15 Best Oscillating Tools (2024)

Home builders, remodelers and workers globally can all agree on the importance of oscillating tools.

It is one of those must-have tools that every household ought to own. An oscillating tool works with a side to side kind of movement with tiny oscillations of up to 3 degrees.

The movement is quite fast; 20,000 strokes each minute, making it feel like vibrations.

We have compiled some of the markets top Oscillating Tools. Go through our list:

DEWALT 20V MAX* XR Oscillating Tool Kit, 3-Speed...
  • The 3-speed selector of DEWALT 20V tools allows users to choose their speed setting based on application.

15 Best Oscillating Tools

#01. DEWALT XR Oscillating Tool


If You’re looking for efficiency in your oscillating tool performance, then this right here is a perfect choice.

The DEWALT 20V MAX XR Oscillating Tool has brushless motor which allows it to deliver more runtime as compared to other brushed tools by up to 57%.

It comes with an accessory system that is quick to change, allowing you to switch between blades and other attachments swiftly and precisely. It comes with 2.0 Ah battery with a charger included.

  • In-built flashlight.

  • Dual grip

  • Variable speed trigger

  • Requires some level of expertise to operate.

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#02. Makita XMT03Z LXT Multi-Tool

Makita XMT03Z LXT

The Makita XMT03Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Multi-Tool delivers speed and accuracy without necessarily making use of the cord.

This oscillating tool has a battery that has the fastest charge time as compared to others in its category. With it, it can run for20 minutes straight given the 3.0 Ah battery.

Its start feature is quite soft and straight forward allowing the user to experience better application control. For faster and even more aggressive task execution, the oscillation angle is just at 3.2 degrees.

  • Versatility in application

  • It comes with a variable speed control dial

  • Several adapters to fit an array of accessories

  • The battery and charger are sold separately.

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#03. 1.5A Oscillating Multi Tool


The 1.5A Oscillating Multi Tool is a state-of-the-art hand tool designed to make your day to day life easier when it comes to matters grinding, sanding and cutting as well.

This oscillating tool comes with a 1.5A motor that provides reliable power to deliver 22000 oscillations each minute. It is fitted with a metal gear head that is quite robust.

It has quite versatility when it comes to task execution. You can use it on an array of materials allowing you to meet the simplest and most complex tasks alike.

  • Easy and comfortable to use

  • And ergonomic grip for optimal control and handling of the tool.

  • Versatility in application

  • Super powerful and durable

  • Swift attachment changing

  • Requires expertise to use.

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#04. DEWALT DCS354B ATOMIC Oscillating Multi-Tool


The DEWALT DCS354B ATOMIC 20V Max Brushless Cordless Oscillating Multi-Tool will give you an experience unlike any other o0scillating hand tool.

This oscillating tool comes with a brushless motor that allows it to have a 57% higher runtime. With it, you are guaranteed of better application control and high speeds of task execution.

  • Quick-change accessory system

  • Variable speed trigger

  • In-built LED for easy illumination

  • Batteries are required; however, they’re not included in the package.

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#05. 3.5-Amp Oscillating Multi Tool


The 3.5-Amp Oscillating Multi Tool, will execute your day to day activities in a manner that makes your experience seamless and one of a kind.

With a 4.5 degrees of oscillation angle, working with this hand tool is way much more efficient as compared to other tools.

It has a locking lever that is designed to make blade and other attachments so easy to interchange. Its speed is incredible and the 6-speed switch feature gives the user better speeds.

It has an auxiliary handle that provides stable operation with a firm grip. It comes packaged with 13 accessory pieces.

  • Wide application

  • Ergonomic design

  • Highly durable

  • Slightly pricy

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#06. Genesis GMT15A Multi-Purpose Oscillating Tool

Genesis GMT15A

If you’re in search of a multi-purpose hand tool that won’t disappoint when it comes to task execution, then this right here would without a doubt be your perfect choice.

With the Genesis GMT15A Multi-Purpose Oscillating Tool, home restoration, repair, and re-modeling is ever so easily achieved. It has a 4-pin design of the flange which holds all the accessories in place.

Its body is made of sturdy aluminum for enhanced durability. With oscillations of 21000 in a minute, you’re guaranteed of fast task execution.

