Top 11 Best Chainsaw Mills (2024)

In any project or profession, saving money and time determines your overall productivity. This is applicable even in the timber/ log/ lumber world, and that’s why most manufacturers focus on the production of tools that make your work easier, increase your productivity, save you money, and time. One of these tools is the Chainsaw Mill.

A chainsaw mill can simply be defined as a guide for your chainsaw to cut your logs into lumber accurately. They come in varying specifications to enable different users to choose what is most compatible with their work.

To help you find the chainsaw mill that suits your needs, we decided to compile a thoroughly analyzed review. Read through to get a full view of each tool before deciding on the one to acquire.

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11 Best Chainsaw Mills

#1.Carmyra Portable Chainsaw Mill

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Portability is one of the significant features most professionals and DIY enthusiasts consider when purchasing a chainsaw mill.

It’s constructed using high-quality steel and aluminum. This makes it able to withstand the hard milling works. The construction is also able to resist environmental elements which make it valuable to use even in harsh working conditions. The structure is sturdy and durable to give you service for long.

The Carmyra chainsaw mill provides beams measuring 0.5″ to 13″ thick and up to 36″ wide. This lumber length and width is enough for carrying out small home projects.

It comes with a calibrated bar, which makes it easier for you to measure the thickness of the lumber that you want to cut.

One important feature about this mill is that you don’t need to make any modifications (drilling) to attach your chainsaw. It’s also compatible with any type of chainsaw no matter the specifications.

On the downside, this chainsaw mill may come with misaligned bars and wrong calibrations.

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#2.Popsport Chainsaw Mill

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Popsport Chainsaw mill features a heavy duty aluminum and steel construction. This makes it strong and durable to withstand even the most demanding projects. Aluminum and steel are also resistant to corrosion and environmental conditions. This means that it’s adaptable to work with, in any environmental conditions without getting damaged by external elements.

It measures 43.3” x 7.9” x 7.9”, which makes it portable to carry to different sites as required.

The size of this mill allows it to accommodate logs of 14” to 38”. This means that you can produce small to medium sized wood for your projects, workshop, or sale.

The different parts of this lumber mill are easy to set up to ensure that you don’t waste much time when you want to use it. This makes it convenient.

Most people, however, found it challenging when assembling it for the first time because of inadequate instructions.

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#3.Logosol Farmers M8 Chainsaw Mill

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The Logosol Farmers M8 chainsaw Mill is a smaller form of this company’s massive M8 sawmill series.

This chainsaw mill has one significant advantage compared to some sawmills; it comes with strong legs to support your logs. This means that you don’t have to start worrying about constructing a stand to support your beams when milling.

This sawmill features a sturdy aluminum and steel construction to withstand heavy-duty use. These two materials can put up with abuse from the chainsaw, harsh environmental conditions, and the heavy logs. With an aluminum and steel construction, you’re sure that it’s nothing less of a highly durable and reliable chainsaw mill.

It accommodates logs between 16” to 24” in diameter and up to 12ft long. This makes it perfect for cutting medium sized logs to produce required lumber.

The size of this chainsaw mill makes it portable to any place your logs are located, be it in the middle of the wilderness or your backyard.

Its mounting system is universal, but it works well with high horsepower chainsaw. The recommended chainsaw is 90cc or larger or an electric powered one to ensure smooth and quick break-down of logs.

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This saw if flawless. As long as you have a powerful chainsaw and all other required gear you’re good to go.

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#4.Granberg Chainsaw Mill Model G777

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The Granberg mini mill is one of the top milling products from Granberg International. They’re known by most saw millers to produce high quality, durable, accurate and valuable tools.

The Granberg G777 follows this reputation by being a sturdy and trusted chainsaw mill. This mini mill is made of steel with aircraft aluminum and zinc- plated finish. This makes it sturdy and durable. This construction can withstand corrosion from heavy-duty use. It’s also resistant to harsh environmental conditions making it a valuable addition to your milling projects.

This chainsaw mill is designed to fit chainsaws with a 16” to 20” bar thickness and of more than 50cc. This makes it versatile and adaptable to different chainsaws. The chainsaw can be fitted without the need for drilling the bar, which makes its assembly convenient.

It can cut beams into lumber measuring 1/2″ to 13” thick and up to 18” wide.

