Top 12 Best Sprinkler Heads for Lawns and Gardens (2023)

Everyone wants a lawn that is neat and green throughout the year, regardless of the season. This is only achievable if the grass gets a constant supply of water. The same applies to home gardens, for plants to stay green and healthy, they must be watered adequately. Manually watering can be a solution but it has several drawbacks and requires that you put in a great deal of effort.

The ultimate solution to all your watering problems lies in sprinkler heads. A sprinkler head will help you water your lawn or garden in a uniform manner. Unlike manual watering, where some parts of the lawn may receive more water than others, a sprinkler head will ensure that every portion of the lawn gets an equal volume of water.

But most importantly, it will save you the hassle of having to run up and down with buckets of water. The market currently has a variety of sprinkler heads, in as much as this may sound good, it is actually a problem.

With so many options, choosing a suitable sprinkler head can be very difficult. If caution is not taken, you may end up buying a sprinkler head that is faulty. Faulty sprinkler heads can cause your lawn and garden more harm than good.

The main problem associated with faulty sprinkler heads is overwatering or unnecessary leakages. All this will incur a high water bill and may also cause the grass to rot.

This article will provide you with a basic guideline that will help you pick a sprinkler head the next time you go shopping. Below is a review of some of the best sprinkler heads.

12 Best Sprinkler Head Reviews

#1 Rain-bird 5000 Series Rotor Sprinkler Head

Rain-bird 5000

The 5000 Series Rotor Sprinkler Head from Rain-bird comes with pre-installed nozzles which give you an easy time during installation. The nozzles are designed with Rain Curtain Technology which ensures that every portion of the lawn is evenly watered.

In total, this sprinkler head comes with sixteen nozzles of which eight are low angle nozzles while the remaining eight are standard angle nozzles. This arrangement will improve the delivery process thereby allowing you to adequately water lawn.

The slip-clutch mechanism in place allows you to make the necessary adjustments for proper delivery. When fully tuned, it can spray water from a distance of 25 feet to 50 feet. The sprinkler comes in pack of six allowing you to place them in different areas around your lawn.

The part-circle pattern pop-up rotor makes this sprinkler very flexible as it can work on both medium and large lawns. It delivers water as larger droplets limiting misting and water wastage.

  • Spray is delivered under high pressure

  • Economical with water

  • Sturdy design

  • None

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#2 Melnor XT4200M XT Metal Oscillating Lawn Sprinkler

Melnor XT4200M

The Melnor XT4200M is a fully customizable sprinkler that will bring life to your lawn. It is equipped with twenty precision nozzles that provide wide coverage. It can deliver the sprinkler content 4, 200 sq. Ft. making it a right candidate for large lawns and gardens.

The twin touch operational mechanism allows you to tune the watering pattern according to tour lawn requirements. The pattern can change from a narrow delivery to wide-area coverage. With this, you can water narrow flower beds as well as extensively large lawns

The turbo drive in place allows the sprinkler head to deliver its contents effortlessly to all parts of the lawn. The high power delivery system prevents the nozzles from blocking as a result of foreign objects.

It delivers water in a 3D dimension, which can be a beautiful sight to see. You can spend your evening on your porch as you watch the XT4200M XT Metal Oscillating head sprinkler do what it does best

  • It is lightweight making it portable

  • The delivery tube has a large volume that holds a large quantity of water, allowing it to supply all the twenty nozzles

  • Allows you to adjust the width and the flow of water

  • Adequate power

  • Requires a pressurized delivery system to fully meet its full potential

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#3 Orbit 62100 Yard Enforcer Motion-Activated Sprinkler

Orbit 62100

The Orbit 62100 is a highly advanced sprinkler head which has some amazing features. When set to a full circle, it can spray water to a diameter of up to 70 feet covering an area of about 3,840 square feet.

If you have intruders such as animals that are constantly invading your lawn or garden, the intelligent motion-sensing technology will automatically activate scaring away the animal. The sprinkler will not activate unless the pest in question is an animal or a person. The motion detector can pick up signals from animals that are as far as 40 feet away

It has a simple design which makes it very stable when pegged down using is the spike-like anchor.

