11 Best Key Finders (2024)

Looking for misplaced keys is the last thing that anyone wants to face, especially when in a hurry. Think of this scenario: you woke up some minutes past your usual time. You want to leave as soon as you can, but can’t find your keys! You don’t have an idea of where you last put them.

Well, it’s one of the most frustrating moments that may mean spending a ridiculous amount of time. How about finding an accessory that will help you trace your keys or other like essentials in a jiffy? A great idea, right? That’s why at least every homeowner needs to invest in a good key finder.

As the name suggests, key finders are special accessories that help in locating keys in seconds. They typically come with audible alarm and flashing lights to aid in the tracking items, whether far or close.

Now, like any other accessory, you need to be considerate of the key finder you buy. So, what makes a good key finder? What are some of the top models out there? For these and more, take a journey with us through some of the market’s top-notch models.

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11 Best Key Finders

#1 Tile Mate RE-19002 (2020) Bluetooth Tracker

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Although it’s one of the latest arrivals on the market, this key finder is among the most popular. It’s from a well-reputed manufacturer of key trackers. Thus, we don’t expect it to disappoint easily.

As an all-purpose tracker, the Tile Mate RE-19002 provides a quick and easy way to keep tabs on your keys, wallet, remote, or any other essential. In fact, it will also help find your phone even when in silent mode- just double-tap the middle button to ring your phone!

The tracker works with the companion Tile app to let you ring it when it’s within a 200-feet range. When not within this coverage, the app lets you view the most recent location of the device for easy tracking.

The most interesting part about the companion app is that it’s free. I mean, you won’t have to pay annual or monthly subscriptions to track down what belongs to you! Also, the Tile App has wide compatibility and works well with iOS and Android.

While the free app will let you do the basics like tracking your items, you can subscribe to Premium protect for additional benefits. Some of these services include smart alerts, item reimbursement, and free replacement batteries.

  • The construction is sturdy.
  • The companion app is free.
  • It is an all-purpose finder.
  • It’s a little pricier.

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#2 Tile Pro RE-21001 High-Performance Bluetooth Tracker

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The Tile Pro RE-21001 is also one of the most recent models on the market. Therefore, it should work better than the majority of options that precede it in the market. And yes, as we are all expecting, it’s one of the top-notch models the market offers currently.

The reliable device has almost everything you want in a key finder, but everything you need to conveniently and reliably locate your keys and other items you misplace more often.

Like the predecessor, this tracker lets you find your valuables using your Android or iOS via the free Tile App. The wireless Bluetooth technology lets you trigger an alarm of the Tile attached to your keys when within the range of 400 feet.

The unit comes with sturdy construction that stands up to everyday rigor. In fact, since this product is water-resistant, we are safe to say that it’s one of the units that will last for many years through the heaviest of abuse.

It comes as one pack. However, if you need more, it is also available in a cost-efficient pack of two and four. The finder works well in all that it’s made to do, and that’s why we still find it worth every penny besides having to pay for it more.

  • The 400 feet range is nice.
  • The App has wide compatibility.
  • It’s easy to use.
  • It looks quite large on a keychain.

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#3 WOSPORTS Key Finder Wireless RF Item Locator

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The next locator on the list comprises of a transmitter and six receivers. With all these receivers, you now have enough trackers for your keys, glasses, pet, purse, remote, and any other valuable. It’s like literally having six locators but for the price of one!

The receivers have unique labeling between A and F with a corresponding button on the transmitter. And since each receiver works independently, keeping track of any of your essentials has never gotten this easy!

Each receiver is audible enough up to 80 dB. In other words, it’s loud enough that you will hear it tens of meters away. When we pair this feature with the 100-feet coverage, we see it as a perfect option for use in the garden and other areas.

For people with hearing problems, this item locator also comes with them in mind. In other words, the locator comes with a bright red LED light that flashes when locating the receivers. You will also find this feature useful when operating in the dark or areas with poor lighting conditions.

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The package includes batteries for all the receivers. Therefore, provided you have the AAA battery for the main transmitter, the set is ready for use straight off the bat. The CR2032 batteries boast a long lifespan and easy to replace. In fact, since the receivers are ultra-efficient, they may last to about a year with serious use.

  • Six is a good number.
  • It is very loud.
  • The package includes batteries for all receivers.
  • You have to buy the AAA battery for the transmitter separately.

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#4 Esky ES-KF02 Wireless RF Item Locator

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The next option on the list works more like the preceding model. However, instead of six receivers, the Esky ES-KF02 packs four and a transmitter. That said, it’s also a nice option for anyone who has many essentials for tracking.

The package also includes four keyrings, enough for all receivers. Hence, whether you want to use them for your wallet, furbaby, keys, or any other item, you will find it easy to attach to the item of your choice.

