure versatility.
  • The grip delivers more torque.
  • It doesn’t offer all the tips you need for every project.
  • The color isn’t everyone’s favorite.

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#5 METAKOO Screwdriver Set

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This kit includes a total of 27 pieces. They include 8 Philips, 10 slotted, and 8 Torx screwdrivers. With all these pieces, you will always be equipped to handle any automotive, domestic appliance, home improvement or any other application around the home.

It utilizes the same construction as our previous options, that is, CR-V steel, making it one of the most durable sets you can ever grab from the market. And since this construction is rust and wear-resistant, expect the set to retain its original appearance throughout its entire lifetime.

The magnetic tips mean that you won’t even lose a single screw when repairing the small electrical gadgets. Also, the magnetic tips make it easy to install and remove screws in the hard-to-reach areas since they stick at the tip.

Each tip comes with its own grip that makes it comfortable to use. I mean, if you don’t want the hassle of switching tips that come along with the interchangeable shafts that share a single handle, this set will be a nice buy for you.

However, with the more handles, the pieces should claim a little more space in your toolbox. But since they come with their own carrying case, this is no longer a major concern.

  • It serves well as a gift.
  • They have a good weight.
  • Each shaft has its handle.
  • The slots keep the pieces in their place inside the case.
  • The magnetizer doesn’t seem to stay in its place.
  • The size of the grip is quite big and may not get into tight spaces.

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#6 GIVERARE Magnetic Precision Screwdriver Set

GIVERARE Magnetic Precision Screwdriver Set

Apart from saving space in your toolbox, having a screwdriver set that uses a universal grip keeps the price of the set a little low. Now, since all the bits here utilize the same handle, this kit offers the best price in the market. Therefore, in case you are in search of a set that will give the best bang for your buck, GIVERARE Magnetic Precision Screwdriver Set is the go-to option.

The kit packs 30 bits to give you the flexibility you need to face any repair task around home, ranging from repairing iPhone and watches to camera and glasses. All these bits are heat-treated for incredible toughness and have a white nickel plating for aesthetics and rust resistance.

The uniqueness of the kit is that it packs 4X magnifier that comes in handy when working in tight areas or on screws that are not on the surface. You will also get a 7-inch flexible bar for weird angles. It is of carbon steel that guarantees long-lasting performance.

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The handle utilizes TPR and PP materials. Hence, it is durable and feels nice in the user’s hand for easy applying of extra torque on screws. The handle also comes with a 3.5-inch extension bar that makes your work easier and gives you the convenience you need in your projects.

  • It has the best price on our list.
  • The extension bar has an adjustable length.
  • All the parts are of top-grade materials.
  • It works well for hard-to-reach spaces.
  • The quality of the case isn’t the best.
  • In case the handle breaks the entire kit is rendered useless.

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#7 Gocheer Mini Precision Screwdriver Set

Gocheer Mini Precision Screwdriver Set

This kit comes with the most pieces on our list. With a total of 115 pieces, this set will always give you the right bit to crack any device open.

In other words, whether you are repairing a small gadget such as a watch, iPhone, smartphone, or clock or larger machines like air conditioners, TV, washing machine or any other unit around your home, you can always count on it to offer the precise size and shape for the project.

The 115 bits include 98 bits, 1 hexagonal sleeve, 6 triangle pry tools, 1 telescopic handle, 2 plastic crowbars, 1 hard extension shaft, 1 soft extension shaft, 1 anti-static tweezer, 1 magnetization, 1 card pin, 1 suction cup, and a sturdy PP carrying case.

The bits feature chrome vanadium steel construction, you can buy it with the confidence that it offers the exceptional strength you need for your projects. The soft and hard extensions come in handy for narrow spots whereas the non-slip handle makes applying additional torque a breeze.

Most people like that all the pieces remain put in their respective slots in the case. This is a nice feature since it keeps all the pieces organized, unlike in some models where the pieces can’t remain in the slots when you close or lift the case.

  • It offers plenty of pieces for the price.
  • The components of the kit remain in their slots.
  • The bits will not chip.
  • The color is nice.
  • You can’t compare the construction with that of some expensive sets.
  • Pulling the smaller tips from the case is a little hard.

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#8 Steelex D2032 Magnetic Tip Screwdriver Bit Set (30-Piece)

Steelex D2032 Magnetic Tip Screwdriver Bit Set

One of the downsides of repairing small electronic devices is that the chances of dropping and losing the tiny screws are very high. However, with this screwdriver offering a magnetic tip, it’s something you no longer have to worry about.

This option comes as a 30-piece kit to give you the exact size and shape you need for a smooth repair. The 26 bits are durably constructed to ensure that you can count on them for your repair applications for several years to come.

The rubberized non-slip grip delivers tremendous torque to make unraveling even the most stubborn screws a breeze. The grip offers a magnetic socket tip that allows for easy and quick changing of hex bits and adapters.

