Top 11 Best Oil Filters For Car (2024)

Think of your car’s engine oil like the blood that flows through veins and arteries. When internal combustion engines run for many weeks, it requires users to change oil filters. As engine oil circulates inside the engine of your vehicle, oil filters help to sieve impurities. 

More so, well-oiled engines run smoothly. Without functional oil filters, it might be hard to enjoy the peak condition of engines. Oil filter needs to be replaced between 3 to 6 months every year. However, you should know the type of oil filter that your car needs.

Most oil filters for synthetic motor oil offer protection for about 15,000 miles. These premium oil filters come from high-end brands that offer a range of benefits. 

Don’t forget that the marketplace has millions of oil filters that are sub-standard or imitation of great brands. Also, many buyers often make the mistake of choosing favorite oil filters by considering the price factor. 

An expensive standard oil filter might not guarantee many benefits, and the price shouldn’t be the only determinant. 

There are other groups of buyers that prefer generic oil filters. It could be misleading to compare oil filters that have similar outward appearances. Additionally, the build quality of oil filters indicates the effectiveness of the filter media. 

The internal design of this filtration system that helps to keep your car’s oil clean. Smart users of oil filters for cars can use this buying guide to choose the right product. We’ll share other essential features of the quality oil filter in the next section.

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Top 11 Oil Filters For Car

#1. Mobil 1 M1EP Extended Performance Oil Filter

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This Mobil 1 Oil Filter offers enhanced performance and it’s efficient at removing contaminants from motor oils. It comes with an advanced synthetic filtration system. Also, the M1EP contains a blend of cartridge and spin-on oil filters. 

The fiber media’s 99.6% multi-pass value is higher than other synthetic filters. Apart from this efficiency rating, Mobil 1 Oil Filters have anti-drain back valves. However, these built-in valves are designed with silicone materials to prevents internal leakages. 

With this synthetic M1EP oil filter, you can minimize the risks of sludge and contaminants in your car’s engine oil. It comes from a filter line that’s designed to trap more concentrations of shavings, and particles than regular oil filters.

  • It provides long-lasting performance
  • It offers longer drain intervals than other models of synthetic motor oil filters
  • It’s quick and easy to install
  • The operating pressure is 615 PSI (Pascals per square inch)
  • It’s an expensive model of a synthetic oil filter.

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#2. PurolatorBOSS Premium Oil Filter

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This model of PurolatorBOSS Premium Oil Filter has a durable and heavy-duty steel enclosure. It comes in a single and multiple (packs of 2 and 6) units. 

It offers drain intervals after a successive distance of 15,000 miles. Also, the dirt-holding capacity is impressive because this oil filter has been designed with SmartFUSION technology. The filter media is a reinforced polymer material. 

While this premium oil filter provides 99% removal of sludge, its PuroSEAL gasket ensures leak protection for your engine. Additionally, this ethylene-acrylic protection component has a superior design that is lacking in similar oil filters. 

It’s suitable for many models of Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Hyundai, Mazda, and Honda vehicles.   

  • It’s designed with a complete synthetic mesh filter media and impact-resistant steel casing
  • Rugged construction with double helix designs that resist degradation form high mileage
  • It can handle several types of oil viscosities and full-synthetic oils
  • The filter media doesn’t have the innovative design for oil filtration in racing cars.

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#3. Bosch 3330 Premium Oil Filter

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Are you looking for premium oil filters that guarantee maximum engine protection for cars that need to cope with demanding driving conditions? Bosch 3330 filter works well with cars that use Castrol motor oil. 

It’s a vehicle-specific premium oil filter with a special FILTECH media technology. This model of Bosch 3330 oil filter works by screening harmful particles and sludge. 

While the glass-like media prevents contaminants from reaching your car’s engine, its trapping strength is 99%. Also, it’s leak-proof casings ensures the fit. Other benefits of this oil filter include an anti-drain-back valve and gasket that provides a tight seal. 

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These designs ensure easy installation and removal of Bosch 3330 oil filter during scheduled maintenance tasks.

  • It’s ideal for a range of automobiles like Lexus, Volkswagen, Audi, Lincoln, Mustang, Ford, and Lexus
  • The leak-proof design ensure an engine’s protection
  • It assures a clean supply of motor oil
  • The oil filter’s housing doesn’t have a textured-grip design and it might not be quick to remove or install.

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#4. Motorcraft Oil Filter

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Oil filters with rigid casings are impact-resistant, and they often come with seals that provide precise fits. The Motorcraft oil filter’s outer body is coated with rust-resist materials. 

Since the housing of this filter has a textured grip and fluted end, it allows users to change it quickly. Also, there’s no chance of experiencing engine issues because the filter’s pressure-relief valves prevent circulations of contaminated engine oils. 

Another advantage of using this Motorcraft filter is its capacity to supply engine oil during the winter and cold conditions. 

