Top 11 Best Foam Cannons (2024)

Washing your car can at times be boring, but you can change this by using a foam cannon. These foaming tools are designed to mix soap and water at the right ratio, thus allowing you to get top class cleaning results.

The pressurized foam created by these foaming guns can blast dust and other particles from your car through a touch-less washing technique. As a result, your car will regain its original beauty without sacrificing the paint job.

Here are some of the best foam cannons that will help you have a good experience washing your car and other dirty surfaces.

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Top 11 Foam Cannon Reviews

#1 MATCC Adjustable Foam Cannon

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This foam cannon has a heavy-duty design, which makes it one of the options that you can consider picking when you need a professional cleaner. It is built with premium quality solid brass that is strong and durable.

The ¼-inch connector attaches to the washer machine with ease, thus giving you a stress-free washing experience. This pressure gun comes with a large 1L bottle that can store a large volume of water for every washing session.

As such, this equipment will allow you to wash a variety of items such as cars, windows, motorcycles, roofs, and even driveways. That is just but a summary list, this foam cannon can come in handy in so many cleaning scenarios. If you are a cleaning enthusiast, you can make this your go-to foam cannon.

Furthermore, it has all the right features that can allow you to get squeaky clean surfaces without scrubbing aggressively. For you to get good results, ensure that your pressure washer has a flow of 2.0GPM and delivers over 1000 PSI of pressure.

You have to be cautious not to exceed the maximum pressure limit, which is 3000PSI. The water regulator at the top will help you control how much foam is produced when you are washing.

It is conveniently marked with (+) and (–) symbols, which guide you as you tune the cannon. The plus sign adds more water to the soapy formula such that less foam is produced. The negative sign does the inverse as it lowers water supply and increases foam production.

  • Adjustable spray nozzle
  • Easy to use
  • The foam maker is made of stainless steel
  • Comes with a user manual
  • The foam adjuster may confuse some users since (–) adds more form while (+) reduces the richness of the foam

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#2 Chemical Guys ACC_326 – Torq Foam Blaster 6 Foam Wash Gun

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The one thing that makes this foam blaster unique is the fact that it is compatible with standard hoses. That being said, you won’t require additional machines to generate the soapy foam that is needed to clean extremely dirty surfaces.

The foam maker in this unit is engineered to produce thick foam while using less soap. Other internal parts are also tuned to operate smoothly, so a simple press on the trigger will provide you with the correct soap mixture.

This pressure unit works by combining air with soapy water, thereby creating a rich form that breaks down dirt in an instant. As a result, you will be able to get rid of the abrasive particles that cause scratches on your car’s paint job.

This foam cannon has a control dial that allows you to adjust the dilution ratio. This feature gives you a customizable washing experience that will leave your car with a brand new look. The handle is ergonomically designed to offer grip and comfort when spraying the foam.

You can turn car washing into a fun project by using this foam cannon every time you wash your car. The long spray nozzle allows you to deliver the foam formula with exact precision, hence preventing water and soap wastage.

The Torq blaster 6 wash gun comes as a complete two-piece foam sprayer unit, so you won’t have to buy additional accessories to get it to work.

  • Does not need a pressure washer
  • Durable brass and aluminum construction
  • Ideal for professional use
  • High-quality plastic parts
  • The connector is likely to leak if make a poor hose connection

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#3 TriNova Foam Cannon and Gallon Car Wash Soap Kit

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The foaming tool from TriNova has a large reservoir bottle that allows you to wash for an extended period without needing a refill. Additionally, the base is conveniently wide to prevent the bottle from toppling over when placed on a flat surface.

The intake knob has an adjustable design that allows you to control the amount of suds that is produced. This unit relies on a pressure washer, so you have to connect it to the machine to get a good foam delivery.

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Moreover, the nozzle allows you to coat the entire surface of your car with a consistently rich foam. The bottle has a wide-mouth design, which prevents the neck from cracking or breaking off when you are spraying.

This will save you the cost of making frequent foam cannon replacements. Also, this foam gun has a sturdy construction, so if you take good care of it will provide you with countless car washing sessions.

When using this foam gun, the pressure washer has to deliver a minimum of 800 PSI. This foam cannon can work with any car washing soap, so you only have to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to get the perfect foaming ratio.

  • Allows you to adjust foam thickness
  • Quick connect ¼-inch female connector
  • Multi-purpose
  • Not compatible with a garden hose

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#4 McKillans Foam Cannon Professional Grade Pressure Washer

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The McKillans foam cannon creates a thick foam that delicately washes off dirt, grime, and other contaminants from the surface of your car. The good news with this washing technique is that it does not damage the paint coating on your car.

Besides, this foam gun delivers its contents at the right pressure, thereby cleaning off even the deep-seated dirt particles. The bottle has a contoured body, which allows you to hold the bottle with ease hen washing.