All the receivers of the Esky ES-KF02 are color-coded with a matching button on the transmitter. This feature makes it easy to trace the exact item with great accuracy and a high level of convenience.

The locator uses advanced radiofrequency technology to help you in locating keys and other items of the kind in seconds. And since this technology can penetrate through walls and other barriers, we see the set as one of the most reliable models out there.

The sound level of about 75-80 dB is loud enough to hear from afar. The housing makes use of top-grade ABS material, tough enough to last for many years with heavy everyday use in a rugged environment.

  • RF technology is very reliable.
  • The weight is nice.
  • It includes key rings.
  • Taking the battery cover off is not the easiest of jobs.

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#5 Esky KF-06A RF Item Locator

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Also coming from Esky, this is yet another option you can consider buying if you tend to easily forget where you’ve placed your keys, wallet, and other essentials. Like the predecessor, it’s a Radiofrequency set, meaning that we don’t expect it to disappoint easily.

The set constitutes six receivers, a transmitter, six key rings, and more. The receivers have a convenient size at only 0.18 inches thick. The portable design makes them ideal for use with remote controllers, keys, pets, luggage, and many more.

All the receivers are color-coded to make it quick and convenient to locate the exact one attached to the item you are looking for. And with the sound level of 80 dB, just press the matching button on the transmitter and the target receiver will produce a loud beep to direct you to its location.

The set boasts a working range of 50-100 feet when in an open space. While this range may not be the best coverage, it’s far much better than some of the models that claim to offer wide coverage but fail to deliver.

The transmitter has a small stand that lets you keep it handy always. Also, the batteries for the remote controller are included alongside those of the receivers. Hence, with this set, you don’t have to buy anything separately.

  • The price is nice.
  • All batteries are in the package.
  • The batteries are easy to replace.
  • The sound may grow quite faint as the battery runs out.

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#6 Toysdone Key Finder 1 RF Transmitter 4 Receivers

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Although most of the key finders in the high-end category work well, you can still get affordable models that work as well. Now, for those that aren’t ready to pay through the nose for a key locator, here comes one of the options worth buying.

The set uses RF technology, one of the most reliable innovations for tracking. In fact, with this technology, you will be able to find the lost item up to about 40 meters away, even when there is a barrier in between, whether a solid wall, cushion, or any other.

The set comprises of a transmitter/remote and four color-coded receivers. It’s also easy to use- just attach each receiver to one of the items you misplace often and the accessory will beep once you press the related color-coded button on the remote the next time you can’t see the item attached to the receiver.

The transmitter has a strategically-positioned LED light with convenient ON/OFF buttons. You will find this feature coming in handy the next time you are trying to locate something in the dark or poorly-lit areas.

You will also note that the buttons on this transmitter are large enough. Hence, they are the perfect size for use by big and small hands alike. Lastly, it comes with CR2032 batteries for all the receivers so you will only need to buy 2 AAA batteries for the transmitter.

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#7 Simjar Wireless Remote Control RF Key Finder

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Whether you are an elderly person or one of the absent-minded professors, this key finder will help you find your keys the next time you lose them. It also makes a great gift to girlfriend, friend, family member, or any other person with a special place in your life.

It comes as a set that comprises an RF transmitter and four receivers. The four receivers are color-coded for easy distinction and operate using the color matching button on the transmitter.

The Radiofrequency transmitter remains in the stand when not in use while the receivers attach to your select items for easy tracking. The remote lets you remotely activate a beep on the lost receiver without relying on any other device.

The set transmitter will track the receiver within the range of 40 meters, although this coverage may reduce when there are walls and other obstacles. Whether you want to use it for your pet, keys, remote control, or any other area, the manufacturer includes keyrings and double-sided tape for easy connection to your valuables.

The package contains all the batteries for the receivers but not for the transmitter, just like most of our previous models. Lastly, this set is easy to use but also comes with a comprehensive user manual.

  • It doesn’t need an App or phone.
  • The alarm is loud.
  • You have multiple ways to link the receivers to your items.
  • It could be a little slimmer.

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#8 Phone Finder Item Tracker with Bluetooth for Android/iOS

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Although it’s one of the lowly-priced models on the market, the reliability of this model is high there with high-end versions. It comes as a single piece that works with your Android or iOS device to quickly and reliably locate your lost essentials.

The finder comes equipped with a durably-constructed keychain. Hence, it will attach to your keys and other valuable essentials conveniently without any chance of coming out unintentionally.

Other than finding your keys, pets, and other essentials using the companion app on your phone, you can also do the reverse with this key finder. I mean, by pressing the center button of this tracker, this device will cause your phone to ring when you can’t find it.

This reliable device is of aluminum alloy and polycarbonate construction. Therefore, it’s very durable and will thrive through several years of rough handling. The long-lasting batteries will keep going for about a year, so you don’t have to worry about the hassle of finding and replacing the batteries now and then.