  • Has day and night detection modes

  • Conserves water as it only sprays when necessary

  • Highly flexible allowing you to switch in between modes

  • The 4 AA alkaline batteries are easily depleted especially if the sprinkler head is often activated.

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#4 Rain Bird 1804VAN Professional Pop-Up Sprinkler

Rain Bird 1804VAN

The 360-degree spray pattern and the 4 inches pop-up height makes this sprinkler head very effective on lawns and gardens that are irregularly shaped. As such, it can also be used for irrigation purposes.

With this sprinkler head, you can adjust the spray distance from a low of 8 inches to a high of 15 inches depending on the size of your lawn. It has also been patented with a pressure-activated co-molded wiper seal, which will help you conserve water by limiting unnecessary leakages.

The heavy-duty stainless steel in place will enforce a flush retraction should there be a need to do so. Debris will be removed with the help of the tapered pop-up neck design. This will assure that the sprinkler head won’t have blockages.

  • The closed-case design keeps away creeping grass and soil from blocking the nozzles

  • Durable

  • Easy to use

  • Can operate efficiently with water at low pressure

  • Very few instructions on how to operate

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#5 DTC 1 Lawn Sprinkler


At times sprinkler heads can be used for other reasons, such as cooling off during hot summers. The DTC1 head sprinkler will turn your lawn into your kids’ favorite playing ground during hot weather. The three arms that are in place rotate at a full angle of 360 degrees, covering every part of your lawn.

It has nozzles designed with a vertical inclination while others are multi-angle. Allowing you to tune the sprinkler head in oblique spray mode or direct injection. This ensures that the lawn gets an adequate supply of water, which is evenly distributed. In addition, the angle of the rotating arms can be adjusted from 45 to 90 degrees.

The multi-purpose feature makes it very adaptable to different situations. It can be used in plant nurseries, yards, gardens, and greenhouse cooling. This sprinkler head easily stabilizes the water pressure, thereby, giving each nozzle an equal share.

  • Easy installation

  • Anti-leak design

  • Compact watering

  • Long spray distance

  • Free from rust due to the plastic and brass construction

  • Can easily topple over when children are involved

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#6 Hunter PGP Ultra Rotor Sprinkler Heads

Hunter PGP

People who don’t like getting their hands dirty will have a good time with this sprinkler head. This is because it comes with the nozzles already attached to each end. Additionally, it has a high tolerance when it comes to dirty water.

You will experience very few blockage cases especially if clean tap water is used. In fact, if you use clean water, the sprinkler head to work effortlessly. The good news is that it comes with 5 hunter pgp ultra heads enabling you to cover every portion of your lawn.

The ultra-heads come with an out-of-the-box adjuster tool, which will help you tune the sprinkler as per your needs. This allows you to change the spray shape and length according to the shape of your lawn or garden.

The beauty of using the Hunter PGP Ultra is that it requires very little work. All you have to do is unwrap the heads and connect the hose.

  • Full circle adjustment ranging from an angle of 50 degrees to 360

  • Very efficient

  • Has a perfect height allowing adequate over-head delivery

  • Some people may find shifting from one spray angle to the to be a complex process

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#7 Gilmour Heavy-Duty Adjustable Circular Sprinkler


As the name suggests, this sprinkler head has a heavy-duty die-cast metal sled base which is durable. The base is also very wide giving the sprinkler a large center of gravity. As such, this sprinkle is very stable and cannot be easily knocked over.

On the other hand, the head is made from a combination of zinc and brass making it resistant to harsh conditions. By using the diffuser pin, you can customize the spray from a gentle mist to powerful jets of water.

When at its full potential, this sprinkler can deliver water to an area of about 5, 800 Square feet. Not to forget the 86 feet diameter coverage when delivering a circular spray. This will make it very easy for you when watering grass or plants in a wide area.

