Top 11 Best Tray Tables (2024)

Whether it’s supporting your snacks, laptop, television, or other kinds of stuff, there is really much that a tray table can do. That’s why they have slowly evolved to become one of the must-have pieces of furniture for every home.

And since most of them come with convenient size and weight, these tables have even made it easier to take breakfast, read, watch, and beat deadlines right from the comfort of your bed. They are very versatile additions to any home and are typically designed to blend in with any style of decor.

However, this doesn’t qualify each as a perfect candidate for your hard-earned money. We have examined keenly some of the market’s so-called top models with the major aim of picking out the very finest. Take a walk through our review of the 11 best tray tables to identify the ideal option for you.

Winsome Alex 2-pc Set TV Table, Natural, 19.06 x...
  • 2 TV TRAYS: 2 TV trays are designed for setting out appetizers during events or enjoying a meal while relaxing on the sofa

11 Tray Table Reviews

#1 Huanuo Adjustable TV Tray Table

Huanuo Adjustable TV Tray Table

The very first suggestion on the list is a multi-functional unit. This option will serve you as a bed table, a TV dinner tray, and a snack tray when also allowing you to move it around easily as a perfect workstation.

As the name hints, it’s an adjustable tray table. I mean, you can set it to stand at the height of 19 inches to 27 inches. In fact, with 6 heights to choose between this range, you will always get the perfect height for you.

Other than vertical adjustment, Huanuo Adjustable TV Tray Table will also let you tilt the tabletop to either of the three possible positions. This means that with this unit, you will always create the perfect type of surface for your needs.

Other than providing you with space for a laptop, meals, and other stuff, this piece has a cup holder conveniently positioned at the right side of the table. The holder has an inside diameter of 2-1/2 inches, large enough to hold most cups and beverage canisters.

The unit has an additional balance pole. Thus, this table will form a stable surface station no matter the height and the angle you choose. When not in use, you can collapse it and stand it next to the couch or wall to free up space.

  • It offers great adjustability.
  • It has a raised edge to prevent things from falling off.
  • The cup holder slides into and out of the tray.
  • A few users wish that the holder was sturdier.

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#2 Table Mate II Folding TV Tray Table and Cup Holder

Table Mate II Folding TV Tray Table and Cup Holder

Taking the second spot is the best-selling product on the market. It compares to the first product on our list in several ways. However, it comes at a lower price. Thus, it’s a nice purchase for those operating under a tight budget.

Like the preceding member of the list, this tray table will stand at any of the available 6 heights. It also allows for three angle adjustments, making it convenient for reading, watching, eating, and more.

Because it’s small and lightweight, this piece should be a great addition to dorms, apartments, homes, and other spaces where space if premium. The foldable design ensures it doesn’t claim any space when not in use.

The top of this unit is of polypropylene. That makes it safe for use on foodstuffs. The open base design will allow you to stretch your legs without the worry that you will hit the leg braces.

The legs of this table will conveniently slide beneath your couch, bed, or chair. Therefore, you can pull the table to you as close as you see perfect. And with the easy setup, you won’t even need tools to get it up and ready to serve.

  • The tabletop provides plenty of space.
  • The legs don’t have any barriers.
  • Set up is a snap.
  • It may wobble a little, especially if your floor isn’t perfectly level.

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#3 Signature Life Independence Tray Table

Signature Life Independence Tray Table

Although it isn’t the most inexpensive option on the list, this tray table lives up to its price tag. It is also a versatile unit that will always have something to offer no matter where you take it.

You can use it for holding your laptop, snacks, and just about any other thing that a standard table can support. In fact, since it has a drink holder, storage organizer, and utensil compartment, you will always have everything where it is supposed to be.

Other than supporting your items, this unit has a mobility support handle. The elderly and sick will be happy to have it standing next to the couch, bed, or chair to help them sit or stand safely.

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With the ability to support a maximum of 250 lbs., this mobility handle is very sturdy to support just about anyone. And with the ability to adjust the height of the handle to between 29 to 36 inches, you can set it to suit your needs.

We like that this unit can make 360-degree swivel motion. This feature makes it easy to rotate the tabletop off your way when you need to get out of your seat. The height of the table will customize to anywhere between 24-32 inches. Hence, whether you are using it in your bedroom or couch, you will always have the height that works best for your seating level.

  • The weight capacity of the mobility support handle is great.
  • The ability to make a complete rotation is a plus.
  • It is customizable in many ways.
  • The price point is a little steep for low-budget individuals.

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#4 Winsome Wood TV Tray Set

Winsome Wood TV Tray Set

Unlike any of the earlier suggestions, this option arrives as a set. Here, you will get a total of 5 pieces- four stand tables and a stand for storage. It is from the United States, one of the many reasons we see it as a perfect option to have on our list.

The set has an MDF top while the legs are of high-quality wood construction. Therefore, whether you are using them for the dining, living room, bedroom, dorm, or anywhere else, expect to get the best durability from each piece.

Each tabletop is 23-1/2 inches wide and 15-3/4 inches deep. Hence, every piece should give you enough room for your stuff. Any of the tray tables will close to a depth of just 1.93 inches for storage when you aren’t utilizing it.