The high-quality key finder also works well for people that spend most of their time on the roads. In other words, this stylish accessory is portable and conveniently-sized to fit perfectly in your wallet, file pocket, and more.

  • The app works very well.
  • It supports bidirectional searching.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It may disconnect although rarely.

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#9 Oriflame Key Finder Item Tracker

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This key finder is designed to help you locate the everyday essentials you misplace very often. You can attach it to your keys, wallet, umbrella, and other items you find yourself searching for frequently.

The receivers come in distinct colors; red, green, white, and black. Also, they are easy to use; just long-press the buttons in them to power them on, connect them with the device through the Bluetooth technology and that’s it!

This finder has a working distance of 30 meters away. Once any of the receivers get out of range, it will send an alert to you- you will never forget any of your essentials the next time you leave in a hurry for work.

Like some of the top models in the industry, this key finder supports bidirectional searching. In other words, you can use either of the finders to locate your phone when you can’t see it; just double press the buttons of your phone- and that’s it!

Although it’s very loud, these tracking devices come with a small and conveniently sized. In other words, they will neither take much room on your wallet nor look overly large when using them with your keys.

  • It is super loud.
  • The finder is easy to use.
  • They work with different Apps.
  • The working distance is quite small.

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#10 Mocoe 4 Pack Smart Key Finder Locator

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Keep track of all your essentials amidst a busy and stressful life. These smart key finders provide a way to easily locate your keys, remote controls, cats, wallet, and other things we frequently find out of sight.

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Here, you are getting four tracking devices, with each piece coming with a distinct color. The different color-coding means that you will know what color is attached to what item, making it easy to track the right item for the first time.

The smart key locators are compact and lightweight. Therefore, they look well when using it for your wallet, remote control, keys, pets, and more. The small and lightweight design also makes it easy to carry just about anywhere.

The sound rating of 80-95 dB means that although they are small, these accessories are very loud. In fact, with such a rating, you will be able to hear the alarm from upstairs even with walls and other barriers.

The locators work with a smartphone through the iSearching App which is free and available for download on Google Play and App Store. The CR2032 batteries are very durable and will last for about a year from the activation date.

  • The construction is very sturdy.
  • The sound is good.
  • Replacement batteries are readily available.
  • The range isn’t the best.

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#11 Simjar QF08D Unusual Holiday Present – Key Finder

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The last and not the least on our list is another reliable model out there. The option is from Simjar, one of the renowned manufacturers when it comes to product quality. And yes, this product comes with plenty to offer.

First, the set offers more than any of the predecessors. In other words, you are getting eight receivers and two transmitters in this case. The two transmitters have buttons that correspond to all the receivers. Thus, you can use any of the remotes to locate any of the eight receivers.

Also, the receivers are so loud. In fact, you will be able to hear the beep even in busy and noisy environments. Moreover, we like the idea that they emit sound from the sides, meaning that they remain loud when covered.

The set boasts a wide working range of up to 100 feet, more than what you find in most key finders. And with each receiver coming with a bright LED, this set also allows you to rely on the light to lead to you to the misplaced item. That said, we see it as an ideal option for the deaf and people with hearing difficulties.

The package includes keyrings and double-sided tape that match the number of receivers. Hence, no matter where you want to use the receiver, you will always have a way to get the work done. Other components of the package include ten CR2032 batteries, four DIY stickers, a user manual, and more.

  • The two transmitters work with all receivers.
  • The receivers have an LED.
  • They produce sound through the sides.
  • The receivers are a tad bulky for use in remote controls.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest way to find keys?

Although your keys will rarely get lost beyond all hope, most of the time it will take you a while to locate them. To save you time and the hassle, you need to buy a good key finder. Key locators will help you locate keys and other essentials you misplace more often.

What is a key finder?

A key finder is a special device that lets you locate your misplaced keys with ease. It also works for other valuables such as wallets, bags, pets, remote controls, and more.

How do key finders work?

For any key finder to work, you have to establish a connection between at least two devices. Some come with transmitters and receivers while others only come as a single piece that connects to your phone. The receiver attaches to your keys while the transmitter or phone lets you activate a signal remotely to direct you to the receiver.

Is there a GPS tracker for keys?

It depends on the model. Some key finders are designed to work with GPS while others use different mechanisms to help you track the whereabouts of your lost item, pet, or kid.

Do key finders really work?

Well, they do, and that’s why I wrote this article in the first place. However, not all models are reliable. That’s why we recommend that you be considerate of the model you buy.

Final Verdict

Before you buy a key finder, there is much to take into consideration. First, it must be audible enough. Other forms of alerts such as LED flashlights are an added advantage.

Also, the key finder should have wide coverage. The signal needs to be strong enough to penetrate through thick materials such as walls.

In that case, Radiofrequency versions come in handy. Other considerations include battery life, size, price, and more.

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