You can tune the angle of foam output by using the adjustment mechanism provided. This allows you to spray the foam in target areas that require thorough cleaning. Through this, you can change the area of coverage by tweaking the width of the spray.

The form thickness can also be customized using the adjustment knob. The high-quality mesh filter ensures that there is an unrestricted flow of foam and water throughout the unit.

The nozzle is made from pure brass, while the fittings are made of durable copper material. All these materials are rust-proof, so you can buy this foam cannon knowing that it will last for quite a long time.

The bottle has a translucent design, so even though you won’t be able to have a clear view of the solution, you will have a rough idea of how much soap you have left.

  • Stainless steel connector
  • Fewer leaks
  • Hardened plastic neck
  • Stable base
  • The threads on the brass nozzle may wear out the threads on the bottle

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#5 MTM Hydro PF22 Professional Foam Lance

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The MTM PF22 foam cannon has a uniquely designed nozzle that you can tune in so many ways. You can adjust the fan blades to either spray horizontally or vertically depending on the item that you are cleaning.

The chemical injection knob is strategically placed at the top to give you easy access when you need to make changes. This foam gun can deliver sprays up to 20 feet, so you can wash your car without spraying yourself in the process.

Additionally, you can set the nozzle to deliver jet or wide sprays. Jet sprays are good at removing stubborn stains and dirt, while the wide setting can assist you in getting a clean rinse.

This foam gun is not only meant for car washing but can also be used on other items that require large scale foam production. The nozzle can handle 1,100 – 5,000 PSI, making this one of the foam guns that you can rely on when handling heavy-duty washing.

The 1.1mm orifice allows you to deliver foam sprays in different temperature conditions. You can get even thicker foam by turning the knob clockwise towards the direction of the (+) sign. A counter-clockwise turn will reverse this effect, thus making the soap solution less foamy.

  • Ergonomically shaped grip bottle
  • Durable steel filters
  • Easy to operate
  • Some users may have a problem fixing the connector to standard pressure washers

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#6 Tool Daily Foam Cannon with 1/4 Inch Quick Connector

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This foam blaster has a 1L bottle that allows you to mix a large volume of water and your favorite car washing soap. Unlike most foam cannons, this unit comes with several nozzle tips that will help you personalize how you wash your car.

To make it even better, the nozzles have distinctive colors that allow you to identify the accessory that you are looking for. The red nozzle tip delivers sprays at a 0-degree angle, yellow makes 15-degrees, green gives you 25-degrees, white offers 40-degrees, and the brass tip throws foam at 65-degrees.

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As such, you can tune the angle of spray according to your needs to get spotlessly clean surfaces. The connector has a quick-disconnect design that allows you to attach or detach the foam gun from the pressure washer in a matter of seconds.

You don’t have to worry about the cannon-to-washer connection because this foam generator is compatible with all universal pressure washers on the market. Additionally, no special tools are required to achieve a leak-proof connection.

The bottle has a see-through design that enables you to check how much of the solution is left in the reservoir. Also, the nozzle is slightly elongated to ensure that the foam is delivered to all the right areas and that nothing goes to waste. You can use this foam gun on a wide variety of vehicles such as trucks, vans, SUVs, etc.

  • Has a water regulator
  • Adjustable spray pattern
  • Versatile design
  • Corrosion-free nozzle tips
  • May require a coupler adapter when attaching some wands

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#7 HassPro Foam Cannon Pressure Washer Gun

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The three-washer foam gun from HassPro comes with several accessories that will make car washing your favorite hobby. It also has amazing features that allow you to make easy and quick adjustments.

On the same note, the rotary switch is ergonomically grooved to provide you with maximum grip when tuning the spray pattern. The bottle and other plastic parts have a durable design that prevents them from cracking.

More to this, the delivery tube is built in such a way that it can convey large volumes of water at a high speed without bursting. This enables you to spray the vehicle with foam rapidly, thereby cutting down the washing time.

As a bonus, you will get a chenille microfiber glove that can help you deliver gentle scrubs to the extremely dirty portions. Additionally, the towel will assist you in drying the already washed parts.

The connector is built with stainless steel that is equally tough, so it won’t shave off small metallic pieces when connected to a pressure washer. Moreover, the fittings are rust-resistant thanks to the copper design.

Other parts of the nozzle are made of brass, so this is one foam gun that you can depend on when handling a car that requires thorough washing.

  • You can adjust foam thickness
  • Large bottle
  • Heavy-duty parts
  • May leak if you don’t connect the unit properly

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#8 Gilmour Cleaning Sprayer Foamaster II Multi-ratio Spray Gun

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This foam gun has a quick-set dial design that allows you to choose the correct mixing ratio for all your washing needs. As such, you won’t have to mix the soap with water prior to washing since this foam cannon will do that for you and in an accurate manner.

The foaming attachment is uniquely engineered to deliver the soapy solution to a wide area when cleaning. As a result, a single spray will eliminate a large quantity of dirt and dust.