The bit organizer storage case makes transporting the case a breeze. Also, it makes it easy to retrieve the right bit for the job at hand. But since it only comes with one handle, you still have to face the hassle of changing the bits.

  • It offers 5 different shapes of bits.
  • The magnet is pretty strong.
  • It has easy to insert tips.
  • Transporting the kit is a cinch.
  • The magnet is at the screwdriver holder and not the tips.
  • 26 bits isn’t the best number you will get in the market.

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#9 Famistar Magnetic Screwdriver Set (10 PCS)

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Once you order this kit, you will get 10 pieces of screwdrivers. Of course, this is a smaller number as compared to some of the options we have in the market. However, because the shapes and sizes are carefully-selected, you will find the kit to be of great help in most of your projects.

The 10 pieces consist of 5 Phillips head and 5 flathead screwdrivers. Each of these tips comes with its own handle and not a single common handle that requires the user to frequently switch the tips depending on the project.

Also, unlike some sets that have the magnet feature in the handle, these screwdrivers have the magnet at the tip. Therefore, it boasts a greater magnetic hold as compared to the majority of options we have out there.

The chrome vanadium steel is heat-treated to ensure incredible strength and unsurpassed durability. Also, these screwdrivers have a premium finish to imply that they won’t catch rust like some of the members of the competition.

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#10 REXBETI Magnetic Screwdriver Set

REXBETI Magnetic Screwdriver Set

Using the wrong screwdriver size can cause more bad than good since it strips the head of the screw. To avoid this, you need to have the exact size for every screw.

And yes, this magnetic screwdriver set offers a total of 63 pieces. They include 5 Philips and 5 slotted head screwdrivers, 6 Torx and 4 Phillips precision screwdrivers, 40 bits, a holder, and an SAE Metric Allen Wrench Set.

The solid steel alloy construction is heat-treated and hardened to ensure that it outlasts other screwdrivers that are made with carbon steel. The black oxide tips have blackening treatment that protects them from rust and other elements that may affect the durability of the set.

The storage case means that you don’t even have to carry the set in your toolbox. The handles are made of commercial-grade plastic that is durable and comfortable. I mean, with the long handle of these screwdrivers, expect minimal to no hand fatigue for the heavy repair projects.

  • The handle is long.
  • The screw heads are of good quality.
  • The magnetic tips keep the small screws from disappearing.
  • The quality of the case is impressive.
  • It is a little costly than most of the other sets on the list.
  • Although it is comfortable and durable, the grip still feels cheap.

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#11 Steelman 8-Piece Diamond Tip Screwdriver Set

Steelman 8-Piece Diamond Tip Screwdriver Set

The last set on our top-notch list comes with 8 pieces. The common slotted and Phillips head sizes deliver the versatility that most hobbyists want in their home improvement projects.

The flathead screwdrivers include 1/8 x 3″, 3/16 x 3″, 1/4 x 4″, and 5/16 x 6″ while Phillip sizes consist of PH0 x 3″, PH1 x 3″, PH2 x 4″ and PH3 x 6″.

The set utilizes hardened S2 carbon steel construction. This makes them strong and long-lasting. Also, the pieces of this kit will not chip or catch rust like other screwdrivers of other kits.

Furthermore, each screwdriver utilizes its own handle. Therefore, the set comes ready to use, unlike some kits that require you to do several connections before you tackle your projects.

The tips of this unit are diamond-coated and will offer an excellent grip to your fasteners. And since they are magnetic, there are no chances of dropping even the smallest screws when working on hard-to-reach areas.

Some users, however, claim that this kit is a little costly but it’s something that we expect from any product of its quality.

  • The diamond-coated tips are nice.
  • They are aesthetically appealing.
  • They are made very well.
  • The sizes are good.
  • The price point isn’t the most affordable.
  • There are no precision bits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a magnetic screwdriver on a computer?

Yes. Although these screwdrivers have a magnet, the magnets are not so strong. Therefore, they won’t cause any harm to your PC’s motherboard and other components.

How do I choose a screwdriver?

When buying a screwdriver set, you need to pay attention to the sizes, the handle, quality of the case, number of pieces included, and the construction. You should also ensure that the finish is durable for rust-free service life.

What are the five most common screwdriver types?

The shape of the tip is what distinguishes one type from the other. The five common types of screwdrivers we have in the market include the Phillips, flathead/slotted, hex, Torx, and square.

Are Torx and Allen keys the same?

No. The Allen keys have a hexagonal cross-section. This makes them different from the Torx which has a star-like cross-section. 

Why do I need a magnetic screwdriver?

A magnetic screwdriver will do all that a non-magnetic version can do. However, since it has a magnet, it can hold screws at the tip for easy installation and removal. This ability enhances user convenience and makes it easy to remove fasteners from tight corners where you can’t reach with your finger.

Final Verdict

Even with the simplicity they carry, picking the right magnetic screwdriver isn’t a straightforward task.

Most of the options out there are likely to do more bad than good. But with one of our recommendations, you will hardly regret no matter what comes your way.

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