Top 11 Best Air Compressor Fittings (2024)

An air compressor is a powerful and versatile tool to own. It’s typically used in combination with other tools to increase productivity and efficiency.

No matter the PSI or other unique features of your air compressor, the right accessories and fittings are required for your air compressor to work at optimal levels.

Fittings are used to connect other accessories/tools to the air compressor. Choosing the correct size and type of fitting you require for your compressor can be challenging because there are many manufacturers in the market.

The first thing you should consider is the size of the fitting you need. Although most air compressors use the 1/4″ basic flow sizes, it’s always good to confirm.

The other factors that you should consider are discussed within our top air compressor fittings review.

Keep reading to understand the intrinsic details behind each of our selected items.

Milton S-314MKIT ColorFit Coupler & Plug Kit -...
  • Compatibility: ColorFit M-Style couplers and plugs are compatible with traditional Milton M-Style couplers and plugs, competitor M-Style couplers and plugs, and competitor red couplers and plugs. All threaded connections are 1/4" NPT

11 Best Air Compressor Fittings

#1. Milton Coupler and Plug Kit

Milton Coupler and Plug Kit

Milton always delivers when it comes to air compressor fittings. They provide you with the best to make sure that your air compressor works perfectly with all your accessories.

This pneumatic kit contains 12 pieces of two female NPT plugs, eight male NPT plugs, and two female couplers. They have a 1/4″ basic flow size which is commonly used by many manufacturers making this kit versatile. The kit features KWIK-CHANGE technology which allows easy switch between different compatible fittings with an easy push to connect.

The female couplers are made of brass. Brass is durable and can handle a lot of pressure without breaking a sweat. The plugs are made of case hardened steel plugs to withstand pressure and to increase durability. They are plated to build a barrier against rust and corrosion. This enables use in harsh environments.

Due to the robust construction of the fittings, the kit can withstand up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

This makes it capable of withstanding harsh industrial conditions.

This kit can tolerate up to 300 PSI and has a maximum airflow of 40 SCFM. This is an okay maximum considering most accessories use less than 300 PSI at optimal.

These fittings, however, require the application of Teflon tape around the male plugs to create a perfect seal.

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#2. Campbell Hausfeld Compressor Kit

Campbell Hausfeld Compressor Kit

Campbell Hausfeld compressor inflation kit comes as a set of 17 most used pieces in air compressor accessories.

The set has a 5 PSI to 10 PSI gauge, chuck, one female coupling, two male couplings, two 1/4″ female NPT plugs, four 1/4″ male NPT plugs, 1/4″ NPT coupler, tapered nozzle, two inflation nozzles, and a conical nozzle. The combination of fittings in this kit makes it unique and suitable for all your air compressor and tool connection needs.

The inclusion of a blow gun and a dual head chuck makes it a great starter kit for cleaning and inflation projects around your house.

The fittings in this kit are made of cold forged brass to withstand constant usage. They’re durable and resistant to rust and corrosion.

Despite its good brass quality and versatility, the kit requires the use of Teflon to seal up the plugs and prevent leakage.

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#3. ColorFit Coupler and plug 14-piece Kit by Milton

ColorFit Coupler

Color-coded systems help eliminate cross-contamination between different air compressor lines. Once you dedicate one color of plugs to a specific air compressor line, you will avoid any problems associated with cross termination.

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Milton’s ColorFit plug and coupler fittings provide a series of different colors to choose from to distinguish different lines with ease. The ColorFit series contain the M-Style (red), A-Style (green), T-style (Blue), and V-Style (Purple).

The 14 piece kit contains six 1/4″ NPT male plugs, two 1/4″ NPT male couplers, two 1/4″ NPT female couplers, and four female plugs. The combination is versatile and reliable for your connection requirements.

The fittings have a durable and robust steel and aluminum construction. They have an anodized coating to resist corrosion and increase durability.

The plugs and couplers construction allows them to withstand up to 300 PSI.

These ColorFit fittings are compatible with any M-style couplers and plugs.

However, the plugs and couplers tend to leak. Applying tape around the threads may help reduce this.

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#4. WYNNsky Quick Connect Air Fittings

WYNNsky Quick Connect Air Fittings

This WYNNsky kit comes as a set of 12 I/M style fittings for connecting your air compressor tools with ease. The set contains 1/4″ female NPT coupler, 1/4″ male NPT coupler, four 1/4″ female NPT plugs, and six 1/4″ male NPT plugs.

