Top 10 Best Portable Dance Floors (2024)

With mobility comes portability, and with our fast-paced environment where dance is taken everywhere, from the majestic ballrooms to the closest street down the alley, portable dance floors are quickly becoming the in-thing for whenever you need to get your groove on.

They are a form of sprung floors that have been made mobile and portable and provide the much needed leveled and non-slippery surface for any dancer.

They absorb shock, are sturdy and soft all at the same time. The best ones greatly improve performance and help to mitigate dancing injuries.

These floors are not just portable and mobile, they are also very easy to install on any non-piercing surface, in any area, and on most platforms.

They are easily stored and can be used indoors and outdoors. The best thing about these floors is that they are simply great for dancing.

You can use them for event planning, indoor/outdoor dance practice or rehearsals, parties, weddings, and anywhere your groove kicks in.

The craze for these floors kicked in when more and more dancers started hitting the streets, parties, crashing weddings among others.

They have also helped a ton of ballroom and tap dancers get the real feel of a sprung floor from the comfort of their home. Today, Modern types are made from portable wood panels made from oak, aluminum, laminates, and plywood.

They are in their multitudes and come in different shapes, forms, and sizes. We have taken the liberty of analyzing the most functional and durable portable floors you should consider purchasing if you are ever in need of one. They are listed below.

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10 Best Portable Dance Floors

#1. Dot 2 dance genuine portable Marley Dance Floor

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Dot 2 Dance, the powerhouse behind this portable dance floor, hit genius with this design. It holds its own as a portable mobile dance floor as well as a gym mat, a secondary function that we found worthy of note.

This portable floor features a sturdy Marley surface used in Various types of dance floors, it is none slippery and cushions the feet, giving you an “aha” effect. The other surface substitutes as a gym mat and supports the Marley floor. Although this choice may be frowned upon by some due to the degree at which it absorbs shock but it is a welcome advantage and an added plus.

The portable dance floor passed all our safety checks and will keep any injuries to the minimum. The edges are tapered to ensure safety the materials are not hazardous.

  • Dual purpose: this portable dance floor doubles up a gym mat, so it can be used for multiple things

  • Low to ground ratio: the floor assumes a perfect height from the ground and will keep trips and falls to the minimum

  • Comes with an easy carry handle

  • The floor is slightly expensive

  • The handle is not durable and may in after a while.

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#2. Bare Décor solid teak wood interlocking floors

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It’s wood, it’s portable and it can substitute as a dancefloor at any time of the day. This portable dance floor is fabricated from sold teak wood that is durable and functional. It is non-slippery and can even be installed on slightly uneven surfaces.

The design itself is brilliant in its own right. It features hoisted wood panels parallel and perpendicular to each other and is easy on the feet. It ships in a 10 pcs box set so if you want to space out your dancefloor or maybe even want to practice with a partner then this is ideal for those conditions. We also found the wooden material suitable for tap dancing as the portable floor accentuates sounds. It works and is appreciated, we also found that the portable floors can be used for other events as it is quite spacious and Will cover 10 feet.

It can be used both indoors and outdoors which is a feature we always appreciate in portable dance floors.

  • The solid teak wood that accentuates sounds, it is ideal for tap dancers.

  • Easy to install and disassemble. Aids in transportation.

  • Colors may easily fade away

  • Misleading advertisement; large enough for 10 feet by one foot.

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#3. IncStores 9 module tap dance set with edge piece.

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This portable dance floor takes multifunctional to a whole new level; it is made up of 9 individual tiles which can be assembled into a smooth dance floor right off the bat. The surface of the floor made of high-quality vinyl and the base of polypropylene. The combination boosts its functionality as a dance floor and as a floor for other uses.

In terms of safety, this unit passed all our checks, it features a matte-like edge piece that surrounds the assembled unit. It also has a low floor to ground ratio ensuring you are safe from any height based hazards especially when used outdoors. Yes, it can be used both indoors and outdoors. It serves well as a portable dancefloor but it can be used for other applications such as; full dance studios, patio flooring, workshop flooring and ultimately for general flooring if you purchased more tiles.

  • Easy installation; we spared no time in installing, the assembly is straightforward

  • The dancefloor is lightweight and easy to carry around and also made from high-quality material so it is durable as well

  • Multi-Purpose; if you looking for a portable floor that can double up as a dance floor and as general flooring

  • Slightly overpriced,

  • Not suitable for use over a carpet, prone to entangling.

