Top 11 Best Snow Shovels (2024)

Summertime is fast approaching the end. We have limited time to prepare before we usher in the winter.

Now, as an early bird, you should already be purchasing the winter gear. And yes, if you live in an area that experiences snowfall during the chilly season, one of the must-have tools for you is a snow shovel.

A snow shovel is a tool that allows you to remove snow from your space with less hassle.

Definitely, shoveling the white stuff is not everyone’s meat. Thus, when buying a snow shovel, you need to get a tool that will do the work faster and easier.

As usual, we are here to make picking the ideal tool for you less complicated. Find your excellent pick on our list of top 11 snow shovels on the market.

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11 Best Snow Shovels

#1 Snow Joe SJ-SHLV01 Shovelution Strain-Reducing Snow Shovel

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This snow shovel allows you to get rid of the thick pile of snow off your way smarter and not harder. The tool features a unique design. This design tackles even the thickest layers of snow with less effort. The design uses the strong upper body muscles to lift and throw snow, which reduces back strain. Thus, if you are among the people that have back issues, this shovel would be a nice option for you.

The purposeful design allows you to lift more snow so that you finish the work faster than when using other models. The tool features two D-ring handles that offer advanced ergonomics so that you handle a large pile of snow with less hand fatigue. The grips of the shovel are of high-quality plastic material that offers excellent grip to give you better user experience.

The 18-inch blade features a wide design to reduce the time you take for the work. The construction is of shatter-resistant polypropylene construction that can withstand heavy use. The non-stick coating on the blade permits unobstructed use for quicker operations.

Main Features:

  • It features two ergonomic handles.
  • It comes with a lightweight design.
  • The plastic grips offer an excellent grasp.
  • The shovel has an 18-inch heavy-duty blade.
  • It has spring-assist handles.

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#2 TABOR TOOLS Folding Shovel, Survival Spade for Camping

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If you in the lookout for versatility, you should not look beyond the TABOR TOOLS Folding Shovel. The tool clears the snow from your space during the winter and then transforms into a garden tool for digging through roots, mud, and sand. The blade features a sharp end that makes digging through compact soil nearly effortless. Also, the side of the blade has serration to cut small branches with ease when using it in the garden.

The industrial-grade steel construction offers exceptional strength and longevity to ensure that the shovel serves you year after year. The unit can works either when straight or in a 90-degree angle depending on your preference. Additionally, the handle is extra-long and measures 19 inches for more leverage for tough digging and heavy lifting.

Most users like that the shovel employs a collapsible design. Thus, you can fold it twice into a smaller size that nests nicely in the handy carrying bag for better portability. In fact, the 8 by 6 (inches) carrying bag provides enough space for the shovel and nests into the glove compartment of your car or backpack without eating space for the rest of your gear. Furthermore, the weight of 1.3 lbs implies that you can use it for heavy snow removal with less to no fatigue.

Main Features:

  • It has a 19-inch handle.
  • The shovel employs high-strength stainless steel construction.
  • The unit is foldable.
  • It comes with a convenient carrying bag.
  • It is a multi-purpose tool.

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#3 Dakota SnoBlade Snow Blade Removal Shovel w/ Wheels

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If your place experiences heavy snowfall during the winter, you will need a snow shovel that will clear your space in less time. And yes, this is one of the snow shovels that can handle a thick layer of snow effectively with less effort. The unit comes with an extra-wide blade that measures 36 inches wide. The wider blade allows the unit to collect more snow in a single pass than most of the shovels of the same caliber.

In fact, the unit will take half the time and effort it would take when using a conventional snow shovel. The product is designed and assembled in the United States. Therefore, you can buy it with the confidence that you will get the maximum value for your money. The simple design makes the unit super-easy to use. Just push the unit and it will gather the snow to the side of your choice!

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The two heavy-duty wheels roll smoothly on any surface. This allows you to move the unit easily around your yard. When not in use, the unit hangs on the wall of your garage or workshop- you don’t have to worry that it will take floor space!

Main Features:

  • It has a 36-inch shovel blade.
  • It features two wheels.
  • The unit has rugged construction.
  • It eliminates snow in half the time it takes the conventional models.
  • It is easy to store.

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#4 DMOS Alpha 2 Shovel

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This option comes with T6-6061 aircraft aluminum construction. This property renders it one of the most durable snow shovels you will come across in the market. The aluminum construction features a powder-coated finish. The coating protects the metal construction from catching rust over time.

The snow shovel comes in just the perfect size. I mean, it is big enough to suit the largest snowbanks but also small enough for easy storage without taking much storage space. In fact, when not in use, this shovel packs down to a compact size of 21.5 x 14 x 3″ which takes minimum storage space in your garage or arsenal. DMOS Alpha 2 Shovel only weighs 4.4 lbs, making it an ideal option for anyone living in areas that are affected by snow largely.

