Top 11 Best Inflatable Sofas (2024)

Did you know that you can sit on air? This review list highlights the best inflatable sofas that will allow you to literally sit on air. These products will offer you the comfort that you deserve and will ensure that you sit in the right posture. Through this, you will be able to avoid unnecessary back pains.

However, there are numerous inflatable sofas on the market, and it is for this reason that we have provided you with this article to help you in making the right decision. Without further ado, let us get right into it.

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11 Best Inflatable Sofas

#1 Wekapo Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa

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The air sofa by Wekapo has appealing features that will assist you in getting exceptional results when you are outdoors. This sofa is made from high-quality 210T rip-stop polyester, meaning that the fabric has a high density and thread count. As a result, you will have an inflatable sofa that is tough and durable. Actually, it can withstand outdoor elements such as the sun and any other thing that is likely to damage the protective material on the outer layer. When fully inflated, this sofa can hold air 5-6 hours, allowing you to have uninterrupted outdoor sessions.

Moreover, the inner lining has a plastic material, which will prevent air from leaking once the sofa is filled up to the required level. Furthermore, you can inflate this sofa without using a pump. This is because the sofa has a self-inflating feature that allows you to scoop air into the compartments, allowing you to fill up the unit effortlessly and fast. The user manual will direct you on how you can make use of this feature to get the highest possible outcome. When the sofa is not inflated, it measures 8ft long, so you can use it to make a hammock or as a picnic blanket.

This sofa has two mesh pockets. The larger pocket can accommodate items such as tablets and magazines, while the small pocket is ideal for keeping phones and other accessories like mp3 players. More to this, there is also a bottle holder that will keep your refreshments from spilling. This item can work as a camping sofa and beach bed, so you won’t have to buy separate units each time you want to go out.

  • It can hold up to 500 lbs.
  • Has a convenient pillow-shape headrest
  • Compact and portable
  • Inflating the sofa is somewhat difficult

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#2 Intex Inflatable Pull-out Sofa

Intex Inflatable Pull-out Sofa

When you buy this item, you won’t only get a sofa but will also have a pull-out mattress. This sofa is uniquely designed to offer maximum comfort when seated and when sleeping. The seating area extends out into a queen-size bed that can accommodate up to two people. This unit has a maximum load capacity of 440lbs and measures 76 inches x 87 inches x 26 inches. It is constructed with a tough vinyl material that will last provided that the weight limit is not exceeded. To get the desired firmness, ensure that you top off the sofa with air after a few days of use.

The dual-function feature makes this an ideal furniture that you can consider adding to your home. It can come in handy during sleepovers in that you will be able to create extra space for your friends in an instant. In as much as the sofa may have a two-in-one design, it won’t occupy as much space, making this a convenient item for users with limited space in their apartments or dorms. To add to this, you can deflate the sofa and fold it compactly when you are not using it.

Also, the surface of this sofa is flocked, giving it a soft texture for optimum comfort. This unit comes in a neutral color that will look good in almost all rooms without lowering the aesthetic value of your décor. Additionally, this sofa provides you with an armrest and cup holders on both sides. There is also a backrest that will allow you to sit comfortably and in the right posture.

  • Quick inflation
  • Easy to store
  • Cozy
  • The pump is sold separately

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#3 Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa

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The air sofa from Segoal can hold up to 600lbs and is also versatile enough to be used at the beach, indoors, and when camping. It is made from premium quality polyester that is not easy to puncture. In addition, the double-layer clasp prevents the air from leaking, thereby giving you a firm sofa that will last 7-8 hours without a refill. This sofa comes with a carrying bag that will help you when in transit.

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To add to this, the sofa only weighs 2.65 lbs., making it easy to carry. More to this, it has a generous size, thus allowing you to sit or lie-down without falling off. Thanks to the headrest, you will be able to sleep on this air sofa for long hours without hurting your neck. With the help of the floor nails, you can secure the sofa firmly to the ground, thereby preventing the wind from blowing it away when at the beach or park.

The material used in making the outer layer is resistant to wear and tear, so this sofa will provide you with long-lasting service. However, you have to observe the necessary precautionary measures to avoid puncturing the sofa. As such, you should only place the sofa in an area that does not have sharp objects. Also, ensure that you fill the compartments with enough air to get even more comfortable.

  • Ideal for vacations
  • Convenient air pillow design
  • Highly portable
  • Pumping air into the sofa is not as easy

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#4 Inflatable Corner Sofa by Intex

Inflatable Corner Sofa by Intex

This corner sofa has a luxurious design that will improve the look of your room. The sofa comes with a detailed instructional manual that will brief you on the do’s and don’ts that will help you get a good outcome from this unit. When inflated, the sofa measures approximately 101 inches x 80 inches x 30 inches with a load capacity of 880lbs. The bottom is made from a strong vinyl material that protects the sofa from punctures.

