Top 11 Best Tree Wraps (2023)

Tasty barks of large plants often attract predators to wooded areas. These creatures need to survive by eating the bark of trees. If you are concerned about this condition, there’s a smart choice that can help. Gardeners and farmers use tree wraps and guards for different reasons.

While these wraps help to protect plants from sunscald injuries during winter, you can use them to prevent insect and rodent attacks. Usually, biodegradable wraps are easy to use because they grow with the bark of trees.

Apart from predatory insects and animals, the trunk of trees needs protection during frosty and chilly seasons. Especially newly-planted trees in nurseries, they need some wraps for their thin barks during winter months.

The best tree wraps have breathable materials with great insulating properties. Usually, they come with waxy coats that are resistant to water exposures. Also, their elastic properties support the natural growth of plants. While shopping, you need to consider the unique qualities of biodegradable tree wraps.

A tree guard and wrap with more coverage (at least 3inches X 50 feet) of tree trunks often guarantee optimum benefits. Both thin and double-wraps are made from common materials like polypropylene fabrics, paper substrates, vinyl, and burlap.

Depending on your choice, the ideal wrap should fit the tree’s size and bark texture. Also, quality tree wraps must photodegrade slowly. If the freezing temperature of winter months affects a trunk guard, it shows that you purchased the wrong product.

However, you can avoid wrong purchase decisions with this buying guide. It gives you useful information on how to know top-rated tree wraps.

Top 11 Best Tree Wraps

#01. Walter E Clark Freekote Vinyl Tree Guard

Walter E Clark Freekote Vinyl Tree Guard

Do you need a premium quality material like vinyl to brace trees securely? Walter E Clark Freekote Vinyl Tree Guard has a length of 24 inches and it’s a defense during the winter.

The difference between this white vinyl tree guard and regular paper wraps is very clear because the former has a reusable texture. It protects from the invasion of cats, rats, deer, and insects.

Depending on the diameter of your tree’s trunk, Walter E Clark tree guard can cover a length of 23 inches from the base. During winter season, trees could suffer from frost damages. With Walter E Clark vinyl tree guards, small ornamental plants can survive the effects of heavy snow or winds.

Unlike sturdy mesh guards, this material is easy to cut and wrap around the trunks of small trees. Also, the package contains 4 vinyl tree guards per pack.

  • It prevents potential damages from freezing temperatures on the bark of trees during fall and winter seasons.

  • It’s suitable for young plants that are susceptible to windburns, sun scalds, and lawn trimmers

  • It takes less than five minutes to wrap from the base of tree trunks to a preferable height

  • It’s not a heavy-duty vinyl material. Instead, it has the texture of vinyl paper materials.

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#02. HORT Paper Tree Wrap

HORT Paper Tree Wrap

After the spring, get ready to protect young plants from winter weather that can damage their barks. With HORT biodegradable paper wraps for trees, your plants can enjoy protection for one season.

Pest control professionals attach this non-toxic coating to tree trunks. Also, you can use this paper tree wrap to tie vines on trellises. It’s a commercial-grade and versatile paper wrap. While HORT wraps come as rolls of 3 inches x 50 feet, each paper wrap can cover the whole tree trunk.

These strong and long coreless rolls of wraps contain wax coats and water-resistant seals. After using this wrap, you will be confident that low temperatures and pests will not attack your plants. Also, it protects tree trunks from sun-scald damages.

Since it has great elastic properties, conforming to barks of trees is another benefit of using this wrapping paper.

  • You can avoid frost and windburns with this paper wrap

  • It’s biodegradable and elastic

  • The wrap is easy to install on the trunk by starting from the base. Before you tie the end with tape, overlap the wrap by 2-inch

  • The paper wrap doesn’t have a clear differentiation of the non-waxed and waxed portions.