The handle features a telescopic design. This feature allows you to extend the height to the maximum limit of 61.5 inches depending on your need. This design also lets you select the height that goes with your stature. You don’t have to always bend when removing snow from your driveway, sidewalk, or any other space within your home. The ability of the unit to handle snow, dirt, sand, ice, and mud efficiently renders it versatile. This property makes it ideal for your car, truck, garden, professional snow work, and other many applications.

Main Features:

  • It has a telescopic shaft.
  • The shovel features durable powder-coat finish and teeth.
  • The aluminum construction is strong yet lightweight.
  • It is from the United States.
  • The serrated terrain breaks rough terrain, snow, and ice with ease.

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#5 Lifeline 4004 One Size Aluminum Sport Utility

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In case you are looking for the ideal snow spade for your car, SUV, RV, or snowmobile, the Lifeline 4004 One Size Aluminum Sport Utility should be a nice buy for you. The premium-grade tool employs rugged aluminum construction. This construction ensures increased durability without compromising on the portability.

When not in use, this accessory disassembles into three pieces that are easy to fit in your backpack or car without taking space for other winter accessories. This design makes storage more convenient, rendering it a must-have travel accessory in your car during the winter season.

Like the preceding model, this unit adjusts from the height of 26 inches to 32 inches. The adjustability offers best leverage when in use allowing you to do the work easier without causing much stress on your back. Our hand-picked option comes in a beautiful red color. Yet, in case you don’t want the red one, you can choose either olive, blue, orange, yellow, and black. However, the price differs depending on the color you pick.

Main Features:

  • There are six color options.
  • It disassembles into three pieces for portability and multiple uses.
  • The shovel is of aluminum.
  • The height adjusts from 25 inches to 32 inches.
  • The unit employs a lightweight design.

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#6 Suncast SC1350 18-Inch Snow Shovel/Pusher

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Suncast is a well-reputed manufacturer dedicated to helping homeowners beautify their dream home. And yes, when it comes to helping you get rid of the snow during the chilly winter, Suncast neither disappoints. The Suncast SCI350 Snow Shovel is a specially-designed tool that handles whatever winter throws into your space.

The blade measures 18 by 12 inches. With this size, we are safe to claim that the blade is large enough to let you clear your driveway faster than some models in the market. The handle is 51 inches long to provide excellent leverage to make it easier than ever to tackle the largest piles of snow. Furthermore, the multi-purpose design doubles up as a pusher for increased convenience.

The grip features ergonomic design and contours to the hand for improved handling. The blade is of high-quality material that tolerates heavy use. The handle features high-strength steel construction which that won’t break easily.

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Main Features:

  • The handle is of steel.
  • The blade measures 18″ x 12″
  • It comes in a dark green color.
  • The tool offers an length of 51 inches.
  • It has a ribbed grip for comfort.

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#7 KAMINUO Portable Snow Shovel

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This option also packs plenty of impressive features that render it a nice investment for any car owner or homeowner for the next winter. Like most of our previous models, the shovel is durably constructed from aluminum. Also, it features a lightweight design for easy portability and convenient use.

The head measures 28cm x 21cm. So, it is quite smaller than the majority of models but sturdy enough to handle what winter has in store. After use, this model breaks down to three pieces that are easy to store or transport in your backpack to the intended point of use. Also, the three pieces combine in different configurations for varying heights of 25 inches-32 inches.

KAMINUO Portable Colorful Telescopic Aluminum Snow Shovel comes in a golden color. Unfortunately, there are no other color varieties available. Therefore, it may not be the ideal option for you if you want a different color from the only available one. The price is great and suits the pockets of most homeowners inclusive of those that operate under tight budgets.

Main Features:

  • It is affordable.
  • It separates into three portable pieces.
  • The height has an adjustment range of 25-32 inches.
  • The head is 28 cm x 21 cm.
  • It comes in a golden color.

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#8 Suncast SF1850 22-Inch Big Scoop Snow Shovel with Wear Strip

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The Suncast SF1850 Snow Shovel offers you plenty of features that enable you to tackle what winter brings your way with confidence. The unit features a sturdy construction that makes it one of the most durable models you will come across in the market.

One of the impressive features about this option is that it comes with an extra-large 22-inch shovel. The large size allows you to collect large amounts of snow on each scoop to finish the work in less time. The non-stick graphite blade provides unobstructed use. Forget about the hassle of dealing with clumps left on the blade one every thrust you make.

The handle of this snow shovel boasts an impressive height of 60 cm. This height makes it comfortable for use since you can shovel without bending your back much. The height also adjusts to suit the user’s stature and the intended use. After use, the sturdy handle collapses to make it easy for you to store.

Main Features:

  • The height extends to 60 cm.
  • The shovel features a graphite non-stick blade.
  • It features an extra-wide scoop for faster removal of snow.
  • The handle collapses for storage.
  • It is affordable.