The manufacturers have designed the valves with extra-wide openings to facilitate easy inflation and deflation. This sofa has deep seats that will allow you back to lean on the available backrest. Through this, your waist and back region will be kept in the right position throughout the time that you will sit on this sofa. Besides, the unit provides you with a large seating area that can accommodate up to four people.

All the materials used in making this sofa are built to last, so you can add this unit to your room knowing that you will get a commendable service. The sofa has a foldable design, which allows you to fold it compactly when traveling. If you are looking for an inflatable sofa that can complement your décor, this is one of the options that is worth adding to your list. It is easy to use and super comfortable for different occasions.

  • The top is flocked to enhance comfort
  • Versatile design
  • Spacious
  • Does not have a cup holder compared to other models

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#5 Vango Inflatable Sofa

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Vango provides you with an inflatable sofa that will ensure you get maximum comfort regardless of whether you are inside the house or outside. As such, this unit can be an excellent addition to your home and may also prove useful when you are camping or attending a festival. When outdoors, ensure that you keep the sofa away from fire and sharp objects. This is done to prevent possible accidents or injuries that may result when the sofa gets punctured.

The seating area is covered with a soft fabric that will keep you cozy when you are seated. This sofa has a large valve at the back, which will help you pump air into the unit in a matter of minutes. Nonetheless, you should not use a high-pressure pump when inflating this sofa since it can damage the seams. The bottom of this sofa is conveniently made flat to make it more stable even when fully inflated.

Moreover, the manufacturers have included repair patches in the package that will assist you in sealing up small punctures. More on the safety features, it is advisable not to over inflate the sofa as this may make you uncomfortable and can also cause the sofa to burst. You should also keep in mind that this sofa is not ideal for use in water. Despite its size, the sofa weighs 5.94lbs, allowing you to carry it while applying minimal effort.

  • Has a backrest and armrest
  • Easy to inflate
  • Lightweight
  • Requires frequent refilling

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#6 Bestway Deluxe Inflatable Air Couch

Bestway Deluxe Inflatable Air Couch

This sofa has a sturdy construction and can accommodate up to two people. Furthermore, it measures 65 inches by 35 inches by 25 inches, making this a suitable option for rooms with limited space. The surround frame creates a comfortable backrest and armrests that will provide you with superior comfort. Additionally, each armrest has a cup holder that can hold your drinks as you watch or read.

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The sides and surface of this sofa are flocked to give you maximum comfort. Also, the sofa has a blend of attractive colors that will make your room more beautiful. The seating area is ribbed to increase friction between your body and the sofa. This will allow you to sit comfortably without sliding off from the sofa. The seams are heavily sealed to prevent air from leaking.

You won’t experience any difficulties when transporting this sofa since it can easily be deflated to a manageable size that you can carry with ease. When it comes to the setup, you can inflate the sofa using a standard pump. However, you have to ensure that you fill the sofa with air according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

  • Provides you with superior comfort
  • Not heavy
  • Ideal for any room
  • The sofa does not come with a pump

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#7 Intex Inflatable 2-In-1 Pull-Out Sofa and Queen Air Mattress Futon

Intex Inflatable 2-In-1 Pull-Out Sofa

Coming from a brand that is well known for producing high-quality inflatable furniture, this sofa will provide you with maximum comfort. You will be happy to know that this sofa can transform into an air mattress that you can use when camping. The air valves are wide to increase the amount of air that is taken in when you pump the sofa. This unit can accommodate two people when used as a sofa or a mattress.

With this sofa, you will be able to relax just about anywhere regardless of whether you are outdoors or indoors. The surface is flocked and is also waterproof for maximum durability. This sofa is fitted with a backrest that will allow you to sit for a longer time without getting fatigued. All the seams are airtight, thus providing you with a sofa that will maintain its firm shape for an extended period.

Besides, the sofa is super lightweight, so you can move it whenever you want. Depending on the shape of the room, you can use this as a corner sofa or place it in whichever place that suits you the most. The cushions are contoured to give you an enhanced user experience when sleeping or seated.

  • Constructed with high-quality materials
  • Fitted with cup holders
  • Easy to use
  • Seams may pop if the weight limit is exceeded

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#8 Pure Comfort 8510SB 5-in-1 Sofa

Pure Comfort 8510SB 5-in-1 Sofa

If you are looking for a sofa that can meet almost all your needs, this unit can be a good start. It has a versatile design, so you will get a love seat, recliner, lounger, queen size bed, and a kid’s bed. More to this, the maximum weight capacity is 500lbs, and the sofa can seat up to two people. This inflatable sofa is built from a premium quality PVC material that will ensure the air stays inside the sofa for the longest time possible.