To get a high foam concentration, you need to set the dial at point “E”. However turning the dial to   “A” will lower the concentration, so you can choose a setting that rhymes with what you are cleaning.

You can use this foam cannon when washing windows, cars, sidewalks, and any other item that is dirty. This foam blaster is easy to use and durable, making it a good choice for at-home car washing.

The bottle has a wide mouth, which allows you to make spill-free refills. To add to this, the trigger is designed to provide maximum control for a consistent spray. If you are looking to spend less time washing your car, the Gilmour Foamaster II will help you cut the time.

  • Comes with a fan spray deflector
  • Sturdy design
  • Well-designed trigger handle
  • The foaming attachment does not allow you to change the angle of spray

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#9 Fasmov Car Wash Pressure Washer

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The Fasmov pressure washer combines pressurized water with soap to give a rich thick foam that will help you change the appearance of your car from dirty to super-clean.

The foam that is produced will break down every layer of dirt on the surface of your vehicle, thereby leaving it clean and shiny. This foam cannon is designed to reduce the energy that is spent when washing cars and other mechanical equipment.

You will need a pressure washer with 2.0GPM flow, so you have to check on your machine’s specifications before making a purchase. Also, you will need over 1000 PSI pressure to get the unit running at optimal levels.

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The nozzle easily screws on the bottle head to give you a tight-fitting that is leak-proof. Furthermore, the delivery tube is long and goes all the way to the bottom of the bottle, allowing you to use every ounce of the soapy solution.

You can change the spray pattern to match what you are doing. For instance, the powerful jet stream flow can particularly be helpful when washing sidewalks and dirty tires. The wide spray pattern can assist you in cleaning the body of the car and windows.

  • Uses a translucent bottle
  • Easy-to-use adjustment knob
  • Consistent foaming
  • The bottle has a narrow opening

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#10 SudMagic Foam Cannon Pressure Washer Gun

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The foam cannon from SudMagic has a stainless steel agitator, which remains operational even after performing several washes. It will provide you with thick suds that will blanket your car with a rich foam formula.

This foam cannon comes with a 1.1mm pre-installed orifice and an extra 1.25mm, which you can fix depending on the type of spray that you want. You can cover every inch of your car with foam by adjusting the spray delivery settings.

To ensure that the bottle is not stripped, the manufacturers have threaded the head with high-quality brass. This puts it one step ahead compared to other foam cannons that have plastic threads.

The other components also have a sturdy build that will allow you to perform long washes without experiencing malfunctions.

More on the bottle, the measurement markings will help you get the precise water-soap ratio. You can upgrade your car washing game by including this foam gun in your washing kit. It is versatile and easy to operate.

  • Turning nozzle design
  • Tough HDPE bottle
  • Long-lasting
  • Instructions included
  • The bottle is not slip-resistant

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#11 Twinkle Star Foam Cannon 1 L Bottle Snow Foam Lance

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This foam cannon produces a thick foam that clings on the surface of your car and dissolves all the greasy dirt away. You can rotate the front nozzle to change the spray column to either jet stream or wide fan delivery.

The connectors have a heavy-duty design that prevents cracks and rust from damaging the unit. With the right washer machine, you will be able to disperse the foam to a fairly long distance.

The knob can either restrict or allow more water to pass through the nozzle depending on the direction in which it is turned.

Additionally, this kit comes with five washer tip nozzles that you can attach in different cleaning scenarios. Each nozzle is angle-specific and allows you to spray the foam in a customized sequence.

This foam gun will dramatically improve the condition of your vehicle by removing all the unwanted dust particles and other forms of debris. You only need 6 oz. of soap to create the soapy mixture.

  • Durable plastic bottle
  • Adjustable foam lance
  • Precision-built nozzles
  • Not compatible with regular hoses

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a regular garden hose on foam cannon?

This depends on the type of foam cannon that you are using. Some foam guns have connectors that you can attach to a standard size garden hose. However, others are only compatible with pressure washer units. As such, always double-check the adaptors to ensure that they rhyme.

Can I use my foam cannon to clean windows?

Yes. Foam cannons can help you perform a variety of cleaning operations. You can use them when cleaning dirty surfaces that require the use of pressurized foam formulas. They can assist you in eliminating hard-to-remove dirt particles without applying a thorough scrub.

What should I look for when buying foam cannons?

Good foam cannons offer you maximum control when washing. Therefore, you have to ensure that the unit you are buying is fully adjustable and that the connector supports universal adaptors.

Are foam cannons detergent-specific?

No. You can use any type of detergent on your foam cannon as long as the formula is designed for washing purposes.

Final Verdict

The foam cannons on this list have different designs but they deliver amazing results that will completely change your attitude towards washing.

But most importantly, they allow you to clean surfaces without causing scratches, which is exactly what you need when washing your car. More to this, you will spend less energy since not much scrubbing is required.

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