The couplers are made of industrial grade brass for increased durability and to withstand air pressure. The brass construction also makes them resistant to rust and corrosion.

Its plugs feature sturdy steel construction for increased strength and resilience. Steel is also durable and resistant to scratching. The plugs are plated to resist rust, which increases their durability and makes them suitable for use in harsh environs.

The fittings feature an easy-push-connect system, which makes it easy to interchange them when necessary. A sleeve guard is integrated to prevent accidental disconnects and to protect the coupler sleeve.

The male fittings have thread seal tape which works to eliminate any chances of leakage. This makes them efficient and reliable.

This kit has flawless fittings.

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#5. PowRyte Brass Air Fittings

PowRyte Brass Air Fittings

This kit is designed by Aodern, a company dedicated to providing you with the best air compressor accessories.

This PowRyte kit contains 14 pieces of fittings. They include six 1/4″ male NPT plugs, four 1/4″ female plugs, two 1/4″ male NPT couplers, and two 1/4″ female NPT couplers.

These fittings are designed to help you make quick switches between your various air compressor accessories.

The couplers and plugs are made of high-quality solid brass. This makes them durable and resistant to corrosion. This construction makes the kit suitable for use in air compressors used in harsh environmental conditions.

The coupler is designed to rotate to prevent twisting of air compressor hoses. It has a sleeve guard to protect the coupler sleeve and to reduce the chance of accidental disconnects.

This kit has a sealant around the male plug/ coupler threading to make sure there is no leakage when connected to the air compressor lines.

The PowRyte air compressor fittings are flawless.

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#6. PalNour 14 Piece Air Coupler and Plug Kit

PalNour 14 Piece Air Coupler

PalNour 14 piece kit features six male plugs, four female plugs, two male couplers, and two female couplers. All the fittings in this set are 1/4″ NPT.

They are made of industrial grade steel to withstand the air compression pressure and for durability. They are zinc plated, making them resistant to corrosion and rust. This makes the PalNour kit a perfect choice for use in harsh conditions.

The fittings feature an easy push to connect design, which allows simple connection and disconnection from any air compressor line. This makes them convenient.

The couplers can rotate to prevent twisted hoses when working. This keeps your work smooth. The couplers have integrated sleeve guards to prevent unintended detachments and to protect the coupling sleeve.

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The couplers and plugs can withstand temperatures of between -20to 107 This allows industrial grade use of these fittings.

The lack of a sealant on the male fittings comes as a flaw, but it can be fixed through the application of a thread seal tape. This prevents leakage.

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#7. PowRyte Elite 17-Piece Air Hose Fittings

PowRyte Elite 17-Piece Air Hose Fittings

This kit is perfect for beginners and professionals who use their air compressors regularly.

The kit contains fittings plus extra air compressor and inflation accessories. The additional accessories included are one inflation needle, one pencil gauge, one dual head air tire chuck, one tapered nozzle, one safety nozzle, and one air blow gun. These are useful for carrying out a variety of cleaning and inflation projects at home or your workshop.

The fittings in this kit include one 1/4″ female NPT coupler, four 1/4″ male NPT plugs, two 1/4″ NPT female plugs, one 1/4″ female connector, one adapter, and two 1/4″ male connectors.

All the fittings, including plugs, connectors, and couplers, are made of solid brass construction to increase their durability. This construction makes them resistant to corrosion and rust, making them suitable for harsh and demanding projects.

The male fittings are fitted with a sealant around their thread to reduce any risks of leakage.

All the brass fittings work flawlessly. The only problem faced is with the pencil gauge readings which may be inaccurate.

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#8. Primefit IK1010S-25 Air Accessory Kit with Storage Case

Primefit IK1010S-25 Air Accessory

Fittings are small, and we tend to displace them during cleaning or when we have extras. This is why the Primefit air fittings kit comes with a storage case to keep our fittings and accessories safe.

The Primefit accessory kit contains 25 pieces of five different nozzles, dual head air chuck, ball-foot style air chuck, pencil tire gauge, two inflation needles, four hose fittings, one female coupler, six male plugs, and two female plugs. All the fittings are 1/4″ NPT, which is the most used fittings’ size by manufacturers.

It also contains a PTFE tape to wrap around the male threading. This keeps the seal tight to prevent air leakage.

These accessories and fittings are forged from durable steel material to assure high performance and durability. They are zinc treated to safeguard them against corrosion and rust. The superior construction increases the accessories durability and makes them perfect for use in any environmental conditions.