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#9 Garant NP091KDU Nordic 9-Inch Poly Blade Car Shovel – Red

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Although it is not exactly unique from the other snow shovels, this option takes pride in its durable construction. The unit has a polypropylene blade that can withstand heavy regular use. The material clears snows without damaging roofs and pressure-sensitive surfaces.

The simple design renders it pretty straightforward to use just like the conventional versions. This feature also makes it an ideal option for anyone who doesn’t want an overly complex model. The 9-inch blade implies it may not be the excellent option especially for those that have to work on heavy snowfalls. This is because it scoops a pretty small amount of snow as compared to some suggestions given earlier.

The handle on the other side does not have metal construction like most options out there. Rather, the handle employs hardwood material that offers impressive durability. The wooden handle absorbs shock to minimize hand injuries with extended use. The D-ring grasp offers a comfortable grip while the lightweight design shows that the unit won’t cause hand fatigue when used in heavy applications.

Main Features:

  • It has a 9-inch blade.
  • The handle is wooden.
  • It is easy to use.
  • The unit is very lightweight.
  • The construction is very durable.

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#10 The Ames Companies, Inc 1625300 Combo Snow Shovel

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This premium-grade unit features a 26-inch blade. This blade allows you to collect a substantial amount of snow in a single scoop so that you finish the job in no time. The versatile design allows you to use it as a shovel or as a pusher depending on the thickness of the snow. The unit features an extra-long handle for better leverage allowing you to tackle even the most challenging jobs with ease.

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But just in case you feel that the handle does not offer enough leverage, this option has a footstep for maximizing the leverage to make the work easier. The extra-long design eliminates the need to bend when shoveling and saves your back when lifting. Also, the handle offers plenty of space for both hands. The shovel employs aluminum construction for maximum durability and strength.

The multiple grips guarantee optimal hand placement. This feature allows you to position your hand in the ideal position for tackling the work effectively, quicker, and using less effort. The reversible design allows you to remove snow in tight spaces such as steps and porches to keep your space completely free from the white stuff.

Main Features:

  • It boasts an innovative design.
  • Multiple grips ensure optimal control and hand comfort.
  • The aluminum handle is wider.
  • The 26-inch deep blade is durable.
  • The footstep maximizes leverage.

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#11 Emsco Group 1174A6 Shovel

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Our final option from the list is this amazing option from Emsco. The shovel features a collapsible design that fits in tight space when not in use. The blade features durable polyethylene material that removes snow from pressure-sensitive areas. The aluminum construction signifies that the unit will serve you for several winters. However, in case you need a different handle, the manufacturer provides handles in other materials such as wood, steel, and plastic.

Furthermore, since the unit only weighs 1.85 lbs, you can be sure that you won’t lose fuel mileage by keeping it always in your car. The handle extends from 28-36 inches to offer a variety of lengths that suit users of different statures. The quick pin lock system attaches the blade firmly at the height of your choice.

The versatile design makes it an all-year-round tool in your home since you can use it for scooping other materials such as soil, gravel, and more. The unit comes in a highly conspicuous orange color. Therefore, you will be visible when having a roadside incident or after you get stuck on your way.

Main Features:

  • The handle comes in various materials.
  • The design offers advanced ergonomics.
  • It is a multi-purpose tool.
  • The height adjusts from 28-36 inches.
  • It is lightweight yet sturdy.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What is the difference between a snow shovel and a snow pusher?

Snow shovels work by scooping up the snow to clear the space while the snow pusher works by pushing it just as the name suggests.

How do I choose a snow shovel?

When choosing a snow shovel, consider things like ergonomics, height adjustability, weight, the construction, the blade size, price, and the diameter of the handle.

When should you start shoveling snow?

It is recommendable to remove snow early in the morning. Also, you should do it frequently to prevent the snow from building up to levels that are hard to handle. Similarly, you should not shovel thin levels of snow since the sun may easily melt it down instead.

How many calories does snow shoveling burn?

Shoveling may not be as effective as the morning run. However, when it comes to working out the extra calories, it burns 200 calories after every 30 minutes in adults.

Why is snow shoveling bad for your heart?

Normally, people who leave in snowy areas exercise rarely. Therefore, a little exercise like pushing a pile of snow puts a big strain on the heart which eventually results in a heart attack. The cold climate also affects blood pressure and increases the likelihood of forming clots in the blood vessels. Therefore, it can also serve as a culprit.


A snow shovel is a must-have tool for every homeowner inhabiting areas that are affected by snow.

However, to perform the work more effectively and efficiently, you will need to get it right when buying one.

Although this has been quite a challenging affair to most buyers over the years, our top-notch review means that making the right purchase is now a more straightforward affair than ever.

Be sure to choose the one that best suits your needs.

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