The rich walnut finish means that you are getting a set that will add visual appeal to your space. And with each piece having durable water protection, you never have to worry that their tops will bubble when you spill water on them.

Since they come as a set of 5, we expect them to cost quite more. However, it’s surprising how this quality set comes with a price that compares to that of single-piece members of the competition.

  • The finish makes them cute.
  • The set is easy to store.
  • The set is cost-efficient.
  • It doesn’t have clips to keep the legs in place when lifting the table with stuff on it.

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#5 Home-it Bed Tray table with folding legs

Home-it Bed Tray table with folding legs

The price of this folding table is also a very attractive one. But far from that, this top-grade piece has plenty of fantastic features that you will find convenient in multiple ways.

The tray table is made from Bamboo. Hence, it’s not only durable but also waterproof, mold-resistant, environmentally-friendly, stable, and incredibly sturdy. The Bamboo’s natural appearance implies that you are getting a table that’s more beautiful than those of regular wood.

The tray is 18 inches long, 12 inches wide, and 8 inches tall when standing. This makes it just tall enough to serve as a breakfast table in bed or for TV dinner. After use, it collapses to just 3 inches thick for easy stashing under the bed.

The foldable legs maximize its versatility. I mean, when the legs are in a folded position, you can use this tray table as a serving tray, laptop desk, and many other areas. The ergonomic side handles make it easy to carry when using it as a serving tray.

The table is easy to maintain clean. In fact, with mild soap warm water, you will like how easy it is to keep it in its tip-top condition. That said, we are convinced that it’s one table that won’t disappoint easily.

  • It folds easily.
  • The handles are ergonomic and large enough for bigger hands.
  • It is very easy to clean.
  • A few users report a weird slight smell that disappears after some days.

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#6 BESIGN [Medium Size] Adjustable Laptop Table

BESIGN Adjustable Laptop Table

There is really a lot to talk about this table. Although the name suggests that it’s specially designed for holding laptops, you can use it for supporting just about any other thing that other tray tables can hold.

This option offers 20.8″ x 11.8″ x 0.35″ of tabletop. That said, it’s large enough to hold a 17-inch laptop or a larger one. At the right of the tabletop is a place for holding your mouse.

You can tilt the tabletop to set it between 0 to 36 degrees. The two side lock buttons make it a breeze to choose the ideal slope of the table. Just press the appropriate lock button, pull the telescopic leg to the desired height, and release the button- and that’s all!

Another thing worth acknowledging about this option is that it comes with the laptop and mouse baffles. With these two barriers in place, you never have to worry about your valuable gadgets falling off when performing these settings.

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The stylish table is very sturdy. In fact, since it has the maximum weight capacity of 77 lbs., it will hold most of your stuff and remain strong enough for more. The aluminum alloy, plastic, and MDF materials are of the finest quality.

  • It has a laptop and mouse baffles.
  • The height adjusts easily.
  • The lock mechanism retains the desired height.
  • The height adjustment knob needs slight improvement.

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#7 Artmeer Bed Tray Table with Folding Legs

Artmeer Bed Tray Table with Folding Legs

Coming with bamboo construction, this tray table is one option that guarantees to add a unique touch of beauty in any space. The bamboo’s natural appearance means that it will blend in with most styles of decor.

The legs will close together and remain beneath the tabletop to allow you to use it as a serving tray. The ergonomic handles on the sides make it a piece of cake to carry around when using it to serve drinks or meals.

The table has a length of 22 inches and a width of 10.2 inches whereas the legs are 9 inches. However, when in a folded position, this piece will get down to only 1.57 inches tall for convenient storage.

This unit by Artmeer will serve you well for reading, eating, or working when in bed. And because of its size, weight, and other amazing features, it’s perfect for homes, dorms, hospitals, and more.

Finally, most people love how it is easy to clean. Hence, if you are looking for a sturdy tray table that is simple to maintain, here comes one of the market’s greatest options worth giving a shot.

  • The bamboo makes it very sturdy.
  • The legs do not come out when using it as a tray.
  • It adds style and beauty to any space.
  • It doesn’t support height and angle adjustments.

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#8 Linon Home Decor Tray Table Set

Linon Home Decor Tray Table Set

Although it’s eighth on the list, it’s only the second set we have so far. Like the previous set, you are getting a total of five pieces here, that is, four tray tables and a handy storage stand.

Each piece has a durable wood construction and a marble top. Therefore, expect the set to serve you year after year. Any of the trays is 19 inches wide, 15-3/4-inches deep, and 26-1/4 inches high. That said, expect to have enough space for all your essentials.

The stand is 19 inches wide, 13 inches deep, and 31 inches tall. The foldable trays will sit on the top of this stand neatly for storage. The humanized handles on the stand’s top let you transport the entire set with ease.

The walnut brown finish of the set is very cute. And since it blends in with the rest of the furniture, expect this set of tray tables to look very nice whether using them in the kitchen, living room, gaming room, and any other space in your home.