  • The adjustable collar allows you to set the sprinkler in either partial or full-circle coverage

  • The spray distance can be adjusted to the desired precision through easy-turn dial

  • Has a distance control disc which tunes the distance of the spray

  • The metal base makes it a bit too heavy

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#8 Rain Bird 25PJDAC Brass Impact Sprinkler

Rain Bird 25PJDAC

With this sprinkler head, you can water your lawn without messing up the sidewalk. This is made possible due to the die-cast spray control that prevents water from seeping through the sides.

Its high tolerance for dirty water also makes it very convenient. This will allow you to save a large amount of tap water since you can opt to use water from the river or well. The nozzles are also designed to withstand water that has high mineral content.

The deflector flap in place will help you adjust the spray distance from a radius of 20 inches to 40 inches. Installing this sprinkler head is relatively easy if you are a handy person you can get done in just a few minutes.

This sprinkler head can provide you with very good performance regardless of the size of your lawn. The tuning mechanisms included in its design will allow you to perform custom adjustments that can suit a good number of your needs.

  • Provides infinite spray pattern adjustment

  • Classic impact sound when working

  • Can cover a wide area

  • Clips are hard to move making it difficult to reach the full 360-degree rotation angle

  • Has no instruction manual

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#9 Aqua Joe SJI-OMS16 Indestructible Metal Base Oscillating Sprinkler

Aqua Joe SJI-OMS16

The most noticeable feature with this sprinkler head is its clog-resistant nozzles. The metal base provides stability when dealing with water that is delivered at very high pressure.

Its superior range coverage will allow you to water large portions of your lawn with a single oscillation. This can be tuned to cover an area of up to 3600 sq. ft. when the right hose is used. The 16 clog-resistant nozzles can as well be used to control the width at which the spray is delivered.

All its features make it durable giving you an assurance that it will serve your lawn for a very long time. The nozzles have a simple design which allows easy cleaning. When powered with water that is delivered at high pressure, the chamber to which the nozzles are mounted will create a balance in allowing uniform delivery.

  • Has a leak-resistant design

  • Durable

  • Easy to adjust spray range and width

  • Can work with low pressurized water

  • None

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#10 Orbit 57253 3-Valve Heavy Duty Preassembled Manifold

Orbit 57253

At first sight, this sprinkler head may look complicated, that should not scare you. In real sense, it is very easy to set up because it comes preassembled. This allows you to get it up and running in a matter of minutes.

All the installation procedures can be done using your hands. You don’t need any additional tools as the entire process mainly involves hand-tightening. It is also very compatible, allowing it to work with most sprinkler systems.

The inline-valves help in controlling the flow of water to the three sprinkler lines. This allows each equal distribution of water to each line. With this arrangement, each section of the lawn or garden will receive equal amounts of water.

Its multi-system feature makes it compatible with PVC as well as poly pipe systems. This is made possible by the 3/4-inch and 1-inch PVC pipe adapters included in the package. The three water sprinkler lines make the Orbit 57253 very efficient, as it can deliver a large volume of water with a single spray. This allows you to water your lawn very fast especially if you are in a hurry to go somewhere.

  • Detailed instruction manual

  • Has no leakage

  • Removable valves

  • Compact design

  • Cannot reach its full potential if the water is delivered at low pressure

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#11 Orbit 55662 Voyager II Professional

Orbit 55662

The Voyager II Professional from Orbit is known to have the longest spray distance when compared to sprinkler heads in its class. The spray distance can be adjusted from a radius of 25 to 52 feet. As a result, it can do well in both medium-sized and large lawns.

It has adjustable coverage that you can tune partially or fully. When set on full coverage mode it can make a 360-degree coverage giving your lawn a uniform distribution. In addition, it comes with bonus nozzles which can allow you to customize each sprinkler head for equal lawn saturation.

The plastic design makes it resistant to rust and other harsh climatic conditions. The UV protection in place protects it from being damaged by excessive heat from the sun. The nozzle arrangement is made in such a way that every portion of the lawn is given equal attention.