A large filter media can screen out bits of metal and particulates. With this dirt-collecting filter media, it will be easy to cut down on maintenance costs for vehicles. 

  • Efficient trapping process for abrasives, and other engine-harming particles
  • It’s designed with a high-pressure perforated steel tube
  • Durable and rust-resistant steel casing
  • It’s a budget oil filter that might not rank with high-end premium filters.

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#5. Honda A02 Oil Filter

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This model of Honeywell Oil Filter by Honda offers an enhanced capacity for capturing more abrasives and particulates in engine oils. It’s a genuine oil filter for a range of Honda vehicles. 

It fits 1.5L engines of old and recent models of the Honda Accord. Also, it’s casing is durable and the built-in filter media offers protection against engine wear. While it’s available in 2 variants, the A02 is a replica for the A01 oil filter. 

Apart from automotive use, this lightweight A02 oil filter fits different types of power and marine equipment. However, the application is specific for trapping engine-harming particles. As a top-quality filter, this A02 model helps to maintain the consistent supply of clean engine oil.

  • A genuine OEM Honda part and an upgraded version of the A01
  • The O-ring seal offers a precise fit
  • It can be installed and replaced quickly
  • It has smaller oil passage holes.

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#6. FRAM Ultra Synthetic Oil Filter

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This Ultra Synthetic Fram Oil Filter is designed with a dual-layered filter media. It doesn’t allow carbon, and sand particles get into your car’s engine oil. Also, the filtration rate is 99% and its efficiency is greater than 20 microns. 

While the manufacturer recommends a change of this oil filter every 20,000 miles, its particle-trapping capacity enhances the protection of vehicle engines. Since the casing is designed with a textured SureGrip, you can change this model of FRAM oil filter quickly. 

Usually, anti-slip designs reduce any chance of improper attachments. With this Spin-On Ultra Synthetic filter, both cars and light-duty trucks can run with top performance. Additionally, the filter media comes with a reinforced metal screen that improves its durability.

  • It screens out and holds contaminants effectively
  • The rigid metal media (screen) is resistant to normal operating pressures of internal combustion engines
  • The filter screen is designed with a relief valve, flow spacing technology, and a precision coil spring.
  • It may need regular cleaning to extends the life of your engine oil.

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#7. Ecogard Premium Cartridge Engine Filter

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With this model of EcoGard Oil Filter, you can change your engine oil at intervals of 10, 000 miles. It’s recommended for synthetic oil in Audi TT Quattro, Cross Country (2.5L), Volkswagen (VW), Jetta, and Passat (2.0L). 

As a cartridge oil filter, it’s designed for users to change their engine oil confidently. Also, this filter is designed to prevent grains of sand particles from contaminating your engine oil. 

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While it enhances the performance of your vehicle, its filtration capacity is twice the efficiency of regular oil filters. Additionally, ECOGARD synthetic oil filters come with impact-resistant steel caps. The filter media is a blend of silicone anti-drain and leak-proof components. 

  • It’s filter media has a dual-fluted center tube
  • It’s designed for vehicles that run on synthetic oil.
  • This cartridge filter offers longer intervals of oil changes
  • Apart from VW vehicles, this cartridge filter’s diameter doesn’t offer precise fits for the canisters of many automobile engines.

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#8. Royal Purple Premium Oil Filter

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Enjoy superior protection of your engine with Royal Purple Premium Oil Filter. It’s an ideal oil filter for Nissan, Subaru, KIA, Mazda, and Mercedes-Benz cars. The design of its steel casing makes it easy to replace the filter every 15,000 miles. 

Apart from this replacement interval, this filter ensures the circulation of clean synthetic oil. Your car’s engine needs this protection to work at full capacity. Also, the filtration rate of the filter media is 99% and it’s efficient at trapping 25 microns of particulates. 

There’s an anti-drain back valve that reduces any chances of dry starts when it’s time to turn ‘ON’ the engine of your car. Additionally, this filter (micro-glass) media is made of synthetic materials. While the outer shell is rugged, the internal by-pass valve ensures consistent oil flows.

  • This premium oil filter serves a range of vehicles
  • It’s durable and thick shell offers quick removals and installation
  • Its leak-proof gasket is a heavy-duty nitrile rubber
  • A larger filter media might have increased the efficiency of this filter.

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#9. K&N Premium Engine Oil Filter

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Wouldn’t you prefer oil filters that enhance engine performance with superior filtration techniques? K&N Premium Engine Oil Filter fits a range of vehicle models. While it offers fast and easy removals, you’ll need a wrap-wrench to ensure precise fits. 

Usually, oil filters that offer high flow rates are well-designed. This K&N is not an exception because its flow rate is consistent. Also, it improves the performance of your engine. 

Another outstanding feature is its capacity to trap contaminants in synthetic, blended, and conventional engine oils. 

The heavy-duty canister of this oil filter ensures impressive durability, and the build quality gives longer service intervals. Additionally, this motor part has been designed with an excellent burst strength.

