Top 11 Best Sandblasters (2024)

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Throw away your sandpapers and pick up the fantastic sandblasters!

Scrubbing paint from your entire house using sandpapers and other scrubbing tools is one of the most tedious activities you can ever undertake. Luckily, there is a more relaxed, quicker, and more meticulous method of doing this; using sandblasters.

Sandblasters are pneumatic powered tools that blast off abrasive materials under high pressure. They are useful in removing rust, paint, and other debris from surfaces.

Finding a suitable sandblaster for your professional or home projects requires a detailed look into various features including the power, type, portability, and the cleaning you’ll be undertaking. To help you in deciding which one to choose, we made a comprehensive list of the top sandblasters based on their distinctive features, ratings, and flexibility, among other features.

Read through the article, and you might not have to spend hours removing paint off your wall if you find your preferred blaster.

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11 Best Sandblasters

#1. Black Bull SFSB90

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The Black Bull SFS90 is a gravity feed sandblaster with one of the highest abrasive capacity. Its 7.5gal tank has a capacity of 90 pounds which gives you a good blast for approximately 150minutes. This is ideal when performing demanding industrial cleaning jobs.

It’s composed of heavy-duty steel construction which makes it durable and able to withstand abrasive materials.

This sandblaster operates at a maximum pressure of 120PSI, but its optimal is at 7CFM at 80PSI. This means that it’s powerful enough to remove rust, paint and other debris from wood, metal, plastic, and glass.

To enable portability around the work site, the Black Bull SFSB90 has a pair of 10inch rubber wheels installed. It also has a rubberized handle which is easy to grasp and move the blaster around.

It comes with an 8ft blasting hose, four ceramic nozzles, a protective hood, and a pistol grip blast gun. The 8ft hose pipe helps in cleaning hard to reach areas and makes cleaning quite easy.

The nozzles included are of different sizes to deliver abrasives on various blast forces. This allows you to choose the type of nozzle you want to use in different projects. They are constructed using high-quality ceramic material which is durable and able to resist abrasions from the abrasive materials.

The blast gun is steel based, which makes it durable and able to withstand the blasting materials. It has an ergonomic handle for a good grip when working.

The SFSB90, however, does not come with a lid, which means that leaves and other debris can fall into your hopper.

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#2. Generic Sandblaster Air Siphon Feed Blast Gun

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The Generic Sandblaster Air Siphon Feed Blast Gun features a full die-cast aluminum construction. Die-cast aluminum is very durable, and it can withstand grazes from the rough media.

The gun weighs 0.55lbs only, which makes it light to work with. You can blast all day without getting your hands worked out.

This Generic Sandblaster requires a minimum air supply of 6CFM at 80PSI for it to perform as needed.

The nozzles of any sandblaster always play a role in how well it performs. The generic sandblaster comes with four Ceramic nozzles to ensure that it works at its best. The nozzles measure 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, and 7mm. The ceramic nozzles can withstand highly pressurized abrasives. This makes it durable and able to work at its best.

The different sizes of nozzles also play an essential role as they make the blaster versatile. Each size of the nozzle produces a different blast force which makes them useful in various cleaning projects.

The Generic Sandblaster Siphon Gun has one problem; blasting media can get stuck in the trigger, making it jam.

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#3.Lematec Sandblaster Portable Media Blaster

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Lematec Industry appreciates the need for portability as you work around your home or workplace. This is why they created a more portable sandblaster gun which holds the blasting media.

It’s a gravity fed sandblaster which means that the hopper is on the top of the gun and sand is supplied to the nozzle via gravity. The hopper/ blast holding container has a capacity of 18oz. This amount is enough to clean small to medium surfaces easily.

The gun works with almost any type of blasting media, including silicon carbide, aluminum oxide, glass, ground walnut shells, and sand. This makes it adaptable to work on various projects which may require the use of different abrasives.

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It has a stainless steel filter cap which allows you to filter out any clogged sand to eliminate the possibility of clogging up your nozzle. This makes your blasting flawless.

Some projects may require different amounts of abrasives to clean up rust or other debris. This sandblaster considers that by having a control valve that regulates the amount of blasting media flowing into your nozzle.

This sandblaster operates between 60PSI – 125PSI, but its optimal range is 90PSI – 100PSI at 12CFM. This power is enough to clean up metals, remove paint, and to etch mirrors/glasses (to mention just a few uses).

It’s ergonomic to allow easier handling when blasting. This makes it possible to work with it from any angle without loosening your grip. The trigger is also large enough to press comfortably.

This portable sandblaster is, however, recommended for small jobs because of its limited blasting media capacity.

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#4. SpeedBlaster Gravity Feed Media Blaster

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Quality, durability, and efficiency are some of the basis of a good sandblaster, and the SpeedBlaster media blaster has all of them.

It’s made from high-quality Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) plastic material which is sturdy and durable. ABS can withstand any harsh working conditions, which make it perfect for use at your workshop or home.

The handle is a one-piece construction design which makes it sturdy and easy to use. You can hold it in any position to enable blasting even the hard to reach places.