But with all that we’ve seen about it, we simply don’t mean that the set doesn’t have a few imperfections. For instance, since each tray can only support a maximum of 20 lbs., these tables aren’t perfect for hefty items.

  • The colors are very beautiful.
  • The stand provides a convenient way of moving the whole set.
  • The packaging is nice.
  • The load capacity of 20 lbs., is quite low for any table.

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#9 LapGear Media Bed Tray with Phone Holder

LapGear Media Bed Tray

Whether it’s reading that captivating novel, enjoying a cup of coffee and a couple of snacks, or operating your laptop or tablet, there is no limit to what this top-notch bed tray can do.

The tray is 21-4/5 inches wide and 13-9/10 inches deep. Hence, it provides enough space for 17.3-inch laptops and other large accessories. The durable bamboo construction means that it’s solid and eco-friendly.

The table has a tray lip at the front for holding your phone or tablet at two different viewing angles. The larger part of the tray will work well to support laptops, snacks, books, and other essentials that can’t fit in the front part of the tray.

The espresso finish dovetails with most interior decors. However, since we still have the natural bamboo finish also available for selection, you can now pick the color that seems to work the best for your style of decor.

The unit stands at the height of 10-1/2 inches when the legs are folded out and 3 inches tall when you collapse it for storage. The built-in handles mean that you will find it easier to move the tray to when loaded with stuff.

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#10 Vaunn Medical Adjustable Overbed Bedside Table

Vaunn Medical Adjustable Overbed Bedside Table

If you are looking for a tray table with a wide height adjustment range, here comes what seems to be the option made just for you. This table allows you to raise or lower it to anywhere between 28 and 40 inches.

The tabletop is 30 inches wide, 15 inches deep, and 40 inches high (on full height setting). Thus, it’s one table that will hold all your stuff and potentially leave some space for more.

The walnut brown finish is sure to coordinate well with most indoor designs. Also, we like that the edges of the tray are ultra-smooth. Hence, this unit is conceived with the safety of the user in mind.

The legs are of heavy-gauge steel. Hence, this table is very sturdy and will hold pretty heavy stuff. The chrome plating on the legs improves the unit’s overall beauty when resisting rust, corrosion, and scratches.

The H-style base provides additional stability to the table. Although it doesn’t come with carrying handles like the majority of the options, the 4 free-rolling swivel casters make up for them and make it even more convenient to move the table.

  • The base is very strong.
  • The casters are pretty sturdy.
  • The wheels have a reliable locking mechanism.
  • There are no instructions on how to adjust the height.

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#11 Winsome Wood Ventura Bed Tray

Winsome Wood Ventura Bed Tray

The last tray table on the list still provides the same level of versatility as the very first. In other words, although it’s not anywhere close to the most coveted spots, this tray table is not inferior to its predecessors by any means.

It comes from Winsome, an American manufacturer with a solid reputation. It makes use of a very solid wood construction with a white melamine top. Therefore, it should stand up to everyday use.

The natural finish of the wooden material means that this bed tray will blend in with most house decors. We also like the cut-out carrying handles since they make it easy to move the tray from one place to another.

The tray is 24.66 inches wide, 14 inches deep, and 9.22 inches high when the legs are unfolded. Hence, this bed tray table will give you a lot of space for your supplies to make life simpler.

But that’s not all about this top-notch product- the most impressive thing about this unit is that the tabletop flips up to form a tilted work surface with the support of U-sharp metal bar.

  • The melamine top is beautiful and easy to clean.
  • It comes already assembled.
  • The tabletop flips up for an angled surface.
  • Having the leg bars lock in place would be a major improvement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should You Make Or Buy A Tray Table?

Since tray tables are not complex, it’s easy for anyone to make their own. However, considering the amount of material, effort, and tools you need for the job, we see buying as a better way to go since most of them come at a price that you can easily afford.

Where Can You Use A Tray Table?

Since they are multifunctional units, there are many areas where you can use trays tables. Among the most common places of utilization include living room, kitchen, dining, bedroom, and others.

Are Tray Tables Worth It?

Well, as small as they seem, the versatility of tray tables makes them greater than their size. Surprisingly, most of these tables don’t cost much and are incredibly solid to support just about anything.

What Makes A Good Tray Table?

When selecting a tray table, there are a few things you need to consider. For instance, examine the type of construction, adjustability, the size, and of course, the price. If you prefer wooden construction, choosing bamboo or any other hardwood. For metals, steel is good. Nevertheless, ensure it has a premium coating. The adjustability level should be high while the size and the price should match your needs.

How Do You Refinish A Wooden Tray Table?

If you think your wooden tray table needs more than the manufacturer actually does, you can re-sand it to get the kind of surface you need. You will need sandpaper and a deglosser. After you sand the surface, wipe off the dust with a damp cloth before you apply the liquid sandpaper and leave it to dry.

Final Verdict

Although most tray tables share most features, the small difference they have can bring a large variance in user experience. That said, pay keen attention to the uniqueness of each table to identify the one that works perfectly for you. Our review helps analyze the features, strengths, and weaknesses of some of the market’s top-rated models.

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