The portability of the G777 should not be a concern at all. It weighs 1.76 ounces and measures 24” x 13” x 4”. This makes it light and easy to carry around.

It has no flaws as long as it’s used and maintained as required.

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#5.Norwood PortaMill Chain Saw Sawmill

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Chainsaw Mills aims at making the whole beam/lumber cutting process easy and accurate. This is what the Norwood portable mill is designed to do.

It features an easy hand-push feed system which makes the operation easy, quick, and safe. This requires you to acquire an extension ladder separately, but it’s worth it.

It has a strong construction to enable its use even in harsh conditions. The construction is durable and sturdy, which makes it capable of handling heavy-duty mill requirements.

It comes with easy to connect and disconnect parts which save time when assembling it at your work site. This also makes it easy to carry around.

It’s recommended that you use 50cc or greater chainsaws when using this mill to get great results.

This sawmill can cut beams/lumber of up to 14 inches thick. This is an average size and works with most tree sizes.

However, customers have raised concerns about its quality. It comes with low-quality bolts and its paint chips of very fast.

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#6.MTN GearSmith Chainsaw Mill

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The MTN GearSmith mill features a steel and aluminum construction. This makes its bars and other parts strong to withstand any demanding sawmill jobs.

Its sturdy construction makes it durable and able to withstand environmental elements to a certain degree. This means that the mill can be used in rough working sites.

This mill cuts slabs from 1/2″ to 12” in thickness and up to 24” wide with high precision. It comes with calibrated bars for easier measurement of the slabs, which saves you time.

It allows you to connect your chainsaw without drilling holes in its bars. The recommended chainsaws to use with this mill are of 50cc or more.

This chainsaw mill is light, which makes it portable. This comes in handy when working deep in the forest.

It has a rubberized easy to grip handle which makes it easy to push the mill and the chainsaw through the beam you’re working on.

The only downside to this mill is that the calibrations are not very accurate.

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#7.Zchoutrade Portable Chainsaw Mill

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Zchoutrade is manufactured for both professionals and beginners in that the mill has high-quality features and simplicity in terms of usage.

It features high-quality aluminum and steel construction, which makes this mill strong and durable to keep up with demanding milling projects. This construction is resistant to environmental conditions making it suitable for use in harsh working conditions.

Its size and weight (15pounds) make it portable. This gives you a robust mobile chainsaw mill, which is useful when you want to cut down beams and immediately produce lumber.

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It’s able to accommodate up to 36” wide beams and can cut them from 0.5” to 13” thick. This is the most commonly used lumber size, which makes this mill quiet useful.

Another useful feature is that you can directly attach your chainsaw without the need for drilling any holes on the bar. This saves you time during assembly.

Its parts are easy to assemble and disassemble when required making it convenient anytime you want to start cutting your beams.

The only problem is with this chainsaw mill is its calibrations are not accurate.

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#8.Alaskan Mark-IV G778-24

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This is another chainsaw mill from the reputable Granberg International. The Alaskan mark-IV is a smaller version of their bigger chainsaw mills to make sure they accommodate those people who want a high-quality mobile sawmill at a lower price.

It features a strong aluminum and steel construction, which makes it durable and able to withstand demanding all-day projects. These two materials can resist corrosion and any environmental elements they are exposed to when in use.

Your chainsaw can be attached directly to this mill without the need for drilling holes through its bar. This makes it convenient and reliable during assemblage.

Because of its small size and weight, this mill is easily portable to whichever section of the forest the trees are dropping.

It’s capable of cutting lumber/wood into pieces of 1/2″ to 13” thick and up to 24” wide. This makes it quite useful for both professionals and DIYers.

This chainsaw is from one of the leading chainsaw mill industries which make it flawless.

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#9.Timber Tuff TMS-36

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The Timber Tuff TMS-36 is made with portability, durability, and ease of use in mind.

It’s made of aircraft aluminum and stainless steel. This makes it sturdy and resilient to withstand the punishment that comes with milling beams. This construction can be exposed to harsh environmental conditions without the risk of getting damaged. This makes it suitable for all weather use.

It supports your chainsaw without the need for drilling any holes through its bar, which makes it convenient as you can switch out the chainsaw easily when necessary.

The chainsaw mill weighs 14.33lbs, and it measures 35.5” long by 12.6” wide. This is light and small enough to carry around your yard or into the forest when required.