  • Diversity in application

  • Quite affordable

  • High voltage of up to 120v

  • Does not include batteries

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#07. Rockwell RK5151K Sonicrafter F80 Oscillating Multi-Tool

Rockwell RK5151K

If you want to get the perfect gift for yourself or even your favorite hobbyist the gift of a lifetime, then the Rockwell RK5151K 4.2 Amp Sonicrafter F80 Oscillating Multi-Tool is definitely an all-round winner.

The Rockwell RK5151K 4.2 Amp Sonicrafter F80 Oscillating Multi-Tool comes with a dual-tech oscillation technology, allowing you to play around with the oscillation angle for enhanced meticulousness.

It comes with a super powerful 4.2 Amp motor that delivers the best speed. It has a hyper lock blade change system that is tool-free for better task implementation.

It has a universal fit system that allows it to accept different accessories from major brands.

  • It does not stall when used with heavy loads.

  • It provides lumping force equivalent to 1 ton which prevents any kind slippage.

  • It comes with a variable speed dial ranging from 10,000 to 19,000 oscillations in a minute.

  • This tool is a bit on the high end when it comes to price.

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#08. Rockwell RK5132K Sonicrafter F30 Oscillating Multi-Tool

Rockwell RK5132K

Quality, high-performance, and fast speeds is what the Rockwell RK5132K 3.5 Amp Sonicrafter F30 Oscillating Multi-Tool guarantees you off.

The Rockwell RK5132K 3.5 Amp Sonicrafter F30 Oscillating Multi-Tool boasts a holding force that is unmatched. For compatibility fits well with accessories from globally leading brands given its universal fit system.

  • Ability to withstand high levels of stall force

  • A 4-degree oscillation angle gives you easy tool control and fast cutting.

  • It comes with a variable speed selection making it suitable for various cutting tasks.

  • It comes with 32 accessories as well as a carry bag.

  • Slightly pricy.

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#09. Bosch 12V Max EC Starlock Oscillating Multi-Tool

Bosch 12V

The Bosch 12V Max EC Brushless Starlock Oscillating Multi-Tool guarantees you of great and satisfactory task completion offering you so much peace of mind.

With this tool, you’re able to achieve plunge-cutting, flush-cutting, grinding as well as sanding efficiently at 12v.

It features a 3D tool accessory interface providing you with the best grip ever with near zero possibility of slippage. The 12v motor that powers it gives it unsurpassed performance.

  • Efficient given the 2.8-degree angle.

  • Highly variable speed dial.

  • Quite versatile

  • Can easily get damaged if not well taken care of.

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#10. Milwaukee 2426-20 M12 Multi Tool

Milwaukee 2426-20

Milwaukee’s 2426-20 Cordless Multi Tool is one amazing hand tool that you’re bound to love given the many uses pegged to it.

The M12 LITHIUM ION system makes it compatible with more than 25 cordless tools. It comes with a red lithium battery which offers the user some extended runtime. It has variable speeds that come with 12 settings ranging from 5000 to 20,000.

  • Short charge time; 30 minutes.

  • It has a fuel gauge that shows you how much more time you have left before it dies out.

  • It has a multi-purpose head that easily slices in too tight spaces

  • The battery is sold separately

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#11. Rockwell RK5142K Sonicrafter F50 Oscillating Multi-Tool

Rockwell RK5142K

Incredibly powerful, the Rockwell RK5142K 4.0 Amp Sonicrafter F50 Oscillating Multi-Tool never disappoints whatsoever when it comes to sanding, grinding and cutting tasks.

This hand tool operates on a strong 4.0 Amp motor offering you constant speeds and speedy task performance. For unrivaled cutting, it features oscillations of 5 degrees. It has a low vibration offset that sees to it that you don’t experience muscle strain.

  • A huge clamping fore that helps prevent slippage.

  • Precision control and variable speeds ranging from 11,000 to 20,000 oscillations each minute.

  • Compatibility with various accessories.

  • Can easily get damaged if care is not accorded to it.

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#12. FEIN FMM350QSL StarlockPlus Oscillating Multi-Tool


The FEIN FMM350QSL MultiMaster QuickStart StarlockPlus Oscillating Multi-Tool is a brilliant tool that performs literally anything kind of cutting that you throw to it.

From sanding, grinding to even scrapping, there absolutely nothing that this handy tool cannot handle.