The sofa has multiple chambers, which work in concert to give you an inflatable furniture that you can depend on in almost every situation. This sofa comes with an electric pump that will take approximately five minutes to fill up the sofa with air. In addition, the sofa has a coil top design, which makes it comfortable when you are in a sitting or sleeping position.

This sofa deflates easily and is also foldable, making this one of the inflatable sofas that you can use when outdoors. Also, this item comes with a travel bag, which will allow you to carry the sofa to your favorite destination. This sofa can fit in your dorm room, guest room, or any other place that you may want it.

  • Comes with a repair kit
  • Convertible design
  • Has a waterproof surface
  • The material used in the construction is very thin

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#9 Rhode Island Novelty 3 Person Sofa

Rhode Island Novelty 3 Person Sofa

Are you looking to have fun with your kids? This three-person sofa can help you with that. It comes in different color assortments, so you can choose the one that suits your preference. This sofa comes deflated, but you can fill it up with air in minutes. To add to this, the sofa has a transparent design and is also ergonomically designed to give your kids the best moments of their lives.

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Since the sofa has armrests and a backrest, your kids will have a good time when watching, reading, or just relaxing over the weekend. The material used in designing this sofa will prevent the air from leaking as long as you don’t overload it. Furthermore, the seating area is shaped in such a way that three people can sit on the sofa with any of them falling off.

You can accessorize your kid’s room with this sofa since it is safer compared to conventional sofas. Unfortunately, the sofa has no cup holders and may not hold up when an adult sits on it. As such, you should ensure that you use the sofa as directed for it to last.

  • You can inflate the sofa using a standard pump
  • Lightweight
  • Compact and stable
  • May not last when used outdoors

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#10 Bestway Multi-Max II Inflatable Air Couch

Bestway Multi-Max II Inflatable Air Couch

The inflatable sofa from Bestway has a convertible design, which will allow you to use it as a two-seater sofa or a pull-out mattress. This sofa also has an I-beam construction, making this one of the durable sofas that you can buy. It comes with two pillows that will keep your head and neck comfortable when you are sleeping. This sofa measures 79″ x 63″ x 25″ when inflated and also has a low profile, so you can place it anywhere in your room.

You can free your hands when watching by using the cup holders on either side of the sofa. The armrests will keep your arms in a relaxed state, while the backrest will ensure that your back and waist region maintain a healthy posture at all times when seated. Also, this unit has large cushions that hold a large volume of air, so you can purchase this inflatable sofa knowing that it will provide you with the comfort that you seek.

The cushions and the pillows are contoured to give users an easy time when using the sofa. Moreover, the bottom of the sofa has a heavy-duty construction, which keeps the unit safe from potential punctures. Switching between the sofa and the mattress will only take a few seconds.

  • Folds compactly
  • Multi-functional
  • Flocked surface
  • You may have to re-inflate the sofa from time to time

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#11 La funcosa Home Garden Inflatable Sofa

La funcosa Home Garden Inflatable Sofa

This air sofa measures 52.36 inches long,30.70 inches wide, and 25.59 inches high, providing you with enough space for two people. Additionally, it weighs 6.28lbs but is ideal for kids and adults. The product features two valves that can help you when removing air or when inflating the sofa. To make it even better, you can adjust the air pressure to suit your needs.

The sofa comes in a wide range of colors, so you can choose the one that goes with your décor. This product can help you when indoors but can also come in handy when you are outdoors. As such, you can place it on your lawn or by the poolside. There are two armrests and each has a cup holder that you can use as you enjoy your favorite drink.

To make it durable, the manufacturers have used a thick PVC material that will hold as long as the sofa is not overloaded. This sofa has an ergonomic design and a backrest that will allow you to enjoy your reading sessions. The only problem that you may experience with this sofa is that it does not come with a pump.

  • Portable
  • The surface is flocked to increase comfort
  • Conveniently designed
  • You have to buy a pump separately

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can pets damage inflatable sofas?

Yes. Cats and dogs have sharp claws, which can easily puncture inflatable sofas.

What can I consider when choosing an inflatable sofa?

The material used in construction plays a critical role in ensuring you get a durable sofa that will last when used both indoors and outdoors.

Can all inflatable sofas be used outdoors?

No. Some sofas may easily get punctured when used outdoors. As such, you have to ensure that you use the sofa according to the instructional manual.

Final Verdict

The inflatable sofas listed above are ergonomically designed to provide you with comfort in different situations.

As a matter of fact, some of the sofas can transform into mattresses that you can use when you are tired of sitting. The sofas are lightweight and portable, so you can carry them when traveling.

More to this, they are easy to inflate, thus giving you an easy time with the setup.

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