It’s a gravity fed sandblaster with a blasting media capacity of 26oz. The use of a reservoir tank eliminates tubes and hoses, which are a little messy to use. It can hold and use different types of abrasives, of less than 14 grit, including sand, glass bead, and aluminum oxide, making it quite versatile.

The rate at which the abrasives get into the steel mixing chamber is regulated via a control valve to eliminate wastage and increase efficiency.

This blaster has an operating pressure of 60PSI – 125PSI, which makes it quite powerful and adaptable. Its optimal operating pressure is 100PSI – 125PSI at 12 CFM.

The sandblaster has an alumina ceramic nozzle which can withstand abuse by the highly pressurized blasting media particles.

Its durability, however, has been questioned by some of the reviewers. Its use is also limited to small projects.

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#5. Campbell Hausfeld AT122601AV

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The Campbell Hausfeld AT122601AV is a siphon sandblaster. This means that the blasting material is fed to the blaster from below the mixing chamber.

It comes with as a package containing a 10ft hose, a sandblaster gun, and a wrench. The tube is of high quality and long enough to allow easy mobility when working.

The gun is ergonomically designed, making work more comfortable. The gun can handle working with a range of many abrasive materials, which makes it adaptable and versatile. It has an easy to grasp handle, which makes it easier to spray the abrasive material. The gun is small enough for easier access to hard to reach places.

The gun has a replaceable ceramic nozzle which works well under any abrasive. This increases the blaster’s durability making it suitable for heavy-duty operations.

Its optimum working range is between 90PSI – 100PSI at about 8CFM.

This blaster works flawlessly at optimal conditions.

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#6. Jewboer Air Sand Blaster Kit

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The Jewboer sand blaster kit contains high-quality parts that make one powerful siphon sandblaster. The kit comprises of a sandblaster gun, a steel nozzle, a ceramic nozzle, and a sand suction pipe.

The Jewboer blaster gun is constructed from cast aluminum. This makes it durable and resistant to corrosion by the abrasive materials. It’s also resistant to rust, which makes it suitable for use in harsh working conditions. The gun’s handle is forged for comfort. It provides you with a good grip for a comfortable time when working.

The gun can withstand working with a variety of blasting materials, which makes it versatile. It can use compressed liquid or air for cleaning purposes.

The steel and ceramic nozzles are 6mm in diameter. The quality of their material makes them able to resist the corrosion properties of the abrasive media.

It operates at an air pressure of between 60 – 120 PSI. Its optimal operating pressure is 100PSI at 12CFM.

The only flaw it has is that the suction pipe is short limiting your mobility.

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#7. Neiko 30068A Abrasive Air Sand Blaster Handheld Gun

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A good gravity sandblaster requires a large, high-quality reservoir and portability among other features. The Neiko 30068A has a great combination of these features to make an exceptional blaster for DIY and some professional projects.

It is constructed from high-quality ABS material which is durable and robust. It also makes the blaster lighter for easier portability and use.

The handle is ergonomic with a good grip. This makes it easier and comfortable to work with. The whole gun is also ergonomically designed to reach into hard to access places to perform a thorough cleaning.

As a gravity fed sandblaster, its reservoir is at the top. It has a large enough capacity to hold blasting materials for small to medium cleaning jobs.

The rate at which the abrasive media enters the mixing chamber can be regulated using the on and off knob. This ensures that no materials are wasted creating efficiency.

It operates at an optimum pressure of 90PSI at 7CFM. This makes it powerful enough for some heavy-duty projects.

The problem faced when using this blaster is its abrasive capacity. It’s only enough to cover small operations. It’s also media sensitive in that it only works well with very fine abrasives.

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#8. Performance Tool M549 Portable Abrasive Blaster Kit

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The Performance Tool M549 represents a combination of heavy-duty parts to make a heavy-duty sandblaster. The kit contains an aluminum blast gun, a 15ft hose, and a 50lb hopper.

The hopper’s capacity, 50lb, makes the M549 KIT useful in large cleaning projects. The hopper is composed of industrial grade material for durability. It also has an easy to grip handle for easier portability.

It’s a gravity fed blaster which allows for continuous flow of abrasive. This ensures flawless cleaning of rusty metals, paint removal, and glass etching.

Its gun is made of aluminum, which makes it durable, light, and versatile. Aluminum is resistant to corrosion and can withstand harsh working conditions. The gun is small and has an ergonomically designed handle. This makes it easy to use and access hard to reach spaces.

It has a long and high-quality hose which compensates for the heavy hopper when working.

The major problem with this sandblaster is the lack of wheels on its hopper. Considering its weight, it’s laborious to move it around. Its nozzle also wears out after a few uses.

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#9. S&H Industries 40017 Blaster Kit

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S&H Industries’ Blaster Kit is a go-to sandblaster when you have a large surface to clean up. It has a large capacity hopper, a high-grade gun, and a good quality hose. It also comes with a protective hood and gargles.

As a gravity sandblaster, the hose siphons blasting materials from the hopper and transfers it to the gun’s mixing chamber. In the chamber, the abrasive media is picked up by pressurized air, which then blasts it to remove debris and clean up the required material.