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#03. Asdomo 20m x 13cm x 2.5mm Tree Protector Wrap

Asdomo 20m x 13cm x 2.5mm Tree Protector Wrap

Tree wraps with sun-blocking properties and breathable materials can bring the satisfaction that guarantees great yields. Asdomo offers you a 1 x 20-meter protector wrap for tree trunks during the winter. Also, sunny summer months could cause tree trauma and dehydration.

The material is a roll of breathable cloth that’s made from acupuncture cotton. It comes with a strong texture with moisturized layers that can protect young trees like palms and bananas. This tree winter protection wrap is easy to install and has a high quality.

Asdomo Winter-proof wrapping paper also protects plants from invasive insects and rodents. Its soft layer of fiber is a barrier for biting, chewing, piercing and sucking insects. Also, you can cut this protector wrap to a preferable length and use it as an anti-freeze insulator.

  • It’s suitable for wrapping fruit trees

  • Moisturizing and protective benefits

  • It’s easy to apply without previous experiences

  • Many similar wraps for trees with fabric materials are longer than 20 meters.

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#04. Walter E Clark Tree Wrap

Walter E Clark

Walter E Clark Tree Wrap has a natural color that mimics the bark of trees. Apart from its realistic appearance, this 3-inch by 50-foot tree wrap offers enough coverage area.

This large-roll paper wrap is resistant to sunscald, and frosty weather conditions. Also, you can use this wrap to tree trunks that have been affected by deer scraps. As a lightweight (8 ounces) material, it prevents dripping of tree saps.

Start from the base of the trunk, and wrap upwards to cover areas that are prone to attacks. After wrapping around the tree trunk, you can secure the paper material with a string and watch your plants grow.

Many tree conservation experts prefer Walter E Clark wraps because they come with a unique quality.

  • This wrap protects from rodents and windburns

  • It ensures that young trees can grow straight

  • It offers several years of protection from damages that are caused by wind and storms

  • When this wrap is wet, it stretches with ease and might rip apart.

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#05. Feitore Tree Wrap Protector


Keep the trunks of your trees warm and moisturized with Feitore tree protectors. This 5-inch by 66-foot tree wrap is made from breathable fabric, and the material is suitable during the fall and winter seasons. Normally, tree wraps that conform with the diameter of trunks often protect against stray trimmer string.

Regardless of the bark’s texture, this 65.6 feet (20 meters) piece of premium fabric material can insulate trees from severe weather conditions. Also, the fabric material of this Feitore tree wrap is breathable and durable. Its thickness of 2.5 mm (0.10 inches) is designed to protect the tender barks of young saplings from the scratches of rodents.

With this moisturizing insulation cloth, you can optimize the growth of tender barks and block them from the scorching heat of sunlight.

  • It has enough width of 5.12 inches (13 cm) for protecting young plants from sunscald and trimmers

  • It’s easy to remove, tie, and maintain

  • Protection from wind and harsh temperatures

  • It’s a non-biodegradable material.

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#06. WXJ13 Fabric Wrap For Trees

WXJ13 Fabric

WXJ13 cloth tree wraps come in 33 feet x 1-inch designs, and they are effective for insulating tree trunks throughout the year. The soft woven web of cloth prevents rodent damages and harsh weather conditions from affecting trees.

As a plant bandage with a grey color, it blends with any tree shape, color, and bark textures. Since it’s stretchable, you can wrap it around the width of your trees to ensure a wide coverage from the bottom to top parts.

Unlike paper wraps for trees, this material fits with ease and holds up firmly during wet seasons. It provides long-lasting moisture without constricting the growth of young plants.

With 2 rolls of rot-resistant materials, you can repair damages to trees. Also, hobbyists and DIYers can use this long piece of fabric to fasten cargo loads, and tents during camping events. However, you’ll need a pair of strong scissors to this fabric wrap to the desired length.

  • It’s a non-abrasive and wide tree wrap.

  • This versatile tree wrap can be used for palm trees, banana trees, and commercial activities

  • The tensile strength is 1500 lbs

  • It’s suitable for guying and staking

  • It’s not a biodegradable tree wrap.