This sawmill can cut plunks of 0.2” to 11.81” thick and up to 36” wide. This versatility is quite useful in the lumber field.

This mill comes with a rubberized easy to grip handle, which helps you push your chainsaw through your beam.

The only flaw faced by some customers was the vibrations that the mill undergoes.

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#10.Freelancer FR002 Chainsaw Mill

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The freelancer Chainsaw Mill features steel construction with a powder coating. This makes it sturdy and durable to withstand regular use. The powder coating increases the durability of the sawmill. It also ensures that environmental elements do not damage the mill.

This mill can cut perfect lumber without tripping because of its sturdy construction.

This sawmill is open-ended meaning it has no restriction to the length of the chainsaw you can attach to it. This makes it adaptable.

It features well visible calibrations on its bar for easier measurement of the thickness of the lumber you want to cut.

Its small size and weight (7.72pounds) make it portable. This ensures that it can be carried from one milling site to another without any difficulties.

This mill works well with all chainsaws starting from the 4kW and above. This ensures that neat and accurate work is carried out.

On the downside, some chainsaws are challenging to use with this chainsaw mill.

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#11.OrangeA Chainsaw Mill

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Professionals who require wider boards or lumber need a particular type of chainsaw mills. The OrangeA come in as one of the mills able to give you a chance to cut very wide lumber as your project demands.

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Its composed of aircraft aluminum and stainless steel which make it resilient and robust to withstand heavy-duty milling jobs. Due to its unique composition, this mill can be used in any environmental conditions because it’s not prone to damage by environmental elements such as water.

The mill can cut lumber of 1/2″ to 13″ thick and up to 48″ wide. This makes it adaptable to different projects requirement, which is very useful for a professional.

The chainsaw mill weighs 17.64 pounds, which is light enough to carry to the different work site when required.

Its parts are made in such a way that they’re easy to assemble and disassemble when required, which makes it convenient.

This mill is made to be compatible with chainsaw bars of only 18” to 48”. This comes out as a disadvantage to those who own smaller chainsaw bars.

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What to Consider Before Buying a Chainsaw Mill

A) Size of the bar – the size or capacity of the bar determines the width of lumber that you’ll be able to produce. Acquire a chainsaw mill that gives you the breadth of lumber you usually use.

B) Portability – portability comes in when you have to carry the chainsaw mill to the site where timber is being cut. If it’s one site, you can buy something more permanent but if you keep moving to different locations, buy something you can easily carry.

C) Cutting capability – This is dependent on the size of the chainsaw bar a mill can accommodate. The larger the chainsaw’s bar, the higher the cutting capacity.

D) Price – buy a chainsaw mill depending on how you plan to use it. Invest in the right tool. Don’t spend thousands of dollars on something you rarely use.

E) Kerf size – the kerf size of the saw determines how much board/plank will be produced and how much will be wasted. The bigger the kerf size, the fewer planks will be produced.


What are the benefits of acquiring a chainsaw mill?

  • Saves time – You don’t have to wait for the transportation of the logs to another site for milling. You bring the mill to the logs and turn them to lumber on site.
  • Saves money – getting your logs cut into lumber by other people or big sawmills is not cheap. When you buy your mill, you will be able to save a lot of money in the long run.
  • Creates accuracy – chainsaw mills eliminate any guesswork when cutting up beams. They have calibrations, and they ensure that you cut the exact lumber size that you require.

Is it possible to use larger mills with small chainsaw bars?

Yes, it is. Most sawmills can be adjusted to accommodate even the smallest chainsaw bars.

What is a Saw Kerf?

A saw kerf is the size of the thickness that a saw cuts through a beam or lumber. Most chainsaws have a saw kerf of around 3/8″.

What is the major limitation of most chainsaw mills?

The fact that most chainsaw mills have a limit to the size of the chainsaw bar they can work with is a significant limitation. This is because it tends to dictate the maximum width of logs you can cut when using that specific chainsaw mill.

Final Verdict

Carrying logs from the forest back to sawmill is both inconvenient and expensive. This portable chainsaw mills offer you a way to drop trees and turn them into lumber right on the spot, saving you a lot of money and time. When choosing one that fits your needs, focus on its construction, compatibility to chainsaws, and portability, among other significant features. Choose something versatile and adaptable to ensure that you get the best service possible.

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