This incredible hand tool is best suited for renovating door jambs, hardwood flooring amongst a myriad of other tasks.

It comes with 350 watts, making it one of the most oscillating tools in the market. This German-made oscillating tool features an almost instantaneous blade change ability.

  • Has quite minimal vibrations making it one of the quietest oscillating tools in the market.

  • 3-sec blade change ability.

  • Highly Durable.

  • Tends to be a bit Pricy

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#13. WORKPRO Oscillating Multi-Tool


The WORKPRO Oscillating Multi-Tool is definitely among the top oscillating tools in the market that you ought to consider owning given its numerous features.

The WORKPRO Oscillating Multi-Tool comes with a universal accessory adapter which makes it possible to use it with varying accessories from leading brands.

The powerful Li-ion battery that comes with 20v provides ample power without going off after just a short while. The removable power cords enhance this device’s portability.

  • It comes with a solid contractor bag that offers one easy organization of all the accessories and tools alike.

  • Compatibility

  • Multi-purpose and highly flexible.

  • Calls for top notch maintenance practices for guaranteed longevity.

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#14. BLACK+DECKER BD200MTB Oscillating Multi-Tool


The BLACK+DECKER BD200MTB 2.0 AMP Variable Speed Oscillating Multi-Tool is one of the most versatile tools, giving you a range of applications that are virtually limitless.

With this device, accessory change is quite a cup of tea given its tool-free blade release feature.

It comes with a quick-release lever, completely eliminating the need to get a hex key. For unmatched precision, there are six speed settings on the speed dial ranging from 10,000 to 20,000.

  • High motor power for better performance

  • This tool offers better control given the comfort grips

  • it has 13 available accessories.

  • The blades require constant maintenance

  • Its package does not include a battery.

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#15. WORX WX682L Oscillating Tool


Perfect for sewing, scrapping and more, the WORX WX682L 20V Oscillating Tool is ever up to the task, offering you convenience like no other oscillating tool in its category.

The WORX WX682L 20V Oscillating Tool has power of up to 20v which comes in handy when it comes to seamless performance.

A 3.2-degreee oscillation rate sees to it that your hand tool is speedy enough saving you o quality time. The adjustments give you full control allowing you to easily handle any task at hand.

  • It comes with an integrated LED light which helps in illuminating surfaces for enhanced accuracy

  • Has a universal interface for better compatibility.

  • Slightly pricy as compared to other oscillating tools in its category.

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Using Oscillating Tools for Precise Cuts

There are various cuts that you can make with oscillating tools. However, if you want to make some precise cuts, there is the correct procedure that you should use.

Prepare the object

Always ensure that the object you intend to work on is clean. The next important step of this process is positioning the object; the best practice is to keep it horizontally.

Make straight line markings

If you intend on getting perfect results, then you have to make straight markings on where you would like to make the straight cut using a straight object, for instance, a ruler.

Choose a relevant tool

There are various oscillating tools meant for different purposes. It is important that you pick one that executes its intended purpose to get perfect results.

Choice of blade

The material you are working on determines the blade that you will use. For instance, if you are working on metal, you will need a blade that is sturdier than one required for cutting board.

Holding your Oscillating tool right

The next important step for impeccable results is to make sure that you hold your oscillating tool in the correct manner. Hold it close to one end of the wood or metal you’re cutting then move it back and forth proceeding to the other end. While at it, don’t cut so deep.

Common Types of Oscillating Tool Blades

Oscillating tools have many purposes and are well equipped to handle a variety of tasks including sawing, cutting, sanding, grinding and even scarping. For all these tasks, the blade attachments are different in varying oscillating tools.

Cutting Blades

This is the most common of oscillating tools blades and it comes in two models. The first model is a straight edge that has teeth on its end. It is useful in making direct dive cuts. The second one is circular, ideal for cutting through wood or metal.

Sanding Blades

Sanding blades have a special kind of tooth configuration that is not all the sharp, allowing the user to efficiently sand a flat surface.

Masonry and Grout Blades

These blades are more or less the same as cutting blades only that they are manufactured for specific cutting tasks and they come with more powerful teeth. With these blades, removal of grout from tiles or even simple masonry tasks are way much easier to achieve.