  • Has a compatible design

  • Can easily be modified

  • Effective delivery

  • None

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#12 Nelson Traveling Sprinkler Rain Train


The Nelson Rain Train has the ability to travel on designated paths around your lawn. It uses the hose provided as its rail allowing you to select the paths which you would it to take.

You can also adjust the speed to a setting that best suits your needs. It has three-speed control options from which you can choose from. These include Fast, Slow, and Neutral Self-propelled. Depending on the speed that is set, the sprinkler head can travel to a distance of about 200 feet.

The adjustable spray arms can provide diameter coverage from 15 feet to 55 feet. When set to full power, this head sprinkler can cover a wide area of up to 13,500 square feet making it very efficient for large lawns.

Its ability to move around gives it an added advantage when it comes to watering certain parts of the lawn that may be hidden from sight. The body of this sprinkler head is made with cast-iron making it durable.

  • Has a powder coat that is chip-resistant

  • Automatic shut-off

  • The spray range and width can be adjusted

  • May not do well on lawns with poor terrain

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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I clean my sprinkler head?

A good number of sprinkler heads have cleaning mechanisms in place which ensure that the nozzles are not blocked. But if your sprinkler lacks this feature, you can clean it anytime you notice a malfunction. Malfunctions can occur when foreign materials block the nozzles so always check to see if the nozzles are working properly.

Can a sprinkler damage my lawn?

Yes, if the sprinkler head is faulty it can spray water in excess causing the lawn to flood. If this is done repeatedly the grass may start dying especially if the lawn is flooded and the grass stays underwater for days. Flooding can also result if the sprinkler head is not well adjusted.

Do sprinklers save time?

Definitely, when you use a sprinkler in watering your lawn you will be saving a lot of time. Unlike manual watering which will require you to make countless trips to the tap, a sprinkler system will provide one-time delivery. All you need to do is fit the hose to the sprinkle and turn the water on.

How many times should I water my lawn?

This may vary depending on the region or state in which you are in. Some places have strict rules when it comes to watering lawns. This is done as a precautionary to avoid misusing water. Ensure that you are well informed about the water usage laws in your locality.

Do automatic sprinkler systems save water?

Automatic sprinkler systems are the best when it comes to conserving water. You can set the sprinkler to deliver water at intervals. This means the lawn will only be watered when necessary deemed necessary.

Can I install a sprinkler on my own?

A good number of sprinkler systems are very easy to install. Most require you to just fix and tighten some parts, after which you are good to go. Such sprinklers usually come with instruction manuals which can help you figure out how to fix each part.

However, there is a class of sprinklers that may require you to call a professional. If you feel like you cannot do it don’t damage the sprinkler, just call a plumber or anybody with experience.

What can cause a sprinkler to leak?

A sprinkler may leak due to a number of reasons. One main cause of sprinkler leakages is loose parts; if the hose is not properly connected to the sprinkler head you may experience leakages. Sprinklers can also leak if they experience some kind of force such as being hit or stepped on. This can cause certain parts of the sprinkler to break resulting in a leakage. With this in mind, always ensure that you know the exact position in which you installed your sprinkles especially if the lawn has long grass.

Final Verdict

As you have seen, there are different types of sprinkler heads with different capabilities. When going for a sprinkler always ensure that you know exactly what you want. This includes being familiar with things such as the shape and size of your lawn.

Getting a sprinkler with a small spraying range will be a total waste of money especially if you have a large lawn. Get yourself a sprinkler head that will deliver water uniformly to all parts of the lawn.

The next thing to keep in mind is that proper care should be taken when cleaning the nozzles. Always use the right tools, inserting foreign objects in nozzles may cause them to expand bringing about a disparity in the spray pattern.

Sprinklers should also be activated only when necessary, leaving a sprinkler on the whole day is a waste of resources. Well, unless it is of the automatic class, automatic sprinklers will only activate after a certain set time period elapses. This means they don’t spray water 24/7

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