11 Best Tool Boxes (2024)

Whether you are an electrician, woodworker, metalworker, plumber or even a passionate DIYer, having the right set of tools is an absolute necessity for success. But even before you think about investing in more tools, you should ensure that you have the right place to store them. In other words, you need a decent toolbox.

A toolbox provides a means of keeping all your instruments together. It offers a quick and convenient way of accessing your accessories when also evading misplacement and loss of tools in the long haul. 

Surprisingly, these handy boxes come at a very affordable price that most people can afford. In fact, more than a few of them cost less than some of your individual tools. 

However, picking the right tool isn’t just a matter of considering your budget; they come in a variety of sizes and designs that suit different professions. Hence, when picking one, you need to check whether it fits use with the kind of tools you have. Our coverage on the 11 best toolboxes helps you identify the excellent pick for your profession!

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11 Best Toolbox Reviews

#1 DEWALT (DWST08204) Toolbox

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If there is a manufacturer who doesn’t need an introduction when it comes to hand tools and power tools, she has to be Dewalt. She has been in the industry for a very long time and has succeeded in finding her way into the hearts of most professionals and hobbyists across the board.

This time, Dewalt presents one of her flagship toolboxes. The unit offers an extra-large room for your tools. Therefore, with this unit, chances are that you will have a place for all your equipment and still have some room left.

The weight capacity of 110 lbs. means that it will take even the heaviest tools. The walls of this toolbox are 4 mm thick. For this reason, we can consider it as one of the most robust units you will come across in the market.

The interior vertical storage of hand tools maximizes space to allow you to make the most out of every square inch. The integrated water seal locks moisture out to keep the box and tools in perfect condition.

The design supports the needs of electricians, woodworkers, hobbyists, technicians, contractors, and many more. The sturdy side handles present to the user a simple way of loading the storage case in carriers for easy transportation.

  • The removable tray holds small tools.
  • The thickness of 4 mm is good.
  • The vertical storage is nice.
  • It does well to keep moisture away.
  • It’s quite heavy to move even when empty.

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#2 Homak Industrial Cantilever Steel Toolbox (22-Inch)

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For those that want a unique storage box, this 22-inch option is one of the options they should consider trying out. It has a unique shape to make you stand out in your worksite.

As the name goes, this toolbox utilizes durable steel construction. Hence, it is rugged to take the beating of everyday use in a harsh outdoor environment. And with the weight of just 21 lbs., you won’t find it hard to move with tools to your place of use.

The triple clasp design pair with the lockable feature to enhance the safety of your tools. The storage unit has a large storage space at the bottom to accommodate larger tools and accessories such as hammers, drills, and more.

Moreover, it arrives with 4 cantilever trays for your other accessories. One of these dishes is already partitioned while the other three come with plastic dividers to allow you to create a design of your own. This is a nice feature since it lets the users customize the interior of the toolbox depending on the nature of the tools they have. 

  • The adjustable tray divider system is nice.
  • The thick gauge steel structure makes it sturdy.
  • The cantilever design is nice.
  • The bottom storage space is large.
  • Including side handles would be nice.

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#3 MILWAUKEE 26 In. Jobsite Toolbox

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This toolbox also originates from one of the big names we have in the industry. That said, we already know that it’s one of the options that won’t disappoint easily. It is a 26-inch unit that offers plenty of room for your power tools and other peripherals. 

The unit boasts an amazing carrying capacity of 200 lbs., more than that of any of the preceding models on our list. With this capacity, we can say that it’s one of the ruggedly-constructed units you will come across in the market.

The material of the unit is impact-resistant while the corners have reinforcement. Also, this durable storage case has buttressed hinges. And with all these features in a single unit, it’s strong enough to withstand up to 1000 drops.

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The lid adopts a lockable design for safety while the integrated weather seal prevents moisture, debris, and other elements from sneaking into the case. Therefore, with this unit, your tools will always remain safe and in great condition for extended service life.

The ergonomic handle makes it easy to move the case even when loaded. And since it’s heavy-duty, it won’t break like in some models. The storage case has a removable tray that keeps small accessories organized.

  • The price is hard to beat.
  • The hinges and latches are very solid.
  • The lockable design is great.
  • The corners have reinforcement for strength.
  • Slots that hold the screws would be better if they were a little larger.

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#4 Stalwart Heavy Duty Rolling Toolbox

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For those that have plenty of tools, buying a toolbox with casters is wise since it provides an easy way of moving the tools when needed. And yes, one of the options you can consider is this amazing unit from Stalwart.

The model has two 4.2-inch wheels. The casters are of heavy-duty nylon that tolerates the weight of your tools as well as the harshness of tough terrain. Stalwart Heavy Duty Rolling Toolbox also has an ergonomic fold-down grip. 