The combination in this kit makes it perfect for inflation and cleaning applications at home or your work site.

However, the gun and inflation accessories are of low quality.

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#9. ColorConnex Type D Coupler & Plug Kit A73458D

ColorConnex Type D Coupler

Color-coded plugs and couplers allow easier differentiation between your pneumatic lines. It eliminates the possibility of cross-contamination between lubricated and dry air compressor lines.

The ColorConnex series is from Legacy manufacturing. They provide color-coded fittings in various sets. This is a 14 piece set constituting of six 1/4″ NPT male plugs, four 1/4″ NPT female plugs, two 1/4″ female couplers, and two 1/4″ male couplers. They are perfect for connecting air lines with ease, and you can have extras for replacement purposes.

The fittings are constructed using steel and aircraft aluminum. This combination of sturdy metals assures you of the fittings’ strength and durability. They are resistant to corrosion, environmental elements, and they can withstand adverse temperatures.

They have an easy-to-connect design which allows you to connect and disconnect them from the air lines with ease.

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The couplers are fitted with a sleeve guard to protect the coupler sleeve and prevent any accidental disconnections.

This set works flawlessly.

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#10. Sungator Air Fittings Coupler and Plug Kit

Sungator Air Fittings

This set contains 16 pieces of air compressor fittings. These fittings are eight 1/4″ NPT male plugs, four 1/4″ NPT female plugs, two 1/4” NPT male couplers, and two 1/4″ female NPT couplers. The variety creates convenience and versatility in terms of the connection between the air compressor and compatible pneumatic tools.

The fittings are made of solid industrial brass which makes them durable, corrosion resistant, and able to withstand up to 300 PSI. The robust built enables adaptability of the fittings to industrial and domestic usage.

They have a quick connect and disconnect design. This makes switching between tools easy.

Sleeve guards are integrated into the couplers to protect the coupler and prevent any unintended disconnections.

The set comes with a durable plastic casing for storage and portability of the fittings.

Although the quality of this fittings’ threading creates tight seals, it’s recommended that you apply a sealant tape around the male thread. This eliminates any risks of leakage.

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#11. Tanya Hardware Coupler and Plug Kit

Tanya Hardware Coupler and Plug Kit

Tanya Hardware is a tools company dedicated to providing the consumers with the simplest and most secure fittings for your air lines.

This is a 14-piece set consisting of six 1/4″ NPT male plugs, four 1/4″ NPT female plugs, two 1/4″ male couplers, and two 1/4″ female couplers. This variety of fittings makes the kit convenient.

The fittings are composed of industrial grade solid brass. This makes the fittings more durable, resistant to rust and corrosion for adaptability to different environments.

The fittings feature a simple push-to-connect system which makes it easy to connect and disconnect the plugs and couplers.

They have a maximum working pressure of 142 PSI, working pressure of 213 PSI, and a temperature tolerance range of -4 degrees Fahrenheit to +176 degrees Fahrenheit.

Couplers have a sleeve guard to avert accidental detachments and to protect the coupling sleeve.

However, Teflon tape is required around the male plugs’ and couplers’ threading to prevent leakage.

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What is the use of air compressor fittings?

Air compressor fittings are used to connect lines and compatible tools to the air compressor.

What are the different types of fittings?

There are four main types of air fittings:

  • Industrial
  • V-type
  • Automotive
  • ARO

The difference between these fittings is the size of their opening. They are also not compatible with each other unless you employ the use of a universal coupler.

What is the importance of color coding?

Color coding helps differentiate between different types of fittings, i.e., industrial, ARO, Automotive, or V-style. For example, ColorConnex from Legacy has the following color code:

  • Industrial (Type D) – red
  • Automotive (Type C) – blue
  • ARO (Type B) – green

What’s the difference between a manual and an automatic coupler?

With a manual coupler, you have to pull back the sleeve to insert the plug while with an automatic coupler, you push the plug in and the coupler automatically connects. When there is no plug, the automatic coupler’s sleeve is pulled back unlike with the manual coupler’s sleeve.

Final Verdict

An air compressor requires the best accessories to carry out tasks effectively. Air compressor fittings are part of these accessories. They create a connection between the air compressor and pneumatic tools.

The quality of the fittings determines the quality of the connection they create, which ultimately determines your productivity. Choose high-quality compatible fittings that meet all your specifications.

This review contains high-quality fittings, and we hope that it helps you make a well-informed decision when choosing your new/ replacement fittings.

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