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#07. Dimex EasyFlex Plastic Tree Trunk Protectors 

Dimex EasyFlex Plastic Tree Trunk Protectors

Dimex EasyFlex Plastic Protector for trees comes with gray color. This tree trunk protector provides a high level of resistance to young trees and saplings that are exposed to the blades of lawn equipment.

With a stronger texture than paper and fabric wraps for trees, EasyFlex Plastic Tree Trunk has a slotted design that supports the aeration of trunks. While air flows are important for plants to survive, this plastic material allows users to adjust it conveniently.

Its width is 12 inches and the plastic material is recyclable. Also, this gray plastic trunk protector coil comes in a pack of 6 units. Their lengths are 9 inches respectively, and you can connect multiple coils with some built-in expansion tabs.

  • Expandable plastic material with a diameter of 4 inches

  • It helps to prevent rots on the bark of trees

  • The grey color blends with natural colors of trees’ trunks

  • There are perforations (slots) that allow sufficient air flows

  • It might be difficult to push the tabs through slots because they are too small.

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#08. Dewitt White TW3W Tree Wrap

Dewitt White TW3W

Tree wraps that conserve moisture around the trunk of plants are reliable for overall tree health. Dewitt Tree Wrap fits this description and it comes with a superior breathable design. The dimension is 3 inches by 50 feet, and it’s enough to create customized protection for your saplings and young trees.

While this white piece of fabric tree wrap keeps your tender plants warm during low-temperature seasons, it offers protection from the scorching summer heat. Also, Dewitt tree wrap is the right protector from lawnmowers and trimmer damages.

This 3″ X 50′ roll of breathable tree wrap allows proper ventilation for woody trees and soft stems. Another benefit of using this non-girdling wrap is the quality of its polypropylene fabric material. It’s 100 percent safe and effective for any shape of tree and bark textures.

  • Apart from harsh temperatures, it protects tree trunks from rodents and insects

  • This tree wrap photodegrades slowly

  • It prevents girdling of trunks

  • It’s a cost-effective alternative to many tree wraps

  • Tree wraps with white fabric materials attract stains easily.

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#09. ANPHSIN 2 Rolls of Tree Protector Wraps


Are you worried about the viability of your horticulture project during the cold winter? Your young trees and saplings can survive with ANPHSIN winter-proof tree wraps. It’s a package with 2 rolls of tree-protection wraps that are made from tough fabric materials.

Each of these rolls is 65 feet by 4.7 inches (length and width). This dimension is sufficient enough to support the growth of your trees, and protect them from the harsh temperature drop during winter and fall seasons.

The ease of installing these rolls of fabric wraps is another benefit that you’ll enjoy. Simply make a spiral bandage with this wrap, and start from the bottom of any tree to the desired height. You can secure both ends of this thick winter-proof fabric with a rope too. Also, you can cut these rolls of plant wraps for multi-tree protections.

  • A piece of breathable fabric with moisturizing properties

  • A non-woven fabric

  • It provides high resistance against intense sunlight, cold and frost damages

  • It might be a breathable material, but it’s too thick

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#10. Jobe’s Stretchable Tree Wraps

Jobes Stretchable

With the 4-inch by 20-feet Jobe’s tree wrap protector, you can have enough material in store for many winter and fall seasons. This stretchable tree wrap is an effective barrier against insects and rodents that often attack local nurseries and young trees.

More so, it’s ideal for preventing scalding and bark splitting conditions. Usually, pests cause disease after they attack a tree’s trunk. In worse conditions, these invasive pests and rodents cause sap losses. Jobe’s professional tree wraps reflect heat and allow plants to enjoy the water and gaseous exchanges.

It’s installed as overlapping spirals from the base of a tree to an appropriate height. Since the material stretches, it’s a surefire way of delivering long-lasting protections during frosty seasons.