This handle together with the rolling design allows you to pull the box to the intended place of use. And with portability coming at a new level, taking everything you need for your off-site jobs has just gotten easier.

The toolbox makes use of Polypropylene and heavy-duty metal structure. These materials are of best-in-class quality. Thus, you can buy it with confidence that you are getting a tough storage case that will keep your valuable power tools and hand tools safe as you maneuver it around a rugged jobsite environment.

The unit affords the user with a total of 24 compartments, 2 tool trays, and a roomy bin at the base for larger tools and protective gear. With all this storage area, we consider this a brilliant option for professionals and hobbyists with a wide variety of tools. As if not enough, this toolbox also offers cable hooks to manage your cords when in transportation.

  • The wheels are durable.
  • The lower compartment is very spacious.
  • It rolls perfectly fine.
  • The folding tote handle is very comfortable and convenient.
  • The construction is quite thin.

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#5 Stanley (STST19410) One-Latch Toolbox

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The next suggestion comes from Stanley and it’s a 19-inch unit. However, it is also available in smaller and larger sizes of 16 inches and 24 inches respectively. The variety of sizes lets you pick the ideal one for your needs.

The case makes use of a heavy-duty structure. The solid construction tolerates the toughest outdoor elements and regular use in a rough construction site.

The interior tray provides a convenient way of keeping all your essentials orderly for quick access. And since the tray is removable, you can put protection gear or oversized tools underneath.

The top offers 2 storage areas with multiple compartments for small accessories such as bolts, hooks, nails, and screws. This is an amazing feature since it permits quick access to small items without having to dig around for them in the large compartment.

The latch supports a one-handed operation. Therefore, you can open this toolbox with one hand when the other hand is engaged. The unit also comes with a handle at the top for easy portability. Most professionals and home DIYers like that the grip is extra-wide since it makes it comfortable to handle.

  • The 2 storage spaces at the top are a good idea.
  • It is a very cute toolbox.
  • The one-hand operation latch is a plus.
  • The handle is extra-wide.
  • The handle is a little stiff to move.

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#6 DEWALT (DWST17806) Tstak Toolbox, Deep

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For those that are looking for a deep toolbox, here comes one of the finest options that come with them in mind. The box is 17.6 inches long, 11.75 inches wide and stands at a height of 11.7 inches.

The deep design provides plenty of storage space for your needs when simultaneously ensuring that the toolbox takes minimum floor space. For this reason, we consider it a nice option for professionals and DIYers who are operating under tight square footage. 

The tall design lets one arrange the tools to go on top of another. The durably-constructed removable tray allows one to put all the tools needed for a project together. This eliminates search-time by providing instant access to all the tools needed for a job.

The wide and comfortable handle makes transportation a cinch. Nevertheless, since it will take a maximum of 44 lbs., DEWALT DWST17806 works well for light and small items.

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#7 Milwaukee Electric Toolbox (48-22-8425)

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This toolbox comes in a pack of 1 although you can also opt for the cost-efficient pack of 3 if you need several of them. It is ruggedly-constructed for durability. In fact, being one of the sturdiest models in the market, it’s a great option for anyone in need of a large toolbox that will last a lifetime.

The metal corners and the impact-resistant polymers imply that this piece from Milwaukee will endure the harshest jobsite surroundings. The latches are also heavy-duty to guarantee long-lasting performance. 

The carrying capacity of 100 lbs. indicates that it will hold pretty more than most models out there. The IP65-rated weather seal locks out water and debris to keep your tools safe from all the harsh elements. 

The interior organizer tray lets you arrange tools in a design of your own for quick access. The top handle provides a convenient way of moving the unit around and is ruggedly constructed so that it lasts.

  • It is deep enough.
  • The tool case locks down nicely.
  • It is extremely durable.
  • It is available in packs of 1 and 3.
  • Some users wish that it comes with a divider.

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#8 Keter Masterloader Resin Rolling Toolbox

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This toolbox packs lots of spectacular features that meet the needs of most professionals and hobbyists. First, it utilizes a rock-solid polypropylene resin plastic in its construction. This material guarantees a sturdy unit that won’t catch rust with time like some metallic options.

The solid resin construction is also resistant to denting, chemical damage, and fading. For this reason, we consider this tool case an ideal option for anyone in need of a non-metallic storage unit that will last for a very long time.

The storage unit also has two 7-inch rubber wheels for enhanced mobility. These wheels are heavy-duty to put up with the weight of the tool case when it’s loaded fully. The rugged unit also has a telescopic handle that makes it easy to pull when on the go.

The unit has three main storage areas; a main bottom compartment and two storage areas on the lid. The large compartment at the bottom takes large and heavy equipment. The two other storage bins have multiple sections of varying sizes to take the needs of different tools.