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#4. Dancing Disc portable dance floor with Marley surface

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This portable dancefloor is very suitable for dancers on the go, it is sleek, stylish and lightweight. The circular dancefloor comes in different sizes with a consistent formula; high-quality Marley surface and an anti-slip bottom. The formula works as I’ll provide any dancer with a suitable platform to practice their moves on any surface.

The design of this product is simply smart, it has a safe carrying handle and also features tapered edges for optimum safety. In terms of performance, this dance floor nails it. It feels natural and rarely slips while you are dancing in it, but don’t rule put this effect just yet. It may slip on extended use; the bottom finish isn’t too sturdy. Apart from this consideration the dance floor is very effective and will surely improve performance while keeping you safe from injuries.

  • High-quality Marley surface; the surface of the floor is resilient and tough; it will increase the life span of the product.

  • High-quality craftsmanship; secure edges, carrying handle and flexibility.

  • Can be used on all types of surface, even hardwood surfaces.

  • The bottom is still susceptible to slips

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#5. Snap floor modular dance floor kit

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As the name suggests this portable dancefloor effortlessly snaps into place to give you a refined dancing experience. The product is made up of 9 individual interlocking parts that come together nicely to form the dancing floor. It ships with its edging, so for every part there is an edging, so safety is assured. The edging on this product improves the safety to a large extent, it is tapered downward so it reduces the floor to ground ratio.

We found it semi-easy to install, although that may be because we have been doing this sort of thing for a while now. Fixing the edges weren’t necessarily a breeze but it was not difficult to the point where it became a challenge. The issue was there were no clear instructions so we just made it up as we assembled it from instinct. This dancefloor offers an attractive leveled ground that any dancer can make use. So while we don’t necessarily buy the “no instructions included” idea, the dancefloor is capable.

  • Tapered edging; aids natural movement off and on the portable dance floor.

  • The product is tough, durable and built to last

  • Great for tap dancing; accentuate sounds.

  • No instructions included; installation can be a drag if unskilled.

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#6. Greatmats Marley dance floor

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This portable dance floor is made entirely of high-quality thick Marley that is about 1.22 mm thick. It is portable, mobile and can be easily rolled onto any surface. Apart from the fact that it is extremely low to ground, the floor also absorbs shock and graces the feet so perfectly that you almost want to start dancing each time you are on it. The idea works.

Another advantage is that it is a large roll-on portable dance floor, so it can be used as flooring for dance practice and rehearsals, for dance shows and even dance traveling companies. The floor measures to about 10 Ft in size, great for a multiple, also, multiple floors can be combined for larger areas. The portable floor is ideal for extensive and prolonged dancing sessions and will suit theatrical and ballet dancers perfectly.

  • Large size; can be used as a portable dance floor for groups and troupes.

  • Marley flooring; the special Marley floor is extremely durable, resilient and tough

  • Easy to use and install

  • Reversible floor; any one of the two sides can be utilized as a dance floor

  • Bottom us not anti-slip; it needs to be half temporarily to the floor by tapes

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#7. Alvas matlay dance floor

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This product is also a roll-on portable dancefloor that is suitable for any type of dance, or so the manufacturer claims. On analysis, the dancefloor stayed true to its end of the bargain. It can be used for all kinds of dancing and can be used as semi-permanent floors for studios, runways, and stages.

The product is very functional and versatile. So it can become extremely handy as a portable floor. The floor also features a reversible design for more colors and aesthetic impact. Although the reversibility might hinder its ability to act as a non-slip floor and hence may restrict its applications.

  • Available in different colors; especially for users who need to floor a branded or themed room

  • Lightweight and durable

  • Can be used for any dance situation

  • Prone to slipping when not taped to the floor

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#8. Efavourmart 8 pcs groovy led dance floor

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This innovative piece of portable flooring brings to the table a led light solution for those groovy nights when you need to get dancing. It features a set of interlocking tiles with built-in led lights that come together to form a lit dancefloor. It’s a risky design but the manufacturer took that to mind and positioned the led lights at depressed points on the dancefloor so it is not stepped on.

The floor itself is made of PVC base material that supports the weight if the dance floor. This solution is tempting for those who need a bit of pizzazz thrown into the dance floor. The flaw this product has is that it neglects to treat itself as a dancefloor. This is evident from the design, it is not durable enough to house the led lights and function as a dance floor and the edges are not tapered or trimmed to enhance safety, you get a supposed dance floor with led lights. A sacrifice we can’t seem to overlook.

  • Built-in led lights; the dance floor has built-in led lights that create a radiant and glimmering dance atmosphere

  • Can cover a large area if needed.

  • Not built to last;

  • May fail within months of extensive use.