  • It protects young trees from pests and bark damages

  • You can install it with ease by wrapping the material as overlapping spirals

  • A dimension of 4 inches X 20 feet is enough for multiple plants

  • The texture of this tree-trunk protector is not tough.

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#11. A.M. Leonard Vinyl Spiral Tree Guard

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Do you need durable tree guards that reduce the threats of intense sunlight, rodents, and winter colds? A.M. Leonard vinyl tree guards have tough textures, and they are durable. They have been designed with weather-resistant materials that provide enough protection all through the year.

This 1.5-inch (diameter) vinyl wrap comes in a pack of 5 units that’s easy to install. It protects saplings and young trees from pests, sun scalds, and barks damages. Also, these A.M. Leonard Vinyl Spiral guards are great barriers to ruminant animals.

Normally, vinyl materials have high insulating properties. Each of these 3-feet rolls of vinyl wraps is reusable, and you can store them easily. However, it’s better to remove them from the trunks of trees because of girdling risks.

  • A spiral wrap design that’s easy to attach and disassemble

  • It’s a reusable material

  • It’s an economical alternative because you’ll receive 5 rolls of vinyl wraps

  • This material might not all free exchange of air because it’s not breathable.

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How To Identify The Right Tree Wrap

The Area Of Coverage

At least, a 3-inch by 50-feet stretchable wrap is ideal for covering large areas of trees’ trunks. it’s important to buy tree wrap materials with elastic properties.

Also, stretchable materials like fabrics with strong adhesives can hold the trunks of plants firmly. Unlike paper wraps that tend to tear when they are wet, fabric materials often retain their elastic texture throughout the year.


A piece of breathable material could be tough or soft, but it allows the passage of air to the bark of trees. Naturally, all living things can’t grow well or survive without proper ventilation. Your skin pores are similar to tiny holes on the bark of trees that support gaseous exchanges.

While tender plants shouldn’t be exposed to very high and frosty temperatures, a breathable protector wrap ensures their survival.


Regardless of the material, it’s not a cost-effective idea to waste tree wraps. Get ready for replacement costs if your favorite tree wraps are not reusable. Unlike paper tree wraps, reusable vinyl and fabric materials can serve for many years. Reusable tree wraps are cost-effective solutions because they are recyclable.

Biodegradable Materials

Biodegradable tree wraps are often made from eco-friendly materials. While promoting your horticulture and farming project, it’s more professional to conserve natural resources with biodegradable tree wraps.

More so, these types of tree wraps blend with the colors of tree barks. You don’t need to worry about the textures of biodegradable wraps because they will grow with the bark of your trees.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is it important to use photodegradable tree wraps?

Plants make food through photosynthesis, and sunlight alters materials attached to plants. Normally, photodegradable tree wraps grow with plants and protect them from attacks.

Soon, they grow with long-lasting protection and healthily. With these tree wraps that photodegrade slowly, your trunks of shrubs and woody plants can enjoy durable benefits.

What are the applications of tree wraps?

Plants change their sizes during summer, winter, and fall seasons. However, their trunks could be exposed to threats of rodents, insects, and harsh environmental conditions.

To grow healthy vegetation, you need tree wraps that can protect shrubs, fruit, ornamental, and other types of trees. Also, wraps ensure the straight growth of trunks.

Are thicker wraps better than flexible types?

Depending on your agricultural needs, you can get tree wraps that are ideal for all purposes. Usually, flexible tree wraps allow natural growth.

While the plants remain in place, they enjoy nutrient protection. Also, thicker tree wraps that are well-made often protect tree barks effectively.

Final Verdict

Understanding the need to grow tree plants healthily often brings a rewarding yield. plants need the right weather conditions, space, and nutrients to grow.

Many types of rodents and species of insects can affect your chances of growing trees with strong trunks. However, you can enjoy maximum satisfaction with these tree wraps. Simply ensure the right quality and use them as recommended by the manufacturer.

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