Its hopper features high-quality material for durability and a handle for portability. The hopper is in a raised position to ensure the continuous flow of blasting media. This makes your work easier and fast.

Its gun is made of stainless steel material. Stainless steel is durable and resists corrosion. It’s also resistant to rust, which makes it perfect for harsh construction sites.

The kit comes with three nozzles of different sizes, i.e. 13/16″, 1/4″, and 5/16″. It also comes with three air jets of 5/16″, 1/8″, and 5/32″. The different sizes offer adaptability and versatility when working on or using different materials.

The gun is small and ergonomically shaped for better handling. The small size of the gun enables access to congested spaces for thorough cleaning.

This unit operates at 80 – 125 PSI. It works at an optimum of around 100PSI at 10CFM which makes it compatible with most air compressors.

The kit faces only one problem with the air hose entry point. It’s connected from the top of the handle, which may prove a little distracting when working.

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#10. Dragway Tools Model 25 Sandblasting Cabinet

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Some heavy-duty projects require heavy-duty tools such as the Dragway Sandblast Cabinet. This is an immobile cabinet which allows sandblasting in an enclosed unit.

The sandblasting cabinet measures 23” x 20” x 19” in overall size with internal dimensions of 23″ x 19″ x 12″. Using the interior dimensions, one can tell which objects can be sandblasted inside this cabinet.

The cabinet has rubber gloves for holding parts during sandblasting. They protect your hands from the blasting media.

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The cabinet has a glass viewing area of 19″ x 16″ which makes it easier for you to work as you can see the inside. The glass has a removable protective film which protects it from being etched.

It has a high-quality spray gun which comes with four ceramic nozzles. The gun is small, light, and ergonomic, which makes the blasting easier. The nozzles’ ceramic material is durable and can withstand the harsh elements.

This unit operates well between 60-120PSI on 4 – 12 CFM depending on the force required. This makes it compatible with many portable compressors.

The unit has received some downside comments in that it does not seal properly. It leaks some blasting media but not enough to cause problems.

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#11. Xtreme Power US 10 Gallon Air Sandblaster

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This is one of the unique sandblasters for large-scale cleanup. It features a 10gallon tank capacity which can accommodate up to 40lbs of blasting media.

The feature that makes this sandblaster unique is that compressed air goes directly into the reservoir to mix with the blaster material. Once the blasting material is at a suitable compressed pressure, it’s directed to the gun for blasting. This makes it easy to control the force of the blast that you require based on the material that you want to clean up. These types of blasters are called pressure fed blasters.

The reservoir has 6″ rubber wheels which enable mobility – considering how heavy it is when filled with pressurized media. It also has two rubberized handles for easier mobility.

This unit comes with a fill funnel and a protective hood. The hoodie protects you when blasting off surfaces.

The Xtreme Power blaster comes with four nozzles of different sizes for adaptability when working. The nozzles are durable and resistant to corrosion.

It has a 10ft heavy-duty hose with a brass shut off valve which makes it easy to operate. The size of the pipe also allows mobility around the work site.

It has a working pressure of between 60PSI – 125PSI and a 6 – 25 working CFM. This is powerful enough to clean up any surface. It also features a pressure relief valve for safety purposes.

The only flaw it has is the weight that comes with it.

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What is sandblasting?

This is the use of coarse air propelled abrasives to clean up surfaces.

Which are the different types of sandblasters?

There are three main types of sandblasters. These are:

a) Gravity fed sandblasters– these comprise of a handheld pressure gun coupled to an air compressor using a hose. The handheld gun has a reservoir installed directly on top of it. Once the gun is triggered, abrasives from the reservoir flow into the gun’s barrel and get blasted out through the nozzle by high-velocity air.

b) Siphon fed sandblasters– they contain a hose connected to the air compressor at the bottom of the guns handle and another hose connected to a media reservoir at the lower part of the gun’s barrel. When the gun is triggered, the compressed air draws blasting media from the reservoir into the gun’s barrel through suction and then it’s fired.

c) Pressure-fed sandblasters– these are large canisters containing both pressurized air and blasting media. They have one hose where both the compressed air and the abrasive pass through once the gun is triggered.

What are the uses of sandblasters?

Sandblasters are used to:

  • Remove rusts from metals
  • Etch glass
  • Remove old painting
  • Polish up equipment
  • Prepare parts for powder coating

Is protective clothing necessary when using a sandblaster?

A sandblaster releases abrasives under pressurized condition. The abrasives are blasted on walls to clean them, and the debris may bounce back on you under high pressure. This is dangerous, and it can cause serious injuries. Inhaling the abrasives is also dangerous. This is why wearing protective clothing is recommended. Protective clothing includes gloves, hood, mask, and gumboots.

Final Verdict

As seen throughout this review, sandblasters are an easy way to clean up surfaces. They are versatile and easy to use. When deciding on which one to acquire, always consider all the possible features to purchase something that won’t end up disappointing you.

We hope that this article conveyed all the necessary information to help you purchase a great sandblaster.

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