  • It’s designed to ensure high flow rates
  • It’s compatible with a range of vehicle models
  • The synthetic filtration media is efficient
  • It’s a bit expensive than other premium oil filters.

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#10. Baldwin Lube Spin-On Filter

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While installing an excellent oil filter that doesn’t cross-thread, it will be quick to complete the task. 

This Baldwin Spin-On Filter is a heavy-duty model that handles any blend of oil in the engines of cars and light-duty trucks. Unlike other brands of oil filters, Baldwin’s mounting surface bonds to an engine properly. 

It comes in packs of 12, 2, 3, and 6 Spin-On filters. Without innovative filter media, many sensitive parts of a vehicle’s engine might be affected by contaminants. Also, the performance of this heavy-duty oil filter helps to improve an engine’s life. 

Each of these filters has quality gaskets that ensure tight seals between their mounting surfaces and the car’s engine

  • A superior seal design
  • Improved filtration and gasket designs
  • It fits a range of vehicles
  • It doesn’t come with a blend of filtration media.

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#11. ACDelco Professional Engine Oil Filter

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ACDelco Engine Oil Filter comes with a blend of cellulose media. The thickness of the filter media is enough to block and protect the life of your car’s engine. Also, the filter’s mounting surface is designed with a thermosetting seal. 

With the adhesive on this seal, there’s a reduced risk of using an unreliable filtering media. Normally, oil filters that offer consistent filtration are dependable. 

They circulate clean supply oil to different components of the car’s engine. Furthermore, this model of ACDelco oil filter comes with a 98% multi-pass filter rating. 

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With its level of efficiency, the media can trap between 25 to 30 microns. However, the operating pressure of your car’s engine oil must not exceed 51 PSI.

  • An enhanced filtration media
  • Durable design and efficient flow management
  • Excellent burst strength
  • It may not be easy and quick to remove this filter during your car’s maintenance.

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How To Buy The Right Oil Filters For Car

While it’s important to keep sludge and other contaminants away from your engine oil, many factors determine the right oil filter. This section of our buying guide tells you how to identify an efficient oil filter with increased dirt-collecting capacity.


The performance of any premium oil filter will ensure consistent and clean supplies of synthetic oil to the car’s engine. Manufacturers use a range of designs that ensure high-quality standards. It’s recommended for vehicle-specific oils. 

A decent oil filter might offer about 20,000-mile change intervals. However, the effectiveness is not only with the removal of contaminants from the car’s engine oil. 

Its level of resistance to rust and impacts when the car drives through rough environments and demanding conditions is essential.

Consider The Design

Unlike nuts, belts, batteries, and spark plugs; the build quality of oil filters makes easy installation.

It often requires special wrap-wrench tools to change or install oil filters. A quick method of finding the right size of an oil filter is by confirming your car’s model.

While there are several design types, spin-on oil filters often come with heavy-duty metal housings. These outer covers are resistant to freezing temperatures and corrosive elements.

More so, there’s a nut at the base of the filter that allows you to install it easily. Usually, these exposed nuts of premium oil filters are thicker than 10mm.

The Filtering Media

Oil filters’ filtration systems depend on the manufacturer’s design. Apart from a blend of filtering media, some filters come with synthetic or cellulose (resin) components.

It’s difficult to see every section of the filtration media, and it can be a micro-glass material. However, a blend of both synthetic and cellulose media is more efficient than regular filtration techniques.

Without ripping the outer shell, the easiest way to describe the filtering media is to look at a thick paper (cellulose). This component traps contaminants (carbon and particulates) that might flow into the vehicle’s engine oil.

More so, there’s a center tube between the cellulose and metal end caps. However, Synthetic filtering media is more expensive than cellulose media. Additionally, cellulose filters can trap 10 microns of particles, but synthetic filter media can hold about 40 microns.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the bypass valve?

When you use an ineffective oil filter, contaminants can reach your engine and shut it down. However, the bypass valve triggers when the filter exceeds its capacity.

These anti-drain valves prevent the flow-back of dirty oil to your engine. Premium oil filters come with metal springs, these steel rings are durable than plastic bypass valves.

How can I identify an oil filter’s failure?

Oil-leak conditions are significant, and you don’t have to wait until these conditions increase before changing the filter.

When buying an oil filter, it’s better to consider burst strengths and quality O-rings seals (gaskets). Normally, oil pressures and temperatures affect these motor parts.

A burst oil filter will reduce the working pressure of any internal combustion engine, and the performance of your vehicle.

Final Verdict

Before replacing an oil filter, drain the residue inside your car’s engine block and ensure the new filter’s mounting surface is clean. However, it’s important to but the right oil filter for cars before the maintenance process.

After dozens of engine oil changes, it might not be a bad idea to switch to premium oil filters. We understand these concerns and are offering top-quality oil filters to smart buyers accordingly.

Each of these oil filter models offers superior filtration. Also, it’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to install these filters.

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