Scraping and polishing Blades

If you have some scraping to do, then these blades would be the perfect choice. It is actually possible to use oscillating sand for polishing. These blades have a pad-like make making them quite ideal for all scraping tasks, including scraping paint.

Proper Maintenance of Your Oscillating Tool

The multi tool has become more of a compulsory tool tom have, allowing you to handle an array of tasks simple and complicated alike. This does not mean that Oscillating tools are not indestructible; every now and then you will be required some Maintenance on them.

Getting Rid of Debris

Every time you carry your multi toll around, chances are that it will pick up debris and lint. After a while, all these Debris can accumulate in the pivoting mechanisms making them stick and produce grinding sounds when you try operating the various two attachments. You can get rid of all this lint by using a sharp toothpick to get rid of any visible debris in the tools’ crevices and cracks. Alternatively, you can use a blower or a can of compressed air to blow out all this dirt more effectively and efficiently.

Washing the Oscillating Tool.

After you’re done with debris removal, the next step is cleaning your multi tool preferably using warm water. You need not to panic about it getting wet for as long as the tool is made of quite some high-quality materials. Do not use anything that is too sharp or abrasive pads to do the cleaning. A previously used toothbrush, especially one that has soft bristles is a perfect choice. Ensure to open each and every attachment separately and also see to it that you have cleaned all pivot mechanisms. If there are certain spaces that are hard to reach, make use of a Q-tip to make it easier. Another important thing that you ought to keep in mind is your choice of cleaning liquid; a mild dish washing liquid is most ideal.

Allow your tool to Dry Completely

Once you’re done cleaning every bit of your multi tool, you need to air dry it. In order to achieve this even better, open up the various components as completely as you can. Do not be in a hurry wit this step as leaving the tiniest amounts of moisture can lead to corrosion of various parts. Once they are completely dry, you can use the compressed air to blow out every nooks and Crannies just so you can be 100% sure that everything is as dry as bone.

Ensure that Your Oscillating Tool is Properly Oiled

This step right here is quite crucial when it comes to matters tool maintenance. After you’re confident that each and every part of your oscillating tool is completely dry, the next step is to oil it. Oscillating tools have multiple m0oving parts in them, all which need to be well-lubricated at all times for excellent performance of your multi tool. There is array of oils that you can use depending on what you use your tool for. If you plan on using for any kind of food preparation, avoid using toxic lubricants. A good example of a non-toxic lubricant is mineral oil.

Actual Application of the Lubricant.

Oil application has a specific way of doing it. Getting it right will go a long way to ensuring your tools’ longevity. An overload of oil will end up attracting too much debris and dust and the end result will be detrimental and nowhere close to beneficial. It is advisable that you use small amounts and most of the time, just a single drop will suffice. Ensure that the lubricant is directly applied to the pivot mechanism, not just around it. If the oils’ delivery method does not get to those small cracks, you can make use of a toothpick, moistened with lubricant. Upon completion, open up and close the pivot mechanism severally until you’re certain that the lubricant is thoroughly worked in before proceeding to the next attachment. Avoid getting the handle all oily. The frequency of tool lubrication is dependent on how often you use it. One more thing; if you happen to live somewhere close to the coast, where the salt content is generally high in the air, ensure to oil your Oscillating tool on a regular basis to prevent corrosion from kicking in.


What tasks can my oscillating tool execute?

Oscillating tools have many uses. From sanding to grinding, cutting to polishing just to mention a few, these hand tools allow you to execute an array of tasks.

Can I use my Oscillating tool to cut through concrete?

The answer to this is a strong Yes! The only thing that you need to choose is a relevant blade that is specially made for this purpose. The best option would be a diamond-coated one and this is for obvious reasons.

Why is an oscillating tool considered a multi-tool?

This single tool is a sander, saw, grinder and scrapper all housed in one. In addition to these task executions, it allows the user to work inaccessible spaces with so much ease. Oscillation tool comes with an array of attachments for various purposes, making it even more diverse. You can use this multi-tool on several materials, including plastic, aluminum, steel, hardwood, softwood, hard tile and even soft tile among others.

Concluding Thoughts

If you have never owned an oscillating tool before, purchasing one will change everything for you, leaving you to wonder how you even survived without having one. With such a huge variety of this hand tool out there, it can be difficult to make up your mind on which one you should settle for. Our list above makes the entire process so much easier for you.

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