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#9. Stage step tap board

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This peculiar dancefloor offers dancers a portable and effective platform where they can practice their professional moves. The dance board features a thick wood laminated surface and foam cushion behind it.

This product is a simple solution for portable dancers. In terms of performance, the tap board is great for dancing and is very tough, it will withstand varying weights. The design allows it to be used anywhere without any problems. It also features trimmed edges that keep trips and slips to the minimum.

  • Great for tap dancing; this dancefloor was designed to tap. You can easily strike the sickest moves here with the best sounds

  • Portable design with Inbuilt handle

  • The floor is heavy for its size

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#10. Acacia hardwood deck and patio tiles

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This unique portable flooring is made out of pure seasoned acacia wood which boosts its lifespan and makes the floor moisture and weather resistant. So you can use this product outdoors without any worries. The design is familiar to sprung boards from the old days, with wood panels laid perpendicular or parallel to each other, it gives the floor a stylish, retro look. The base is made from high-quality PP and offers the required support to the floor. The combination offers son shock absorbing feature to the floor reducing the risk of injuries.

This product is of high quality and with the material used, it will stand the test of time. It is excellent as a dance floor although it can be utilized in several different ways. The real issue here is that the floor to ground ratio is high and it does not have tapered edges, so it is not that easy to dance on and off the floor.

  • High quality build and finish

  • Unique design

  • Easy to install and set in place

  • This product does not have tapered edges

  • It has a high ground ratio

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Benefits of Using Portable Dance Floors

Cost effective

Before the advent of portable dance floors, people had to install permanent dance floors in their home or pay a hefty sum to use a studio that has on already installed. Portable dance floors are affordable and cost effective.


Portable dancing floors can be used anywhere, at weddings, dance recital, cruise ships, conferences, gym houses, on the streets, in our homes, literally anywhere you can think of and this benefit is the major driving force behind their sales. I don’t need to go to the dance studio to practice, I can bring the dance studio to me.


They are portable and can be transported and stored very easily. If it were permanent you wouldn’t be able to take the party with you.

Ease of use

Most portable dancing floors do not even need installation they are ready to use. Some of the ones we reviewed here just only require you to place them on a suitable surface, that’s how easy to use. The ones with interlocking tiles require assembly and that also is a breeze if you follow the instructions.


Most interlocking dancing floors can be used as general flooring, including, stage, runway and patio flooring’s, so you can use one stone to kill two birds. Get a dance floor that caters to all your dancing needs and substitute as a patio floor whenever you want.

Maintaining Tips and Tricks

  • For installing wood-based portable dance floors on a concrete surface make use of a concrete vapor barrier. These will keep the wood free from moisture defects.
  • Stack away when not in use.
  • Re polishing teak, oak and acacia floor surfaces will boost the longevity and appearance of the portable floor.
  • Do not use portable floors with a pointed solid surface on carpets or rugs.
  • Keep the surface dry at all times and clean up spills immediately they occur to avoids damages to the floor.
  • The fastest way to damage a dance floor is to use it when it is dirty. Ensure you vacuum clean or sweep before use.


Q1. What tools do I need to install my portable dance floor?

Generally, you will require no tools to install most portable dancefloor. Most dance floors are ready to use and do not require installation, the ones that do only requires that you snap the tiles in place without the use of tools.

Q2. What kind of floors can I install my portable dancefloor on?

Portable dancefloors can be installed on any surface that is smooth, even, and one that provides vapor protection or does not allow the release of vapor. Additionally, you can add a vapor barrier yourself. Wood-based portable dance floors are susceptible to quick deterioration on exposure to vapor from breathing floors like concrete.

Q3. Is the installation permanent?

No. The installation is not permanent, these floors can be uninstalled, disassembled, and stacked away at any time. So they are temporary and semi-permanent.

Q4. How long will it take to install my portable dance floor?

There is no defined time limit, the time it takes will depend on the number of tiles you want to install, for a 9 tile dance floor it can take as little as 5 minutes to install if you follow the instructions carefully.

Q5. Can my portable dance floors be used outdoors?

Yes. Portable dance floors can be used outdoors, as long as the floor has a solid base.

Final Verdict

Portable dance floors come in different forms, shapes, and specifications but at their core they have one primary function, to create a safe, sturdy and suitable platform to accommodate dancing and all the factors associated with it.

So apart from the style, look, and status, this function should be what your ultimate choice is based on. Which is why we have taken an unbiased look to all the products featured here to ensure you get your money’s worth.

Hence we recommend you consider the available space, dance style, material base and number of dancers to make the most effective choice in picking your portable dance floor.

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