These bins use ball-bearing sliders to glide smoothly to the sides to reveal the main compartment at the bottom. Most users like this feature since it allows them to store their expensive tools at the bottom.

Users also appreciate the central locking mechanism since it guarantees stability when moving the unit. With all these features in a single unit, we consider it a top option for plumbers, electricians, mechanics, hobbyists and more.

  • The handle is very sturdy.
  • It locks for stability when on travel.
  • It will not rust, dent or fade.
  • The sliding mechanism is a great idea.
  • The extendable handle doesn’t come out smoothly at times.

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#9 Stalwart (75-MJ5051B) Contractor Grade Toolbox

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We consider this toolbox a perfect unit for passionate DIYers and professionals who are always on the move. The main body of the unit is of premium polypropylene. Thus, we expect it to provide a durable and rust-free service life. 

The handle makes use of strong stainless steel so that it doesn’t break even when the toolbox is loaded. Being a 22-inch unit, this tool case is roomy enough to hold all the tools of a DIYer as well as those needed for a professional project. 

The case affords 15 bins at the top tier. These bins work well for small accessories. However, since they come out, you can remove several to leave enough that accommodates your supplies perfectly. Apart from the 15 removable bins, the top tray also affords the user with other three storage sections.

The main compartment is not partitioned. For this reason, it works well for oversized tools and safety gear. Users of the case also appreciate that it opens fully to permit access to all its contents. The solid support legs on the back of the top support the unit from tipping when open.

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#10 Sheffield 12629 Field Box

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Whether you are into arts and crafts, fishing or electronics, this is one of the storage boxes that come with your needs in mind. It also has everything that a weekend champ and professionals from other fields want in a storage box.

The unit comes in a wide spectrum of colors. However, we chose black since it’s a universal color and hides dirt. The high-quality unit is proudly made in the United States. Hence, we expect it to perform impressively on grounds of durability. 

The compression lid prevents water, dust, debris and other jobsite elements from accessing the interior side of the box. The plastic container is also chemically treated to resist the effects of UV. This feature makes it a good option for those that prefer to perform their projects from outdoors.

The unit is large enough to accommodate the storage needs of most experts and hobbyists. However, in case you find it quite small for your needs, you can grab an extra one of the same or different colors.

The base-to-lid interlocking mechanism eliminates chances of tipping in case you need to stack several of these units. The ergonomic handle feels well in the palm while the multiple locking options keep all your supplies safe.

  • There are several color varieties.
  • It resists UV.
  • The base interlocks with the top for nice stackability.
  • The handle feels very solid.
  • The label is quite stubborn to remove without leaving residue.

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#11 Bosch (L-BOXX-2) Stackable Tool Storage Case

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Bosch is a leading manufacturer of hand tools and power tools. Therefore, we expect her to know how to design storage units that work best with their very own. Now, this storage case is one of their best releases ever to the market.

You can buy one or several of them depending on the tools you have. The toolboxes lock together so that you get enough storage space when still using up the floor space of a single storage case.

The unit comes with four handles; at the top, front, and sides- more than you will get in any other model. These handles give you versatility in handling. The handle at the top goes neatly into the lid when not in use for stacking.

Its size renders it a great deal for those that are looking for a portable storage case. And with the weight of just 4.5 pounds, this toolbox from Bosch is easy to take anywhere you go. The water and dust-resistant properties keep all its contents in top condition.

  • The size and weight support portability.
  • It has multiple handles for handling versatility.
  • It is water-resistant.
  • You can stack several to save storage space.
  • The handle at the top is a little hard to lift.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you buy a toolbox?

The first benefit is that it will keep all your tools in one place. This allows for easy access and prevents loss of tools. Also, a toolbox will protect your tools from damage by water and other elements.

What toolbox is good for you?

Well, the best toolbox for you will depend on the nature of your needs. Some work well for small tools while others support use for big and small tools alike. Also, some hold few kinds of accessories whereas a few have multiple compartments to accommodate varieties of accessories. It all depends on what you are looking for in one.

What do you take into account when buying a toolbox?

The obvious factors are size, construction, number of compartments, and portability. However, also remember other aspects like the ability to lock, design, customizability, and water resistance.

How do I organize my tools in a toolbox?

It will depend on the interior layout of the case. However, bulky items should be stored at the base. For tools that you use very often, ensure that you put them in the compartment that is easiest to reach.

Which brand makes the best toolboxes?

Well, we have many of them. Some of the famous manufacturers include Dewalt, Bosch, Milwaukee, and Stanley. However, you can also get decent toolboxes from other less common manufacturers like those on our list.

Final Verdict

A toolbox will not only save your tools but also your pocket. Therefore, you need to get a decent model in case you don’t have one.

We have suggested some of the top models to make picking the right one for you a pretty straightforward process.

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